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Neighbourhood Aunties 13 – Sunita

The Aunty in this series is Sunita Aunty.Well, she was not in the age group of Aunties but I really liked her and that’s why I am putting my story here.She was around 25yrs old and was newly married to a employee of my fathers office who used to regard my father as father.In that sense,you can say that he was like my elder brother and Sunita Aunty was my bhabhi.

Her husband brought her to our house to introduce her to my parents and she was very happy to meet us.Thats when I got a good look at her and her beautiful body.Her husband informed us that she was a state level hockey player but had left the game after marriage.Its only one month,they had married and after spending sometime in the village with his family,she came to our campus with her husband.Sunita Aunty was not highly educated and Uncle wanted her to finish her graduation before marriage.But that didn’t happen and now she will be staying here and will be studying here only.Because Uncle was busy,He asked me that whether I can help Aunty in matters of study and I prompted agreed because it will get my permanent access to her house and who knows may be to her body.

So,I went to her house regularly to teach Sunita Aunty.She surprised me with her skills to learn so fast but most of the time I was just imagining that I was hugging her in my arms and my big cock exploring the depths of her pussy and her shaped ass.But I didn’t get much of opportunity and didn’t want to strike prematurely.One night when I was in my house,there was a powercut.I came put of the house and was strolling on the road for some cool air.I looked at the watch and the time was around 1AM in the night.Suddenly,I realized that I was near Sunita Aunty’s house and in my mind her beautiful smiling face came.I was about to turn back,when I saw there was light in her bedroom.They must have lighted a candle or emergency light.But what was the urgency?I got curious and decided to have a sneak peak.I looked around and saw no one.I slowly opened the gate and entered and then went to the back of the house where the windows was.

The window was little ajar and I tried to peek in.But I was not able to see properly but I heard the voices of Uncle and Aunty and Aunty was giggling.My curiosity began to rise and I inserted my fingers and widened the gap and when I saw inside,my cock began to get hard.Inside on the bed,Uncle and Aunty were sitting naked and Aunty was sitting infront of Uncle.Uncle was holding a book and was showing it to Aunty.I immediately understood what book that was and why Aunty was giggling while seeing it.Uncle was rubbing his body against Aunty’s bare back and also pointing towards some pictures to Aunty.I was able to see Aunty’s fullsized big boobs and the hairy patch between her legs.I took my cock out and began to jack it slowly.

Suddenly at one page Uncle stopped and pointed to something and Aunty’s face turned red.Uncle said-Lets do it but Aunty shook her head.Uncle tried to convince her but Aunty kept on shaking her head.Uncle became furious and shoved Aunty and then slapped her ass.Aunty was still giggling and then again went to Uncle.But Uncle again sent her back.Finally Aunty said-Ok my love,lets do it.Uncle’s face brightened and he welcomed Aunty.Aunty took Uncle’s cock in her hand and jacked it few times and then she was on her fours.I understood what Uncle wanted and jacked hard.Uncle mounted her from behind and pushed her dick between her thighs.Soon her was rocking Aunty with his thrusts and Aunty was moaning-Aah aah ooh ungh ungh.I jacked my cock hard and soon came and thus painting the wall with a white coat of my load.Uncle and Aunty was still enjoying and I thought its better to get away from here before someone else comes.

After that day, my attitude towards Aunty changed.Before I was used to chat and laugh with her without any problem but now I started to avoid her a little.Whenever our eyes met.I lowered my head because every time the events of the night came to my mind.As they say,women are very good reader of men’s mind and they can exactly tell what a man wants from them.She too was able to notice the change in my behavior but never said anything to me.

Oneday we were studying and she said-Lets finish this chapter and then we will have lunch together.I said-But mother may be waiting for me.She said-Don’t worry.I will tell her that you will have your dinner here.I said-Ok.Soon we had dinner tonight and I was leaving when Aunty said-Arun,if you don’t mind,I have something to discuss with you.Can you please spare me few minutes?I said-Sure Aunty and I sat down on the sofa.She sat besides me and said-Arun,off late I have been sensing that you have changed a lot and your behavior towards me also has changed a lot too.I cant understand why that happened?Do you find my company or behavior inappropriate in any way or you don’t like me anymore?I said-No Aunty,its nothing like that.She said-Then whats the problem?Please tell me.I am so worried.

I said-Aunty,I sometimes see that your bedroom light is on for late night.Why is so?Aunty said-Ooh that,your Uncle sometimes teaches me late in the night.Thats why the light must be on.But you still didn’t answer my question.I said-My behavior changed towards you because I know what he teaches you late in the night.Oneday I was walking on the street and curiously came to your bedroom window and also peeked inside.I saw the new lesson which Uncle taught you with difficulty which you first didn’t want to take.I am so sorry I did that but I couldn’t control myself.You are so beautiful and Uncle is really very lucky to have you.Aunty’s face turned red on hearing this and she spoke after remaining silent for sometime-Why are you so much worried about that?If you want,you also can teach me that subject.I looked at her and saw her smiling and I immediately took her face in my hand and pushed my tongue inside her mouth.She too responded and we began to hug and kiss each other hard.Then I said-I will call my mom and say that I will be staying over night because Aunty needs some special coaching.She said-See you in the bedroom.

When I was done calling and went to the bedroom,Aunty was fully nude and sitting on the bed with the same book I saw that night.She said-Here is the book my love.Get undressed and join me in the bed so that we could continue the chapter.I said-Sure Aunty but I will start afresh.I was naked in flash and was on the bed.Aunty looked at my cock and said-You really have a big thing Arun.I hope you will use it well to teach me.I said-Sure Aunty.Lets get started.She said-What topic you want to go with?I said-Same topic Uncle did that night.Aunty didn’t say anything and went on her fours.I smacked her ass few times like Uncle did and spreaded her asscheeks and saw her beautiful asshole which was fucked that night by Uncle.Her ass was not virgin like the women I had before but I still loved to fucked.I dropped some saliva on the hole and Aunty took my cock in her asschute like a champion.Soon I was fucking hard and she was moaning-Ungh ungh Arun,you cock is so big.I almost feel it inside my stomach.Fuck fuck Arun,you want to teach your Aunty na…….yeah baby teach your Aunty the lesson you Uncle has taught her.See how she mastered this subject.Ooh my god,that’s it rub my pussy too,here I cum………..oooh………. and She came.But I was non stopping and She too joined the party.After 15mins of long hard fuck,I shot my liquid stock into her asshole and unmounted her.She too came at the same time and fell beside me.

After sometime,I said-Aunty,did I do well?She said-Ooh Yeah Arun,you did so good.Infact you did better than your Uncle.I think I should do the revision with you again and again so that I would be mastered in that topic.I said-Sure Aunty.Want to go again as we have the whole night.She said-Sure honey but I think we should also try the other topics of this book as I want to revise them too.So,the whole night,we tried everything in that book and when I returned home,my mom said-Its look like you and Sunita were studying the whole night.You look so tired.Was the subject a bit hard?I said-Yes mom,but Aunty had previous experience in that subject and was a great help.We both together finished the whole book in one night.