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My wife walked in Part 3

I want you to all stand round me in the order you have just fucked me apart from you dear husband she said I want you to sit over there and watch, so I went to the chair and sat there my limp cock in my hand, so the men stood around her from Graham up the number 11, Alice was on her knees in front of the as they got in a circle around her, Right she said this is what I want you to do I am going to suck your dicks in turn and just before you cum I want you to tell me so I can finish you of with my hand as I want you to cum all over my tits and face, with that she turned to Graham and took is hard cock into her hands and gently stroked it pulling the foreskin back and forth over the large swollen head and she flicked the top of it with her tongue, Graham gave out a long soft Mmmmmmmmmmm as she did this, she then sucked the head of his cock inside her mouth and I knew what she was doing to Graham as she had done it to me so so many times, she places her teeth just behind the head of your cock gripping it gently then pushes forward with her head running her teeth all the way down your shaft and by the way Graham closed his eyes and gave out a long Yesssssssssssssss as he head moved forward I knew that is what she had just done then she will work back up your shaft the same way but this time she will rake her teeth across the head to and this will send any man into a frenzy and that is what it done to Graham as she gave back up his shaft his whole body shook and I though his legs were going to give way under him but he held on and kept standing as Alice done this a few more times before starting to suck on his cock taking him fully in with each forward thrust,

she cupped his balls in her hand and started to squeeze them and roll them around in her hand and after about 5 minutes of this Graham shouted I am cumming and Alice pulled he mouth from his cock and ran her hands up and down his shaft and taking him over the top and we all watched as spurts of cum shot from the slit in the top of Graham’s cock splashing over my wife’s tits neck and chin, Alice wanked him until there was no more and squeezed his cock to make sure every last drop was out of his cock and over her, to finish him of she licked the cum from around the head of his cock and then she let it go and moved round to the next no in the circle. Number two was hard and standing proud as Alice took up her position in front of him and this time she took one of his balls into her mouth and sucked it and then the other one then she started to lick his big ball sack and run her tongue up and down the full length of his twitching shaft, as she did this his cock jumped each time her tongue touched the tip of his cock, it was not long before she was sucking his balls and taking them into her mouth and running her tongue around them, this made him moan and shut his eyes as wonderful feeling ran thou his body, Alice took him fully into her mouth and started to bring her head back and forth each time bringing out to the tip and then fully back down it until her face was into his pubic hair,

again and again she did this and sooon he was moaning YES YES I am going to cum and just as Alice took his cock from her mouth he un-loaded his cum over her face it covered her forehead,eyes,nose and mouth, She once again licked his cum from the top of his cock and then it was on to number three. As Alice went thou the men now standing around her she brought each one off and shooting their cum over her she was just starting on number 11 and her face was covered in cum and her tits were to as the cum ran down them it was dripping of the end of her big hard nipples, She took this last cock into her mouth and sucked it hard and she ran her finger between his legs and she pushed a finger into this one’s ass and that made him moan out load Oh my Fucking god you one sexy bitch and he was shaking as she sucked on his dick and fingered his ass, Once again it was not long before he said that he was going to cum and like before Alice took the cock from her mouth but left her finger planted in his ass and started to wank his hard and fast with her free hand, when he came Alice pushed her finger into his ass as far as she could and he thrust his hips forward and shoot his cum all over her face and tits.

Now they had all had my wife in one hole or the other and all had a blow job from her they sat back and relaxed as Alice told me to come over to her which I did and once again she lay on her back on the floor and told me to kneel over her so I placed a knee each side of her and she took hold of my now hard again cock and ran the palm of her hand over and around my cock sending shivers down my dick and balls then she gripped it firmly in her hand and started to move her hand up and down my shaft, wanking me hard and fast, while she done this I took a nipple between my fingers and thumbs and pulled on them so it lifted her big tits up away from her chest and she screamed OH Fuck Oh Fuck yes yes as I twisted them at the same time as pulling on them, her body shook as she climaxed once more, soon after her climax it was my turn and I did not have to tell her it just shot from me like it saw jet powered and even thou I was sitting just above her cunt my cum hit her face shot after shot flew out of my cock and mingled with the other 11 loads of cum which I knew my wife was going to make me lick up, she wanked me for a while longer getting ever last drop from my dick.

Then she said Ok now lick all this cum from me and don’t miss any so I started at her head and licked her forehead then moved down to her eyebrows and nose, then cheeks and the sides of her face before moving onto her mouth she kept her lips close and I licked the cum from them when her face was clean I kissed her which she returned, I moved to her neck licking it and moved round onto her ear lobes which I knew she loved and as I sucked them she arched her back and her body was shaking as a small climax when thou her, then it was onto her tits and I took my time licking this wonderful big tits clean making sure I licked and sucked her nipple for a long long time and I moved round between her legs while still kissing her tits, once I had done that I said to her I better just check to see if I missed any from your hairy cunt my dear, so kissing my way down to her cunt and when I got there I sucked her now swollen and very red clit into my mouth and once again my wife arched her back pushing her cunt hard against my mouth, I pushed my tongue into to well worn pussy lips and could still taste all the different cums that had been planted there by 11 cocks,

and as I liked she lifted her ass once more for one final massive orgasm it ran into my mouth flushing all the cum from her and into my waiting mouth, once the climax was done she collapsed into a limp heap of the floor, Tired, and shagged out to the fully I don’t think my wife could have took any more, her pussy was red and swollen from all the pounding it had received from all these hard cocks. After a while the men started to get dressed and my wife had recovered a bit and was now sitting and watching them get dressed they all came over and each one kissed my wife and said thank you Alice for such a fuck great afternoon they all agreed they had never had suck a sexy afternoon in their lives and that they had only seen something like that in a film but to be involved in a sex session like that was wonderful. My wife said well I guess you lot have been wanking each time I have been seeing my dad, so I guess you lot will be meeting again in to weeks time,

well if it’s still on they said, it had better fucking be my wife said I want to be here from the start next time, a few said what you want all this again, you fucking bet said Alice I have never had such a sexy time and got the amount of orgasms you fuck horny men have given me I sure want more of that. So that it what happened when my wife walked in and she joined us every fortnight from then on. The first few times there was 12 of us but some how three months later we seamed to have gained four more guy’s so now each second Friday my wife get laid by 16 men including me, that means more cum inside her and more cum for me to lick of her. If you enjoyed this story then I would love to hear from you and if your brave enough add a photo of what you were doing to yourself while reading it,only I will ever see it –