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My wonderful weekend Part 2

Next June undone Kate’s jean’s and Kate undone June’s and they pulled each others jeans down and both were wearing the smallest of thongs, very nice ladies I said I can not wait for you to get over here and to get working on my hard cock with those fucking wonderful bodies, Kate cross over to my and stood the best she cold with a foot either side of my head facing towards my feet, June the stood over me one foot either side on my waist and saw facing Kate, they lent forward and kissed each other and each took hold of the other ones thong and pulled the tongs snapped and came away in there hands, above me stood two wonderful pussies one had bark brown hair trimmed into a very neat line with was June’s pussy so she was not a natural blond but on the other hand Kate was her fine wisps of blond pubic hair you could see her cunt was wet though the hair.

Once they had ripped of there thong’s they carried on kissing and touching each others tits and playing with each others nipples both moaning and then they pulled apart and Kate lower herself down and her blond pussy got closer to my mouth and slowly touched my lips and “O” this tasted just a sweet as Sue’s did I pushed my tongue into her as she sat fully down on my face and she started to rub her cunt back and forwards and her juice was covering my face.

While Kate was rubbing her very wet pussy up and down my face June took hold of my cock and licked it from top to bottom and back up again to the top she stood back over me and lowered herself down on my cock and she slid right down on it taking all 10″ inside her tight pussy, My god she said you wait until you sit on this Kate it sure fills the pussy well, I have never had one as long as this she said as she rose up to the top of it before pushing herself down on it hard, it was not long before she was riding my cock hard and shouting YES YES YES GOD YES and if was not long before her cunt gripped my cock as she had her first orgasm and BOY O BOY did she have a orgasm by the way she was shouting it was a wonder someone had not come to see if she was OK.

Kate lifted of my face and moved down so she was sitting on my chest still facing June and she started to play with June’s tits and I saw her lower a hand and then I felt her playing with June’s clit as June still rode my cock now I had Kate’s ass just in front of my face so I pulled my hands up and parted her butt cheeks and I could see her puckered hole and I placed a finger on it and pushed Kate took a deep breath as I push my finger into her and started to fuck her ass with one finger then two and finally three,

she was bobbing up and down on my fingers and I felt her body shake as she climaxed and she carried on playing with June’s clit and I felt her tightening her pussy round my cock again and knew she would be coming very soon, when she did she exploded and her cum ran out of her and ran down over my ass god she was so wet.

I cold not take anymore as I arched my back and filled this quivering cunt with my cum, splash after splash filled her and she had one more explosive orgasm sucking my cock into her as she did, when we had finished June lifted her self of my wet soaked cum covered cock and Kate just bend forward and took it into her mouth and licked my cock then sucked it into her mouth and tried to suck any cum from it. I was still fingering her ass all this time and when she sucked my cock into her mouth she climaxed again and cum ran all down my chest, Kate took my fingers from her ass and moved round so she was kneeling between my legs and started to work on my now deflated cock, she was licking my cock,balls and up and down the inside on my legs trying her hardest to make me hard again.

June moved round to where Kate had been and sat down on my face and as she lowered herself down Juice squirted from her pussy as it opened up over my face and I opened my mouth to catch it as it dripped from her and the mixture of her cum juice and mine mixed together ran from her and I drank it all up, then she was sitting on my face and she started to play with her clit and she was moving in all directions and grinding herself into my face and mouth, with all this attention on my face and Kate licking and sucking my balls it was not long before mu cock started to grow once more and as soon as it was firm enough to sit of Kate was on it like a shot.

Once again they kiss each other and I could feel Kate’s finger moving round and round on her clit as she slid up and down my shaft, June was still playing with herself to, and both the girls were cumming again and again on and on Kate rode my cock both were shouting out YES YES YES “O” GOD YES as they came, we could hear Tony and Sue going for it to she was moaning just as loud, I started to finger June’s ass like I had done Kate’s and as soon as my finger entered her she pushed down on my open mouth and her CUM rushed from her and right into my waiting mouth, the girls were still playing with themselves and Kiss as they carried on.

June came again just like the last time and when she was done rolled of me and Kate lent forward and kissed me on the mouth pushing her tongue into my mouth and as she did this she twisted on of my nipples really hard and it was pain and pleasure at the same time, Kate said to June get my bag can you please and Kate pulled out this item that looked like two small clamps with a chain between them, June took these of Kate and she place one clamp on one of my nipples and then the other one on my other nipple and then she started to tighten then “O” my god the pain was server but also very pleasurable at the same time I had never felt anything like it.

Once June had done them up Kate sat upright and took hold of the chain and started ridding me cock hard and fast and holding onto the chain as she rose up she pulled on the chain and pain shot though my nipples like there were on fire and then as she game back down my cock the chain went loose and the pain became pleasure, after about five minutes of this I could not take any more my back arched up and I let out one load YESsssssssssssss as I exploded into her I do not thing my cock had ever spat out cum at such a force as it did that night as I came Kate pulled on the chain once more and help it tight as I came and came.

I was worn out once my cock started to shrink and Kate got off me as it slipped from her and she told me to leave the clamps in place, while I was getting my breath back Kate and June got into a 69 and June was now eating my load of cum along with Kate’s juice and there was a lot to drink, they kept at it for some time and I lay on my side watching them,in the next room I heard Tony give one large grunt and knew he was filling Sue’s cunt or mouth with his cum.

After watching these to make love to each other my cock started to grow once more it had been about 20 minutes since I filled Kate’s cunt, and as soon as June saw it growing she grabbed hold of the chain and pulled me over to her when she kissed me hard on the lips, right she said pulling the chain sending pain running though me which made my cock even harder.

Which one of us do you want to fuck again , well I said with a grin both of you at the same time would be nice, June said “O” yea any hell do you intend to do that stud and gave the chain another tug, well what I want is for one of you lay lay on two or three pillow, then the other one on top of her both face down and then I will get behind you and fuck one hole and then slip it out and into the other and that is want we did.

It was not long both girls were begging for more and after a while I got them up and got them on all fours beside each other I then Shoved my cock into June gave her 10 full strokes on my cock before taking it out and plunging it into Kate giving her 10 full strokes and then changing again.

We kept this up for about 15 minutes and I was not far from cumming so I said which one wants my cum Both shouted ME ME ME ok I said you can both have it, both of you kneel up in front of me which they did Kate took hold of the chain once more and pulled on it so I had to bend forward and she kissed me, I told then to each place a hand round my dick and if they wanted my cum they were going to have to pull me of and that if they did I would make sure that they both got a load of my cum in there mouths, Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm said June “O” yes said Kate and with me kneeling they started to move there hands up and down my shaft I must said it felt strange having two different hands wanking my cock at the same time but my god was it good, I was not far from cumming and I told then to get ready from between gritted teeth as I was breathing so hard and the pleasure I was get was wonderful.

I said now and as I said that June’s and Kate’s hand shout up and grabbed the chain and pulled as I shot my load and as they still had a hand each they moved my cock back and forwards spraying themselves with my cum as it shot from my throbbing cock, Hot, Creamy, White cum splattered over them and it covered there face’s the pain was imminence as they pulled on the chain making sure I did not move from them but it made me come even more, when I finally stop they took a side of my cock each and licked up and down and taking turns in sucking the head and when I was clean they turned to each other and licked my cum from each others face.

I was spent and knew that no matter how much I want to rise again it was not going to happen any more tonight and when Kate undo the nipple clamps the pain rusted thou my now very tender nipples and June kissed then tenderly and even that felt like an electric shock then once we cleaned ourselves up I lay on my back and had Kate one side and June the other and they both lay on there sides facing me with my arms under there head and they each had one hand on my soft cock as that is how we went to sleep.

I woke with June ridding my cock she said well when I woke just now it was nice and hard so I did not want to waste it, I said now of course not that would be a shame Kate was still asleep, so she sat on me and rode me slowly making sure that she rose so the tip was just inside her then sliding down so every inch was in, I put my hands on her firm tits and twisted her nipples and she moaned “O” fuck yes and that gave me an idea I reach the nipple clamp’s and I but them on her and as I started to tighten them her cunt clamped round my cock tight and I knew she was enjoying it and when they were done up I took the chain and held it tight so ever time she rose up on my cock they pulled on her nipples,

She was saying YES YES Fuck Yes FUCK THAT’S good she woke Kate with her loud moans and she said OK that’s not fair starting with out me and she lent forward and took one of June’s Nipples into her mouth and sucked it with the nipple clamp still on tight and this took June over the top and her whole body shook as she exploded with a climax and I did to ramming up inside her and filing her wet cunt with cum.

Once again when her climax ended she rolled of me and took her clamps of and but them on Kate and June pulled Kate towards her and they kissed and June pushed two fingers right up into Kate’s cunt as they were kissing Kate could only say Mmmmmm Mmmmmmmmmmm Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

As June finger fucked her while they waited for me to get hard again,well watching these two beauty’s having sex like this right in from of me it did not take long before I was up and ready for round two.

Kate lay on the floor and I started by licking her feet and working my way up this model shaped body getting to her pussy and parting her hair as my tongue found her clit, I stopped there playing with it between my teeth for a while then moved on working my way up her heaving body and I licked each nipple and as I reach her neck I felt June take hold of my cock and place it up against Kate’s pussy hole and I did not wait I gave one hard thrust and rammed into her lifting her up as I forced my way into her then I felt June’s hand between us and she was playing with Kate’s clit as I started my long hard strokes, feeling June’s hand between us was nice as I came on the downward stroke her hand rubbed my lower stomach and that felt great, on and on I thrust Kate came twice and then I was ready to now fill her with cum and June speed up rubbing Kate’s clit and Kate was gritting her teeth as a massive orgasm ripped though her body and as she shook beneath me I came one last push and emptied my cum deep inside her.

We lay there cuddling for some time just resting as we were all worn out, WOW what a week end this was turning out to be and we still had one more night to go.

We spent the day like the day before drinking,eating,and watching the bands and once again headed back to the tent once the bands had finished, when we got back Tony and I got the drinks and we sat talking and joking around and Sue went into the tent and came out a couple of minutes later, she just sat down and we finished out beers and we were all looking towards the night ahead, the girls said to us just give us a couple of minutes before coming into the tent,

We got up and I said to Tony which side did you want tonight don’t mind you take Sue and I will go with June & Kate and maybe we could swap round later, sounds good to me and I headed for Sue’s side of the tent, what we did not expect was the tent wall was gone and it was just one big room, Sue was on her back, Jane sitting on her face while Kate was fucking her pussy with a big dildo.

Wow what a sight that was Kate was kneeling in between Sue’s legs and her bum was sticking up so I got my clothes of and got round behind her and licked down her ass and round to her cunt this made her shiver, I knelt up behind her and just pushed my cock into her open pussy, she was already wet from what she had been doing to Sue and also been rubbing her own clit while doing it, Tony stripped and stood next to June and she took hold of his cock and placed it on her lips running the head along her lips before taking it side her mouth.

I had hold of Kate’s hips and was pushing hard into her and she placed a hand under her and took hold of my balls that were swinging back and forth as I fuck her, we stay like this for a while and then it was all change, Kate got on the floor, Sue took over the dildo and shoved it in Kate’s very wet pussy and took over fucking her with it, Tony got behind Sue and placed his cock into her and started to fuck her hard I took hold of June’s hand and pulled her to me and we kissed as we lowered ourselves to the floor and she lay down under me and she put her hand between us and guided my cock to her pussy and once I started to enter her she put her hand on her clit between us and started to run it round and round.

Her back arched up and she came screaming and when that died down she hooked her legs up over my back and pulled me in to her her hand trapped between us and I could feel that she was still playing with her clit, we were kissing and I had little movement but could just manage a in and out movement as she held me tight, Tony was really giving Sue a good hard fuck by the noise she saw making, but the next thing I knew I felt someone kissing down my spin moving down towards my ass they skipped over June’s legs and reached my ass and pulled it open and licked right down to my hole where they pushed there tongue into my ass,

I felt so bloody good and I pulled my head away from June to see that it was Kate going to work on my ass while Tony was fucking the hell out of Sue, Kate spat on my hole and the next thing I knew two fingers pushed into my ass and wow what a feeling that was, Kate really knew how to please a man this was she curled her fingers so with each push in they had to run along my prostrate, ( if you have ever had this done you will know what I am talking about ) my god this was good, Soon June’s body started to get ridged and I knew she was going to climax any time now so I tried to push in as hard as I could with her legs still pulling me to her and as she came Kate entered two more fingers into me and that set me over the top and my god did I cum.

June held me there while Kate still finger fucked me until my soft cock just slipped out of her and she undo her legs from around me and as soon as I was out the way Kate dived onto June’s cunt licking up mine and her juices with her ass and cunt sticking up like that as she licked the pussy before her I grabbed the dildo and rammed it home inside Kate, this forced her forward pushing her onto June’s pussy even harder and June shook again as yet another climax ripped thou her body all three girls were now moaning and screaming as they came and came.

When we all stopped to rest we all had a beer and sat there and talked but it was not long before Tony and I started to rise once more, the girls all agreed that they wanted to wank us off so we both came all over them.

So the three girls got to work we stood up and they knelt in front of us and Sue and June placed a hand on mu now hard cock and Kate took hold of Tony’s and they started to work on out dicks kissing them wanking them and sucking them it was not long before my legs were shaking and felt like they wanted to just give way underneath me but on and now these ladies went taking turns on sucking out dicks, soon Tony said Oh GOD as he thrust his hips forward and splatted cum over the three gorgeous ladies in from of us, all three squealed as his hot cum hit them it was all over the faces and tits.

All three of them took turns in sucking his cock while still wanking me, when he was sucked dry of cum they all turned to my cock and now I had three hands on it Sue and June had there hands on my cock and Kate hand was on there’s and I knew I could not hold back much more and soon my Cock was splashing my cum over them joining Tony’s on there faces and tits, when my cock had finished twitching and throbbing and all come had left it my legs just gave way and I fell to the floor where they licked and sucked my cock like they had done Tony’s.

The Girls stood up over us and they started to rub each others bodies rubbing in our cum into there skin, Sue bent and started to lick it from June’s tits and Kate got down on her knees and started of June pussy, Wow what a show this was and soon June had an explosive climax and she fell to her knees now it was Sue’s turn Kate stood and licked Sue’s tits and nipples and June started of her cunt pushing two fingers inside her it was not long before Sue’s body was shaking as a orgasm ripped though her one last change saw Kate getting the same treatment as the other two.

We were all now worm out and fell asleep in a heap on the floor, it was 10 the next morning before any of use woke and it was time to pack up and head home and the girls said that they would drop us home as it was on there way, we set of and June joined me in the back and we had one last fuck, I got her on hands and knees and rode her from the rear and as she climaxed I pushed three fingers into her pouting ass hole she screamed in pleasure and her cunt gripped my cock as she came again and her pussy gripped my cock so tight I shot my load inside her filling her wonderful pussy for the very last time.

We stopped at a services and when we had had our drink and a bite to eat we returned to the van Sue threw me the Keys and said you can drive from here you two (meaning June and myself ) have had your fun from the camp site to here now it’s our turn so Tony and the two girls got in the back and we set off home, I drove all the way to my home and as they got out the back Tony looked nackard but had a big grin on his face.

I said to the ladies as the got ready to leave as we only 20 miles away from each other could we meet again for some more fun, June looked at me and said sorry love but I don’t thing our husbands would like that, Your married I blurted out “O” yes said June we all are but when we go away like this once a year we have a understanding what happens while we are away stay away, and they do the same when they go away for a long weekend, works out well for all of us, June looked at me and said but I must say I will not forget you in a hurry or your cock for that mater, and of they drove never to been seen again.

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