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My Wife’s Taboo Affair

My name is Krish. Mine was an arranged marriage and I had been in love with Meera since then. This is a story of how our marriage which was the most beautiful thing ever happened to me went on to seem like it wasn’t actually there, because it seems so gone now. A person often meets his fate on the road he takes to avoid it. Simply put, it’s a story of how I messed with it and lost it all.

I’ll start from the beginning. I was running a small business when I got married. It didn’t work much in my favour and I was forced to quit. I pursued a white collar job from which I was fired an year later. Then I returned to my own business which met with a horrible outcome and I soon found myself reeling with a heavy debt. Though my wife, Meera, was working and earning for our family, I could not find a way to repay my debt to a man called Sunny. I was almost on the run. I was ignoring his calls. But it was a bad move. He tracked me and I ended up being beaten up by his goons. I wasn’t seriously injured, but it wasn’t a nice experience either, for a first timer.

I told you I’ll start from the beginning. Which means there was an incident in the beginning that paved the stones for the surprises that my life had for me. That eventful day, I was leaving from my house to somewhere when I spotted Sunny’s SUV at the end of the street and I immediately withdrew myself to my house. Meera was in the shower and I had no time to spend explaining. To her, I was already gone because I had announced my leave when she was in there.

I had to hide somewhere. I looked around, as I also thought it’d help if I hide without letting my wife know because I felt like it might help her behave normally. I couldn’t find a better place than under my own bed. I didn’t think much and I crawled under it. It had the space and darkness to protect me. I also remembered to put my mobile in Do Not Disturb mode. All secured, I thought.

Then sunny came inside, though Meera took her time to answer him.

They spend more time than required at the living room, testing my patience. I could hear them talking in parts but I couldn’t understand a thing. She was very friendly. According to me, she knew that I owed him some cash, but she had no idea about the shitty relation that I had with him. She was heard offering him coffee. They had coffee and more talking. One thing led to other I guess, and then something that I couldn’t believe to be true happened. Something that changed my life forever.

What I witnessed was their legs as Meera walked in to the room with Sunny.

“Oh my god! I can’t believe I’m doing this! We need to go back”

I heard Meera saying. She began to turn back but was stopped by Sunny.

“Guess you don’t appreciate it when you’re having fun.” Sunny’s voice.

“I know it’s really fun, but, but it’s also very scary”

“You mean to say I’m scaring you?”

“I meant to say I’m worried…”

It was understood that he was the one walking her inside. Now let me tell you a word about Sunny. He’s almost my age but had a dominant personality which made him what he is. And at this moment I realised how effective he was. I heard Meera say that it’s not a good idea and all. There was verbal denials from her but it didn’t seem to be effective at the moment.

His intention was obvious. If I haven’t mentioned it earlier, my wife, Meera was alluringly gorgeous who could easily manage to skip the heartbeats of any man around her.

Before I could accept the fact that it’s happening, Sunny felled her on to the bed. The only visual that I had, that of their legs, disappeared from my sight to the bed. I didn’t know what to do. I could not come out. Yet I could not stay inside as well. I was made a statue as I heard her words of resistance being suppressed by his kisses. She initially said she can’t cheat on her husband but he said she’s not cheating because there’s no way he’d know of this. He was very fast with his ways which I realised as I saw my wife’s orange shirt was hung at the edge of the bed. Meera had let it go. I knew it. I could very well guess she’s on her bra only. He showered her beauty with compliments. His kisses were very audible to me.

I was sure that she is going to be taken by another man. I wanted to stop it. Then an idea stuck my mind. I quietly pulled my mobile phone from my pocket and dialled her number. Her cell was on the table and it rang. She had set a particular ringtone for me and she could easily recognise my call. It was enough for Meera to regain her world and she jumped out of the bed. “It’s krish!”

Before she could answer the call, I cut it.

“It’s him. Oh my god, may be he’s coming back.”

I could sense the urgency in her voice. She urged Sunny to get up immediately and leave. He too responded quicker than I expected. He got up and I heard him close the zipper of his jeans. He had gone farther than I thought.

He left soon, but only after taking her number. He had become a threat to my life in every way.

I couldn’t believe myself as I lay under the bed. I had just saved my wife from crossing the line. About my sex life, I used to believe it’s a nice one. I had a higher sex drive and we made love almost every alternate night. Though I couldn’t last like a porn star, she always seemed to be satisfied with me in bed.

Meera was a very attractive woman. Her lovely features always got her a lot of attention from men both at work and at street. I had been proud of the way she had brushed off those attentions in the past. I had seen moments in that she had been given the lustful look, but all I felt she wanted was respect from men.

That day, I thought a lot about it but I couldn’t find a reason for her temptation. I finally concluded it as a momentary flaw that can happen in anyone’s life. I also expected her to be feeling guilty.

I decided against confronting her because there was no options to convey her how I came to know of it.

That night Meera was eager to have sex. I too was hard like never before, and lasted longer than we both expected. She devoured my both lips when I fell next to her, completely exhausted. Since then, I felt definitely better inside, concluding myself that Sunny was too smart to lure her into bed, and now she’s satisfied by me and hence she wouldn’t do it again. I promised myself that I would become more active in sex in the coming days.

Next day she left for work and as usual, I was alone at home. I couldn’t erase pervious days events from my mind. My mind kept pondering about it. The more I thought about it the harder I became in my pants. It was aching, and out of curiosity I freed it from the clothes. I felt good when I touched myself further and soon I was shaking it. It was quite embarrassing at first because I knew I was wanking to the thoughts caused by my wife’s betrayal. Then I thought it’s only in my mind and eventually I ended up wanking at regular intervals. Soon my memory was invaded by my imaginations. What if I hadn’t stopped them from doing it? I was sure that I would have watched her bra and panties falling to the ground, had I remained inactive for a few more minutes. A shiver ran through my body as I imagined her lying nude in bed, available to him. He had unzipped his pants, for sure I knew. I could guess how quickly he would remove his pants and brief. Then he would get in between her legs. Those milky thighs. Perhaps she could be the one spreading them for him. Then he would put his thing in her. Oh! She would moan, wouldn’t she?

I was free every day and night, and my excitements grew by each passing day and it went on, until I realised that I regret stopping them. I had gone too far.

A month or so had passed, and I heard some news about Sunny; he was arrested and sent to prison in a money laundering case. That case was going on in the past, that’s why Meera never got his call. Once I knew that Sunny is no more a threat to my wife, my imaginations were let loose wildly. I picturised things that I never wanted to happen in real. I picturised Meera moaning in pleasure with Sunny. In the bedroom, in the kitchen and in the couch. Missionary, doggy and she on top. Moaning, screaming and crying out his name. I imagined all. I soon found imagining them even in Meera’s presence. She would be in kitchen, cooking, and I would imagine myself as Sunny. I would then watch her body curves from behind, embrace her and kiss her. I also made love to her imagining myself as him. Everyday.

I was obsessed with Sunny.

Those were the days I had literally stopped looking for a job because it wasn’t available. I had knocked enough doors and I had almost quit. That’s when I met Mr. Shekhar. He was a man who’s at the better side of his fifties. Meera spoke very high of him. He was a trusted client for the firm she worked for. In a party I met him and he was quite charming. I thought I should invite this man to my home for a dinner. I suggested the idea to Meera and she was happy. To be honest, I had nothing in my mind. I always considered him to be an old man and I was sincerely respectful.

Mr. Shekhar agreed for a Saturday and he came with a bottle of wine. He was sincerely friendly to us both. He was very grateful for the efforts we had put up for the dinner.

I soon found out that Mr. Shekhar was a real admirer of my wife’s beauty. Meera was wearing an open light pink jacket. Shekhar held nothing back to appreciate her. Right there in front of me, he gazed into her eyes and said, “That’s a beautiful dress, and you’re incredibly beautiful.”

The dress she was wearing was one of my favourites, as it always matched her pinkish cheeks and soft looking lips, but at that very moment I recalled a fact that I had never told her anything about it. It hence had a greater impact on me as well as Meera when he went on to say,

“You are really attractive, Meera, a really stunning beauty”.

It was really flattering.

In the end, it was enough for me to lighten up my imaginations. Next day I found myself thinking of Mr. Shekhar in place of Sunny. I found it very impractical to have an old man like him seduce my young wife to bed and that’s what made me consider this harmless. I imagined him kissing her on the lips. I imagined Meera sitting in his lap in a chair, facing him and kissing him. Obviously, I ended up masturbating to these thoughts.

I invited Mr. Shekhar again, for dinner on the week followed. He came with a gift for her. A floral sleeveless gown. Both Meera and I were impressed. Out of pure happiness and surprise, she hugged him. Sat next to him on the couch while drinking and I soon found hardness in my pants. I innocently wished if she moved closer to him. I walked to kitchen many times to leave them alone, and delayed my return each time. Once I even handed her our laptop to show him the pics we took when we had travelled to Kolkata last year, and thereby getting them further closer. It worked. They were soon sitting shoulder to shoulder, talking and laughing together. I walked to kitchen again and made a delayed comeback. To my pleasure, I found Mr. Shekhar’s right hand was on her shoulder for a short period of time. I ignored it with pleasure and to keep the old man in control, I turned my attention toward the music system.

My mind worked even dirtier this moment. I

poured wine in their glasses and exchanged their glasses with each other. Once they sipped their glasses, I revealed that I thought I accidentally exchanged their glasses. Meera was embarrassed but I then played it cool saying it’s all wine and let’s keep going. Mr.Shekhar commented he had sensed the change in taste with some added sweetness. Meera, embarrassed even more, pinched his cheek in fun. His glass was up when she did it and it spilled some wine over his pants. I quickly offered a towel to her. She tried to use it but he politely stopped her. He took the towel from her and he wiped his lap himself. He didn’t have anything his mind. But that was enough for me and I excused myself to the bathroom and wanked.

While I was masturbating, I even wished if the old man showed some courage to kiss her. But in my mind there was also a want that Meera should never feel it the same way. I came in no real time. But that was all for the night. When I came out, Meera was arranging food on the table for dinner. We had the dinner and he left soon.

That night I commented how attracted he seemed towards her, and he might want to take her out on a dinner. She said she too thought the same about him and revealed that he had suggested taking her out on a dinner by himself. He also had told her that he felt like her husband might want her to spend time with him.

I replied with a ‘what?’ to that, though I was feeling inside that I was on the right path. I just wanted to speak to her about how other men are lusting after her.

I then confessed her that I have a soft corner for the old man to which she quickly corrected that he’s not an old man.

I said he’s more than twenty years older than her and that makes him an old man to her. She didn’t agree and argued that she considers him still young because of the way he talks and maintains himself. She gave me hints that he was flirting with her but at the same time she refused to talk more about it.

I was disappointed as Meera didn’t tell me much about Mr. Shekhar but I managed to hide it.

Next day she showed me a text from Mr. Shekhar asking her out on a coffee. For my own surprise, I found myself insecure. Honestly, I didn’t feel good about leaving her alone in the company of a man no matter how older he may be. To her, it was a harmless coffee date. But I was stuck in my own dirty fantasy. She was equally surprised. She teased me for being so shaky that even an old man could make me feel insecure. She laughed, reminding me that it was me calling Mr. Shekhar an old man.

Eventually I told her to go.

It wasn’t a big deal however. As I told earlier, it was a harmless coffee date. She went with him after work hours and arrived at home just an hour late than normal. Nothing was unusual.

I asked her how was the date and she laughed. In her mind she had only respect for him. When he had invited her for a coffee, she actually felt it an honour.

She didn’t give away any details of the date except that he wanted her to be in the floral frock he had gifted her the other day. She said it’s too much revealing. He was disappointed and promised her another gift some other day.

I had actually forgot about that gift. It surprised me when she said that’s too much revealing. She had tried it herself and I asked her to wear it once more for me. Well, she didn’t do that saying it would turn me on and she didn’t want that happen right then. Though I requested her many times later also, she always said no.

After that, quite a number of coffee dates followed. Sometimes she would tell me beforehand, and sometimes she would tell me afterwards. Either didn’t make a difference to me.One of those days she came back with a good news that Mr. Shekhar has found me a job. She had told him that I were looking for a job and he responded with one in an export firm. I reported to the firm very next day and started working in the verification section. It was a nice job, at par with my educational qualification and I called Mr. Shekhar to convey my gratitude to him.

Then came an incident that was took my life by storm.

There was a party organised by the firm that Meera were working. A lot of free booze, I really liked those parties and as usual, I teamed up with a friend Samay Madhav aka Sam, whose wife Ananya worked with Meera. Ananya wasn’t there in the party but Sam didn’t care. We had lot of fun drinking and moving around with more like us.

It was going very good and I was sharing a funny story with the guys when Meera came to me. She wanted to leave.

I wanted to stay.

She went back, only to return to me few minutes later. I maintained my stand and she walked away dejectedly. On the third time I got angry. I gave her the car key and asked her to leave herself. She too was pissed off and left with a stare that told me she’s not gonna spare me when I’m home.

I returned to my friends quickly, hoping that Sam would drop me home.

However, Meera came back once again and handed me the key. She said someone has offered her to drop her home. I was happy that I didn’t have to depend on Sam to go home.

I told her that I would be late and left her before returning to my drinks.

After a while, I moved on and joined another group. There the point of discussion was a man called Mr. Thomas.

Mr.Thomas was a ladies man and one of the men were boasting of his ways to trick young ladies. A newly joined member then dropped a bomb announcing he had apparently left with his catch for the night. Everybody, including me, turned our attention to him and he described how he saw him leaving with her. He then went on to elaborate the chick Mr. Thomas had for the night. It was a very hot girl in a floral long sleeve frock. I felt my heart stopping as I pictured those details in my mind.

Floral frock, long sleeves, plumb and hot. It was Meera. It was my wife.

Drenched in sheer panic, I quit the group and called her mobile and it was switched off.

I quickly dragged Sam away from the party and told him the truth. He too had heard of Mr. Thomas. Sam commented if it’s Mr. Thomas who’s given her a lift, then there should not be any doubt about his intentions. He’ll take the girl tonight.

I wanted to stop it. But neither me nor Sam did have any clue about the place he might have taken her to.

But I had a distant hope that Meera wouldn’t go any place other than our own house.

Sam also agreed the first place we should try should be my home.

We rushed to my home. He drove my car and I sat with impatience and panic running thorough my veins. He advised me not to resort to any extreme steps.

“If anything goes wrong, it’s not Meera’s fault but your fault, and more than that, it’s due to the undeniable charm of Mr. Thomas! I think my wife Ananya would equally be unable to resist Mr. Thomas if he puts his eyes on her.”

He went on to say. Only a good thing Sam could say about Mr. Thomas was that he’s a man of one night stands. He would never go after a lady already taken by him, even if she wants it. I constantly felt that his words are only meant to soothe my mind, and it did nothing of that sort either.

Sam kept trying to calm down me.

We took more then forty-five minutes to reach home. He stopped the car at a distance and turned to me before unlocking the my door. He cautioned me to keep calm.

If he’s in, he must have already done the damage by now, and it’s better not to make a scene here.

I somehow realised and agreed with him.

We approached my house by walk and I saw his Skoda in the porch!

Yes. He was in!

I took a moment to let that truth sink in.

My wife, my Meera, has been taken.

Taken by another man.

Sam stopped me from walking further.

“Do you want to make a scene?”

I stopped there. I didn’t want to make a scene.

What now?

We waited. Each minutes passed like an hour. I doubted if I’m doing the right thing by standing there. Actually what I was doing? I was waiting for a man to finish fucking my wife and leave. Each time I thought of her, an unknown feeling ignited in my stomach and it moved upward to my head. I kicked on the bricks that I found on the ground.

I wasn’t even looking toward my home and it was Sam who spotted Mr. Thomas coming out.

There I saw a man stepping out of my home. A man, who stole the complete access to the most valuable vault that I possessed, and yet managed to walk free like the sole owner of it. I stood there watching him drive away.

Door was closed. I couldn’t see any sign of Meera even though I looked for it.

Sam asked me if he needs to accompany me. He was fearing that I might make a bad move when I see my wife.

I said that’s not necessary.

Sam left after subjecting me ten minutes of more preaching.

I then walked slowly to my house. I walked a loser, like a man who’s just got fired from his dream job.

While I stood in front of the door I thought about my previous days. I have imagined Meera having sex with Sunny and Shekhar a lot of times. It used to give me hard on but now my dick was dead, like someone had beaten it to death. I suddenly realised that there’s a huge deference between reality and imaginations. I wasn’t prepared for this reality.

I opened the door using the spare key and got in. Meera was in the shower. Washing machine was on. Bedsheets were new. Nothing specific was there to prove what has just happened, yet everything was written all over the place. Loud and clear. My wife has just been fucked by another man. She has just spread her those milky legs and has just felt how it would be to receive it from someone else than her husband. He might have kissed her. Tasted her lips. All of her.

I sat on the bed like my first time ever in a bed. I felt it softer than I ever felt.

I felt pity for me.

I felt pity for Mr. Shekhar.

I felt pity for Sunny.

When Meera finished her bath, I was lying on the bed. I didn’t want to face her and I faked sleeping.

I heard her asking me if I’ve slept. I didn’t reply though I wanted to say I was dead.

I still don’t know if I had slept that night.

In the days that followed, I felt self-disgust as it didn’t take as many days as I expected to heal the pain caused by my wife’s sexcapade. For that purpose, Sam’s observation that Mr. Thomas is not going to come after her ever again also helped me. What surprised me even better was my excitement when I made love to her after six days. She too was excited, and I felt really good immediately after that. I suddenly started to feel okay with the incident. On the next day too, we had nice, long lovemaking session. We found ourselves engaged in long wet kisses and we spent more time active in bed than we were used to.

In a few days I was able to think about Mr. Thomas without much difficulty. Yet, I was jealous at him. Whenever I saw Meera busy at housework, I started to stare at her specific body parts and imagine that Mr. Thomas might have kissed there, caressed there or touched there. That’s when I started to get horny. Before I realised it, I was back in my secret world. All this happened within a span of two weeks.

Her next date with Mr. Shekhar came and went without much attention from me.

Those days I started drinking at a bar after finishing the work. I used to sit there alone and sip my drink.

Then, on a fine day, I met a man named Mohan. He didn’t work for my firm but I met him at my workplace. Though he was very talkative, we got in close touch only when we spotted each other later in the bar. He was a funny guy who talked about anything and everything.

I wouldn’t have to mention him here if not for he spotted an old man with a hot chick near reception next day at my workplace and mentioned it to me. I was just going to the reception side and Mohan asked me to check the lady. At reception, I found the old man, who was none other than Mr. Shekhar and the lady with him was Meera!

They didn’t see me, as they were already leaving the place. I saw Meera getting into the backseat of his car with him and leaving.

I was surprised, and wondered why they were there. But since it wasn’t a hangout place, there was nothing to put me in a worry.

When I got back to Mohan later, he quizzed me about the lady.

That’s my wife Meera, my friend.

I said only in my mind, and laughed myself.

“That is his wife.” I told Mohan.

He was surprised more than I expected.

“Really, are you sure?”

I said, “Though I didn’t see her face this time, I’ve seen them here together many times. That’s his wife.”

He was awestruck and immediately stopped the work he was doing at the moment.

For the next twenty minutes he went on to speak on my wife like it was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. I even wondered if he knew the truth and was playing with me.

But he wasn’t. He believed me.

I asked him what’s the big deal in seeing a young wife with mind blowing features. He said that’s not the big deal, but seeing her with such an old man is. He said she’d be dying for a young dick, as that old man can never satisfy such a hot chic.

Mohan again went on to describe her figure in his words and added more insights on how he would fuck her if given a chance. I felt like I would punch him any next moment as he spoke.

But, to be honest, I also had a quick arousal. My mind and body were pulling me to the opposite directions. And I didn’t hide it from him and asked him to stop.

I thought this as an innocent joke that I had with a man who wasn’t even a colleague. But it wasn’t.

That night Meera told me that she had met a man named Mohan in the evening. He walked up to her and immediately started a conversation with her. He was very funny and what’s more funny about him is that he had seen her with Mr. Shekhar and had mistook them to be husband and wife. He even asked if theirs was a love marriage.

Meera laughed a lot while talking to me and said she fooled him by hiding the truth. She told him they’re not married but they are in a live-in relationship.

I heard it all and acted as if I knew nothing. I wondered if I should tell the truth to Mohan when I see him at work next day.

Next day when I met Mohan, he talked about meeting the old man’s lady. He said his name is Mr. Shekhar and I replied I already knew his name. Then he said her name is Meera and they’re not married but in a live-in relationship. At first he told me everything Meera had already told me on the previous night and then went on to say things that Meera wouldn’t even find in her distant dreams.

“Oh man, she is so fucking beautiful. When I was talking and looking at her face, you know, I could only imagine how she would moan in pleasure if I penetrate deep into her with my dick… on man, that fucking lucky bastard Shekhar! You know what a live-in relationship means? It means nothing but fuck buddies! Man, I bet she loves fucking!”

I grabbed on to the armrest of the wooden chair that I was sitting on, and restricted myself from throwing and striking the whole chair on his head. The way he was talking about my wife instantly shot my blood pressure high. But I did nothing.

It didn’t end there.

Next day after work Meera told me how the man she fooled the other day came to her help.

Her scooty had a starting trouble in the evening and Mr. Mohan spotted her in the mess. She hardly know a thing about her scooty other than riding it. Mohan worked a bit on the scooty and it was okay.

Meera commented how good a man Mohan was. She even had given him her number.

I was surprised to hear Mohan to be a good man. I remembered his words about her, and it ended in myself imagining how she would moan if he penetrated her with his dick.

That night I imagined myself as Mohan while I penetrated her with my dick and watched her face. It didn’t have any such expressions that Mohan had told me. I later wondered if he could make any.

Next day I went to bar deliberately to meet Mohan and if possible, hear his view of the story.

Indeed, as I had guessed, he was a crooked mind. He told that he had himself tricked her scooty to cause a starting trouble.

As we sipped our drinks, he went on to give further details about how he impressed her and managed to get her phone number.

That night I wanted to test his comments again on her and see if there’re any expressions but as I was drunk and Meera doesn’t let me even touch her that way, meaning when I am drunk but she is not, I straightaway hit the washroom and wanked. I saw her moaning in pleasure in those moments. It was awesome.

In the days followed, I couldn’t see Mohan as he had finished his work in my firm. He wasn’t seen at the bar either. Meera too had nothing to share about him and my excitement peaked in those days because I began to feel Mohan not a threat anymore. I used to create wild imaginations about him and Meera. All of them ended on a familiar note : that Meera screaming out his name as in porn movies I’ve seen, and that I wanked myself to these thoughts in my washroom.

But after a week or so, Meera had news for me. It was when she was at a coffee shop sitting with Mr. Shekhar, she saw Mohan walking towards her. Meera was so embarrassed when he started talking to her that she stammered a bit in the beginning. However she managed to introduce Mohan to Shekhar and back by blurting out ‘Mohan, this is Shekhar. And Shekhar, this is Mohan. He’s a friend, he had helped me last week when my scooty had a problem’. Both the men had a brief chat before Mohan moved on.

Then Meera told Mr. Shekhar the truth. He laughed a lot hearing all the story. He said that’s why he noticed a bit of jealousy in the young man’s eyes. He also promised her to be at his best whenever he’s with her in future because he had no idea when and where these type of men would bump into him.

Meera had a lot of fun explaining all this stories to me.

She met Mohan next day too, while coming back from work.

Mohan was very funny this time. He wanted to talk about Mr. Shekhar. He said he doubted that her older man partner was showing her off. She at first acted being offended by his comment and warned him not to address shekhar an old man. He was unfazed and maintained Mr. Shekhar was still a man who’s showing her off because he’s using a car while making his woman ride a bike.

“So what?” She asked.

“So that’s because he wants the whole world to see his young and sexy wife..”

“No, it’s my own choice to use the bike.”

She replied quickly, ignoring the ‘sexy wife’ comment. And added,

“And he’s not an old man for me, for he is very good at things he does for me.”

Mohan was too dirty to say she must not forget there are things that a younger partner can easily outdo him at.

Meera told me how dare he was to say that. But her face betrayed her and I could see that she had fun hearing him say that.

That night she had chat messages from Mohan. He wanted to know if she has told her old man about the things she boasted him to be capable of.

She sent an angry face in reply and shared the fun with me. Mr. Mohan was seriously after her. But I wanted to add fuel to the fire. I urged her to shared it with Mr. Shekhar too.

She at first discarded the idea but later she took it up. She messaged a hi to Shekhar and after some earlier chats she called him. Though I was watching TV, my compete attention was towards her as she talked and laughed over the phone for the next fifteen minutes.

Shekhar was even funnier. He said she’s pushing the old man in himself out of the boundary and he’s gonna hit the gym very next morning. He suggested that she must give him a fitting reply that her old man is at the shower and is preparing to give her everything that a young man could provide her.

The game was on and I watched it progress in real time.

She replied Mohan exactly what Shekhar suggested to her and she showed me his reply in two minutes.

It read like this: “Wow! Wow! Wow!”

I saw her chatting with him nonstop for the next ten minutes.

Next week she had a small birthday party at a colleague’s home. She rarely wears saree and that day was one of those rare occasions. When she was coming back, Mohan bumped into her. He stepped out of his car only to check her out and he did it in a deliberate manner. He then confessed how jealous he is at Mr. Shekhar for owning this beauty all for him. He was completely in awe and full of praise for her.

I could see from her face how bewildered she was at that moment. I knew she was holding herself back to me and I kept asking for details. She let them go part by part.

He asked me if I’m made of milk.

What secret magic does that old man possess that help him own this beauty?

And he had asked her out!

I was like, “really? Isn’t it too far?”

She said she refused him with a smile and he didn’t push further.

That night, after our usual lovemaking rituals I asked her what type of date would be Mohan expecting. She was sure that it’s a coffee date. She was sure that he wouldn’t dare anything beyond that simply because of the fact that he knows her husband Shekhar.

She used the term ‘my husband Shekhar’ and it caught my attention immediately.

I teased her on that.

“Mmm… Your husband Shekhar, huh?”

She tried to defend her at first, but then once realised, she agreed.

“Yeah, my husband, no, not husband, but my live-in partner Shekhar!”

We had a quick pinching game before she returned to my question.

Why I was asking about the date suggestion.

I ended up saying the most foolish thing to have come out of my mouth in recent times.

“I think it’s okay if it’s just a coffee date.”

I regretted saying this the very next moment but my stupid conscience stopped me from accepting it and taking it back.

Meera thanked me for being such a nice husband and hugged me. Like a fool who had spent his trump card at the earliest rounds of the game itself, I lay there, listening to her thanking me for trusting her.

I was also amazed at the speed in which Mohan moved closer to her. I wanted to meet Mohan as soon as possible. I had his number already and I called him after the work next day. I asked him if he’s coming to the bar. He wasn’t coming. But next day he came and we met.

At first he talked about normal things even though I wanted him to straightaway start talking about Meera. But I didn’t want to seem like I cared too much about it, hence I held myself back.

However, eventually he came to the point.

He said I’ll be surprised if I knew how close he has now become to her. And I was, when he revealed that he had coffee with her that evening.

He had cracked it with her and she was able to talk personal matters. He explained how she enjoyed flirting with him. It seems the old man doesn’t have enough time for her. She had even told Mohan that she and Shekhar maintains a weekly lovemaking schedule!

“Krish, can you believe it? Just once in a week! How pathetic, isn’t it? She deserves to be fucked twice a day!”

Mohan declared.

At home Meera too had news to share. She said she had accepted his coffee offer that evening. She said he was very flirty. She expected him to be a good lover to whoever it’s concerned. I kept asking for more and then she revealed the naughty part.

That Mr. Shekhar and she makes love once in a week. I acted surprised, saying why she cut down the numbers, and she should have said her actual frequency instead. She said she thought about Mr. Shekhar and she calculated that’s what he may be capable of. She burst into laugh saying that she had at first thought about saying once in a fortnight. I too laughed with her. It was very fun to talk like that but I never realised I was actually laughing at myself.

Mohan said it’s very sad numbers and he would love to help her. She was quite shocked to hear it openly but Mohan went on to promise her that he’ll request Mr. Shekhar to increase the frequency of making love. He had got her bursting into laugh and teased her further asking her the frequency he should demand from her partner. He suggested that twice a day will be good for her. She had had too much fun with him.

I commented she should discuss this with Mr. Shekhar also, like asking about his frequencies or the frequency he’d like to maintain with her. She started beating me with a pillow for that.

Later that night she got a message from Mohan saying it’s cold out there and he’s thinking of demanding a frequency of thrice a day. I saw Meera replying him a number of times and blushing each time reading his message. She told me that she never had this much fun fooling someone.

You’re fooling someone else, and I’m fooling myself. I said in mind as I tried to force myself to sleep, ignoring the boner that I was hiding in my shorts.

Next week again, Mohan asked her out. I didn’t know how to stop her. He was a man she could safely hangout with. I don’t know how he manages to look like a safe date to her while harbouring so much dirty thoughts about every part of her body. She never told me that he said this, and it was a dirty comment. She always said he made this dirty statement and it was fun to hear.

That was a Friday. In the morning she told me that she’d go for a coffee with him after work. I asked her to make sure they finish it before the dark.

She came late however, though it wasn’t dark either. She came at six thirty. I had become worried a bit by the time she showed up and I told her about it. She was quick to be turned off. She said if I wasn’t okay with it, I should have told her. She went on to pronounce that she doesn’t want to go with Mohan ever again and made me regret expressing my care.

I had to make a lot of apologies and cuddling to get her back in to her fun mode and speaking about the date.

More than a dozen kisses on all over her face, that’s what it took her share it all.

It was was a small pub this time. She was waiting at the place when Mohan arrived in a car and he insisted that they go this new place. It was a nearby pub where no rush exists in day time. They had a couple of glasses of wine each during the entire time they spent there.

He was at his flirty best, she said. Though she seemed pretty impressed of the date, nothing was there for me that’s worth mentioning here.

But it wasn’t the case when I met Mohan at the bar on next day. He said he and his dream girl had hot kissing session on Friday!

I sat there, with my mouth open and unable to move any part of my body for a whole minute hearing that.

He said he had taken her to KR Wines on Friday evening. After a couple of drinks from there, he was to drop her back to where she was picked up from. But when he sensed an opportunity in the empty parking space, he wasn’t the one to miss it.

Meera was wearing a floral frock with a red jacket and looked absolutely stunning as well as inviting. Mohan said he couldn’t stop himself and he went straight to her lips and went deep at the very first chance. Though she pulled him away quickly, he had got the very warm taste of her soft lips. He didn’t stop there and went to do it again. This time too, she protested but it was minimal, when he pressed his lips on to her. This time longer and deeper, she opened her mouth for him. She enjoyed his kiss. His hands quickly found a way to her boobs and he caressed them over the clothes. He managed to feel all over her twin softness before she regained herself. She pushed him back and said she’s scared like hell. He looked straight into hey eyes and he saw the sparks there. They left soon.

His story didn’t end there.

When he texted her at night, she wasn’t replying at first. But he kept messaging until she responded. She tried to scold him but he was unfazed. He said he knew she had enjoyed it when it happened no matter what she felt afterwards. And she ended up admitting it.

I knew it’s not heading to the right places. Though I had an instant hard on, I didn’t want to enjoy it. What was upsetting to me more was not the fact that she was kissed but the fact that she admitted she enjoyed it.

What did that mean?

She liked him? Or she liked the kiss only?

Is she going to repeat it?

I decided that next time when she tells me that about a date with him, I would oppose it straightaway.

That night there was no sex as I was drunk and she wasn’t. I resorted to help myself in the washroom, while I waited for the Sunday to come.

Sunday came. Day was gone and night came. I literally jumped on to the bed with her. I wanted to kiss the same lips, feel the same boobs that Mohan had two days ago. I was as hard s possible, way too much excited, and ended up cumming too earlier. She insisted another round but I was limp and spent completely.

Two days later, I met Mohan at the bar and he quickly made it clear; today’s drinks are on him. Once the drinks arrived, he dropped the bomb: That he made it! He had ultimate taste of the chick on the floor, just a day before.

I didn’t believe it at first. I strongly thought he’s lying. But it didn’t matter anymore whether I believed it or not. Mohan shared it all as I sat like a student listening to the stories from his master.

It happened on the previous day. Monday is the day I leave late from work. That had nothing to do with it as according to Mohan Meera had left her office early at noon. Mohan had asked her out without naming the place which was his flat. She hesitated a bit on reaching there but she never stopped following him. She was wearing a purple T-shirt with light cotton pants, looking plump in parts and sexy in all.

Mohan opened a new bottle of wine as she sat in the couch. She made him promise that he won’t push her for than two rounds. He kept his promise in every way as the date progressed.

After finishing her second glass she quit dunking, maintaining her two rounds only rule. She then walked around to see all his wall paintings. There were a lot of them. Among them, there was one that’s quite an erotic one in which a nude girl was embraced by a man equally nude, hiding her front areas by his hands. It was when she was observing it closely, Mohan hugged her from behind and asked her if it was the pose. She laughed and talked, but never stopped him. She was in. He turned her to him and their lips met. There was no stopping since then, and he soon walked her to his bedroom.

“Oh man, she’s such a joy!”

Mohan sighed and rubbed his crotch with left hand.

I was also itching to rub myself. I was hard.

Lucky bastard! I looked at him jealously.

Mohan went on to say she apparently wanted a good cock. A strong man. She had pure lust in her eyes when she held and put a condom on his fully erect penis. That’s exactly he provided her. Her facial expressions were exactly the ones he had imagined as he pounded her harder. She moaned and screamed and when his dick hit the innermost of her love hole. She was the one to cum first and she let him know it by making a suppressed scream. He then bursted into the condom, while she hugged him tight and opened her mouth to kiss his. She offered him her tongue which he sucked along with her now swollen lips.

Later in the night, she texted him it was so good. But she also promised that please don’t expect another one.

As I sat listening to him how he screwed my wife in a way that even I felt myself envying, I was slowly reaching to a conclusion. That my life isn’t going to be the same. What I had messed with was the most delicate thing in my life. I had damaged it. I had lost control of the ship. I wasn’t the captain, anymore.

But one thing that I could not understand even though I pondered over it for hours, and days.

Why, Meera?

Why did you do this? This wasn’t something that happened accidentally. It was a deliberate incident. She wanted it happen. Mohan had been sure about it from the moment she had accepted to follow him. She was a woman who longed for a good fuck.

What does that mean? Am I not good enough?

Am I not a man?

I couldn’t digest that. Because, if i weren’t good enough, then what I was giving her every other night? What she was receiving from me when she was moaning in pleasure those nights? Was she faking it? I had heard about girls faking it to please their men but I couldn’t believe my wife would do it to please me. It wasn’t simply possible to be true in my life, I thought.

All hell was breaking loose in my mind.

My world had collapsed.

By the time I reached home I was pretty drunk.

I was hit severely with my wife’s betrayal. But there was something that crossed my mind only after a few drunken days. That was, I had never thought of confronting Meera. Not even a single time for the first three days.

After three days, I started thinking why I didn’t think about it. i could have stormed into her bed screaming to her that she’s a bitch. She’s a cheat. But I didn’t. Because, as I deduced in a few more days, I was the one who had been more responsible than her for it. She was merely a pawn in my game. My fantasy game. I had invited it, and when it’s discovered, I didn’t have no one else to blame.

I wanted to cry. Scream. But I did neither of it.

I visited the bar everyday and crawled to home. Crawled under my blanket. Slept next to her without making any move.

Next Sunday night Meera warned me about my drinking habit. I knew I was drinking everyday. So Monday I decided to go home straightaway from work. Meera was happy to see me.

In the bed, she thanked me for listening to her.

We were under the blanket and she turned my head to her.

“It’s been more than a week. What happened to you?” She asked.

I looked into her eyes. Even in the dim light, I could see in there what she wants. But I wanted to ignore her. I wanted to act angry myself.

But that night she didn’t want to spare me. She said she’s the boss. She was.

She unbuttoned my shirt and pulled my shorts down. Her hands moved around my whole body and each time it moved over my jockey, I sensed it growing an inch, without my permission. It had grown to its maximum when she pulled my jockey down and had her fingers around it. I was completely naked and she was still wearing her black shimmy and white floral skirt. She had everything to seduce a man but me. My body had surrendered to her but my mind was still fighting an inner battle.

She apparently had another ideas. She slowly climbed on top of me and sat on my waist. Slowly raising her skirt without letting me see the secrets, she rubbed my dick into her crotch. She wasn’t wearing a panty.

Next thing I knew was her lips on mine, with her mouth wide open. After giving me the wettest kiss of my life, she adjusted her hip, and I was forced to close my eyes, as my dick was slowly entering her warm hole. It was one of the most wonderful feeling that I ever had while entering her.

“I’m the boss tonight, krish..”

She whispered again and started to move her hip back and forth. I still hadn’t let myself go, and I stuck to my earlier stone face.

Yes you’re the boss, do whatever you want with my life. I said in my mind.

She leaned forward and held on to my chest as she found a rhythm, moving her hip like a pro. Soon her body was taking it seriously, and she leaned even further. Then she was moving her hip up and down.

I didn’t know when I started to melt, but it happened in one of those moments. I forgot that this woman had cheated on me a week ago. I forgot that I was angry. She had lowered her upper body further and had begun to throw her waist up into her air, slurping my dick completely into her hole.

She panted and cried out my name.

I surrendered.

“Meera….my baby….”

“I love you krish….”

I loved her too. There was no doubt in that. Ever. And I wanted to scream it out. But I had reached the places I had never been to.

I opened my mouth as I was thirsty.

“You want my juice baby?”

She asked me and I could only moan.

Next thing I had in my mouth was her saliva, drooling from her mouth. It had all the warmth of her lips. Her tongue. Her love. Her everything. I swallowed it and parted my lips again. She stopped a moment, held me face with both her palms and spat into my mouth, and resumed riding me like a machine. I swallowed again and moaned like a girl. I then heard her crying…

“I’m cumming … Krish I’m cumming….mmm”

She collapsed on me and stopped moving. In a moment my hip automatically started thumping up. Two pushes, that was all I took for shooting my juice, deep into her.

I was learning the pleasure of real lovemaking and Meera spat many more times into my mouth. Deep into my mouth, and I swallowed it all very lovingly.

She then kissed me and ate my lips as I hugged her tight to me. She said it was the best sex ever in her life. It was true for me too.

She later mentioned that I loved her saliva and I nodded.

“Do you want more?” She asked.

I nodded and opened my mouth.

She gave me a light slap across my cheek and teased me saying not now.

That night was the best sex I’ve ever had until then and I forgot everything that happened a week ago. Only thing that remembered was the warmness of her saliva.

Next day I got a call from Mohan asking me if I’m coming to the bar. He had something to celebrate with me and first thing I felt was a electric shock passing through my spine. His celebration could be my funeral.

At bar, he quickly offered me free booze. I doubted if I should accept it or break his head with a bear bottle. Yet I patiently asked if he got lucky again with the woman. His reply really soothed my mind and saved his life. He said the treat was for something else, that he had cleared all the hurdles for his foreign job.

He was going abroad in three days.

I stood up and congratulated him with all my heart. I was also feeling very relaxed because Mohan was also going away from my wife’s vicinity.

But that solace was short-lived, as Mohan answered his first question. He said he had got lucky again, on previous day. Monday. Afternoon.

Monday. Afternoon! I repeated it in my mind.

Mohan explained it all, again. When he told Meera about his abroad move, she asked for a treat. That was it. He picked her up from her office at three. The route were the same. She asked him where is he taking her and he said he’s taking her a place where she needs to be taken one last time. She knew where it is, and kept blushing till they reached his flat.

Once inside, she was all his. No words spoken. Her blue shirt and dark blue denim were removed even before they reached his bed. There he worshipped her milky thighs and shaved wet pussy with his lips and tongue. Mohan openly admitted that he licked her hole for a good five minutes to bring her to the closer to her first orgasm. It was then he offered her his fully hard dick to feel and with a small gesture she grabbed him and took him in her mouth!

I sat listening that glorious feet Mohan achieved, as I recalled how she had refused me a fellatio in the past, even after repeated request from me. She always maintained it’s an unhealthy practice. And here, she voluntarily sucked this man’s dick from top to bottom to almost making him cum in her mouth. She then spread her legs for him to receive what she was due, as she moaned with each of his thrust. He fucked her for good amount of time to make her reach her first orgasm.

They weren’t done yet. After some sweet-talk and cuddling, he sat her on top of him and she ride him like a horse. Her boobs danced in tune to her movements and she screamed to reach her second shot of the day. That was enough for him, and he let it go and shot his load and filled his condom. She removed it from him and took notice of the quantity of his semen.

“Who’s better now, your old man or this young man?”

He asked her.

She said it’s been the best sex she ever had in her life.

“Oh man she’s such a…”

Mohan stopped unfinished.

I didn’t find a right word to name my wife.

She was a bitch but I couldn’t call her so.

I loved her so much.

And I was sure what had inspired her to fuck my brain out last night. She had got the idea and put it into practice with me.

She has sucked him, and later spat into my mouth.

All happened on the same day.

That night, as I drove home, my dick was hard.

I didn’t feel like she cheated on me.

She was just experimenting, so that she could please me later.

That night, when Meera was asleep, I walked to the washroom and masturbated, imagining her sucking a cock.

I wasn’t sure who’s cock was that.

Once finished, I got back to bed, hugged Meera tight and whispered in her ears.

“I love you baby…..”

Next day I asked Meera if there’s anything new about Mohan. She said he was about to leave for Canada in a week. She had not told me about that because I wasn’t asking. I had been talking very less for a week. However, everything changed on Monday night.

Mr. Mohan departed as per the plan. I was the happiest and I wished him all success and wished he get it all so well there that he may settle in Canada forever. I didn’t want him come back. Once he was gone, I felt very good. I forgot whatever he did to me. I forgot whatever Meera did to me. I gave him credit for resurrecting my sex life.

I made love to Meera in the nights followed and all of them were pretty good even though Monday never repeated. Most of my devilish imaginations had faded.

A week later, Meera went hometown to attend her grandma’s death anniversary. Tenth or something, it’s an annual ritual.

I also had made arrangements to sell an ancestral property at hometown but I couldn’t go because of my job. But Meera has no problem dealing such things. Sale was done without any delay and we had the money in the bank.

I could now repay Sunny’s debts. I contacted Sunny’s aids and they said Sunny will be out for few days soon. I asked them why should we wait for him as I had the money at the moment. They said Sunny had told them not to take money from me unless he says so.

I immediately realised his plan.

He wanted to visit my home again for this purpose. And his target is none other than Meera!

Is he gonna contact Meera as he had promised her the other day?

Just a thought of him coming back to Meera was enough for me.

Again my devilish mind woke up. Meera was still at hometown and I slept alone every night. Every night I thought about Sunny and Meera together. The more I thought, the more I was drawn to it. I masturbated every night and every morning.

By the time Meera arrived, I had thought of every possible way she could meet up with Sunny.

wo weeks passed and I got a call from Sunny. He said he was coming for the money. I agreed upon to ready the cash on Saturday.

But then I freaked out.

Saturday, I’ll be home. Meera will be home. What if he gets rude and misbehave with me in front of Meera? The fact that Meera is my wife will only tempt him to humiliate me.

But what if I stay away and let Meera face him? That idea simply gave way to another idea. I felt an instant hard on.

A part of me wanted nothing bad should happen against my love life. But my body was seducing my mind.

My eyes wanted to watch Meera with Sunny. My ears wanted to hear them talk.

Saturday morning I told Meera that I had to leave for work and would comeback afternoon only. I told her that my rich friend Mr.Sunny might come, and if he does, she should hand over the cash bag. I left just before she goes to shower and drove away.

I parked the car a few turns away and rushed to home. I entered through the front door carefully after hiding my shoes in the garden. Meera was still inside the bathroom.

Without wasting a moment, I quickly crawled under the bed.

I put mobile in flight mode and waited.

But it was a tough task. Meera finished her bath and I watched her feet moving around. She did some household tasks quickly, arranging things here and there, and then started watching TV.

Three hours passed like three days and Sunny didn’t come. I realised it was a bad idea but since she Meera was sitting in the living room or cooking in the kitchen, I could not leave.

I had become dozy. I knew if I stay there, I would end up sleeping and would eventually get caught if I snore.

By then I had also come to a conclusion that Sunny might have cancelled his plan. May be he was caught again by police, I thought at that moment. When I saw Meera going to washroom, I quickly crawled out of hiding. I silently walked out, from my room, from my house, to the car. I drove away without thinking of a destination.

Since I hadn’t had lunch that I was tired. I thought I would return to home and have lunch. That’s when I spotted, actually he spotted me, Mr. Shekhar at a traffic signal. He gestured me that he wants to talk.

I found a parking and waited for him. He came and asked if I’m busy. He wanted to have a discussion with me. He too hadn’t had lunch and he took me to a restaurant.

He wanted to talk about Meera. He wanted her to leave her current job for one that he had found with a better profile. He had talked to Meera about it but she wasn’t as enthusiastic as he was about it. She sited various reasons to him, and refused to consider the offer.

I thought if Meera wasn’t convinced, then there must be a reason for it. I asked what makes this one better than the other one. He gave me a detailed report that included the pros that he saw and the cons she saw.

Actually that job was the same except for the pay. It was a couple of thousands higher. Otherwise it was all about the companies. Mr. Shekhar had apparently found better options with this new one and he had made the change. But what he missed there was a person who would provide him with plenty of support. The support he was used to enjoy from Meera. He had access to place anyone in that chair but Meera was his best bet.

The food had arrived. It has a long menu, and it took long for us to finish it. And our discussion was even longer.

So Mr. Shekhar wanted me to discuss this with her. Obviously I was impressed with whatever he had told me, mainly because of the monitory benefit. I promised him what he sought from me.

He dropped me back at where I had parked my car and left.

While I was driving home I wondered what might have prompted Meera to decline it. I couldn’t find a reason.

It was quarter past five when I reached home. I thought I would discuss about the offer straightaway but she dropped a bomb immediately. Sunny had come at noon and she gave him the money!

“At noon? At what time?”

I asked out of sudden impulse and quickly regretted it.

She looked at me like why the timing is so important. I felt a need to explain it.

“I mean, I had left the workplace before noon and was to reach here by noon. But I met Mr. Shekhar and got late.”

“Oh really, you spent the whole time with him?”

She seemed keen to know about what I did at work and all that day, and she didn’t look original. Maybe I was imagining that because I was doubting her. I even checked the bed. It was intact. She later said Sunny had coffee with her. She mentioned he sat in the couch and appreciated our wall decor.

I wanted to know what did he talk. What else did you do together.

And I wanted to ask if he was as good as Mohan. But I couldn’t.

I still don’t know if Sunny had made it that day. Yet I strongly believed that it had happened. The night that followed had even more to strengthen my doubts.

She was eager to take me to bed in the night. She wanted to dominate me like the other day. She took all my clothes off but didn’t take a single clothe off her for the entire night, though I begged for it. I wanted her to remove her printed designer top and gift me with what she’s hiding inside her white bra. But she gifted me only those beautiful eyes.

“You want me? You want my tits? You want my lips? You want my kiss? You want your Meera?”

She kept asking and I kept nodding yes, yes, yes.

But she gave me none. She climbed on top of me and consumed me in her pussy. I was elevated to another world as she began to ride me. In that world , that wasn’t night but noon. It wasn’t me but Sunny she was riding in that bed. I didn’t envy him, because I had become him. I wished if she mistakenly pronounce me Sunny. Each time she whispered krish, my baby, I heard it Sunny, my baby. Then she asked me if I wanted her juice.

I knew what’s coming. And at the moment, I wanted it. I opened my mouth and nodded yes. I saw plain saliva drooling from her lips. I raised my head in anticipation and consumed it even before it left her lips. She kept rocking me with her hip and spat into my mouth many more times. I swallowed it all like an essential until she made me cum harder like no other nights. I panted like I’ve just finished a marathon.

I almost believed that she had sex with Sunny on that day. But the very next morning I found possibilities of truth to be otherwise. Meera was sexually aroused by night. What if she had rejected Sunny’s advances even though she was turned on by them then or later? What if she wanted it but Sunny was too busy? What if both of them wanted it happen but she was too scared of my untimely return because it was Saturday? What if Sunny was expecting me and came with no mood?

Two people sitting together doesn’t mean they’ll necessarily end up in bed. There can be a hundred reasons for them to save the day. May be they might have thought they’ll make it another day. Perhaps they might have even discussed about a safe place. Who knows?

Though I had these all possibilities in my mind, I preferred to believe that they had sex in my own bed that day.

They had a furious fucking session on par with what Mohan had a month ago. That’s it.

Next morning I woke up with these ideas and I was hard in my shorts. I tried to contain it peacefully at first, only in vain, and I ended up shaking myself in the bathroom.

Not once. Many, many times.

I saw the car parked in the porch, and tried to guess who may be the guest. I at first thought like if I stand there and keep guessing, I could eventually make out his name. But then I scolded myself; it’s my house, why should I do these type of stupid games? I immediately found my earlier thought very amusing and giggled myself as I walked inside. I saw the man sitting in the couch, facing away from me. Why this couch is suddenly changed to this position? Who did this? I asked myself new questions during the microseconds that I took walking around the couch to see the man’s face.

It was Mohan.

I wanted to say Hi but no sound came out of my mouth. It didn’t surprise me either, as if I was expecting my numbness.

He saw me but completely ignored me. He was talking to Meera. But she wasn’t there.

“If you don’t come out, I will tell krish that we’ve had sex in my apartment! I will tell him that you’re coming with me”

I could understand what he was talking about but I deliberately choose to ignore him and walked to the kitchen. I wanted to see her. I was walking and I heard her sound from the shower.

“Oh come on, I want you to tell him those stories. He likes to hear stories!”

What? What stories? I thought myself and turn back to Mohan and he wasn’t there in the couch. He was gone!

I woke up in a jolt. I was immediately surprised that it was just a dream. It was so real. I sat up in my bed and looked at the clock on the wall. It was 3A.M.

Meera was sleeping next to me.

I looked around to various objects kept in our room to make sure I’m not dreaming yet. It was so confusing. Why the hell I dreamed of Mohan now? And his words were still echoing in my ears.

I will tell krish that we’ve had sex. And you’re coming with me?

Suddenly a thought invaded my mind. What if Mohan was trying to fool me with those stories? What if they all were just his fantasies, like mine? What if he had been chasing her and failed?

There were more thoughts. All of them tried to reason with me that Mohan was lying to me.

Though he tried his best, he wasn’t able to lay her!

It was a dream that kept questing me over next few days. Mohan had said that he had sex with Meera, but how can I be so sure? The only thing I had in support of that view is the way she made love to me on that night. But what if she was naturally aroused to behave that way?

A thousand questions. A thousand answers. A thousand possibilities.

In the end, a question remained, unanswered.

Did my wife cheat on me with that man?

I discussed with Meera about Mr. Shekhar’s suggestion. She instantly turned angry at him because he tried to induce her husband for something she had refused.

She revealed that Mr. Shekhar wasn’t collaborating with her firm for more than a month and now he wants her to follow him to work for the team which actually is her current firm’s market adversary. For me it didn’t make much sense. She wasn’t the owner. She doesn’t have to think that deeper. She said she and her colleagues are a team which forms the backbone of the branch. If she leaves, that will be termed as nothing but backstabbing.

I asked what if she tells them that her husband is forcing her and she can’t deny him. She looked at me like she heard a joke. At that moment I felt like I didn’t possess any value or power in her life. I didn’t. Her eyes screamed that. She had the upper hand in my life, and this wasn’t a breaking news. This incident just underlined that fact.


I conveyed my helplessness to Mr. Shekhar. I don’t know how he might have thought of me. Perhaps, a man who had absolutely no control over his wife. But it was just my assumptions as he didn’t make any sign that showed contempt towards me.

Few days later he called me. He said he was missing us. He suggested we do something together for fun. I was confused first. Then he suggested we go and watch a T20 match that was happening on Saturday. I immediately agreed, as I heard him promising to arrange the tickets.

He then told Meera too the same and I didn’t have to ask her. She was ready.

Saturday he reached our home in the morning. Meera was getting ready and she told me to prepare him coffee. I felt a bit shy for her ordering me so open to prepare coffee for him but I relented. As he enjoyed hot coffee, I noticed his shining Mercedes parked outside.

I couldn’t hide my excitement as I walked around it. Mr. Shekhar asked if I wanted to test drive it and I instantly obliged. But I couldn’t do much as Meera announced she’s ready before I move it more than a few yards. I smiled at Mr. Shekhar helplessly. He noticed my disappointment and said if I want I can drive it to the stadium. I wanted it.

Meera wore a light green camisole with a brown jacket and a black denim. She matched a sunglass with it and looked absolutely gorgeous.

Mr. Shekhar exchanged some genuine compliments and opened front door for her.

She saw me in the driver’s seat and backed off, saying it’s too rude to leave Mr. Shekhar alone in the back seat.

I instantly agreed with her thinking. I could have suggest Mr. Shekhar to take front seat and let her take rear seat, but without thinking much due to my excitement of driving a Benz, I instead suggested her to sit with Mr. Shekhar in the rear seat. Mr. Shekhar smiled and opened back door for Meera. She thanked Mr. Shekhar for his compliments when he sat next to her.

I concentrated on the driving for the next sixty kilometres. Mr. Shekhar and Meera did all the talking. They joked and laughed together and I remained a mere listener. In middle of those jokes were the ones she had made up from Mohan. In that, she and he were a couple. Mr. Shekhar asked her what will she say if Mr. Mohan happens to see them together. She said she’d stick to what she had said earlier; that they’re a couple.

“What about krish?”

“I’ll say he’s our driver.”

She said and laughed. Mr. Shekhar too. I had to imitate laughing.

But then I realised it. I had become their driver.

We reached the place and got a nice place to watch the match. Meera indeed attracted a lot of eyes and Mr. Shekhar mentioned about it. He told me that I have a beautiful wife, again.

As the match progressed, Meera’s dress wasn’t the same throughout the match. She tied her jacket around her waist and the camisole showcased best of her curves. I saw many eyes measuring up her inch by inch.

I was hugely turned on by the attention she’s got from the public. I wondered if Mr. Shekhar was also feeling the same.

The match was a thriller that was decided on the last ball only and we, along with the crowd, erupted in madness, screaming high. While coming back, I volunteered to drive again. After forty something kilometres he suggested a deviation and it ended at the parking lot of a restaurant.

He lead us inside and it was a pub. With dim lights and lethally energetic music, it looked a place to visit. As we found a nice couch at a corner, I noticed a crowd at the other end. That was a dance floor.

“We’ll go there later.”

Mr. Shekhar said. He and I were sitting at either sides of Meera. She checked the menu and she named a wine for her. Mr Shekhar quickly rejected it. He said she can select a hot drink only. She selected a vodka then. I went for what Mr. Shekhar did.

I saw couples walking towards the dance floor and the crowd was growing. After one hour or so, we also hit there. Meera pulled me to the floor at first and we danced to a latest Bollywood track. It was a remix version and it lasted more than ten minutes. It followed an English track which I couldn’t say whether a remix or what; but it was awesome. Meera was back to her stadium outfit, as she tied the jacket to her hip.

I stopped when the track finished. Mr. Shekhar was watching us.

He complemented her dance and said she was the centre of attraction on the floor.

“You should also dance!”

Meera held his hand and said. I also felt the same. I didn’t have anything in my mind. It wasn’t that I wanted to see my wife dancing with someone else. I told her that you should take him to the dance floor.

“After all, he’s your live-in partner.”

I was relating to the ‘Mohan joke’ and they both smiled.

The track was a slower one with enough beat that allowed interested takers to dance faster. But I saw Mr. Shekhar putting his arm around her waist and moving in tune with the song. His steps were quite attractive, and instantly earned everybody’s attention. One after another, I watched the whole crowd on the floor switching to those moves. It was quite something to see a fifty year old man making those youngsters follow him on the dance floor. As the song ended, I saw Meera walking towards me. I thought she might be tired. But she quickly untied her jacket and handed it to me. And without saying a word, she walked back to Mr. Shekhar.

I stood there holding her jacket, watching them move their hips together, until the end of the song. I saw many boys ogling at her curves even though they were with their girls. By the time they finished and we exited the pub, I had started struggling with a rock inside my pants.

I was forced to take the driver seat again, as I feared Meera might find my hardness. A part of my mind wanted to show her that I’m turned on seeing her dancing with him, while another part of it questioned me what if she doesn’t like it.

I sat alone like a real driver and drove. Mr. Shekhar and Meera sat together with their hand in hand like a real couple and chatted. It wasn’t merely chatting. They were flirting with each other. If I share all those details here, the story won’t end.

We reached home at midnight. She invited him inside. Saying that he’ll leave soon, he came in. I took out a bottle of whisky and poured in two glasses. Meera brought a wine bottle and asked if it’s okay that she’s taking wine. He was quick to take away her glass saying no, no wine, young lady.

“We don’t have vodka here.”

She said.

He said he has. He went to his car and returned with a new bottle of vodka.

Soon we were drinking at the comfort of our own couch.

At that time there was a power cut. The lights went off, and battery powered lights, along with the decorative lights in the showcase lit up. It was just a few moments, and the power was back. Mr. Shekhar suggested that we’ve got some nice lights that can turn the living room to the right ambience of a pub. Meera said really? and she switched off the main lights and switched on all the decorative lights.

Mr. Shekhar was correct. We had the right kind of lights. Red lights from the sides, it was glowing like I had never noticed. Meera went a step further, as she switched on the stereo too.

“How’s now?”

She asked him.

“I told you!”

He poured another round of drinks.

Meera asked me to shake legs with her.


I quickly took my glass and began sipping it.

I suggested she can dance with Mr. Shekhar. He’s better dancer.

He quickly got up and walked to her. It seemed he too wanted to dance. She removed her jacket and threw it to me and turned her complete attention to her man. He put his hands around her hip, and her hands on his chest. The dance was more intimate than what they had in the pub. I poured another drink before they finished that song.

I sensed my dick getting harder again yet I was completely relaxed. I saw Meera turning her back to him and still moving her hip in tune to the slow track. His hands were around her belly and as he stood that closer, I saw his hip rubbing on her butt. I was sure that he’s as hard as me and it was visible that she had no problem with him rubbing it onto her.

I wanted to take out my dick and shake it hard. Though I had come to know that my wife was fucked my two men, or may be three men, it was the first time when I saw her sexually active with another man. And this sight, not only made me not angry but also made me enjoy a new feeling.

He said something in her ear. His lips were so close to her, and it looked like he’s kissing her.

She looked at me and smiled.

“Are you enjoying our dance honey?”

“Mmm.. Yeah… Yeah!”

I stammered.

His hands now had made a firm grip around her belly. They were facing towards me.

He looked at me.

“What are you seeing, Krish? An old man with a young lady?”

Before I could reply, she turned her face to him and smiled. I doubted her lips touched his face.

No, not at all, Shekhar. I’m seeing a man with a girl.”

“And what do you think of my girl?”

Meera kept grinning.

“She’s very beautiful.”

“That’s all?”

“Mmm.. No, she’s… Hot. Totally sexy.”

Meera nodded her head and touched his face with her left hand without turning back.

“You like her?”

“Yes.. Yes I like her.”

“You want to make love to her tonight?”

This time she turned her face to him and pinched his cheek. She said something that I couldn’t grasp. I was awestruck with his question.

“Yes.. I want to.”

“Okay. But only for one night, after that you’ll return her to me. Promise me….”

“I promise… Only for tonight.”

“And after that?”

“After that she’s yours!”

She laughed high and pinched him hard.

He made a sound “ouch!”

Then he pushed her to me and she fell on my lap.

“Come on, don’t waist time. It’s already midnight!”

He said grabbing his glass and sat on the couch next to us.

“Are you going to make love to me? When he’s watching?”

Meera asked me.

“I said yes, if he has no problem.”

“Okay then”

She said and kissed me. On my lips. I hugged her and opened my mouth to consume all of her soft lips. We kissed like a teenage couple on their first date, and ended up giggling.

“Okay, I’ll take her to bed once you leave.”

I turned to Mr. Shekhar.

“That means I’ll have to leave now.”

He said with a smile.

We both said no, that’s not what we meant.

He laughed, saying he’s joking.

“You’re damn fun, Mr. Shekhar.”

Meera shook hands with him and sat on the couch, between us.

He finished his glass and announced its too late and time to leave. We both also, finished our drinks.

Before he got up, she said she has been thinking about his job proposal and she is ready to accept it.

Mr. Shekhar as well as me were surprised.

“Really?” He asked again.


“Oh my goodness!”

I said “wow!”

Mr. Shekhar looked at me.

“Krish, your wife is really something. This is something that I feel celebrating. I want to kiss her, right now. May I?”

The way he asked was so timely that I forgot to hear it fully before I said, “oh yeah, sure.”

Next thing I saw was my wife being pulled into him and his face pressing to hers. It was dim light, and her hair blocked my view, and I couldn’t see how they were kissing. But they were were kissing. I mean he was kissing her. Two or three seconds. Then everything was back.

He thanked me for everything. Thanked her for everything. He thanked me for promising him to return her later. He thanked her for the kiss. And he left.

I turned to her and asked about the kiss.

“Kiss? It was…mmmmm….”

She paused a moment and climbed on to my lap.

“Taste it yourself!”

And she kissed me. Wild. Wet. Long.

“Fuck me now, krish!”

She said. I was hearing that word from her for the first time. But I didn’t care at the moment.

“I can’t hold any more Krish..”

She whispered and pulled up her camisole. I unhooked her bra quickly and she threw it away. I sucked around her tits. She rubbed my face between them and panted.

Soon I turned her on her back on the couch. She urged me to remove my pants. By the time I had removed it, she had thrown away her jeans and panty. Completely naked, she lay on her back and spread her legs.

“Fuck me now, Krish!” She demanded again.

As I slid my dick in to her pussy, I could see how wet she had become. My dick went in to it’s maximum with a single push.

It was too slippery. Slurpy sound was audible as I moved my hip furiously onto her. She moaned my name a couple of times, and that’s it. Without any warning, I shot my load and I moaned.

“Oh, no!”

She screamed.

But I was finished for the night. Though I tried to move my dick in and out a few times, I couldn’t help it go limp.

“Oh no! Oh no!”

She kept saying as I got off her.

“Why did you let him go?”

She asked before getting up. I stood there like a boy failed in a class test. She grabbed her clothes and walked to the bedroom.

She looked at me as we both lay under the same blanket.

“Can you do it now, baby?”

She was desperate. I was helpless. She switched off the lights.

In the darkness, after sometime, I heard her asking.

“Can I masturbate, baby?”

I looked up into the darkness, and swallowed a nothing.

“Yes. It’s okay.”


She moved the blanket some. At first I couldn’t hear anything. After sometimes I slowly felt it. Some slow movements.

It increased over time. Then she started panting, in not so audible manner. Her hand were moving faster then and it peaked to a suppressed moan from her.

She had reached there and I found myself hard by then.

I was scared to tell her but then gathered some courage.

I hugged her and told her that I’m hard.

She suddenly pushed me away.

“What the hell? No!”

“Come on honey.. Please…”

“No. Now you shake yourself.”

I lay without moving, without talking.

After a while she asked me to do it. I said, “It’s okay. I’ll sleep.”

I suddenly felt her hand on my dick. I was still hard.

“Come on. Shake it, Krish.”

This time her voice was much smooth.

“You watched me masturbate. Now you let me watch. Come on, it’s okay.”

She moved her hand up and down twice and left.

I gave in. I took it in hand and slowly started. Initially I felt like I’m spent already. But I had to do it. I closed my eyes, even though it was dark already. I wanted to see with my inner sight. There I saw Meera dancing with Shekhar. I saw her grinding her ass to his groin. I saw him caressing her belly and then her boobs. I then saw him moving his hip in sync to her movements as if he’s pounding her from backside. I had gone too far. My hand peaked and I shot my load into the bed sheet.

“That was too quick, again.”

I heard Meera giggling in the dark.

She then turned to me and hugged me tight.

“You want my juice, baby?”

She asked. I said yes. Have I ever told her no?

She kissed me first. And then asked me to open my mouth. I followed what is told.

She held my face with her palm and spat into my mouth. It was a bit forceful and it directly hit the back of my mouth.

I swallowed it quickly.


She asked and I said yes.

She touched my face and I opened my mouth again.

Again she spat.

“Drink it baby.”


“Drink it Krish. It’s my juice.”


“Say you love my spit. And swallow it.”

I did both.


Again and again. Until she felt enough for tonight.

We slept hugging tight.