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My Wet Neighbor Part 3

It was two days latter that I next visited Mary again. I got an early morning call from her. Too early really, as I was still getting my husband’s breakfast when the phone rang.

“Hi Mary, it’s Anne” how are you doing? She said.

“Fine,” I said “but it’s difficult to talk right now. I’m fixing my husband’s breakfast.”

“Is he there?” she asked.

“Of course he’s here or why would I be making him breakfast.” I replied jokingly.

“No, I mean is he in the kitchen with you now?” she went on.

“Oh no, he’s upstairs shaving.”

“and your son?”

“He’s still in bed, I suppose, he usually is.” I answered, “Why all the questions anyway?”

Anne didn’t answer my question she simply went on, “so are you feeling sexy Mary? Are you in the mood for some fun?”

I smiled to myself and said coyly, “I might be, what have you in mind? Do you want me to call round later?”

“Later yes, indeed, but why not have some fun now. Listen, I’m sat in my bathroom. My husband is in the next room getting dressed and do you know what I am doing Mary?

“No, what are you doing.” I said quietly. Although my husband and son couldn’t possibly hear me I just felt so naughty talking to Anne that I automatically whispered.

“I’m frigging myself Mary. Bringing myself off thinking about you. I want you to do the same Mary. What are you wearing?”

“I’ve just got my robe on and a pair of knickers.” I whispered.

“Right,” said Anne, “remove your knickers now and put them on your kitchen table.”

“Anne, I can’t. My husband or son could wander in any minute. I can’t do this now.” I said.

“Do it now Mary or we won’t meet later. Is that what you want?” she said rather sternly.

“Of course I don’t want that. I can’t wait to see you again.”

“Then take of your knickers and put them on the table!” she ordered.

I did as I was told. Quickly listening out for my husband and son and hearing nothing of them, I untied by robe and let it fall open. Then I quickly pulled my panties off and closed my robe up again.

“Have you done it?” asked Anne.

“Yes,” I stumbled.

“No you haven’t had you Mary. You’re lying to me, I can tell from your voice. Now one more chance!”

“Okay, okay”, I said, “I have taken them off but I’m still holding them. If I put them on the table and my husband or son walk in how on earth will I explain it.”

“The risk is the fun Mary”, Anne said gently, “Now put them on the table for me.”

I was under Anne’s spell and beginning to feel the thrill of the situation. I threw my panties onto the table and waited for Anne to speak.

“Now Mary, I want you to move to your sink, lean over it with your bottom facing your kitchen door and pull your robe up around your waist.” She said, “when you are in position tell me.”

“I can’t!” I exclaimed. “It would be bad enough for my husband to walk in to see me displaying my pussy and arse to the world, but if it were my son, I would be mortified.”

“Take the risk Mary, you know I’m always right. Go on Mary do it for me.” Anne said.

I just couldn’t refuse Anne’s charms. I walked to the sink, bent over and pulled by robe up. “I’m in position” I whispered down the phone, “Oh God this is so risky, what if…

Anne interrupted, “Good, now I want you to spread your arse cheeks, then bring a hand between your legs and masturbate yourself. Make sure you talk to me Mary, I want to know how you’re doing.”

I couldn’t believe myself as I put a hand on each of my arse cheeks and pulled myself open, gently rubbing around my arse hole with my hands. Then, with my right hand between my legs, I started to rub myself off. I told Anne exactly what I was doing at every stage and could hear her masturbating herself too. I didn’t want to take long. Whilst Anne was right that the thrill of being caught was a fantastic turn on, I knew deep down, that I really didn’t want to be caught, so rubbed as hard and fast as I could. As I started to feel myself coming, I put my left hand back on my bottom and pushed its index finger into my arse hole. This was enough to bring me over the edge and Anne too as I described to her what I was doing. As my orgasm came and then subsided, Anne spoke again, “Now wasn’t that fun Mary? Did you like the risk of being caught?”

I admitted to her that the thrill of my husband catching me was fantastic and frightening at the same time. How would I explain to him why I was stood in the kitchen at breakfast time, frigging myself to orgasm and who would I say I was talking to as I did it? It really didn’t bear thinking about. As to being caught by my son, I told Anne that the very idea terrified me. Although there was a dark corner of my mind that actually found the idea of being caught by my son rather than my husband, the real turn on. I didn’t say anything about that to Anne though. Anne spoke again, “Well done Mary! Now I want you to leave your knickers off for now. Take them off the table and drop them into a corner of the kitchen floor. Then when one of your family sees them it will give them something to think about without actually telling them anything. Let their imagination do a little work! Now, I will expect you to call round here mid-morning. Is that okay with you.”

“Oh, absolutely,” I said, “I can’t wait. You’re turning me into a very dirty woman, and I love it.”

Anne replied cheerily, “I’m not making you into anything you’re not already. I’m just showing you a different side of yourself. It was always there, I just allow you to express yourself. See you later!” and with that she hung up. I too hung up and then picking my panties off the table, wiped the wetness from my thighs and pussy before dropping them onto the floor. Even this simple act made me feel naughty. Tempting my husband or son to wonder why I had left my panties in the kitchen. It didn’t seem long before the hall clock was showing 10:15 and I was just brushing my hair in the mirror in readiness for calling on Anne. I could fell a wet anticipation in my pussy wondering what she had in mind for today. Five minutes later I was knocking at her door and was surprised to have it opened by a stranger. Before me stood a woman in her mid-forties, of petite frame but with large breasts of a size that were quite out of proportion to the rest of her. The situation threw me and I just stood in the doorway not knowing what to say when Anne appeared from the Kitchen and said “Hi Mary, come in. Let me introduce you; this is Mrs. Kent, my cleaning lady. Wendy,” she continued turning to Mrs. Kent, “This is Mary my neighbor.”

I said hello to Mrs. Kent and followed Anne into the kitchen whilst Mrs. Kent made her way into the lounge. I closed the kitchen door as we entered and said to Anne, “I thought we would be alone today. Aren’t we going to have some fun?”

My disappointment must have been obvious to Anne who said, “Don’t worry, Mary, we are definitely going to have fun.”

“But what about Mrs. Kent?” I asked.

“Don’t worry Mary, trust me.” she said and then, taking my hand, leads me out of the kitchen and into the lounge where Mrs. Kent was going about her duties.

“Take a seat Mary,” Anne said.

Mrs. Kent turned around and asked Anne, if she wanted her to get on with another room first, not knowing me or what I was there for.

“No, no Wendy,” Anne replied, “Mary is a close friend,” she said with an obvious and strange emphasis on the word ‘close’.

“Oh, I see,” said Mrs. Kent knowingly.

I could tell they obviously ‘understood’ each other but had to admit that I was confused as to what was going on. Why had we come into the lounge where Mrs. Kent was obviously busy when we could have stayed in the kitchen? It became clear when Anne turned to me and said, “Mary, I want you to understand that Wendy here is a very special cleaning lady in that she offers what you might call specialized services to me.”

“What do you mean.” I said politely but not really knowing whether to address the question to Anne or Mrs. Kent directly. Anne continued cryptically, “Wendy here, takes care of me when I’m frustrated and cleans up whatever mess I make, if you see what I mean.”

I immediately knew what Anne meant, or thought I did, and turned to Mrs. Kent to see her reaction. She smiled at me realizing at the same moment that I obviously knew Anne intimately as well. There was a silent understanding that we could all be open with each other and be sure that it was confidential.

“Now I think we all understand each other,” said Anne and continued, “Now Wendy how about earning a little bonus today?”

Mrs. Kent replied, “Certainly madam, what have you in mind?”

“How about you do your work naked today? How would that be for starters?” Anne said and then before getting an answer from Wendy turned to me and said, “Do you think that might be fun Mary?”

I smiled at Anne and then turning to Wendy said, “That would be great, if it’s okay with you.”

“Of course madam,” said Wendy, “Whatever you ladies want, I am pleased to oblige.”

I was by now incredibly turned on by the situation developing. Again Anne had managed to totally surprise me. We both sat down and Anne then said, “do carry on Wendy.”

Matter of factly, Mrs. Kent then moved to the side of the room and proceeded to remove her clothes. First her blouse came off followed by her jeans. Then, standing in just her underwear, she turned to face us, and unclipped her bra. Her large breasts swung free. She was a very attractive woman. Finally she slowly pulled her panties down and threw them onto the pile of her other clothing. Mrs. Kent was now naked and I was soaking wet having enjoyed her little ‘strip show’. I looked over at Anne who smiled back and said, “Isn’t she just gorgeous?”

Mrs. Kent then proceeded to clean and dust the lounge as she would have done normally but seemed to me to be taking every opportunity to bend over and display herself to Anne and myself. Having done the general cleaning she then reached for the vacuum cleaner and plugged it in. Anne then invited me to sit next to her on the couch, which I duly did.

“Wendy and the vacuum is always a good show!” she said as she undid the top of her jeans and pulled them down to her knees. Then she said, “Why don’t you get a little more comfortable Mary?”

I took the hint and undid the side zip of my skirt, pulled it down and kicked it off. As I looked at Mrs. Kent again she had plugged in the vacuum and stood before us. She then positioned the handle of the machine on her pussy lips and having rubbed it up and down a few times, gently but obviously inserted three or four inches of the handle into her cunt. She them turned it on and started to fuck herself with the handle has the vibration of the motor added to the pleasure she was obviously feeling. She seemed oblivious to our presence as she sank to her knees, bringing the handle of the vacuum down to floor level with her, and rode the machine lick a ‘sybian’ vibrator. Anne then put her hand onto my pussy and started to rub my clit. I took her lead and responded in kind such that we were masturbating each other whilst Mrs. Kent bought herself off in front of us.

“Come on Mary, come for me. I can feel how wet you are.” Anne said.

I could say nothing. I was so turned on by the display before me. I just frigged Anne for all that I was worth. Mrs. Kent was close to coming, moaning in pleasure as the vacuum did its job. I too was close to me second orgasm of the day and I could feel Anne was also getting near. I think we were all trying for the same thing; to come together at the same time with Anne and I taking our lead from Mrs. Kent.

“Come on Wendy,” shouted Anne, “bring yourself off you slut. Come for Mary and me. Come dirty! We want to see you come.”

“Yes, come on Mrs. Kent,” I added, “fuck yourself for us.”

Mrs. Kent started to shout as her orgasm approached. Anne and I sped up our mutual frigging. We all started shouting our own obscenities to ourselves and at each other as we all magically peaked together. Each in our own little fantasy and at the same time each providing the stimulation to the others. I felt totally and utterly liberated enjoying myself so openly in the company of fellow woman.

Once spent, we all sat quietly with our thoughts until Anne piped up, “That was great Wendy. A bonus well earned I think!”

“Thank you madam,” replied Mrs. Kent, “do you wish me to dress now?”

“No I think not yet. You see this morning Mary here, tried to lie to me. I told her to do something and see tried to pretend she had done so when she hadn’t.” said Anne.

I cut in, “What are you talking about?”

Anne continued, “You know full well! When I told you to put your knickers on your kitchen table and you didn’t.”

“I did.” I said.

“Yes, but not before trying to lie to me.” Then turning to Mrs. Kent she went on, “Wendy, I think Mary needs to be spanked and I would be obliged if you would carry out her punishment.”

“Certainly madam,” she replied, “where would you like it done.”

“In the kitchen I think.” Said Anne with a knowing smile.

I seemed to have no say in the matter as Mrs. Kent took my hand and lead me to the Kitchen.

“Take off your panties and bra please Mary,” said Mrs. Kent.

I simply did as I was told.

Throwing some cushions onto the floor she then said, “Please kneel down Mary.”

Again I did as I was told whilst Anne stood in the corner of the kitchen and stripped herself naked too. Mrs. Kent then knelt down beside me and without further warning started to spank my arse cheeks. After every few slaps she would place her hands on my arse and kneed my buttocks, each time making sure to rub her hands over by arse hole and cunt. I couldn’t believe I was being so submissive as I felt my pussy begin to flow with juice yet again.

“Well done Wendy,” said Anne, “I think half a dozen more strokes will be enough.”

Mrs. Kent proceeded to spank me a few more times and them stopped saying to Anne, “I think madam that Mary’s spanked bottom might be cooled by a shower.”

“Excellent idea Wendy,” said Anne and stepping forward put a leg either side of my bottom and told me to remain kneeling. The next thing I felt was Anne starting to piss over my back and bottom whilst at the same time Mrs. Kent massaged the golden flow into my smarting checks. I was totally submissive and enjoying every moment of the experience. When she had finished Anne said to me, “you may now piss, if you like.”

I couldn’t wait to oblige her and immediately let my own pee flow begin all over the floor to mix with Anne’s whilst at the same time I rubbed my pussy frantically. When I had finished Anne turned to Mrs. Kent and said, “Wendy, since you will have to clear up Mary’s mess you may do one more thing to her in ‘payment’ for your cleaning services.”

“Thank you madam,” she replied, “could I be so bold as to borrow you dildo madam.”

Smiling in anticipation Anne replied, “Of course you may. The ordinary or the strap-on?”

“The strap-on please madam.” She replied.

I was expected to remain kneeling and to do whatever they pleased.

Anne passed Mrs. Kent the strap-on dildo that she had used on me two days before and Mrs. Kent quickly put it on before kneeling behind me.

“I would like to fuck her, madam, if that is okay with you,” she asked Anne.

“That will be fine,” said Anne, “In her cunt or arse?”

“I think I will use her cunt madam,” she replied and without further talk turned herself toward me and thrust the dildo into my pussy. I think the fact that they discussed what to do to me, as though I wasn’t there or didn’t matter, added to me excitement as, as soon as the dildo entered me I started to fuck it as hard as I could.

“She’s going to come quickly madam,” Mrs. Kent said to Anne as she reached underneath me and started to massage my tits as she fucked me with deep and fast thrusts or her hips.

“Excellent.” Replied Anne, “sitting to the side of me and masturbating herself as she watched Mrs. Kent fuck me like a whore.”

I came within a couple of minutes as did Anne watching me. Mrs. Kent took longer and continued to pump into me for maybe four or five minutes, shouting and swearing at me before finally reaching her own orgasm. I got the distinct impression that she was enjoying treating me roughly. A chance to teach a ‘lady’ a lesson, so to speak. Once she had finished with me, she pulled the dildo out and wiped it clean in my hair. All designed to emphasize my submissiveness, I thought.

“Thank you Wendy, ” said Anne, “that was very good work. And I am sure Mary would like to thank you also.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Kent,” I said quietly.

“Thank you for what?” she replied

“Thank you for fucking me, Mrs. Kent,” I said meekly.

“You’re welcome Mary,” see said, “No doubt I shall do it again soon, but in the meantime you must excuse me.” With that she stood up, left the kitchen and continued with her cleaning duties.

Anne turned to me and said, “isn’t he marvelous? The best cleaner I have ever known!”

I smiled and replied, “Yes she was fantastic. Do you think she might ‘clean’ for me?”

“I’m sure she would welcome the extra cash, Mary, leave it with me.”

I left Anne’s house about half an hour later having enjoyed a coffee and a cuddle with her before doing so and arranging my next visit as I said goodbye. Once again Anne had managed to surprise me and leave me wanting more.