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My Wife Boss

I am Akash 27 year old working as s/w engineer in Mumbai. My wife Dibya (all names changed) 25 year old is also working as a marketing executive in a MNC and she is work alcoholic. Her nature of work is such that she has to travel all over India and some times she goes to abroad also in connection to her work. My Wife’s Boss is a lady named Rati and she is in her mid forty but looks much younger than my wife. She is unmarried and is owner of good look. Her figure may be around 36-28-34.

We met several occasions. Whenever I met her, I noticed that she has an eye on me. And some how I also felt attracted towards her. Our relationship took a new turn when I met her in an official party around one year back, which she has thrown on occasion of becoming General Manager. Every body was invited with in party with her spouse or partner. As the party reached to its full mood, an announcement invited the people to come to the floor for dance. The dance was ‘changing the partner’ type. People were chancing their partner after each 2 to 3 minutes. In the mean time, I found myself in the hand of Rati, the boss of my wife and host of the party. She pushed me to a corner of the hall with dancing movement. She embraced me tightly in course of dance and continued dancing. I felt her well-shaped boobs are pocking my chest. My cock, which was in semi sleepy state, get awaken with this famine touch. After some time, her one hand is caressing around the zip area. I was astonished and totally out of control. The cock wanted to tear the jockey and pant and to take breath in open air. She sensed the heat of my boiling blood. She pulled me closer and in a swift movement she opened the zip of my pant and inserted her hand and holds my cock. I was in seventh heaven with her soft touch. I saw my wife was discussing something with her junior colleague at the other corner of the hall. Rati whispered in my ear ‘don’t worry, your wife is leaving for Singapore in connection to her work and she is busy in planning for that.’ And she smiled naughtily. I found no body was able to see us as we were between the bar counter and corner.
Light was very mild. I took the advantage, and placed my right hand on her left boob and pressed lightly. She moaned in joy. Now she started moving her hand to and fro on my erected cock. We, somehow, kept our dance movement alive, although pace was very mild. After around 10 minutes, I felt to cum as she was moving her hand very vigorously. I informed Rati ‘I am about to come’. She again gave a naughty smile and continued her hand’s movement and I came in her hand. She took a tissue paper and dried her hand. I found a winner’s satisfaction on her face. In the mean time, my wife came to us, she asked her boss, Rati ‘How is my husband as a dance partner’ ‘ He is a good dance partner and takes care of her partner’ she replied smilingly. My wife turned towards me and informed me ‘Dear, I have to leave you alone for next one week as I have to start for Singapore tomorrow in connection to the work.’ And she hugged me. This is the normal way of informing of my wife whenever she goes on tour. I saw to Rati and found some hidden message in her twinkling eyes. We had dinner and we returned home around 1 a m. I was feeling to have some intimate time with my wife but she requested me that she has to catch tomorrow’s morning flight so she has to prepare for that. I was little upset. My wife sensed my happiness and consoled me to bear with her. And went to bathroom, masturbated and went to bed for sleep. Next day she left for her tour. It was Sunday. I was sleeping and then I heard mobile ring. I wake up and saw the watch. It was 10 O’ clock. I picked up the mobile. I surprised to hear the voice. It was Rati. She asked whether she had disturbed me.
I replied politely ‘No Mam’. She asked general question that when my wife left etc. Then she asked about my lunch. I told ‘ Till now, I have not decided.’ She suggested ‘Why we should not have lunch together.’ I tried to sense hidden indication in between the lines and replied immediately ‘sure’. Then she explained the detail of our program. She called me in a reputed 4 star hotel at 12 pm. I got out of my bed and finished my daily course. It was 11 am. I was aware that it would take half an hour drive from my resident to the hotel. I took my car and went to juice shop and have a glass of pineapple juice. Then I went to medical store and purchased a small pack of KS (kamsutra). I was sensing that situation might arise to use this cover/ raincoat. I reached hotel in time. I found Rati was waiting for me in waiting hall. She was looking just gorgeous. She had worn sleeveless bright yellow top with deep neck slightly exposing the hidden treasure and tight blue jeans that was explaining her curvature. As I reached near to her, she greeted me by shaking hand. It was not just shaking but the future massage was being conveyed. Then she hugged me. It was just like a beloved is meeting her lover after along time. She told me to go to the room, which she has already booked. We proceeded towards the room. It was a huge room.

I sat on the sofa and she sat on my front side. She called for room service and ordered for a bottle of red wine with soda and ice. She inquired where we would have food. I told in the dining hall itself. Then our chitchat started. She told me that she has achieved what she had dreamed like position, prestige, and money. She is only lacking in fulfilling her physical need and mental piece. In the mean time, the boy came with wine etc. She told him to book a table for lunch. As he went out, she put the “Don’t disturb” card and closed the door. I made two pegs and served her one. She came near to me and sat at the side of me. She put her legs on the table and took one of my hands in her and cheered with my glass. I was astonished she her leg. ‘You have a beautiful legs’ I complemented her. She replied naughtily ‘there are too many beautiful items, would you like to see them all”. I could not resist myself on this abetting answer and embraced her tightly and planted a deep kiss on her lips. She replied positively and inserted her tongue in mouth. I enjoyed the juice of her tongue for next 5 minutes. As we separated, I pulled her towards me and she held her head on my chest. I touched her soft hair and moved to her chick. I put my one hand on her breast and squeezed it moderately. She enjoyed the squeeze. I pulled her top out in one go. She was wearing netted light blue bra matching to her jeans. She was looking dam sexy in blue bra with matching jeans. I stunned to see this grand look. She asked why you stopped? I replied that I want to paste this amazing image in my memory. I proposed to have drink in this position only. She smiled and said ‘as you wish but you have to remove your T-shirt and pant. I like to see you in brief only.’ I started to remove my dress. But she stopped me by saying ‘dear don’t take my enjoyment of undressing man like you.’ She stood up and pulled me up and made me stand. She hugged me and started pealing of my T – shirt and caressed my chaste. She throw my shirt and poked her boobs on my chaste. She kissed and licked my chaste and shoulders.
I was moderately hot. She sensed my hotness as my bulged touched her front. She stared in my eye and unzipped my pant and inserted her hand to hold the cock. She gauged my excitements and smiled naughtily. And removed my pant in one go. As I was not in hurry so I requested her to have drink. We moved to sofa for drink. She was in jeans & matching blue bra and I was only in brief. Accidentally, My brief was also of blue colour. She commented ‘we both like blue colour.’ and we sat on sofa. She took the wine and handed over to me and she took her glass and put her head on my shoulder. We cheered and sipped wine. In the course of sipping wine, we kissed and sucked each other. I played with her boobs and she played with my cock. After around 30 minutes, only 2 or 3 sips of wine were left in our glasses. She saw in my eye & hugged me and pealed my brief in one go with her beautiful toe. She stroked my cock and showered it with remaining wine. She started licking the whole shaft. The pulled my foreskin down and exclaimed to see pink head of my cock.
She again poured few drops of wine on my cock and lick it to dry. I was very excited to see her activity. I had never imagined that such well positioned lady may have so much innovative sex funs and also who is in this age. I told her ‘this has not fair. I am nude and you have still cloth.’ She replied sexily ‘who has stopped you.’ I got the signaled and undress her as quickly as possible. Literally, I tear her cloths. I was stunned to her toned body and well-maintained figure. I complemented her ‘ she has better body than most of models or bollywood actresses.’ She smiled and told your body and especially cock is better than many sexy men. I hugged her again and her boobs got crushed between us. I took the wine bottle and poured on her boobs and on love area. We were standing and I was tasting wine by licking and sucking her shoulders and boobs. She was playing with my cock. I moved further and licked wine from her stomach. As I tried to move further down, she asked me to go to bed and have 69. I lifted her in my arm and planted a kiss and moved to king size bed. I placed her on bed and I lay down on my back. She rolled over me and positioned herself in 69 position. She covered my cock with her mouth. I hold her ass chick and pulled her towards me and positioned her pussy. I started licking her whole love zone. She was licking and biting my cock. I concentrated on her clitoris and licked and sucked it vigorously. She came twice during this sucking. She was moaning. She was moving her head up and down very fast. I inserted my long tongue in her love canal and fucked her.

She again came and I consumed all her juice. Now she came down and showered me with her kisses. She told me to fuck her mercilessly by thinking that She is my slave. She lay down and made place to accommodate me. I ridded over her and inserted my rock hard cock, which slipped in fully in one stroke as it was fully lubricated with her three cums. I started pumping her. She asked for fast fuck. I increased the speed and started pumping her like any thing. She was moaning and shouting sexy sounds. She again came twice. She requested me that she wants me to come in her mouth. As I was about to come, I pulled my cock out and lay on back. She got up and took my cock in her eager mouth and made me cum in her mouth. I flushed my whole milk in her mouth. She sallowed the whole cum greedily. We rested for five minutes in each others arm and then proceeded for bath where we washed each other and had few funs. It was already 1:30 pm and we had lunch. I left her after lunch. She pushed an envelop in my pocket which had money. When I tried to say some thing she just hugged me and closed my lips with her’s. And whispered it is gift to me from her. Later she requested me to meet her friends. In course of time, she made me a high class male escort. I was also an unsatisfied husband as my wife is more interested in her work. I thought it’s ok. As, I am getting honey with money.