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Nand bhabi

I am 25 years old girl and lived in a small city of sindh Sukkar. I’m still unmarried. 5-2 height and 36D breast which were quite big. We lived in joint family and my elder brother is worked in Karachi as Art Director in an advertising company. We received a shock when my brother told us that he got married to a Model Girl. Our family was very conservative and my parents dos’t like the decision and my father specially ordered that no one will keep relation to them.

And 5 years were passed in the way and when my father died then my brother visited home and at last we met again. First time I saw my Bhabi,Saba,. Although I have watched her in magazines and TV but in real she was very beautiful and attractive, sexy women although she was above 30 now. Soon we became friends. They stayed here for 1 week then they go back to Karachi and offered us for a visit to Karachi. Wanting to visit my Brother for a few weeks, I decided a visit for Karachi. When they picked me up at the airport, I hugged my Brother and Bhabi and exchanged pleasantries with her. Bhabi wanted to take me to the nicest restaurant in town for dinner. After dinner, we went back to the house. My Brother went to bed and Saba said she wanted to have a talk with me. We went to the backyard and sat down. We talk for 3 hours, next day she has no schedule so she was easy for a long chat. And slowly our talk turn around to marital life and later on sex and then she asked what I do for relaxing my sexual needs. It was a quite personal question but the personality of BHabi was such that I can’t resist my tension and said that I tried to relief myself but all in vain. At last I said that I want to sleep then she smiled and gave me a hug. We both have large breast and it felt weird having a pair of breast squeezed against mine, but it also felt good. I noticed that it seemed that she was holding on to me rather long. She then started to rub my back. She pulled away from me and gave me a kiss right on my lips. It wasn’t a long kiss, but it seemed like it lasted forever. To say I was shocked is not enough. She stood up and said goodnight. After getting over my initial shock, I became kind of turned on. As I went up to my room to unpack, I kept replaying that kiss over and over in my mind. I thought that maybe I misinterpreted what happened and no way did my bhabi come on to me. After I finished unpacking and started to undress to take a shower, I noticed there was a big wet spot in the crouch of my panties. I had to admit to myself that I am turned on by the thought of having sex with another woman. As I got undressed I noticed in the full length mirror my body for the first time in months. It seems I had gotten a little thinner from my days of over working myself. I turned this way and that to notice the changes and was pleasantly surprised by what I saw. Athough I was only about 5’2 in height, I was able to keep myself in firm shape. My breast being a D-cup making me look more curved. I smiled and then thought how silly it was admiring my self in the mirror. I looked back at my face and noticed there were no signs of strain which was good, seeing as how I always felt stressed out about my job and my schedule. My brown hair was long but held a nice shine to it. Next morning I wake up and after change the cloths I went downstairs to find her and got another shock. She was in the shower. I just turn back but she called me, “Stay Nadia I just came back”. I stay there but there was tingling in my mind. I want to go in there to see her naked body, but control my lust. She came out wrapped in a towel and was startled when she saw me on the bed. I told her that whole night I think about the kiss and that was really new to me. A shy smile came across her face and she said I was right. She dropped the towel and walked over to me. My pussy started to drip the minute she dropped the towel. OH MY GOD, what a sexy body she has. So firm and well shaped, She was an awesome vision. Her breasts were as big as mine but with age had sagged and hung low on her body. Her nipples were a dark brown and were very big. She was well built, with a soft stomach and wide hips. Her thighs were ample, and I saw that her pussy hair was thick and dense and extended a fair way up her navel. I drank in the eroticism of the moment. Her tits was a 40D and she has brown pubic hair. My bhabi lowered her face towards mine and without thinking I reached up, placed my hand behind her head, and pulled her too me until our lips met Yes, we kissed – and what a kiss. My whole body was electrified by the contact of my bhabi’s soft lips on mine. At first we simply kissed gently. It was enough for our lips to meet and acknowledge a new intimacy. But our hunger soon built. A bhabi and nand, each loving the taste and texture of another woman for the first time. Each wanting moremuch more.

My bhabi lowered her lips to mine and this time I opened my mouth to greet hers. Our mouths locked together and I felt my bhabi press her tongue into my mouth. I accepted it with relish and our lovemaking really began.

I had never kissed anyone properly before and gave myself up to my Bhabi’s more experienced guidance. Her tongue darted around and explored my Mouth We shifted positions, but still out lips made love – neither of us wishing to break the bond that had formed between us.

Eventually it was my bhabi who shifted her mouth from mine to begin kissing my checks and chin and then onto my neck. I arched my head back to give her greater access.

‘Oh baby, you’re so beautiful. You’re such a sexy woman. You’ve turned your bhabi on, honey, I’ve lusted after you for so long. Tell me it isn’t wrong, baby. Tell me you can accept your bhabi’s love.’

‘Yes, yes, I want this too. God I’ve never felt so good. You’re driving me mad. How can it be wrong if we love each other, need each other? I need this so bad – I need it all. Oh Bhabbi.

‘Do I turn you on, Nadia? This is what you want, isn’t it? Its time for you to put those pictures away baby and know the love of a real woman, a bhabi’s love.’She rolled on top of me and started to suck on my 36DD’s. I was surprised that she was able to put so much of my tit into her mouth. She sucked on my nipple until it was rock hard. She moved to my other tit and traced circles around my nipple with her tongue. She made me come just by sucking on my tits. I told her I wanted my Bhabi to love on my whole body. She smiled start to suck all my body. Her soft kisses were so tender that my body was start to seating and uncontrollable all that act. It was my 1st ever love making experience, she slowly reach to my virgin pussy. Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh. I shout when she touch it. She went straight to my clit and gave it a sucking like it’s never had. It seems that I’m in heaven, my whole body was so lighter that it stood on 2 fingers of Bhabi. She sucks so fine and rhythmly. She rolled it between her teeth while finger fucking me. I shouted BHabi, Bhabi, more uuuff, hhhhhiii,I love you bhabi , I love you. And the result of this I collapes and came on her tongue twice before she lifted her head out of my pussy. I calm down in 2-3 minutes in the way that my head was in her chest. Then I started to play with her breasts, and start to suck it harder. She like it and start moaning and start to rub my hairs to her fingers. And lastly I touched her pussy which was already wet. I opened up her pussy and ran my finger up and down it and inserted a finger. As I finger fucked her, she kissed me harder. I broke away from the kiss and told her to lay on the bed still with my finger in her pussy. She laid down and I immediately started to suck on those 40D’s. She was going crazy, writing like the bitch in heat she is. I sucked those tits as hard and as fast as I could. My finger was going in and out of her pussy with fury. She started to come with such force that I thought the roof was going to come crashing down. After she came, she said that for last 5 years my brother is fucking him but the way we make love making it is fabulous. You are than your brother.

As we lay in the bed holding each other, she asked me how I felt about her now. I told her I now have a reason to like her. We both laughed. We got in the shower and washed each other off both taking the opportunity to taste each other milk again. We got dressed and went out shopping. While trying on clothes, I had to suck those beautiful nipple once more. It was fun sucking her breast right there in the dressing room knowing that other people were close by. She was able to keep quiet while I suck her breast, but it was hard. She returned the favor, but I wasn’t able to keep quite as quiet as she did. When we came out of the dressing room, some women gave us some strange looks, but we didn’t care. We went back home and fucked the rest of the day until around the time we expected my Brother home. Needless to say that was the best vacation I had ever had. We always found time to suck each other’s breasts when my Brother left to go somewhere. One time she snuck into my room after my Brother was asleep and fucked me for a few hours before returning to my Brother. My bhabi and me talk all the time now. My bhabi still cannot see why I like this woman or what I see in her, but if she only knew.