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neha chauhan

rajat: hi dear….wana hot naughty kinky xiting chat with long term net frndship…wana share mails abt u n me….wana share those dark fantasises wch u cnt even share wth bf or husband…wana b real naughty n fulfill ur fantasies on net here ……wana know wats camel toe in ladies or how to measure a guy’s tool’s length wthot ltng hm know…..if nta tleast tell the color n shape of the tiniest cloth u wearing…..plzz….zzzz….if still nt then sorry…

rajat: hi
rajat: wana b frnds
rajat: interested
rajat: asl
neha chauhan: 21 f jaipur
neha chauhan: ur?
rajat: 24 m del
rajat: wana chat n b frnds neha
neha chauhan: yes
rajat: wana chat naughty?..or nethng u wana
rajat: tell more abt u neha
neha chauhan: anything u want..
rajat: so tell more abt u…wat u do neha….hobbies
neha chauhan: i m doing BTech
neha chauhan: final yr
rajat: ok
rajat: so originally frm jaipur only?
neha chauhan: yes
rajat: ok
rajat: so neha cn i b naughty….
rajat: wana ask smthng naughty abt u
neha chauhan: what/
rajat: tell me ur figure….n whr all u hv moles in ur body…
neha chauhan: i have 32 24 34
rajat: okkkkkkkkk nice slim trim
neha chauhan: and..
neha chauhan: mole..
rajat: wasit itni kam hai…amazing
neha chauhan: thnx..
rajat: whr all moles on body
neha chauhan: right armpit me…
neha chauhan: right palm me..
rajat: okkkkk
neha chauhan: ek mere waist pe..
rajat: okkkkkkk
rajat: aur…….
neha chauhan: and one on my left tigh…
rajat: okkkkkkk
rajat: whr on thigh…inner thigh or lower parts
neha chauhan: inner..
rajat: mmmmm…..
rajat: accha wat all wearing now neha
rajat: everythng in detail…color,design shape
neha chauhan: i m wearing my skirt and top…
neha chauhan: skirt is knee length..
rajat: skirt length n color
rajat: okkkkkk
neha chauhan: and top is simple white..
rajat: ok
rajat: skirt denim wala ya lose wala…color
neha chauhan: loose..
rajat: ok
rajat: color?
neha chauhan: grey
rajat: wat else……?
rajat: i asked all neha
neha chauhan: and my pink panty..
rajat: mmm.panty in detail plzz
rajat: plain or ne print?
neha chauhan: what detail..
rajat: v cut?
neha chauhan: v cut. ofcourse..
neha chauhan: and birds printd on it
rajat: mmmm.lucky birds
neha chauhan: yeah..
neha chauhan: what u wearing?
rajat: me in lower grey
rajat: grey t shrt
rajat: colored shorts under lower
rajat: so neha how many panties u hv n ur favourite
neha chauhan: i have 3..
rajat: okkkkk
rajat: nice
neha chauhan: one is green and one is orange
rajat: do u hv thongs too neha?
rajat: okkkkkkkk
rajat: nice color…
rajat: accha sabse sexy kaun si hai…sabse tiny size kiska hai
neha chauhan: green waali..
neha chauhan: i luv wearing that
rajat: okkkkkk
rajat: acchan how dense pubic hairs neha….do u keep dense oe trimmed or clean
neha chauhan: i use hair removal cream..
neha chauhan: so..
neha chauhan: well abhi to bilkul nhi hai
rajat: ok wch veet?>
rajat: okkkkkkkk
rajat: bald….nicd
rajat: r u virgin neha?
neha chauhan: yees
rajat: okkkkkkk
rajat: accha neha tell me…kaise nahati ho…panty mein ya poori nangi ho ke
neha chauhan: it depends..
rajat: jaise…
neha chauhan: ghar pe koi guest aya hua hai to pahen k nhi to nikaal k
rajat: kyn…guest se kya matlab hai…?
neha chauhan: koi b guest..
rajat: han but usse?
neha chauhan: and just to b safe..
rajat: haha
rajat: okkkkkkk
neha chauhan: u kno aunty or any female can share my baath room so..
rajat: okkkkkkkk
rajat: accha tell me ur most embarrassing moment….neone saw u poori nangi by mistakle or u saw ne guy nude like this n real embarrassmnt
neha chauhan: dono ho chuka hai
neha chauhan: wait
neha chauhan: pani pi k ati hu
rajat: haha
rajat: ok
rajat: mmmm.
neha chauhan: yes
rajat: ya tell incidents
neha chauhan: ek baar hum kisi ki shaadi me gye the..
rajat: kkk
neha chauhan: to me naha rhi thi
rajat: mmmm
neha chauhan: to us time mere room me koi nhi tha
rajat: ok
neha chauhan: bas mera bhai that
rajat: okkkk
neha chauhan: us time bahut chaota tha
rajat: ok
neha chauhan: to nahate hue mene bich me door khola aur kha chotu mera dress dena..
rajat: kkkkk
neha chauhan: then suddnly mere saame meri didi ka ladka meri dress le k agya..
neha chauhan: and i was only in my panty..
neha chauhan: i was shocked..
rajat: okkkkkkkkk
rajat: uski age kya thi n ur age?
neha chauhan: i shoutd…and closd the door…
neha chauhan: us time wo hoga 15 ya 16 ka..
rajat: n u?
neha chauhan: i was somewhere 17 or 18
rajat: okkkkkkk
rajat: so atleast u wre in panty
rajat: this formula of urs saved u
neha chauhan: yes..
rajat: or aftr this only u started this formula of panty whn guests
neha chauhan: yeah..
rajat: haha
rajat: n 2nd incident?
neha chauhan: and 2nd..
neha chauhan: abhi kuch din pahle..
rajat: ok
neha chauhan: mere bhai ka dost ghar pe aya tha
neha chauhan: actually we r very close family..
rajat: okkkkkk
neha chauhan: so he used to come at our home very freqntly
neha chauhan: and we also used to go his home
rajat: okkkkkkk
rajat: okkkkkkk
neha chauhan: then..
neha chauhan: mera bhai to nhi that
neha chauhan: and he came without making any call..
rajat: okkkkkk
neha chauhan: i mean bas wo door khol k agya
rajat: so u n he wre in house
rajat: okkkkkk
neha chauhan: or mere bhai k room me gya..
rajat: ok
neha chauhan: use wo mila nhi to wo mere room me agya
rajat: n did u knw he was in ur bhai’s room
neha chauhan: and i was changing..
rajat: okkkk ok
rajat: so he shud hv knocked ur door na
neha chauhan: ha..
neha chauhan: but i told u na..
neha chauhan: he is like my brother..
rajat: ok ok
neha chauhan: we r very very close..
rajat: so wat dress u wre in?
neha chauhan: but fir b…
neha chauhan: i was in skirt and bra..
rajat: okkkkkk
rajat: atleast panty nhi dekhi
rajat: accha u saw ne guy like this?
neha chauhan: no
rajat: ok
rajat: so ur didi ka ladke ne aapke boobs dekh liye
rajat: rght
neha chauhan: yes..
rajat: mmmmm
rajat: n wat was ur n his reaction like?
neha chauhan: actually wo mere papa k bhai ki beti ka ladka hai
rajat: okkkkkk
rajat: chacha ki beti ka ladka
neha chauhan: yes..
rajat: ur cousin;s son…
rajat: haha
neha chauhan: yes..
rajat: itna lamba rishta bana diya
neha chauhan: but usme aur mere me age gap jayada nhi hai
rajat: okkkkkk
neha chauhan: didi t bahut badi hai
rajat: reaction kya tha tumhara n uska
neha chauhan: i was shockd..
rajat: haha
neha chauhan: i shoutd..mummi….and closd the door..
rajat: ur hands went to dress or ur hands went to ur boobs
rajat: okkkkkk
rajat: haha
rajat: aftr tht incident did u talk wth him…
neha chauhan: boobs ofcourse yaar..
rajat: okkkkkkkkk
rajat: aftr tht incident did u talk wth him…
neha chauhan is typing a message.
neha chauhan: yes i talkd to himm
rajat: ok
neha chauhan: he is nice guy..
rajat: embarrased hogi na
rajat: ok
neha chauhan: we never discusd that ever
rajat: but he got treat of his life na
neha chauhan: what?
rajat: i mean he saw somthng so beautiful
rajat: he wud nvr forgt
neha chauhan: hmm
neha chauhan: wo to hai
rajat: accha neha kisis frnd ya lady ko poori nangi dekha hai…ne family member or koi bhi?…
neha chauhan: my frends..
rajat: ok…her name…kaise…poori nangi?
neha chauhan: tour pe gye the..
rajat: ok
neha chauhan: so..
rajat: so…her name
rajat: tour pe kaise dekha…
rajat: nahate hue ya changing
neha chauhan: nahte hue b
neha chauhan: change karte hue b
rajat: okkkkkkk
rajat: was she hairy?
neha chauhan: uska naam deepa, kavita, suruchi..
rajat: okkkkkk
rajat: sabko nangi dekha
rajat: unhone bhi aapko poori nangi dekha?
neha chauhan: ha
neha chauhan: kuch to masti thi..
neha chauhan: kuch mazboori thi
rajat: who has most dense pubic hairs
rajat: haha
neha chauhan: deepa..
rajat: n biggest boobs n ass?
rajat: okkkkkk
neha chauhan: bahut baal hai uski body pe
rajat: no nt body…pubic hairs…
neha chauhan: ho wo b
rajat: okkkkkk
rajat: accha biggest ass n boobs kiske hain
neha chauhan: ass to kavita ke..
neha chauhan: boobs suruchi k
rajat: okkkkkkk……
rajat: so all 3 hv some or othr qualisites
rajat: haha
neha chauhan: yes..
neha chauhan: wo to hota hi hai
rajat: accha neha do u masturbate?how u do n whr n wat all u fantasise thn
neha chauhan: kabhi kabhi
rajat: okkkkkkk
rajat: kakahn karti ho n aksie?
rajat: bathroom ya bed pe sone se pahle
rajat: kya kya sochti ho
neha chauhan: bed pe sote hue..
rajat: mmmmm…poori nangi hoti ho ya sirf neeche se
rajat: kaise karti ho…tell na
neha chauhan: bed me ghus k..
rajat: haha
neha chauhan: panty nikaal k..
neha chauhan: bra nikaal k..
neha chauhan: poori nangi nhi hoti ..
rajat: mmmm…panty knees tak karke ya poori nikal ke
rajat: okkkk
rajat: okok i got
neha chauhan: poori nikaal deti hu yaar..
rajat: sirf uppar ke clothes
rajat: okkkkk
rajat: so phir kaise karti ho..
rajat: how u start n how u end it
neha chauhan: bas fir kya..
neha chauhan: just put finger thre..
neha chauhan: thoda sa hilao..
neha chauhan: thoda maslo..
rajat: mmm.naughty ho
neha chauhan: ek haath se boobs dabao..
rajat: n wat u fantasise n whom
rajat: sabse jyada kise imagine karti ho
neha chauhan: mera class mate hai ek..
neha chauhan: uske baare me
rajat: mmmmm…haha
rajat: accha ji….
neha chauhan: soch soch k karti hu
rajat: accha neha kitni der pahle susu kiya tha abhi?
neha chauhan: kaafi der ho gai..
neha chauhan: 10 k ass paas kiya tha
rajat: ok……ab to aa rhi hogi phir
rajat: okkkkkk
rajat: accha western ya indian toilet hia
neha chauhan: indian
rajat: mmmmmmmmm…phir to bahut cute lagti hogi susu karte hue
neha chauhan: hat
rajat: do u make tht hissssssssssssssssss sound br startng susu n during susu
neha chauhan: wo to sabko hoti hai yaar..
rajat: okkkkkkk
rajat: accha sabse mushkil kis dress mein hoti hai susu karne mein
neha chauhan: tight jeans..
rajat: mmmmmmmm
rajat: accha ye batao neha kabhi bina toilet ke susu kiya hai…i mean bushes n trees ke peeche
neha chauhan: ha kiya hai na
neha chauhan: bahut baar..
rajat: kab …
rajat: okkkkkk
rajat: ever got caught?
neha chauhan: nhi yaar..
rajat: okkkkkkk
neha chauhan: frends hoti hai pahredaari karne k liye
rajat: accha aur gals ne bhi ki hogi sath mein na,kisis ki ass dikhi kya?
rajat: okkkkkkkkk
rajat: so frnds ne to ass dekhi hi hogi karte hue na
neha chauhan: are yaar..
neha chauhan: sabki dikhti hai
neha chauhan: dikegi hi wo to
rajat: mmmmmm……..accha ever went out without panty…in college ya market…i mean just jeans ya salwar n no panty inside
neha chauhan: tumhari koi sistr hai kya?
neha chauhan: ya gf?
rajat: na
rajat: single n still no gf…
rajat: y?
neha chauhan: and sistr?
rajat: but kucch gals hain jo frnds hain
rajat: nope single child..
rajat: gal frnd serious to nhi
neha chauhan: fir ladkiyu k baare me itna kaise pata hai tumhe?
rajat: kahan pata hai?…
rajat: nhi pata tabhi to asking u na
neha chauhan: ohhhh
rajat: me virgin yar…nvr seen full nude gal too ever
neha chauhan: i m aldo virgin yar..
rajat: accha neha bolo na ever went out wthot panty
rajat: mmmmm…i knw u told
neha chauhan: yes..
rajat: wowwwwww
rajat: whn yar…tell na
neha chauhan: thik se yaad nhi
neha chauhan: but gai hu
neha chauhan: 2 ya baar
neha chauhan: 2 ya 3 baar
rajat: ok
rajat: salwar ya jeans mein?
rajat: i guess salwar is more secure na
neha chauhan: no pagal..
neha chauhan: jeans is more secure
rajat: thn?
rajat: okkkkkk
rajat: aisa kyn?
neha chauhan: dekho..
rajat: dikhao
neha chauhan: suit me legs k side me jo kurta hota hai usme cut hota hai…
neha chauhan: waha se dikhta hai sab
rajat: han i hv seen many panties in tht
rajat: mmmmm…yup
neha chauhan: atleast panty line to dikhti hi hai
rajat: i hv caught some females inw hite tght suit n no panty
rajat: ya dikhti hai
neha chauhan: yes..
neha chauhan: so better to wear jeans..
rajat: accha aur batao neha…
rajat: hey cn i see ur bigger pic plzz….really wana see u neha….cn i b ur best chat frnd ?
rajat: u wana see me
neha chauhan: yes
rajat: ok will shw u my pics…accha tell me hindi names of penis,vagina,panty,ass,boobs,pubic hairs
You have accepted the invitation to start photo sharing.

rajat: cn i see ur pic in salwar,jeans ,saree if posble
neha chauhan: bas yaar
neha chauhan: abhi to ye 4 hi pic hai
rajat: ok…later cn u shw me in saree
neha chauhan: yes sure
rajat: n full pic in salwar
neha chauhan: ya
neha chauhan: pakka
neha chauhan: i promise u
rajat: thnksssss
rajat: thats me
rajat: avg looks
rajat: accha neha ek bat poonchun….
neha chauhan: whre r u from?
rajat: me from del bt pics udaipur
neha chauhan: ok
neha chauhan: ha pucho kya puchna hai
rajat: u wre in tht chat room…mujhse hi chat kyn ki?…
rajat: itne sarre msgs mile honge
neha chauhan: pta nhi yaar..
rajat: u replied me instantly…
rajat: n just our chat went n went
neha chauhan: may b cos of same age group
rajat: haha
rajat: okkkkk
rajat: bt thxxxx
rajat: ask me nethng…
rajat: i asked u hindi names of those..tell
rajat: ok will shw u my pics…accha tell me hindi names of penis,vagina,panty,ass,boobs,pubic hairs
neha chauhan: sorry
rajat: okkkkk
neha chauhan: got disconnctd
neha chauhan: fir se bolo
rajat: ok..mujhe laga susu.karne
rajat: accha jab bhi susu karne jaogi na,just think me watchng u doing susu
neha chauhan: shut up..
rajat: ok will shw u my pics…accha tell me hindi names of penis,vagina,panty,ass,boobs,pubic hairs
rajat: yaaaaaa plzz i wana see u everytime u do susu aaj ke bad….
rajat: just imagine me seeing…ok…
rajat: now hindi
rajat: bolo na
neha chauhan: got again disconnctd
rajat: ok no probs
neha chauhan: tell me kya bol rhe the tum
rajat: hindi words i asked
rajat: n was sayng ki i’ll surely watch u now jab bhi suus karne jaogi..
neha chauhan: i wont tell u
rajat: plzzzzzzzzz
rajat: i wana u to feel shy n tell me
rajat: u wud look damn cute
rajat: comon…..i cn imagine u blushing
rajat: plzzzzzz
rajat: it wud b highly erotic frm ur mouth neha
neha chauhan: nooooooooooooooo
neha chauhan: i cant
rajat: yaaaaaaa
neha chauhan: sorry
rajat: comon…haha
rajat: accha kyn?..u fele so shy?
neha chauhan: dont kno
neha chauhan: kabhi bola nhi
rajat: to aaj try karo na…comon….neha……aaj bolo
rajat: u wud feel erotc
neha chauhan: ok
rajat: plz
neha chauhan: tell me what
rajat: thnx…
rajat: penis…
neha chauhan: lund…
rajat: wow nehaaaaaaa
rajat: shaitan
rajat: haha
rajat: accha…boobs
neha chauhan: i heard something bobbe or boobe like that..
rajat: yaa..mammay n bobbe
rajat: accha panty?

neha chauhan: panty only..
neha chauhan: what else?
rajat: na…
rajat: kachhi n chaddhi…rght na
neha chauhan: ha yaar..
rajat: okkkkk….accha ass?
rajat: n pubic hairs…
neha chauhan: gaand..
rajat: wow shaitan…..
neha chauhan: and tht pubic that i dont kno,
rajat: its jhantte
rajat: n vagina?
neha chauhan: bur and choot
rajat: hey…how u knw bur one…grttttt…..
rajat: bur is mainly in bihar n eastern u p
neha chauhan: i have one frend who is from bihaar
rajat: ne bihari frnd?
neha chauhan: usne btaya hai
rajat: yessssss i guessed rght na
rajat: okkkkkk
rajat: accha whn u frnds get together do u chat naughty smtimes like abt boobs size…n penis size etc.
neha chauhan: ya
neha chauhan: sometimes..
neha chauhan: sabhi karte hai yaar..
rajat: ya….karte to sab hain…accha u felt shy while telling those in hindi
rajat: isse pahle kabhi use nhi kiya the wo words?
neha chauhan: nhi
neha chauhan: i mean karte hai
rajat: mmmm….ok
neha chauhan: but bas wo hammare bich hota hai
rajat: accha wat age u frst trimmed ur pubic hairs
rajat: kkkk
neha chauhan: 17
neha chauhan: 11th me thi tab me
rajat: okkkk…school ya college frst yr
rajat: okkkkkkkk
rajat: wowwwwwwww
rajat: matlab 11th tak all dense
rajat: accha school mein to skirt hogi na
neha chauhan: ha
rajat: ever caught ne guy looking under ur skirt
neha chauhan: bahut baar yaar..
neha chauhan: ladke to bas..
rajat: haha
rajat: maine bhi dekhi hai kachhi kai bar
rajat: accha school mein bhi panties ya shorts pahanti thi under skirt
neha chauhan: panty
rajat: ok
rajat: accha ne of ur frnds…kavita deepti etc…had sex ever?
neha chauhan: deepa
rajat: mmmmm.deepa
neha chauhan: uska delhi me bf hai
rajat: ok…so she shares all wth u frnds?
rajat: did she tell how feels frst time…paiful etc.?
neha chauhan: bas ek baar usne btaya hai…
rajat: okkkkkk
neha chauhan: ha sab kuch btaya tha usne
rajat: accha,….n tum sabne bahut class li hogi bechari ki
rajat: haha
rajat: she tried anal?
rajat: accha even though u virgin,ever thought wch position u like most?
neha chauhan: i on a sofa..
rajat: ok
neha chauhan: one leg on his shoulder..
rajat: mmmmm.nice,,,,,,
rajat: this is ur wildest fantasy?
rajat: for me i wud love to u on my top sitting over my penis….
neha chauhan: u there?
rajat: yaaaaaa
rajat: i wrote…
rajat: ok will again send
rajat: for me i wud love to u on my top sitting over my penis….
rajat: ya
rajat: r u getting me
rajat: r u getting wat me writing neha?
rajat: me here
neha chauhan: yes..
rajat: ok
rajat: for me i wud love to u on my top sitting over my penis….
neha chauhan: ok
rajat: n wats ur wildest fantasy neha
neha chauhan: matlab.?
rajat: matlab wildest desire in sex…kucch bahut weird
neha chauhan: nhi
neha chauhan: aisa kuch nhi
rajat: ok…
rajat: accha ur anus must b hairy?
rajat: hairy hai anus hole?
neha chauhan: hair removal btaya na
rajat: anus pe bhi
neha chauhan: to..
rajat: okkkkk
rajat: all clear n clean neha
neha chauhan: yes..
rajat: mmmm……accha u wana knw my wildest fantasy
neha chauhan: i dont ike hairs there
rajat: kkkkk
neha chauhan: tell me
rajat: i wana hv sex wth a 16 yr gal n her mom together or ne 2 sisters together
neha chauhan: why..
rajat: aisew hi…just a fantasy yar
neha chauhan: aisa ajeeb sa desire kyu?
rajat: pata nhi kyn…aise hi
rajat: accha neha u alone in room?
rajat: room closed
neha chauhan: yes
rajat: is thr a scale n thread in ur room…
neha chauhan: yes..
neha chauhan: why?
rajat: get thm…
rajat: pahle lao to…will tell smthng abt u wch even u dnt know
neha chauhan: tell me first
rajat: lao to..samajh jaogi
rajat: simple sa hai
neha chauhan: ok wait..
rajat: ya
neha chauhan: yes..
neha chauhan: tell me
rajat: le aayi dono
neha chauhan: hmmm
neha chauhan: u there?
rajat: n now frm thread measure the length frm ur navel to the point whr ur pubic hairs line start?….thn uss thread ko scale pe exactly measure karo length
rajat: u got it na…wana ur exact measuremnets of body wch u dnt knw even
rajat: plzzzzzz
neha chauhan: are yaar..
rajat: plzzzzzz na
rajat: simple hai
neha chauhan: kapde nikaalne padenge
rajat: nhi aise hi
rajat: skirt halka sa neeche
rajat: kucch mat nikalo
neha chauhan: scale is not proper
rajat: y?
neha chauhan: doosra laana padega
rajat: lao na phir….
neha chauhan: toota hua hai
rajat: to accha wala lao
neha chauhan: 12.1 cm
rajat: okkkkk….
rajat: now….frm tht point jahan se pubic line start hoti hai wahan se tip of ur choot…startng point of choot
neha chauhan: are kya hai yaar..
rajat: plzz na ab layi ho to itna
neha chauhan: ab to nikaalna padega na sab
rajat: plz nehaaaaa
rajat: nhi
rajat: skirt halka sa neeche
rajat: y to remove all
rajat: plzzzzz
rajat: wana knw all abt ur body baby
rajat: skirt n kachhi thoda sa neeche bas
neha chauhan: 14.8
neha chauhan: cm
rajat: wowwwwww….
rajat: now 2nd last thng n main thing…
rajat: neha ur choot lips length..tip se end point of choot
rajat: very exact plzz
neha chauhan: tum pagal ho kya?
rajat: plz naaaaaa
rajat: plzzzz
rajat: really wana know…..
rajat: this was d main thng i wana knw neha…plz
rajat: evn u wud knw abt ur length na
neha chauhan: tum pagal ho
rajat: plzzzzzzz
rajat: accha hun…ab to bata do na
neha chauhan: mere kapde nikalwa diye na tumne dhandi me..
rajat: haha
rajat: plzzzzz meri kahtir baby….bas ye 2nd last hai…
rajat: b esact….
rajat: exact
neha chauhan: ab wait karo
rajat: ok
rajat: waise wait kyn?
rajat: n han usske bad last thing bhi sath hi measure kar lena…..length frm ur choot end to anus hole….thats it….
neha chauhan: its something 7.5 cms..
rajat: wowwwwww……..
rajat: cute small choot u hv neha.n last hng
neha chauhan: that is not possible..
rajat: arre bina dekhe threa se measure kar lo…
rajat: tht is posble…thoda sa legs age karne honge
neha chauhan: are nhi dikhta yaar..
rajat: dekho mat…hath andar karke ho jayega
rajat: ya finger se hi kar lo
neha chauhan: finger se dekhne pe jayda door nhi hai
rajat: still kitni hai…to thread laga do na…
neha chauhan: 4 cms lagbhag
rajat: mmmmmm.okkkkkkk thxxxxxx,,,,,,,
rajat: haha….even u didnt knw na
rajat: haha
rajat: accha wats ur height neha
neha chauhan: 5f 7
rajat: sorry i got lil naughty
rajat: ok.
rajat: kucch jyada nhi hai…tum bahut lambi lagti hogi yar
rajat: acha weight kitna hai
neha chauhan: weight to pta nhi
rajat: arre pata hi nhi…weight?
rajat: kabhi to measure kiya hoga
neha chauhan: nahut pahle ki thi
rajat: okkkkk
rajat: accha neha describe ur boobs….r they round or oval…nipples long or round…ne hairs on nipples
neha chauhan: its round..short and round nipples and no hair
rajat: mmm……broen or black nipples
rajat: accha mere muh mein poore boobs aa jayenge tumhare neha
neha chauhan: pink…
rajat: mmm.gori ho bahut waise tum
neha chauhan: nhi
neha chauhan: tumhaare muh me nhi ayenge
rajat: okkkkk
rajat: accha describe ur choot…
rajat: complexion…is it puffy…thick or thin lips
neha chauhan: thin lip…
rajat: kk
neha chauhan: and no its not puffy
rajat: okkkk
rajat: dark colored/
neha chauhan: no
neha chauhan: general body color.
rajat: ok…but thodi dark to hogi na compared to othr body parts
rajat: accha neha kabhi kahdse ho ke susu kiya hai?….nahate hue?
neha chauhan: ho thodi si..
neha chauhan: ha kiya hai na..
rajat: kkkkkkkk…but ho jata hai?
neha chauhan: and u r right ahate hue hi kiya hai
rajat: ya thigs pe gir jata hai
rajat: okkkkkk
neha chauhan: nhi nhi
neha chauhan: hota hai araam se
rajat: accha tell me ne thng naughty u did n no one knws
neha chauhan: thoda sa aage kar k karna padta hai
rajat: mmm.yup u rght
neha chauhan: rhne do..
rajat: batao bhi ab
neha chauhan: leave it na..
rajat: plzzzzzzz
rajat: accha kucch hint do
rajat: its related to wat?
neha chauhan: chalo yaar..
rajat: akele kiya tha ya wth frnds?
neha chauhan: bta hi deti hu..
rajat: mmmm thx
rajat: kisi ko nhi pata ye?
neha chauhan: nhi
neha chauhan: suno…
neha chauhan: mere ghar k saamne ek ladka rahta tha..
neha chauhan: mera crush tha uspe..
rajat: mmmmm…..(wish i was tht)
rajat: oye hoyeeeee
neha chauhan: to me use ishaare karti thi
rajat: haha
neha chauhan: bas
rajat: kaise…
neha chauhan: uski baalkani mere roof k saamne hai..
rajat: mm…..lucky……
neha chauhan: to abs me jaan kar k baar baar apne boobs touch karti thi..
rajat: ishare kaise karti thi.
rajat: oye hoyeeeeeee tum na
rajat: tum bhi pagal ho
rajat: accha ek naughty cheez poonchun
rajat: dnt get angry
neha chauhan: hmmm
rajat: ever caught parents in romantic mood or heard moeanes?
neha chauhan: no..
neha chauhan: never
rajat: okkkk
rajat: okkkkkk
rajat: ur mom is also slim trim like u
neha chauhan: not so..
neha chauhan: but thik hai
rajat: lil plump?
rajat: okkkkk
rajat: so dad abhi bhi naughty hote honge dekh ke mom ko na
neha chauhan: kya pta..
rajat: accha u buy panties n bra wth mom?
neha chauhan: pahle mom k sath laati thi
neha chauhan: ab frends k saath..
rajat: mom ke pass kitni hain
rajat: okkkkk
rajat: accha wch soap u use in bath neha…n wch sanitary napkn?
neha chauhan: lux inernational..
rajat: madam
neha chauhan: and no napkin..
rajat: thn?
neha chauhan: indian toilet hai na
neha chauhan: haath se dho
rajat: arre periods mein?
rajat: mmm…okkkkkk
neha chauhan: u caught ur parents doing sex?
rajat: nhi yar….bt saw aunt n her 2 daughters pissing
neha chauhan: where and how?
rajat: n ek bar wh i was very small i saw a bride doing susu
rajat: they wre usng my room’s bathgroom…n thr is gap in door n floor…n i used to study on floor over a simple matress…so i saw thm
rajat: their asses wre visible
neha chauhan: therir age?
rajat: daughter;s wre like 18 n 16
rajat: aunt like 45
neha chauhan: ok..
rajat: nt direct aunt…but door ke relative
rajat: ek nayi naveli dulhan ko susu karte dekha tha
neha chauhan: kaha
neha chauhan: kaise?
rajat: usske pati se pahle maine usski gaand ekh li thi
rajat: yar i was small n my father in govt service n we had big old house
rajat: so big windows…
rajat: bagal mein shadi thi
rajat: so ek din wahan crowded tha so mehndi lagwane bride came to our house
rajat: winters the
rajat: i knew susu to karne jayegi dulhan
rajat: mujhe wo pasand bhi thi bahut
neha chauhan: ok
rajat: bas window mein halsa sa hole kiya peeche se n 3 hrs wait kiya
neha chauhan: hhahahaha
neha chauhan: naughty
rajat: n she came…lifted saree…n no kachhi she was wearng…
rajat: n gaand dikhi poori
rajat: haha
neha chauhan: ok..
rajat: commerce teacher ko bhi dekha
rajat: susu karte
neha chauhan: are
neha chauhan: use kaise?
rajat: wo achanak se tha
rajat: she was visitn gour house
rajat: routine visit
rajat: i had no such plans
rajat: but she went to use toilet…
neha chauhan: ok
rajat: tommaien unhe frst floor pe bheja
rajat: tht is fr guest
rajat: n upar se lil gap hai window mein….
rajat: main 2nd floor pe bhag gaya
neha chauhan: hmm
rajat: n chupke se wall se chipak ke…i saw…she was more thn susu
rajat: got it na….
neha chauhan: ok..
neha chauhan: chalo me chalti hu
neha chauhan: nind aa rhi hai ab
rajat: oh ho…..thodi der aur na
rajat: accha saree n salwar pic mat bhoolna……
neha chauhan: ha
neha chauhan: pakka
rajat: ruko na baby
rajat: accha neha kabhi kisi se itni chat ki thi?
neha chauhan: no
neha chauhan: ab jao
rajat: ok…accha ur mail id
neha chauhan: so jao
rajat: okkkkkk
neha chauhan: or sone do
neha chauhan: bbye
rajat: main padhunga ab to
rajat: wat time tomo?
rajat: n ur mail id
neha chauhan: nehac@
neha chauhan: bbye
rajat: k
neha chauhan: take care
rajat: tomo time?
rajat: u too
neha chauhan: dont kno..
rajat: hey i’ll slp wth u only…n susu karne jaogi na abhi…main bhi chal ke dekhunga
neha chauhan: sayad ab me sunday tak nhi augi
rajat: ok…jab bhi ana….i will wait…
neha chauhan: ok
neha chauhan: bye
rajat: mail to kar sakti ho na ?
rajat: okkkkk
neha chauhan: ha
rajat: susu karte hue dekhunga hameshaaaa
rajat: ok
rajat: mail karunga
neha chauhan: sunday night me milt hai
neha chauhan is typing a message.
neha chauhan: bye
rajat: ok
rajat: bye