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My Wife’s Filthy Humiliation – III

“It’s alright darling. Nothing to worry. See at you home!”, Richa responded equally quickly and signaled them to disconnect. She stayed there with her head lowered and not knowing how to react any further.

But it was enough ice breaking for the duo. Khan, the experienced of the two, came closer and planted a straight kiss on Richa’s shoulders and moved up to her face. Bunty couldn’t be kept out either as he grabbed both of her breasts in his palms. Richa shuddered as she felt the beginning of their rampage. It was raw love making for the initial 5 minutes as Khan stayed in the front and continued kissing and licking Richa’s bosom, face and even going down to her tummy and arms. Bunty was pushed behind but not out. His hands would sqeeze her breasts hard while he kept playing with her hairs and kissing and licking her back. He enjoyed slightly spanking Richa’s bums too. Richa wasn’t too comfortable kissing Khan as he was smelling the “bidi” he used to smoke but hardly had any option as Khan expertly opened her mouth and caught hold of her tongue while smooching her.

Bunty wasn’t any novice either, he quickly moved his hands between her legs and started rubbing her already moist cunt. He kept kissing her arms and licking her back while Khan was busy kissing her. They swiftly changed their positions and now Bunty was having Richa from the front while Khan moved to rear. It was so quick that Richa didn’t notice Bunty kissing her breasts until she opened her eyes when her nipples were bitten hard. She moaned lightly and asked Bunty to go easy. Poor chap, he was having a woman like her for the first time, there was nothing to stop him as such. He made complete mess of her exposed breasts and nipples and went down to her thighs and womanhood. He touched her clit hard and plucked it in his fingers while Khan at the same time started pinching her nipples. Richa was slowly being taken over and gaining the libido.

While sucking her nipples and breasts hard, Bunty stared at Richa’s face. “Saali ekdum bani hui randiya hai Khan bhai! (Wow, she is a true whore brother Khan!)”. he exclaimed when he saw Richa close her eyes and biting her nipples while moaning slightly as the two of them were sucking, licking and kissing her body parts. She was disturbed hearing that and Khan’s affirmative wry smile on Bunty’s comments but she also knew that he was not lying. It seemed like a current passed through her body when she heard the comment and she became even more responsive. The experienced Khan sensed it and pulled her head violently towards him and said in a authoritative way, “Saali, Imran saab ki randi ban chuki hai na! (I know you are now a whore of Imran Sir, bitch!)” and that followed by a big splash of saliva direct into her mouth and across eyes. Richa was somewhat taken aback but with her tied hands and limited mobility could hardly do anything. What actually hit her hard was the fact that even the security man was treating her the same way as Imran. Although her brain was thinking through, her body responded to the act. Richa quickly pushed her tongue out and licked Khan’s saliva. She felt totally embarrassed when Khan saw her doing that and winked. He knew that they had her under control.

“Tu pahle jayega ki mein? (Would you go first or want me to?”), Khan asked Bunty that scared Richa.

She had by then realized that they were not leaving without having her; however it was difficult for her to accept. By then, it was agreed that Khan, the senior one, was going to go first. They were probably pressed for time so he quickly lifted Richa’s leg that was not tied. She was enough wet to cause too much friction, however she couldn’t glance at his cock as Bunty engaged her in smooching him. With her tied hands, she could neither feel Khan’s member so she  decided to move with the flow. She focused on kissing Bunty who didn’t  smell as bad as his partner. He was young and energetic and gave her  hard time by catching her tongue many a times in his teeth or going deep into her mouth. Khan had by then lifted her leg almost 90 degrees and  was rubbing her clit just to sense the wetness. He had dropped his  pajama and was rubbing the tip of his dick using Richa’s wetness.  When he felt enough wetness, he put his one hand on her breast and gave a very strong pinch to her nipples and at the same time pushed his member in. Richa shrieked in slight pain and felt him entering at the same  time. That broke her kiss with Bunty who wasn’t willing to let it go. He quickly resumed by pulling her back and continued kissing while his hands  were now pinching Richa’s second breast. Wow, she was completely getting mauled, both breasts being pressed hard, being smooched hard and most importantly a big cock intruding her tunnel.  Yes, she sensed and liked Khan’s member that was long and thick and  making her jump as he gained momentum. Richa could feel the space he was creating with every stroke and encouraged him between kissing Bunty who was now totally focused on mauling her tits. As Khan moved into higher  gear, Bunty ensured to cause her enough pain to keep her on the edge. He then dropped his pants and got up to stand on the stool to which Richa’s leg was tied.

As Bunty adjusted himself on the stool, he quickly pushed his hairy cock  into her mouth. Wow, that really disgusted Richa. His cock accompanied tens  of stray hairs into her mouth and it smelled worse than his mouth or  body. “Why do they all smell sweaty?”, she was wondering while  stretching her mouth to accommodate the hairs and cock. She could also  feel some hard strokes that Khan was giving her and his speed was only increasing. He was groaning as he continued screwing her while Bunty  was busy rubbing her face violently on his shaft. Richa was definitely  getting pushed in both directions but she upped her tempo too. She  started moving her butts as much as possible to grind Khan’s cock while  brought her tongue into play to suck Bunty’s cock and at the same time  offered her breasts to both the men. Khan and Bunty could not believe their luck and kept tormenting Richa for well over 15 minutes. She could sense by then that Khan was nearing his climax and moved her butts more  vigorously. Bunty’s cock was expanding with every kiss she was planting. About 20-25 minute into entering the room, Khan moaned quite louder and started emptying his load inside my wife’s tunnel. Richa felt him going  lose and gradually taking his cock out. She turned to look at him and  was glad to see his satisfied face. She knew it was interval and within  probably a break of 1 or 2 minutes Bunty was going to replace Khan.

But Khan surprised her when he pulled  Bunty down and adjusted himself on the stool right away. He pushed his cum filled  shaft into Richa’s mouth while Bunty had managed to push a finger inside her to gauge where the hole was amongst the juices. Richa was literally cum filled but she welcomed Khan’s cock and started licking the juices  of it. Bunty had by then figured her prime hole and was thrusting in  like a steam engine. He was probably too excited and was trying to  give her some hardest stroke. His thighs were literally thumping on  Richa’s and that was creating enough noise for Khan to notice. He smiled and commented, “Abey kya faad dega kya? (Buddy, are you going to tear  it off?)”. They all smiled (yes including Richa) but Bunty kept his  momentum and accompanied that with rhythmic spanking her bums. He was  indeed a strong man and didn’t face any challenges in spite of giving  her all those hard strokes and strong spanking. Richa could only love the treatment she was receiving. Khan was truly satisfied by then and kept shooting loads of cum inside  Richa’s mouth and a lot flowing out. There was just so much that it  covered her breasts and flew down all the way to her waist to touch  Bunty’s legs. “Aab aap kya nahaoge kya? (Now are you going to bathe her with your  cum?)”, asked Bunty. Richa was still coping up with the cum and tried to drink as much possible. But Bunty was not even tired. He kept ramming  her as if a drilling machine. His rhythmic spanking and deep strokes  were driving Richa weaker. Khan was relaxing on the sofa leaving Bunty  having Richa entirely for himself. He was taking complete advantage and  literally breaking her down. Richa’s pussy was taking the bumping for  about 20 minutes now and her tied limbs were aching a lot. She tried  looking at Bunty and request him to go slow but he was totally engrossed and was now even pinching her nipples and slapping the breasts.    Richa saw Khan picking his phone out and making a call. “Aa jao aap log (You guys can come over!)”, Khan spoke in a soft tone that scared Richa.

Who was he inviting? She wasn’t sure that he would call Imran as she knew Imran would just walk in when he was done with meal. He wouldn’t need Khan’s confirmation for that. So was Khan going to share her further with his friends? That scared her even more. At the same time an electric current passed through her. The fact that this filthy security guard was sharing her with another man, just like Imran did and didn’t bother to check with her at all, again like Imran. The way she was being treated again excited her. It didn’t matter to Bunty at all as he was still pumping her with same vigor. In fact, he didn’t even realize when Khan opened the door and welcomed Shukla and Salim to enter.

Richa was already weak but was terrified to see two more security men entering the room. She couldn’t even scream but Khan read her eyes and told her that they won’t be here for long. “Bas ek round Maam! (Just one round of sex Maam!)” Shukla replied very calmly. That is when Bunty noticed all of them. Richa’s vulnerability probably kicked a climan in him. He groaned very loudly and relaxed himself. Richa had 2nd cum bath in as many as 15-20 minutes. Her pussy was overflowing but Bunty wasn’t going to give her any comfort. Richa needed something to hold on as she was shievering in the orgasm she herself had along with the juices Bunty just discharged. But he just left her in that difficult standing position and relaxed on the chair little away. She looked at all the men standing and olging her helpless condition. ” Oh gosh…aao kamino…aur maaro meri… (Oh gosh! Come on you rascals….screw me more!)” she couldn’t help and moaned shamelessly. They all burst into laughter while she lowered her head as she quickly realized what she did. But there was nothing to hide now. She knew she would be screwed again and that nothing can avoid that. It was only a matter of how quickly and how ruthlessly. Afterall she had been entertaining men since the morning.

“Shuruwat karein? (Should we start?”, Shukla asked impatiently, triggering another laughter in the room.

“Ha aa jao salo(yes, come on you rascals)”, came out of my wife’s mouth as she laughingly responded to them. She was indeed ready for anything now. But that probably didn’t go too great with Shukla and even Khan. They both rushed to her and Khan gave her a tight whack on her right bums while Shukla slappped right across her face. It wasn’t an erotic slap by any means and that truly stunned Richa. Not that it was the tightest slap she had ever received but the circumstances had its impact. Her smile quickly disappeared and her vulnerability grew. Shukla didn’t stop and gave her few more slaps across her breasts while Khan continued on her bums. A series of slaps and she was apologetic straight away. But Shukla didn’t stop even then.

“Saali kamini, shadi hone ke baad bhi yahan pe chudwaa rahi hai aur kamine humein kahti hai? (Bitch, you’re getting yourself fucked her inspite of being married. How dare do you then call us rascals?)”, Shukla spoke furiously as he caught hold of the pendant of her wedlock.

“I am sorry. I am really sorry”, Richa continued to be apologetic but it didn’t seem to pacify him.

“Yahan ayyi thi to kya sochkar ayi thi…ki Imran bhai puja karenge (What were you thinking when you started travel with Imran in the morning? Did you think Imran was going to treat you with respect?)”, Shukla continued. Richa was somewhat scared now and didn’t answer his question thinking he was just venting his frustration out. But Shukla followed with a tight whack on her bums and shouted again, “Kabse janti hai Imran sir ko?(Since how long do you know Imran sir?)”. At this point Richa thought that he probably already knew about how it had started with Imran. She was scared of those tight slaps too.

“Ji bass kaal hi mile the bus mein. Wo muze ghar leke gaye aur aaj yahan leke aa gaye! (I met Imran yesterday only in the bus. Yesterday we did at home and today he brought me here!)”, Richa revealed quickly without probably realizing that she was revealing her sluttiness to them and it was going to only excite them. It worked just that way. They all burst into laugter while commenting to each other, “Saali ek din mein hi randee ban gayi. Badi khujli hai lagta iski chut mein. Pati pe daya karo. Do din se yaha chud rahi hai, haramzadi! (Damn, she has turned into his bitch inside a day. Looks like lot of itching in the cunt for the slut. By the way, feel sorry for the husband; she is screwing here for two days!)”, Richa was being broken down by every word spoken there but at the same time she was relieved that they had somehow accepted her apology and that overall humiliation only had positive effect on her cunt.

“Salim bhai, aap akele ki humare sath hi ayenge? (Salim, will you take her alone or partner me?)”, Shukla asked Salim as he pushed his hand in between Richa’s legs and tried pinching her cunt. He couldn’t do it properly as the juices were flowing all over and it was too smooth and lubricated to be caught in fingers. Salim nodded and walked past Khan to conquer Richa. He went straight kissing her breasts but didn’t really bite them. He seemed somewhat gentle of the lot; he picked out his handkerchief and wiped of her face before he moved up to kiss her lips. Richa wanted to acknowledge and give him open mouth for kissing. But Salim was a chain tobacco user and his mouth obviously demonstrated that. Infact he had spitted it off just before reaching the flat but hadn’t even gargled or drank water. My poor wife got to taste the gutkha for the first time in her life as she locked lips with her new man. Shukla meanwhile grabbed the same hanky from Salim and wiped her cunt juices.

“Yaaro, isko sambhal ke rakhna! Iss randi ki khushboo ayegi! (Guys, lets preserve this handkerchief! It smells this bitch’s juices!)”, Shukla announced as he whirled the piece of cloth towards the audience. Bunty was alert to catch it. Richa decided not to react and kept kissing Salim. But Shukla seemed determined to test her. He bent down and pushed his two fingers inside Richa’s tunnel and at the same time pinched her clit too hard. She couldn’t bear and shouted in frenzy breaking her kiss. Salim didn’t like that but he didn’t react strong and just resumed kissing her again. His tongue was quite active and roamed all over my wife’s upper and lower jaws and met her tongue quite often. He was pushing it too deep inside to accomodate in her mouth. As if the gutkha and Salim’s tongue were not testing her enough; Shukla was now standing behind and pinching both her nipples really hard. Richa realized she was in for some tough exam and tried to remain calm and cope with the situation.

Thankfully, Salim was done kissing her and started moving down her body. He reached for her breasts quickly and grabbed a handful and started massaging. He wasn’t cruel as such; but he was a big guy and was putting a lot of force out of the excitement. It meant Richa’s breasts were being mauled hard. But she didn’t complain and found it bearable vs. the pinching Shukla was into. Salim soon started kissing and sucking her breasts. His tongue was magically attentive and was driving her nipples crazy. He would often give her gentle bites and then continue playing with the nips just by his tongue and Richa would literally go weaker. Shukla had by then moved behind her and was kissing her back. He soon rached her neck and gave her bites on the earlobes driving her totally crazy. But Shukla was himself a crazy man. He turned Richa’s face towards him and started kissing her lips and licking her face. He was absolutely rubbing his tongue all over her face multiple times. He continued doing nasty things while Salim was having her breasts for a teat. Shukla started spitting out saliva in her mouth or sometimes he would not throw it but ask Richa to lick it off his mouth. He was quite similar to Imran when it came to humiliating her. And my wife, she simply couldn’t disappoint her men and would readily eat his spit and lick it off his face. Their acts were grabbing attention though and the audience of Bunty and Khan was getting increasingly interested and started moving closer to the stage.

“Bhaiyeo, mere beech mein mat aana! 10-15 minutes to do muze! (Friends, don’t interrupt me! Give me 10-15 mintes atleast!)”, Salim spoke for the first time in his deeper voice when he saw Khan and Bunty approaching them. Richa was all ears as he started speaking. She realized soon that he was going to screw her and also saw Bunty and Khan standing very close once again. Shukla by then adjusted himself standing on the stool and pushed Richa’s face into his groin. Bunty and Khan both tried stretching their hands and grabbed Richa’s breasts while Salim had unzipped himself to bump into her. She shivered in excitement as the four different male bodies started rubbing or working against her naked body. She didn’t even know their names but it wasn’t stopping her from following any of their orders. She realized Salim moving a bit back of her and raising her free leg high. She was stretched quite a bit and that was hurting but he didn’t stop. He gave her a few gentle slaps on the bums and started pushing his member inside. Richa couldn’t see but felt his thick shaft trying to intrude her tunnel.

Richa tried adjusting to provide room to Salim who was now already gaining momentum. He was going steady and was giving her some of the deepest strokes. His cock seemed equally assertive as his tongue and explored every centimeter of Richa’s tunnel. Her mouth was still burried in Shukla’s groin and he was taking every effort to rub it between his ass creeks too. He was clearly imitating Imran, whether knowingly or unknowingly, Richa didnt know. But she didn’t dare disappoint him and licked his ass creeks with equal urge as Imran’s. Bunty and Khan were trying to have whatever body part they could grab. In the process, Bunty was kissing and licking her outstretched leg upto her thigh while Khan, the more pervert of them, focused his attention on her armpits. Richa gets super excited when her armpits are even touched and he was doing all sorts of things – scratching them lightly, rubbing and licking. Richa was a total mess between four hungry beasts determined to torment her. Salim kept tearing her kus for well over 10 minutes with great vigor while others kept complementing him to keep Richa on the edge. Finally he too started groaning and pinching her nipples hard in excitement as he reached his climax. Richa’s juices were flowing all the while and soon were matched or overpowered by steady stream of Salim’s semen. He kept cumming for over a minute causing massive flooding in her cunt and spraying on her tummy and legs. When he was finally done, he roughly pulled her face out of Shukla’s groin and spitted really big into her open mouth. Richa’s mouth was resembling a dustbin by then but she didn’t complain digesting the “gutkha” that Salim threw in. Salim’s lust was probably pacified as he quickly moved away from the scene. But Shukla was still to get started.

As Salim moved back to sofa, Shukla pushed Richa’s mouth again into her butt creek and started rubbing in. Bunty and Khan quickly grabbed her breasts and continued mauling them while fingering her cunt and clit. Khan gave her a few really tight pinches on her clit that made her dance in pain but it seemed like Shukla wasn’t yet satisfied with rubbing her face into her ass creek. It looked like either Richa found his ass tasty as she didn’t try to move away her face in spite of him pushing it deeper and deeper or she was an ass maniac. But the group seemed organized and cooperative to each other. When Khan noticed Shukla spending too long rubbing Richa’s face into ass, he reminded: “Shukla ji thokna hai ki nahi? Ki sirf gaand hi chakhwaoge? (“Shukla, aren’t you going to screw her? Or just want to make her taste your ass?”)”. Shukla smiled and removed her face out of his groin. Richa looked total mess, her face was covered with cum, stray hairs, some gutkha and what not, and her hairs were into disarray. She looked like a toy whom everyone was extracting pleasure. In spite of all of this, she remained calm and was moaning slightly with the pinches she was receiving from Khan and Bunty. Bunty even sucked her breasts for a few minutes and then joined Salim on the sofa.

It must have been about 45 minutes since Khan and Bunty had entered. Richa was already knocked down 3 times and there was definitely going to be a fourth one. She knew she was a total mess and that Imran and Samir were going to come back with added vigor post lunch so she couldn’t afford to get tired either. Besides all of them were literally tormenting and breaking her down with some of the most disgusting things but Richa tried her best to remain strong and come out of it. And in fact those disgusting things were actually helping her remain excited and keep going. And she was almost certain Shukla wouldn’t finish without riding her before stepping out. There was hardly anything she could do to stop that. She saw Khan still finding some space on her voluptuous breasts to kiss and suck her nipples while Shukla adjusted for the pinnacle. He lifted her tired leg and inserted his average shaft into her slippery tunnel. Shukla was quite ordinarily endowed but Khan’s hard biting of nipples kept Richa on the edge. She made movements that allowed Shukla get deeper and continued riding her. Her butts were so nicely exposed that Shukla and Khan could barely resist slapping them. As they kept jumping with every tight slap, Richa continued riding Shukla’s shaft. But to her surprise, Shukla didn’t last long. In a matter of 2-3 minutes, he discharged his cum inside Richa and collapsed on the chair beside. Khan, who started the show, was still standing tall by Richa’s side. He helped her massage her limbs a bit. They were being pulled in all directions and Richa felt nice when he helped her. She thanked him whole heartedly.

It was probably time that Imran was going to return. They had started wrapping and collecting themselves up. Khan who never left Richa was still standing beside her and helped her be in a better position by providing her some support and some massage to her limbs. The others quickly adjusted themselves and were planning to leave. Salim and Bunty didn’t face or speak anything but Shukla still had something left. He once again came close and started sucking Richa’s breasts but was slightly pushed away by Khan. Richa was surprised as to how nicely they timed it. Within a minute after Salim and Bunty left, Khan’s phone rang. It was Imran on the other side.

“Ha saab, ho gaye hum log (We’re done Sir)”, Khan spoke. Richa couldn’t hear Imran speaking but she sensed that Imran had asked them to wrap up.

“Jee saab, haan hum 4 log the….Salim aur Bunty to chale gaye…ye Shukla ruka hai.. (Yes Sir, we were 4 of us. Salim and Bunty have already left, Shukla is around with me)…”Khan continued.

“Jee nahi….Madam theek hai…ekdum taiyyar hai saab….aap chinta mat karo…(No Sir, Maam (Richa) is fine and is absolutely ready (probably for fuck))”, Khan continued. This literally startled Richa. The rascal watchman after tormenting her for hour, was telling Imran that she is ready for more. But the next words came even more fanatic to her.

“Rassi chhod ke….thoda saaf kar ke rakhe kya? (Should we untie and clean her for you?)”, Khan asked. Richa was somewhat annoyed at being treated like object but chose to remain quiet. She could see what Imran had made of her within a day’s time when she heard Khan completing the sentence with a smile.

“Jee nahi saab….jaise aap ki marzi…aap khud hi aapkar dekh lijiye …(No Sir. Absolutely your wish. You can watch yourself once you’re here)”. Khan responded while disconnecting the phone.

Richa remained there quiet while Khan waited for Imran to return. Shukla was also quiet but couldn’t control touching her breasts in between. Richa was beyond any resistance and was just thinking of what else she was going to go through before she would be dropped home. It wasn’t long before Imran showed up along with Samir and Shivani. “Holy shit, they’ve made a mess of her, Imran (Yaar Imran…inho ne to waat lagayi hai yaar Richa ki)”, Samir exclaimed as they enter the house. Shivani laughed at her. “Looks like testing time with dirty men, huh?” she smiled as she passed by her. Imran made himself comfortable and was sipping coke from a bottle. He had a good look of Richa but didn’t comment anything while she was dying to hear his response. Her eyes were totally focused on him through all the struggle. Shukla and Khan were standing in front of him while Samir and Shivani threw themselves into the chair and sofa. Imran looked at Richa for a brief moment; Richa’s eyes almost instantly lowered as he glared. Finally he broke the silence, “Clean her up! She looks tired. (Usse saaf kar lo, bahot thak gayi hai wo)”. Richa absolutely felt her worth as he heard those words. She couldn’t help but smile and felt content as if she cleared the test that Imran was subjecting her to.

Richa was relieved to hear that and was now hoping that someone would free her up and allow her to take a much needed bath. Seeing no movement from Samir and Shivani, Shukla decided to seize the moment. “Hum log inko bathroom leke chale, saab? (Sir, should we take her to bathroom?)”, Shukla asked Imran. “Saala, mann nahi bhara kya abhi bhi? (Rascal… aren’t you content yet?)”, Imran spoke with a mischievous smile. “Theek hai….kaar le thode aur maze….par bahot jaada time nahi lena! (Go ahead, enjoy some more time. But don’t take too long!)”, responded Imran. It brought a wide smile on Shukla’s face while even Shivani and Samir smiled. Richa didn’t look too amused; she was hoping to be alone for some time or at the least with Shivani or Samir. But as always, it didn’t really matter what she hoped or wished for.

Shukla instantly went behind her and untied her while Khan joined him to help. Shukla held her tightly from behind and they moved to bathroom. Richa had troubles walking but she didn’t really need as much support as Shukla was providing. The rascal, in the process, was naturally playing with her breasts which didn’t go unnoticed. The house had a nicely done and spacious bathroom with a bath tub inside. Richa had a strong urge to pee as it had been quite some time. “Kya aap log please bahar ruk sakte hai? Mein bahot jald naha leti hoon! (Could you please wait outside? I will take a very quick bath!)”, my poor wife requested her men. Off course there was no way she could mention that she wanted to pee. “Nahi! Hum log aap ko nahayenge! (No! we will bathe you ourselves!)”, replied Shukla almost instantly. Richa was now really annoyed as she desperately wanted to pee but she knew Imran had allowed them to help her so she had to keep her composure. But she wasn’t going to give up her modesty so quickly.

“Jee, aap ne muze yaha tak help kiya, uske liye dhanyawaad! Kya mein thodi der khud aapne aap ko saaf kar lu? Aap please tab tak bahar intezaar kijiye na! fir mein aap ko wapas andaar bulati hoon! (Thanks to you guys for helping me until here! can I now quickly clean myself? Please can you wait outside until then? I will again call you inside if you want!)”, Richa was now literally pleading them to go out and even offering them her body for some more time if they agreed.

“Hamare pas bahot jada time nahi! Aap jaldi se start kijiye! Hum kahi nahi jaa rahe hai! (We don’t have a lot of time! Please start soon! We are not going anywhere!)”, came Khan’s stern voice as Shukla quickly twisted her breasts hard showing her their supremacy for the instance. Richa had nothing more to argue but she wasn’t yet comfortable to sit on the toilet and pee right in front of them. “Chal yaar mein ek aur baar thok leta hoon jaldi se (Comon man! Let me screw her one more time!)”, announced Khan, seeing no movement from Richa’s side. He even dragged Richa to the edge of the bath tub and dropped his clothes. Richa was now almost on the edge and would let her bladders go off anytime. When she saw Khan getting ready in hurry, she couldn’t hold back and whispered, “muze pahle toilet karne do, please! (Please allow me to pee first)”. It was probably too embarrassing thing to speak for her. She couldn’t even look towards them, she was totally mortified. Shukla wasn’t going to slip the opportunity to humiliate her and this time even Khan seemed excited.

“Chalo baitho idhar hamare saamne! (Come, sit over here in front of us!)”, came Shukla’s immediately response as he pointed Richa to the toilet seat while he and Khan went on their knees to adjust their faces right in front her. They wanted her to see them in the eyes while she was using the toilet. They seemed too excited about it as Khan almost pulled Richa in and made her adjust herself on the toilet seat. Guys, believe me that was the peak of humiliation for her or for that matter any woman. Richa was asked to use the toilet while facing some stranger men and looking into their eyes. She was completely broken down and tried to cover her face. But Shukla and Khan didn’t allow her and pulled her chin up so that they could look into her eyes. They had the victorious smile and gaze while Richa was beaten, degraded and humiliated beyond comparison. Her body obviously betrayed her as she couldn’t hold any longer and started urinating. The sound of her urine hitting the pot was joined by the laughter of Shukla and Khan. They managed to thoroughly humiliate her by making lewd noises as her facial expressions changed naturally during the process of urination. When she was done, there was no resistance left, even the last piece of self-respect was destroyed.

As she got up and flushed the toilet, Shukla remained on his knees watching her dripping pussy from close range. Khan was probably too excited by then and started kissing her lips while his hands began mauling her tits. For a minute Richa just stood there as Khan continued kissing and pinching while Shukla started entering his fingers in her pussy. “Saaali…isko 24 ghante chodnaa chiahiye yaar…. Itni badi raand hai ye! (She is such a slut, Man….she needs to be banged round a clock)”, Khan suddenly vented out his aggression. Shukla agreed at once and suddenly Richa received a few very hard slaps across her chest and bums. She almost cried out in pain but didn’t shout or tried to protest. That somehow frustrated them. “Saali kisi bhi cheej se mana nahi karti… chal iske mooh mein mut lete hai! (Damn, the slut doesn’t protest at anything. Let’s see if she can take our urine in her mouth)” Shukla questioned equally aggressively. Richa heard them clearly but she was too broken down to protest. Khan threw her over the edge of bath tub and slapped her real hard on her buttocks while Shukla suddenly pushed her towards him and threw her again on the toilet seat. He adjusted Richa such that her face was right above the toilet and started urinating on her face. Shukla joined too and Richa wasn’t spared from drinking traces of their urine. As if it wasn’t enough, Khan again placed her on the edge and started banging her hard while Shukla pushed his member deep into her mouth. It was raw and ruthless and shear lust and animalistic instincts. Shivani pushed the door open just as they were reaching the climax.

“Abhi bhi chudwa rahi hai? (Still getting banged you slut?)”, Shivani exclaimed quite loudly.

It brought attention of Samir and Imran who quickly rushed towards the bathroom. Shukla and Khan were somewhat scared and discharged in hurry inside Richa and got dressed at once. Imran indicated Shukla and Khan to leave and they acknowledged almost instantly thanking Imran whole hearted. Richa was lying by the tub but she got up quickly and stood in front of Imran with her head down.

“Clean her up, Shivani! She needs a break!”, Imran commanded.

Richa was indeed weak by then but she moved into the tub and started the shower. She didn’t ask anyone to move out and they continued to witness her bathing. It was quite a site to watch! Richa’s shapely body was wet and water was flowing down from head to toe. No wonder there were nervous movements as Samir and even Imran had to adjust their pants. Richa wasn’t aware of it as she continued applying liquid soap on her face, upper half and legs. It is when she was going to reach between legs, she looked at the trio standing there. This time she didn’t even attempt to request them to move out. Instead she opened her legs quietly and started cleaning her messed up cunt. It was indeed overworked since morning but Richa knew the work wasn’t done yet. She looked over to Imran and Samir when she cleaned herself. Seeing no advances, she continued cleaning her body and felt somewhat relaxed under the warm water. Watching her from behind was a treat too and Imran couldn’t stand it longer. He dropped his clothes and quietly moved into the shower behind Richa. He suddenly pulled her closer. Before Richa could even react, he locked his lips on her and his hands kneading her breasts. Richa needed no explanation, she had been under this guy’s influence since 48 hours and she had no business interrupting him from using her.

Imran turned her around and made her bent at her waist. Richa followed by holding the edge of tub with her hands and leaving her butts at Imran’s mercy. At once, there were some strong slaps on her butt cheeks and rough hair pulling. He then lifted her by holding her thighs and adjusted her height such that his member was ready to invade from behind. He spread Richa’s legs wide such that she was now in upside down position holding onto the edge of bathtub firmly. The shower wasn’t turned off and the soap ensured enough lubrication as Imran’s member swiftly disappeared into my wife’s tunnel for Nth number of time. There was absolutely no counting since the previous day; Imran had been using her completely to his wish. His manhood was decent size and was giving enough excitement to Richa, moreover, she was thrilled just to have Imran doing her. He didn’t fail to notice climax after climax she was reaching and her overflowing juices. He was super excited too and was giving her some hardest and longest of the strokes under the shower. He even released her thighs and allowed her to walk on her legs while he leaned over her back and reached out for her breasts. Richa tried hard and managed to stand up by holding to a rod beside and gave him enough room to maul her breasts. Those melons were just so attractive and enticing that no being could really stop himself from giving some bashing to them. Imran was going to be an exception as he twisted them in most devilish ways almost as if plucking those nipples off the base. Richa cried in pain but never used the word “STOP” ever. Imran kept banging her for long 10-15 minutes before emptying his juices inside.

He stopped suddenly and instructed Shivani to help Richa wash one more time. Shivani used the jet spree to help Richa as she applied soap. She accidentally put the “Hot” water tap on that resulted in Richa jumping in agony; her skin literally turned reddish with that really hot water. But Shivani adjusted the tap quickly and continued helping Richa finish her bath. Imran had put his clothes back on and moved to the terrace once again along with Samir. Within some 5 minutes, Shivani joined them along with Richa. Yes, Richa was still completely naked but had dried her body with the towel. “Can she wrap the towel around, while she is eating?”, Shivani asked Imran. Richa almost jumped back to bathroom seeing his positive response and came back with the towel wrapped around her chest and womanhood. Shivani offered the pizza pieces to Richa while the others were only having the desserts. Richa was too hungry and exhausted and started eating up really quick. She was indeed overworked and this time they allow her to have proper food and soft drink and a break of 30 minutes. Richa confessed later though that those were the most agonizing 30 minutes of her life. She hardly knew them to strike a conversation, there was nothing else between them except for she was being used by them.

“Where are my clothes? And how can I get back to home from here?”, Richa asked Imran in a timid voice as she looked through her cell phone and saw couple of messages from me. I wasn’t aware of where she was but just wanted her to be safe. She responded back that she was alright and would be home before late evening. “Don’t worry! We will drop you back and your clothes would be returned prior to leaving”, Imran replied to her. Richa nodded in acknowledgment and thanked him. She so much wanted to ask if they were planning on anything more or she would get to leave but didn’t dare. As she waited for few more minutes (which appeared to her like long hours), she saw Imran making some gestures to Shivani, he was probably calling her. Shivani acknowledged quickly and pushed herself into Imran’s laps. “Were they lovers? Or was Shivani Samir’s girl or were they just friend or sex buddies?”, Richa’s mind started thinking through all combinations when she saw Imran giving light pecks on Shivani’s cheeks. The way Shivani put her hands around his head, it appeared she was his girl. “But then why would she let Imran do those nasty things to me?” Richa’s thinking didn’t stop.

Just then she saw Imran picking Shivani up in his arms and moving to bedroom. That made it clear but before she could apprehend the fact, Samir jumped on her. Surprisingly he didn’t remove the towel but started kissing her passionately. “Is he imagining me as his girl?”, Richa wondered as she allowed his tongue to explore her mouth. Samir was too busy kissing, licking her lips and sucking her tongue. Her freshly washed face was too attractive for him and he was having a fresh go at it. Although Richa was responding and cooperating with Samir, her mind was inside. Was she somewhat jealous that Imran was with another woman? She felt so embarrassed when the thought passed through her mind. He wasn’t even her man, far from it, she was treated as a kept, although somewhat gently and not totally torn. She was nothing other than an object to extract pleasure for him. Richa soon regained her composure and got over the thoughts and continued the job at hand. Samir was licking her ear lobes and slowly moving down to her shoulders and neck. He wasn’t rough and was doing it gently until the towel was removed. A sight of Richa’s breasts probably awakened the devil at once. He almost instantly gave a tight bite on them that brought a loud cry from her. But then he was gentle again and continued licking her shoulders, arms, cleavage, her belly and off course the breasts and nipples. He was sucking her masterfully, sucking one breast while pinching gently the other one, sending shivers down her spine. And when he raised her arms to lick underneath, Richa shuddered in ecstasy. She almost pushed him down to her belly and legs. But Samir was a seasoned player too, he soon picked it and came up again to tease her further. He stretched her hands above her head and licked both her underarms passionately. Richa couldn’t help but wrap her legs tightly around Samir’s body to hug him tightly. Samir continued making the passionate lovemaking that was pushing Richa one more time to the edge. He was aware by then that Richa wasn’t going to protest any advances but he was still trying to get her excited and make it nice for her. Richa enjoyed that and offered herself unconditionally.

Samir was now upping the tempo gradually. He was teasing her on the underarms, sometimes coming down and giving her gentle bites on her tummy and waist. His hands were pinching her nipples as well as her lower lips, he would sometimes gently scratched her crotch and twist her clit. Amongst all the gentle lovemaking, he was also giving her few slaps on her thighs or lower bums. Richa was literally jumping up and down in excitement and almost giggling with the treatment. Things were really going well for her as Samir had brought her very close to climax but hadn’t even entered her as such. She admitted later that it was one heck of a foreplay she was subjected to. He was just applying correct pressure while biting her ear lobes or breasts or the smooth tummy. His tongue was also exploring the sensitive parts of her lower ears, neck, shoulders and underarms alongside thighs and cleavage and the slaps on her thighs and bums were absolutely erotic by Richa’s standards. He had started rubbing her tunnel and was edging close to penetration. Richa was obviously ready and just awaited him to start as she was completely moist. Samir couldn’t hold any longer either and soon pulled his member out to enter my wife for the last time (hopefully) during the day. He was hard and quick. He directly moved into higher gear and started grinding her overworked cunt even harder. Richa’s body was gyrating in the rhythm as Samir increased the speed. It was simply amazing how she could continue to have the libido in spite of what had happened to her.

While they were making it out, Imran suddenly walked into the room. Samir didn’t notice as he was almost buried in Richa’s heavy bosom. But Richa simply couldn’t miss Imran even during all the excitements. She saw Imran rushing towards with his erect member that was probably ready to burst. “Did Shivani not allow him to cum inside?”, Richa wondered thinking how stupid she must be. Nevertheless, Imran walked towards her and without anything being said, Richa opened her mouth to suck her master. Imran was pleased with her effort and started stroking her mouth hard. Samir too was probably alerted by it and started grinding her harder. Richa was being doubled and passion soon turned into lust. All the slapping, pinching and spitting resumed as Richa worked hard to bring both men to climax. “Can you finish him off Richa?”, Shivani asked as she stepped into room adjusting her clothes. “Oh nice! The bitch is already into it!”, she exclaimed when she saw Richa being doubled. It wasn’t long before the men started growling. Imran was first to go off, flooding Richa’s mouth and face with his hot jizz. Richa was glad drinking as much she could and tried collecting the remaining into her palms while Samir quietly discharged insider her tunnel. He kept grinding few more minutes before pulling out. Both men spitted on her before going to clean themselves, while Richa kept lying there few extra minutes. “Jawani mein randi ka kaam karti thi kya? (Did you work as prostitute during youth?)”, asked Shivani to humiliate her further. Richa didn’t answer instead welcomed the huge globe of saliva from Shivani. It was probably their way of showing supremacy and Richa was content to be the slave of them.

Samir and Imran were soon back to the room and were putting on the clothes. So Richa sensed the time was up. She got up and looked around seeking permission to clean herself. Shivani escorted her again and ensured it was quick. Richa was soon out again almost naked with the towel giving her some modesty while the men were dressed up. She waited there not knowing what to do or how to ask for clothes while Shivani went to the room to put on her decent clothes. Richa saw Imran talking to someone on phone. She couldn’t realize what he was talking as he had stepped into balcony but heard him saying at the end that he would be there (at the man’s place) within an hour. She felt better hearing that as she could then get home and relax for some time before me showing up. “Mere kapde? (My clothes?)”, Richa asked Shivani quietly when she came out of the room. “Ye lo (Take this)”, Shivani responded by throwing a very short pant and small top to her. Richa was scared to check them. It was a very short pant that could probably stretch only up to her upper thighs and the shirt just meeting the waistline of the pant. “I can’t get back to my house wearing these”, Richa protested firmly. Both Samir and Shivani laughed. “Nangi chalegi kya fir? (Will you go naked then?)”, Samir asked sarcastically. Richa wasn’t too amused and remained firm and refused to put on those short clothes. “Imran ne bola hai! (Imran has asked for them!)”, Shivani told Richa. A few quiet seconds passed as Richa couldn’t dare to oppose Imran, everyone knew by then. But my wife, she remained defiant this time. “Nahi, please, kya mein unse baat kar saakti hoon?(Can I please talk to Imran?)”, requested my wife.

“Put them on! We need to leave in next 10 minutes!” came the stern voice. Imran probably heard their conversation.

Richa was soon into that short pant and the shirt. There was no bra and panty inside and she was forced to keep the upper button open showing her cleavage. They were probably ready to leave. “May I please take my clothes back?”, Richa pleaded Imran last time. “Sure!”, Shivani smiled and handed over a carry bag with her dress, phone and atm card in it. Richa was somewhat relived to see the bag and started moving out. She wasn’t comfortable but seeing no option started walking behind Shivani. Samir kept playing with her body in between but she didn’t bother it that much. When they reached ground floor, they were greeted by Bunty and Salim. Both the men ogled at Richa from close range and saluted Imran. As they walked through the premises, she noticed gazes from some elderly men sitting on benches until they reached security room. Khan and Shukla quickly stood up seeing Imran. Even their fellow men (2 of them) stood up and greeted Imran and Samir. Shukla even quickly placed his hand on Richa’s thighs and caressed but moved back when noticed by Samir. She could see the pain in the other two men’s eyes at missing out the opportunity of banging her. “Agli baar, ye dono ko pahle bhejna! (Next time, these two get the first tunr!)”, Imran joked around indicating that they will not be left out. Everyone except Richa burst into laughter, she managed to stare at the two men who would bang her next time, one slightly older guy and other young man but surprisingly both much cleaner than Khan and Shukla.

They moved into Samir’s car. Imran got in the front while Samir was driving and Shivani and Richa occupied the back seat. It was a cool luxury sedan and they were soon off to main road. There wasn’t much talking except few small talks between Samir and Imran about some football matches. Shivani was busy with her smartphone most of the time. Within 20-25 minutes, he stopped at another residential complex. Imran instructed Samir to drop Shivani at her place and asked Richa to get down with him. She didn’t know the place well but didn’t protest and got down from the car with the carry bag in her hand. “Good luck babe!”, Shivani spoke as their car disappeared. Richa was nervous but started walking beside Imran as they quickly got into one of the buildings. The security men were graced to witness her body but luckily they were not Imran’s friends. They soon moved into elevator and were on 5th floor in front of a door that read “Mr. Patil”. Richa was too nervous and almost shivering as she stood behind Imran when the ringed the bell. The door was opened almost instantly by a 50+ guy wearing a lungi and showing off his hairy torso. He greeted Imran but his eyes were searching for her. Richa realized soon that Imran had probably already informed the man about her. That proved to be true as Imran pulled her in front and offered to Mr. Patil (Patil saab as he would call him).

Richa could notice that Mr. Patil was probably staying there with his family as she could see a picture of their family under the television set. He seemed to be a rich guy as the house was nicely decorated and also by looking at number of gold chains and rings he was wearing. “Kahan se nikala ya maal? (Where did you find this hot woman?)”, Mr Patil asked Imran as he came and sat beside Richa. He seemed quite shameless man as he almost instantly grabbed her on her back and started kissing her. Richa was really uncomfortable with him. He was quite an unattractive man, short in height, with a belly and terribly hairy and he seemed quite desperate to bang her. Imran gave him some information about Richa that excited him further as he pulled her closer to her and hugged her hard. He was trying to kiss her but Richa was backing off. “Richa! Just be well with him!”, Imran commanded seeing too much of resistance from her. And that as always did the trick. Mr. Patil soon walked with Richa into bedroom.

Mr. Patil was far from romantic or caring and he didn’t spend any time in foreplay. He simply removed her shirt and pant, gave her some good slaps on the bums and buried his face into her breasts. There were already some byte marks but he ensured his teeth were printed too. Richa moaned in pain and discomfort but it didn’t matter. He sucked her tongue, kissed her deep and then moved to her belly. He enjoyed playing around her waist and naval and even gave her few bytes there before reaching her clit. The surprise for her was that this guy was giving her oral pleasure. He was biting and pinching her clit and cunt lips alternately making her soon jump into excitement. But inside 15 minute, this man had his dick buried into my wife and banging her in his bedroom. While he wasn’t the strongest, it gave some good workout to Richa’s cunt. And when she wasn’t expecting him to pull out, he actually did and showered his cum on her face. He then pushed his member in her mouth and made her lick him. While she was cleaning him, she saw Imran standing in the room and keeping an eye on her. Mr. Patil was least bothered of his presence, indicating it was a routine affair. He was done within 30 minutes of entering the house and that somehow relieved Richa as she was desperate to get home.

Richa wasn’t too sure of where the bathroom was so she just sat on the bed waiting for Mr. Patil or Imran to return to the room. She thought she was done with the job and could leave from there. But Mr. Patil was back soon and he was still naked. He asked Richa to proceed to bathroom with him. Imran followed them too. Richa didn’t notice the chocolate cream bottle that he was carrying in his hand until she stepped in. It almost instantly reminded her the incidence she had with Mr. Naidu, one of our neighboring elderly person. She decided to keep calm and face what was in store as Imran was watching her from close range.

Mr. Patil made her sat on the edge of the bath rub and squeezed some cream on his fingers. He then took those fingers to Richa’s face and asked her to lick. Wow, it tasted good! Richa didn’t protest and started licking his fingers seductively. Mr. Patil liked her actions and rewarded her with slap on her bum. He then slowly moved into the tub with her. The cream was soon spread on his arms and then gradually to his chest. Richa did her best to lick it off his skin through the hairy mess. The guy was definitely kinky and it somehow excited Richa. She was quite responsive in licking his body parts as he sprayed the cream on his shoulders, chest, belly and even his thighs. He even took some in his mouth, mixed it with his saliva and spitted into Richa’s mouth. And to his surprise Richa didn’t let even a drop to waste. He was convinced with Imran’s selection for him but decided to tease Richa further.

When he realized Richa was under control, he started being nasty. He spat a lot of cream from his mouth into her. But later on, he spat it on the bathroom floor instead of directly spitting into Richa’s mouth. To his amazement, Richa needed no force as she bent down and licked that cream off the floor. He went even further and threw some in the toilet and even then Richa obliged licking the cream off the toilet seat and pot. Richa confessed later that she even she didn’t realize how she agreed for as it could have been unhygienic. She probably wanted to prove that Imran’s choice was not incorrect. The nasty things ended soon after she licked off the cream from his member. He took a quick shower and stepped out to thank Imran. Richa too took a quick shower and moved out to the room where they were.

“Clean the bathroom, take a shower and then put on your morning clothes!”, Imran commanded Richa. She nodded quickly and disappeared into the bedroom while they continued having a drink together.

My educated and well to do wife was asked to clean the bathroom floor at some stranger’s house right after she was screwed there. It was just too much to handle. But Richa didn’t protest and was happy cleaning the floor in that house. She was done in 10 minutes and then took a clean shower and put on her clothes. She was relived a bit thinking she was hopefully going home. And she was right. Mr. Patil thanked her and Imran and Richa left their house inside 2 hours mark. “Enough for today! I need to go somewhere. I will drop you at an ATM. Withdraw some money and take a rikshaw to go home”, he told Richa. There was no questioning again. They got into an auto and he soon dropped her nearby the ATM. No words were exchanged in the vehicle and he just waived “Bye” as she got down. He went away in a flash.

Richa walked slowly to the ATM and withdrew required money. She knew she was about 12-14 kms away from her home. She jumped into the rikshaw and started checking her phone. She responded to the multiple missed calls, texts and other messages including me. “Reaching home in 30 minutes but I am very tired. Could you please get some food while returning?”, she messaged me. I obliged instantly as I was so eager to hear the whole story. She had slept for long 2-3 hours when I showed up. I gave her a quick bath (while sensing the bite marks and other signs) and then we finished the dinner soon. As we were cuddling on our bed, she described to me all the incidents she went through. Believe me, she didn’t sleep until she told me everything and also asked me if I wanted to do anythingJ. But I played a caring hubby and asked to take rest quite late into the 2nd day. What a day she had!

 The End (for now 😉 )