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My wife Priya

Hi, My name is Biju, I am 38 yrs og age and my wife priya 35. Sara is attractive looking with 36-30-34 fig and fair complexioned. we were married for the last 9 years and have one boy of 5 years. I am a regular reader of and very much fascinated about group sex. I have mentioned about it to priya but she showed no interest in it and so i dropped the idea.

Last year by the time my leave was over i suggested priya that we together go to mumbai and stay there till i get a job and she said it is a good idea.I told her my friend in bombay will arrange a share flat there for stay. We left for mumbai in december 12th and reached there on 14th morning. My friend was there at the railway station and took us to the flat of his friend’s and introduced us to them. They were a couple in their 30’s and having one baby child. The husband is working in a company in bombay and wife a nurse. Their names were santosh and rashmi.

The flat was a two room kitchen with common toilet. Santosh was a goodlooking guy with a lot of sense of humour and rashmi is fair tall and attractive looking. We got one room and santosh suggested we cook together as they had all the utensels and why waste money in hotel and we accepted the offer. Next few days we went sightseeing shopping etc. From next week onwards i go out in the morning searching for job and priya and reshmi will be home as rashmi was working nightduty. myself will be back by evening. santosh will come around 6 in the evening. In two weeks time we became very friendly and close.

Occasionally myself and santosh would go for a drink too. At home santosh would tease and do a lot of chatting with priya while doing cooking for evening and rashmi goes by 7 pm for work and santosh helps priya in washing dishes etc most of the time i will be reading in our room. sometimes priya goes to their room to take their one year old son. sometimes i will arrive late as i spend some time with my friends .I noticed some relationship is developing between priya and santosh .One evening when i came a little late in the evening the door was closed and i opened with the duplicate i was having i found priya and santosh closeby and found both of them blushed a little but i ignored it and went into the room for changing. Then i decided to find out so two days later by 6.30 i telephoned home and it was santosh who picked up the phone i said that i will be late to arrive as i have to meet somebody urgently and asked santosh to tell priya not to wait for me for dinner.

I spent around two hour roaming here and there and then headed for our room. I opened the front door with my key and went inside. The lights in the corridor was off and the light in santosh’s room was on. I checked my room and found the baby sleeping in the bed. I slowly went tip toed to their room and found the door was half closed and curtain was on. I opened the curtain a little and ohhhhh what i was seeing was priya lying on the bed on her back nude and santosh licking her pussy and priya holding his head and rubbing his hair and santosh took one of his hands out and grabbed hold of her boobs and started fondling her tits and i cna see her tits growing in his fingers now she started wriggling and pushed his head out and said to him pls hold on i will come.

The he got up and i saw his ock half erect he sat on the bed and priya sat on floor and started taking his dick in her mouth and squeezing his balls santosh started making noises in pleasure ohhhhhh ohhhhh priya dear yaaaaaa and priya responded by sucking his cock deeper and his cock grew in size.then he lifted her and now both of them lay hugged in bed and groping eachother’s body. they hugghed and kissed for a while sametime santosh fingured her clit. then he lay on his back and priya sat on top of him and guided his cock inside her pussy.

Strangely by now i too got a hardon and i pulled out my cock and started shagging slowly. now i can see priya going up and down on his thick shaft and the sigh of his shaft coming out of priya’s pussy drenched in her juices and shining was awsome and started shagging faster. santosh telling priya oh dear come on fast ohhhh yeah ohhhhhh dear come on and put his hands on her buttocks and stroke her buttocks and says oh priya nice nice you are tight and nice ohhhhh now priya also started moaning ohhhh hwwwwwwww myyyyyy then santosh ejaculated in her pussy his load ful of cum and priya collapsed on his chest by the time i also ejaculated and i left the house and closed it fm outside. then i went to a bar and had a couple of drinks and by 10.30 reached back home and found priya in a very happy and good mood.

I didnt mention about it to her as i like her and want her to get full happiness and satisfaction. Then one day when myself and santosh went out for drinks i asked him if he like to fuck priya and he said yes i said ok but the thing is i like to see the action and dont want priya to know about it.He agreed and i got to see their action several times during our stay there.