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My wife got screwed

hi, all this is amit here, first up on i want to narrate my wife, she is 29 yrswith massive boobs of size 36 and her figure is like 36 30 38 means typical indian figure. let not wasting your time i am comming on direct story. this all happened on 28 march 2003, when we were travelling for indore from mumbai, it was around 2.00 am morning, she was slightly sleeping on back seat and i was driving my toyota qualis on highway.

Meanwhile we reached at a dhaba near nanded a district in maharashtra, we decided to take some rest and then to move. we came out of car and walked at dhaba. the dhaba was quite free as it was over midnight few truck drivers who reached with us or before few minutes was talking and eating something. we also got a cott to sit. after sitting i ordered few items and started talking with seema regarding mumbai tour. after 15 minute we finished dinner and started to walk towards car. suddenly three people came near me and requested to give lift for next stop as wife of one among them is serious. i looked at seema she thought and told me that his wife is in trouble we must to help. i asked few question regarding them and their places but i was self unknown and not knownig the area so what he explained i agreed.

then teo of them left us and gone and came back in 10 minutes with a lady in burkha. i asked are you muslim he told yea i m muslim and only one is hindu among them. well they all sitted on back seat and seema besides me. we started on the way, then one of them whose name was salim told me that they were sleeping and the wife got labour pain. i also calmed him telling dont worry everytihng will be fine. then they asked me where we are gonig , i told them that we are going to indore. i was asked their names before they sit in car one was salim and his wife nadira other one was nasir and third one was ganu. ganu was hindu among them. well car was moving suddenely nasir told that they are to go on other direction than we are moving. and they will change and go by other vehicle, now by we understand that they are good people so semma resist me to drop them to their place and then move, but i told i dont have learnig road, then one told that i will guide and seema step down the car to go to back seat and nasir come in front seat and i moved on a unknown direction.

after few minute nasir looked back and smiled seeing all three and told me to turn the vehicle forest nearby i shocked and stopped the car i guess their is some problem, then salim noded his dead and told me to drive otherwise my wife will be killed now and he kept a knief on her neck. now situation was totally turned, what we were thought and what is happening, well i was helpless and moved on road as nasir told me. after 2 km from the road we was in dark jungle but the place was open like garden and moon light was over the head. then nasir camed out and gone to back seat and caught my wifes hand and brought her out and i was trying to do sometihng but the lady in burkha behind me turned in gents voice and told me ” hilna mat nahin to teri biwi mar di jayegi”. i asked what they want.

” tumhare pas jo bhi paise jewar ho wah sab hame de do” i was having only 2000 rs on that time as i use to keep ATM card with me so we never needed money to keep with us and seema was weared only normal jewellary as casually she wears. i told her to give the jewellary to them and i also came out. i told then ” dekho bhai mere pass paise ke nam par yahi 2000 rs hain tumne bataya nahin nahin to raste ke kisi ATM centre se nikal ke de deta.” ganu screamed and cane near to me and slaaped me a hard and told” maderchod itni badi gadi leke ghomta hai aur bolta hai ki paise nahin hain jaldi se paise nikal nahin to yahin par tum dono ka kriya karma ho jayaega.” i told him” bhai talashi le lo mere pass naihn hain to kahan se doon”

then salim came to me and searched my vallet then he gone in car and searced all rakes and bags too but there was nothing for them. now they were angered on me and told me that i would not go alive. i told them ” bhai chalo main aapko kisi ATM se paise nikal kar de deta hoon” then salim told” hamko kya chutiya samjhta hai ki hum tujhe lekar road par kayenge aur tu shor macha kar hame pakadwa dega nahin jo dena lena hai wah sab yahin” there was silent for few minutes. then two of them talked something and came to me and told to start the headlight, i done same as he told. now it was nadira the fake woman who grabbed me from behind and pushed me on cattleguard of car. and in a second he tied my both hand back side and tied in cattle guard which was in between the headlight. i shouted loudly what you are doing.but they were no answer…

fter shouting i tried to stop them that they should not do anything. but i was help less as my hands were tied in seema was nurvous and looking hopelessley at me, i was also looking at her. they got some discussion and told me ” dekh abhi bhi time hai bata de paise kahan par hain itne paise se hamara kuch nahin hone wala”
i replied calmfully ” dekho mere pass paise nahin hain to kahan se doon, kah to raha hoon sahar chalo ATM se de doonga aur wada karta hoon kisi se kuch nahin kahoonga”. nasir came at me and slapped me ” maderchod bakwas karta hai hamko pagal samjha hai kya, ab dekh hum kya kartain hain” . telling this word he came near to seema and slapped her to and asked for money and she also gave same answer as i gave. now they was tempered and suddenely ganu came forword and screwed her boobs hardly and shouted that this is last chance he is giving to give them money. but after his screw and her scream shout he changed her mind.

he shouted” ab paise nahin chahiye” i was amazed what happened. ” ab yah maal chahiye” and started laughing. all four started laughing seenig me and her. after that ganu came near car and picked our bag and searched for something i was helpless to see back that what he is doing but after few minute i can see that he was returning with the blankets and rubber pillow. now i got that what they were to do but i cant do anything . now salim gone to seemas back side and tored her blouse, she was shocked and started crying and begging to leave her but they was not humnan being they was bastereds and deaf on that time. after that nadira the fake woman came in his original pose of man and one of them called him hamid, and pulled her saree and tored her peticoat very hardly.

now she was standing half naked in front of 5 men including me in panty and bra. she hided her face in palm and keep crying. after that they all four got naked in light of headlight of car and start rubbing there dicks. really they was huge one as i never thought about others, i was amazed seeing their tools. it all was around 7 to 9 inches. after that they came naer to her and pulled her panty straight and it teared apart as it was a thin panty and one opened her bra and slipped down now she was naked in full light of car. then one of them pulled her hand from her face and gave his tool in his hand and told ” sali randi paise nahin hai to kya hua choot to hai wahi de de aaj hum sabhi ko. they seen her choot it was hairless as she always shave before we go any where. they was extreme hot and watching a thick typical indian good society woman naked in front of them. they never thoguth that they will get any time this like milky white girl to fuck. now they seen her crying and shouted on her to stop crying and obey them otherwise i will be killed by them . seeing me seee stoped crying and started to do what they were telling to her.

one of them pushed her to sit on knee and she done then other one came to her and gave his rod in her mouth and told to suck it and she started while other one was rubbing her boobs roughly and third one laid down below her thigs and started licking her pussy. it all gone around 15 minute and watichng this i also got stuned and got an erection in my pant and she was also hot this time. now she was enjoying the moment and i was enjoying the seen. that what they are doing. after 20 minute my wife jerked off bcos of pussy licked by salim and still she was sucking nasirs dick and ganu was busy with boobs. nasir jerked opff in her mouth and told her to drink it all but she never drunked mine cum so hesitated but she was to do and drunked all his cum . now salim stands and and hamid came to her lied her on blanket and pushed her hard dick in her wet cunt, she cryied by pain as it was bigger than mine and never taken other ones. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCCHHHH HHHH…PLZ…………MAT…….KARO………….. …AISA………OOOUCHMMMMMMMMMMM…………….. .but he was not to stop any how. and started his GHODA GADI in full speed and she was also enjoying by moaning….mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmnnnnnnnn……….o ohhhhoohohohohnnnnnmmmmmm…..aur jor se chodo……… he was also moanig……sallliiiiiii…..randdddiiiii kiiiiiii tarahhhhhhh chodungaaaaaa tujheeee aaajjj..mmmm……watching this ganu also came to them and told to change the position…..