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My wife fucked by servant

hi i am rohit…i am very happy to express my story here…The heroine
of my story was my wife amisha 25 years was very sexy….her
structure was awesome.she has milky white skin and her structure was
34-28-36..The most seducive part was her ass…she was a sexy
goddess…..we were married before 3months and had good sexual life.i
am working in a company and my wife was a teacher in school…so for
doing our household work we arranged a servant.His name was phatik and
he is a good looking man and his age was 33.At the time of summer
vacation my wife would be in home with phatik….I would leave her
alone in home because i had to go for my office.My wife has a very
friendly character and she would become friend anyone she likes…Thus
she was also a good friend with phatik….she would talk with him very
freely and openly…phatik would also be very friendly with
her….They both eat , watch tv ,etc together..I have noticed many
times phatik holds my wife waist while sitting o a sofa and watching
tv.But i didnt care about it…Every day i came home evening from the
office ,and i will see my wife chatting with phatik or watching tv
with him…one day i came to home at noon12pm.I saw all doors was open
and the tv was running alone…I went upstairs.I was shoked for a
movement.i saw my wife and phatik in wife was wearing a blue
saree with matching sleevless black laced blouse….she was
stunning….Any man would fall in love with her.I saw phathiks hand
was touching my wifes navel.She was sitting at phatiks lap…I got
anger but i waited to see what is going to happen next because i need
to find all the secrets about their realtion.Pathik was asking my wife
about me that i was good in bed or not….My wife smiled and replied
not more than u…I was shoked to hear this from my wifes
mouth….Suddenly they both laughed and stated kissing ……pathik
was smooching her navel and kissing her lips neck chest….He lied on
the bed and my wife was above him..he removed her saree and my wife
was only in blouse and petticoat.phathik was romancing with her
hard…l was in anger but at the same time i become exited seeing my
wife with other phatik started to press her boobs.he removed
her blouse and started sucking her boobs..Now i cant control my self.I
took my dick out and started stroking it….my wife was enjoing with
phatik.Then phatik removed her petticoat.I was exited more because she
was not wearing an underwear.phatik inserted his fingers in her wife was moaning ahhh ahhh mmmm yes suck my juices….phatik
obeyed her and started to lick her pussy…my wife was moaning ahhh
ahhh oh yess ahh…she is really exited.she got up an take out phatiks
dick from his trouser and sucked it hard….phatik was sayinf suck it
hard my bitch….My wife was sucking it like a lolly pop….soon
phatik pushed her again in bed and entered his 8inch dick in her
cunt…she was moaning ahhh fuck me fuck me hard..phatin was riding
her like a horse… wife was making loud noise”I am ur slut u can
do me anything as u like” she was fully exited and phatik was also
eating her like a chicken..he fucked her hard for 20min and spilled
his cum on her pussy….They didnt see me .they both were very tired
ad took rest in nude condition in my room..I dont no what to do.l hid
aside the door till they wake 4pm they both woke up .I suddenly
ran outside and after 15min i came casually like everyday.I rank the
door wife opened the door.I saw an exuitement in her eyes.I
saw phatik working on kitchen.They both acted like nothing has
happened between them.But now i know all the dark secrets about them.