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My Wife and Street Boy

Myself and my wife do share lots of hot stuff on email and did fwd her the pictures and she did get wild with typical Indian sentiment talk. The topic sort of charged us that nite and we had a hot steaming session.This being the prelude, must narrate the attempt to add spice to our love life and the prefect execution. One evening while returning from work, saw a young boy pissing next to a compound wall. I happened to see his cock and was indeed surprised to see a very good endowment of approx 6-7 inches long thingy. Usually boys of that age have a small pint sized one and here he was holding a nice hose pipe. This boy was probably one of the Rajasthani labourer working in a near by construction site. Thinking of my plan to spice up, it struck me to use this bait to lure my wife. I am no way a gay and not keen on the boy. But if it happened did not mind trying the boys pretty cock also. In the coming weekend had planned to get the house spring cleaned as we were expecting some guests over the next week. I met the boy 2 days before and asked him to do this work for a fee and he agreed willingly. Probably not knowing what he was going to be paid for. In the morning after breakfast around 10, I sent word for the boy whose name was Raju and he came in his shorts and loose shirt.
My wife offered him some tea and breakfast which he initially refused and then accepted after I told him. He sat in a verandah and ate his breakfast and was ready in abt 30 mins.

I was in my shorts and t shirt and my wife in her nity ( Unassuming of anything ) and I offered the boy one of my shorts to wear since his would get dirty. He refused and I insisted he change. Obviously it was big for him and his condition does not permit him to wear any underwear etc. He was a bit uncomfortable but could not deny me and went about wearning the loose shorts.

Wife gave him instructions of dusting, cleaning things, roof and he nodded his head in agreement. The work got on and wife moving around in her nity with no bra and only panty inside. She never had the inclination or doubt of what I was planning.

I was part of the cleaning in between would escape in pretext of a smoke and managed to put on my computer and checked emails etc. While doing so did open a porn movie and let it on pause mode. Had also opened a beer and offered to my wife also who enjoyed this very much.

When the cleaning came into the bedroom area, the fan had to be cleaned and asked this boy to get a high stool from the garage. He went to get and I started to fool around with my wife patting her butt and pulling her to me in a hug and squeeze her boobies etc. My wife scolded me and said behave we have a guy in the house. I said so what let him also join and brought the topic of 3 some which we spoke some time ago. Wife said I am drunk and asked me to shut up and behave. Well, so far so good just set the mood.

The boy came with the stool and I asked him to clean the fan and lights etc. I held the stool and the boy climbed up. While he was at his job, I called for my wife Urmi and asked her to hold the stool as needed to go the loo.

My laptop was on a bedside table with the movie on pause which I just taped on my way to the loo. This boy was on the stool and my wife below. I guess he had a nice glimpse of my wifes unsupported boobies and same time he saw the laptop going live with a fuck scene.

From behind the bathroom door gap I could see the boy looking down and left and saw him sort of shifting his legs as must have given him a erection. This where my loose shorts came handy as when he shifted my wife looked up and asked him to be careful and what she saw was a young fresh well endowed 7 incher grown in the shorts like a tent pole.

I had already turned on by soft touches and here was a huge erection she could not take her eyes of. I could see my wife pretending not to look up but casual lifting of head to adjust her hair and not able to take her eyes off.

I could see Urmi now shifting her legs as if crossing to conceal the sensation between her legs.

This boy could not control and probably shuffled which made the stool shake, my wife shouted…bachke and in the mele this boy began to fall and my wife trying to support him. Since the bed was near, she and he both fell on the bed together. Urmi below and the boy above her.

The fear of fall and the erotic scene made this boy scared and on top of that he was on a memsahib, he was almost in tears. But his erection withstood all this as he was now lying on my wifes soft boobies and his dick against her crotch. Her nity lifted due to fall and panties exposed.

I came from the hiding behind bathroom door on hearing the commotion and seeing them entangled was silent.

Asked Urmi if she was hurt and the boy also. I knew nothing would have happened except of body heat and turn ons. I went near and lifted the boy and seeing his erection, held in my hand and asked what it was. I expressed surprise on his hard on and he began to sort of sob.

Urmi was sorry for him and said don’t be rude and I asked her if she liked his erection. Urmi was annoyed with me and the same time she looked at me queerly. I asked the boy to remove my shorts and he was shy and scared. I scolded him and pulled his shorts and his 8+ inche cock was slowly shrinking due to fear.

I told him don’t worry and made him sit on the bet and all the while kept rubbing his cock which started to grow in my hand. I rubbed his balls and pulled his foreskin back. He was scared, nervous and at the same time getting turned on also.

My wife could not take her eyes of his cock and she asked me what am I doing. Said I am making him to show you as you liked his thing. She again shouted at me and said don’t be a fool. Let him go.

I hugged her close to me and began to fondle her boobs in front of the boy and pulled my wife close to his cock. Took her hand and kept on his cock which she pulled away and I forced her.

I pushed both of them on the bed and myself lay on them , Urmi’s hand on his cock and his hands on Urm’s boobs and body. I felt my wife getting turned on and moaning and I was myself fondling her inner thighs.

Her nity was now over her hips and panties see, I pulled her nity exposing her naked boobs. Seeing this boys cock was on a throb. Urmi also was turned on and began moving her hands on the young boys back and I could see her legs entwined on his crotch. His naked cock was against her pussy on her panties. I helped Urmi rolling her panties down and let the naked young cock smell her pussy. Both on meeting like long last friends.

I guided the boys cock against her pussy lips and here was this inexperienced ( hopefully) at the enterance to my wife’s seasoned pussy gate. He was on mounting position and I got in between to suckle her nipples and rub her pussy and she parted her legs.

It comes natural to humans of forward motions and bingo the boys cock started to make opening of my wifes pussy and could see his dick entering half way inside.

Urmi was in seventh heave tossing her head behind and looking at me with tears in her eyes and pulling at my face to kiss. I reciprocated and sat behind her head giving my cock for her to smell and kiss. Urmi took my cock head in her mouth and rolled her tongue and the boy was catching speed inside my wifes pussy.

The tender long shaft was doing its job and Urmi was raising her buttocks to meet his pumping and I could see the boy going full speed. May be his very first time but boy was growing and I could make out from his thrusts that he is going to explode inside anytime.

Did not want to stop the thrill and let him have my wifes boobs to suck and he lowered his butt and went like a railway engine piston and here I saw Urmi lifting her butt in the air and there came two sounds of long moans and saw the boy arching his pelvic and Urmi closing her legs behind his back and knew this was a simultaneous ejaculation. The tender youngster had quite a thick semen of his overflowing from Urmi’s butt to her arse crack and Urmi’s juices mixed and oozing down to the bedsheet.

This boy went breathless and lay on Urmi and Urmi hugging him and I was watching her face which I had not seen in quite some time may be after our initial days of marriage.

Gradually the boy withdrew his now limp cock which was now also about 4-5 inches long and Urmi pulled him to the side and let him suck her nipple while cleaning his oozing limp cock. His eyes were now also dazed and he was not looking at her at all.

Then the boy said memsahib maaf kardo. Mujhe jana hai. I told him to relax and helped him out of the bed to he bathroom and asked to wash himself. He finished and came and I asked him to wait and said not to tell anyone and will pay him for this.

Urmi was still in bed with legs crossed and I knew I had kindled her fire and would need more than this.