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My Wife’s Sister -2

Fucking unbelievable! Don’t move for a few seconds. I have to get used to it. ” I continued kneading her breasts and kissing her neck and shoulder. I could tell the entry had been somewhat painful for her, but that was not unexpected. The walls of her rectum were warm and smooth against my cock. From time to time, she contracted her anus around the sheathed sword, as she tested the elasticity of her anal muscle. The anal contractions were b eginning to have an effect on me. “If you keep that up, ”

I said after a particularly tight contraction, “I’m going to come. I feel close already. ”


Please, don’t come yet! You just put it in, you haven’t really fucked me yet. Can you hold off?”

“I’ll try. I can’t tell you how good it feels!”

“The pain is subsiding, ” she said. “Give it just a few more seconds and you can start moving in and out a bit. ”

“I’ll come for sure, then, ” I pleaded. “No you won’t. If you do, I’ll never let you do this again!” Now that I had discovered this side of Ritha, or should I say the backside of Ritha, I knew that I would want to take her anally, and often, again. Maybe she wasn’t being serious, but her warning was sufficient incentive to do everything I could to keep from spilling my seed inside her. My reward for holding off? Pure ecstasy! With the pain all but gone, Ritha began moving her buttocks in a slow, circular pattern, and I began to fuck her ass slowly.

The feeling of my pelvic touching her soft and big buns was lovely. After few strokes her pain turned to pleasure and she began to tighten the muscles in rectal passage. I was just delighted see my thick rod moving between Ritha’s extra ordinarily large ass cheeks. My penis was covered with a viscous golden colored paste formed by the mixture of my pre-cum secretions and contents of her ass hole. The fluid looked like honey and I wondered how it would taste. The dual phenomenon of our syncopated rhythm sent the both of us to a high we had never before known. “OH! Fuck my ass! Give it to me! Oh, my ass! I love it in my ass! Oh, Sony, it feels so good!”

“Hey, ” I said softly, “the others will hear you. ”

“Just shove it in me! Make it hurt! Fuck my assssssssss!” I started pumping her like a madman, driving my cock in and out of her beautiful, tight ass. She grunted, she groaned, she bucked her ass against my abdomen, snorting rather than breathing, trying to pull me even further into the dark abyss. My hands on her breasts were no longer gentle. If she wanted to feel hurt, I would be more that happy to oblige. I took her turgid nipples between the thumbs and forefingers of each of my hands and squeezed the nubbins sharply, painfully. It was this final, almost desperate gesture that seemed to do the trick.

“I’m coming!” she cried. “I’m coming! YESSSSSSS!” Miracle of miracles, just as her anal contractions (I assume from her orgasm) gripped my cock, I let loose also, filling her with spurt after spurt from my sheathed sword. It was, without a doubt, one of the best fucks I had had in long time. I hoped she felt the same way. We both came down slowly. I didn’t dare withdraw myself from her. I just let the old guy fall asleep inside the dark hole, feeling every once in a while a tiny anal contraction that only served to remind me of what we had just done.

Finally, my limp member fell out, on its own, sliding onto t he inside of her inner right thigh, still wet from my spending. My sister in law turned her naked body completely around until we were belly to belly, chest to chest. She wrapped her arms around my back and held me. She pressed her loins into mine.

“That was great, ” she whispered sexily. I smiled.