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neha singh: do i know u
neha singh: ?
heart_virus_here: good yar…..we chatted so much …..rajat hoon
heart_virus_here: i was sure aap bhool gayi hongi yar
neha singh: oops
neha singh: sorry

heart_virus_here: i was d one who told u meanings of sme word in hindi
neha singh: ya ya
neha singh: sorry
heart_virus_here: no its ok
heart_virus_here: i was sure yar
heart_virus_here: it was my mistake that i thot i was ur good frnd
heart_virus_here: no info
heart_virus_here: no contacts
heart_virus_here: nothng
neha singh: oh so sorry
heart_virus_here: u know kitni offlinesssss
heart_virus_here: kitne din wait kiya
heart_virus_here: just for u
neha singh: ya ya
neha singh: sorry baba
heart_virus_here: aise nahi…punishment to milegi aapko
neha singh: ab aur kitni baar bolu
neha singh: acha do
neha singh: kya?punishment
heart_virus_here: abhi nahi….thodi der bad
heart_virus_here: ab aaj gayi agar jaldi to accha nahi hoga
neha singh: are de bhi dop
heart_virus_here: bina bataye har din chali jati ho
heart_virus_here: thodi der mein
neha singh: aaj nahi jana hai
heart_virus_here: gayi to accha nahi hoga…….
neha singh: acha baba
neha singh: nahi jana hai
heart_virus_here: yad hoon ya bas aise hi
heart_virus_here: aur aap batayengi ki itne din se aap online kyon nahi aayi
neha singh: i remember u
neha singh: bas yuhin
heart_virus_here: main pagal hoon jo roz aata tha net pe
heart_virus_here: ek to frnd bani thi aur woh bhi baho kahne lagi na
neha singh: sorry
neha singh: aisi baat nahi hai
heart_virus_here: ok…..dubara nahi karna yar
neha singh: ok
heart_virus_here: so sabse pahle mere doore id pe yeh likh ke offlline karo ki wat all u wearing in full detail
heart_virus_here: everythng n u know one cloth in fullestv detail
neha singh: ab bas ispe de sakti hun
heart_virus_here: doosre wale pe kyon nahi
heart_virus_here: woh bhi to add kiya hai na
neha singh: are par
neha singh: bas ispe
heart_virus_here: do na plzz
neha singh: ok?
heart_virus_here: heart_virus_999 pe likh do na yar
neha singh: ok]
heart_virus_here: thnks
heart_virus_here: ek hi bar mein sab likh dena in full detail
neha singh: sorry nahi ja raha hai
neha singh: uspe
heart_virus_here: kyon…….
heart_virus_here: accha ispe hi batao detail mein…..
neha singh: ok
neha singh: i m wearing a red top wid a blue skirt a white bra and white panty
heart_virus_here: skirt length plzz
neha singh: blow kneerole
heart_virus_here: mmmmmm……
heart_virus_here: accha…….to madam ab isse pahle aap bina bataye gayab ho jayen plzz gv ur mail id
neha singh:
heart_virus_here: pakka na
neha singh: ya
neha singh: why?
heart_virus_here: aise hi
neha singh: wat u wil send?
heart_virus_here: kai bar bounce ho jati hai yar
heart_virus_here: u see there whn i’ll send
neha singh: ok
neha singh: when
heart_virus_here: tonght after u will go
heart_virus_here: after chat
heart_virus_here: accha check ur mail
heart_virus_here: did u get ne from rajat
heart_virus_here: just checking
neha singh: now?
heart_virus_here: ya just see once
heart_virus_here: ok….i think its fine…no bounce
heart_virus_here: neway aur batao
heart_virus_here: pata hai aapne kitna intezar karaya
neha singh: sorry 4 that
heart_virus_here: hahaha
neha singh: kya hua?
heart_virus_here: woh to punishment milegi na bt mail mein gift bhi milega
heart_virus_here: aise hi….gussa aa raha tha bahut bt ab nahi a raha
neha singh: ok
neha singh: punishment kya hai?
heart_virus_here: accha kya mood hai ab
heart_virus_here: punishment abhi nahi na
heart_virus_here: jab meri mazi tab doonga
neha singh: ok
heart_virus_here: so tell kya mood hai aaj
heart_virus_here: thand hai yar
heart_virus_here: kucch help karo na
neha singh: kya karun thand to yahan bhi hai
heart_virus_here: we cn do smthng ki thodi garmahat aaye
neha singh: kya????????????
heart_virus_here: smthng…….hot………baby
neha singh: acha tumhara mail nahi aaya bhi tak
heart_virus_here: nahi aaya….rajat ke anm se….
heart_virus_here: naam se
neha singh: nahi
heart_virus_here: refresh mkaro plzz ek bar
neha singh: fir bhejo
neha singh: yahoo mail hi mein na?
heart_virus_here: haan
heart_virus_here: ok
neha singh: nahi aaya hai
heart_virus_here: ok…phir bhejta hoon
neha singh: ok
heart_virus_here: nahi to aapke loiye ek aur mail id bana doonga jispe sifr meri mails aayengi
heart_virus_here: i’ll tell u passowrd nj id in offlines
heart_virus_here: bt ab aisa na karna ki net pe ana hi bhool gayi aap
neha singh: thnx so much
neha singh: nahi nahi aisa nahi hoga
heart_virus_here: ok
heart_virus_here: accha to ab chat shuru karein thodi si hot
neha singh: ???????????????/
heart_virus_here: accha frst tell me/..u wont mind dirty chat na
heart_virus_here: thodi si hot naughty n dirty one
neha singh: ok but in limit
heart_virus_here: u tell me whn u dont like
heart_virus_here: ok
heart_virus_here: bt gussa na hona
heart_virus_here: n try to extend the limit coz here we just for njoyemnet neha
heart_virus_here: smthng wch u cnt evebn thnk of doing in real life…we cn do n share here
heart_virus_here: i wana share everythng wth u
heart_virus_here: wch i cnt wth neone else
neha singh: of course
heart_virus_here: thnks…..n i hope same for u
heart_virus_here: dont hesitate ever in saying nethng
heart_virus_here: me nt just for hgot chat bt for frndship
heart_virus_here: always remember
neha singh: ok
heart_virus_here: so uss din aap susu karne nahi gayi thi na
heart_virus_here: sent u d mail again….check once
neha singh: na baaba na
heart_virus_here: mmmmmm……………..
heart_virus_here: cn i use dirty hindi words……
heart_virus_here: n wana u also to use them
heart_virus_here: no shyness here neha
heart_virus_here: plzz….zzzz
heart_virus_here: its rule…no shyness
heart_virus_here: u hv to say wat u cn thnk of
neha singh: ok
heart_virus_here: so aapne kabhi real laude ki pics nahi dekhi na
neha singh: actually dont remember the hindi words realy
heart_virus_here: ask again
neha singh: ok
neha singh: vagina
heart_virus_here: choot
neha singh: penis
heart_virus_here: lund,lauda,lulli
heart_virus_here: wch one u wana me ro use
heart_virus_here: wch u like coz even u hv to use
neha singh: lund
heart_virus_here: ok
heart_virus_here: boobs is mammay
heart_virus_here: pubic hairs is jhhantte
heart_virus_here: ass is gaand
heart_virus_here: rght…learn them…..
heart_virus_here: ur chapter for today
neha singh: ok
heart_virus_here: so now say aapne abhi tak real lund ki pics bhi nahi dekhi
neha singh: ya
heart_virus_here: ok….accha now aap yeh bataiye ki aap panties ko hindi mein kya kahti hain
neha singh: of course hum panty hi use karte hain
heart_virus_here: ok……
heart_virus_here: kachhi uar chaddhi bhi kahte hain
heart_virus_here: accha check mail…mili kya
neha singh: ya
neha singh: sit its blocked
neha singh: why?
heart_virus_here: accha neha aap yeh bataiye ki aap nahati kaise hain….panties mein ya poori tarah se nangi ho ke….
neha singh: panties mein
heart_virus_here: sachhi mein….
heart_virus_here: poori nangi nahi hoti aap
heart_virus_here: honestly bolo na plzz
neha singh: haan last mein
heart_virus_here: say full pll\lz
heart_virus_here: last mein kya neha……
neha singh: nahate nahate utar deti hun
heart_virus_here: …..cnt u say ki last mein poori nangi ho jati hoon…….
heart_virus_here: no shy dear..,
neha singh: of course
heart_virus_here: so say naaaaaaaaaaaaaa
neha singh: ok main nangi ho jati hun
heart_virus_here: mmmmmm…………………….
heart_virus_here: kucch hua yeh likhte hue
neha singh: nahi
heart_virus_here: i guess aapne frst time yeh word use kiya hoga apne liye
neha singh: haan
heart_virus_here: accha kucch mujhse bhi to pooncho na yar…..
neha singh: acha aap kaise nahate ho
neha singh: ?
heart_virus_here: main to yar shuru mein underwear …phir nanga ho jata hoon…actually shuru mein bhi main underwera ko knees tak kar leta hoon….then poora utar deta hoon……
neha singh: acha
heart_virus_here: haan……..accha neha…..aap masturbate karti hain…..
neha singh: haan nahate waqt
heart_virus_here: mmmmm…………ok………main roz sote waqt
heart_virus_here: accha isse pahle aap gayab ho jayenek aur bat neha….
heart_virus_here: i’m going to send u a long mail…hot one…..teling abt me n asking abt u n ur body….n i wana full reply of it neha…..
heart_virus_here: chatting everyday is difficult bt v cn b in touch thru mails……
heart_virus_here: so will u reply to my mail neha……
neha singh: ok
neha singh: ok
heart_virus_here: my request plzz
heart_virus_here: thnks dear……
heart_virus_here: accha tell me more abt u neha
heart_virus_here: or ask nethng u wana ask
neha singh: u ask
neha singh: main kya puchu
heart_virus_here: kucch bhi
heart_virus_here: ne thng abt male body
heart_virus_here: ne doubt or querry
neha singh: how do u get xcited
neha singh: ]wat u like most in gals
heart_virus_here: ok…… crazy for 3 thngs in gals neha….
heart_virus_here: cn u guess
neha singh: boobs
heart_virus_here: ….no
heart_virus_here: one chance
heart_virus_here: guess
neha singh: vagina
heart_virus_here: ….
heart_virus_here: last chance
neha singh: panty
heart_virus_here: hahaha………….atlast……….
heart_virus_here: me like…..round sexy gaand
heart_virus_here: then pubic hairs…….
heart_virus_here: n most crazy for pantiessssssss…
heart_virus_here: thats y i always ask for ur panties
heart_virus_here: actually me like gal in panty more than nude
heart_virus_here: i hv a fixation for panties n ass
heart_virus_here: neha….u busy?
neha singh: nnnno
heart_virus_here: so say smthng na
heart_virus_here: i told u wat all i like
neha singh: kya?
neha singh: ok
heart_virus_here: ne comments
neha singh: no comments
heart_virus_here: y………
heart_virus_here: accha i hv made a new id for u….
heart_virus_here: its at
neha singh: ok
heart_virus_here: id is …neha_sexy
heart_virus_here: password is ….amitabh
heart_virus_here: at
heart_virus_here: open once to check it
heart_virus_here: n now tell me honestly ki how dense ur pubic hairs….