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Neighbourhood Aunties 14 : Champa

The next beautiful Aunty in this series is Champa Aunty.She was aroung 46 yrs old and was from the remote village.So,she normally dresses like a village woman.Her husband was a gardener and she had only one daughter who was married.

She used to stay in our out house with her husband and used to look after our garden.I had seen her a lot in my house while pressing the feet of my mother and also giving her a massage.She had a heavy figure and sometimes she only wore a saree after bath and come out to hang her clothes.She looked immensely beautiful in that posture,wet body,open hair and the way she swings her ass while walking at that time,made me lust after her.

Her husband was a drunkard and normally used to remain ill.As village folks,they normally believe in the rituals and worships and less believers of the medicines.My mother sometimes used to buy medicines for him but he never used it.Champa Aunty used to perform some puja in her house for the cure of her husband.One night when I was alone in the house,somebody knocked at the door.I opened the door and saw Champa Aunty standing there.I asked-Yes Aunty,what is the problem?She said-Arun,your Uncle is having some problems in breathing.Is your mother home?I said-No Aunty,both mother and father went to a marriage and might remain there overnight.I will go and see if I can do something.When I went to her house,I saw Uncle lying on the bed and coughing.I said-Aunty,he might have cold and asked her for some balm and asked her to run that on his chest.I went back home and brought some tablets and then asked Aunty to bring warm milk and let Uncle had it.I waited for sometime there and when I was about to leave,Aunty asked me-Arun,will he be alright?I said-I had given him tablets for cold and sleep.He will sleep soundly and will wake up in the morning.I will go now.

She said-Can you wait for a minute?I said-Why Aunty?She said-Actually I was performing a ritual for the wellbeing of my husband and also it had to be done tonight.Since,my husband is sleeping,will you help me do it?I said-Sure Aunty,how much time it will take?She said-May be the whole night.I said-What kind of ritual?She said-I will recite a mantra for few times and a goddess will enter my body and then you fulfill what she asks and when she is satisfied,she will grant me boon.Then I will ask for what I want.I said-Do you believe in these things?She said-Please help me.I said-Ok,Aunty.

She took me to the puja room and closed the door.Then she started removing her clothes.I said-What are you doing Aunty?She said-It’s the rule of the puja.Everyone should be naked.Come one get naked.I said-I cant.She said-Come on,I am like you mother.Why are you feeling awakard?She was fully naked then and I saw her huge boobs,hanging and also a grey patch of hairy triangle.I couldn’t control myself and also became naked.She then started reciting some mantra and soon was out of control and started dancing wildly.The way she shook her ass and her boobs,my cock got hard and I began to jack it slowly.She was dancing wildly and suddenly stopped and looked at me.Her eyes were red and she asked me-Are you ready to fulfill my wish?I understood the goddess has come and said-Yes,what do you want?

She said-I want a man’s company to fulfill my thrist.I want you to have sex with me.I want you to fuck me and fuck me hard.I said-What are you crazy Champa Aunty?What will happen if Uncle knows about it?She said-I am no Champa.I have possessed her body.I know you lust after her.So why don’t you saying no now?I said-But?She said-Just do it or I will curse you.I thought she was acting but the voice and her eyes seemed otherwise.Then I thought what she is saying in true.If I want her,then why not now?I said-What do you want me to do goddess?She said-I want you to jack your cock hard.I saw that you were doing that.Do it infront of me now.I said-Ok and then started jacking my cock.She also started dancing again.I was wanking my cock hard while watching her seductive dance.Soon I was on the verge of cumming and said-I am cumming now.She said-Take the glass lying nearby and put your juice in it.I want it for offering.I did exactly that and filled the glass with my cum.She then took the glass from me and drank it.Then she said-Nice and now come on lick my pussy.

I hurried to her and sat down infront of her pussy.She then pressed my head to her pussy.I just pushed my tongue inside her pussy and began to lick it.She was moaning and hissing and also rubbing her pussy on my face.I hardly get any air but still licked hard.After sometime she yelled and then began to tremble and her pussy nectar gushed out and filled my mouth.I swallowed it hard.She then let me go and I gasped for breath.But she was in full mood and came to me and asked me to lie down.She then took my cock in her hand and began to jack it.Soon my cock was hard and she then rubbed the cock head on the pussy lips and then took it in.Shr took the whole length in and then began to ride me.I was exhausted and only lied down while she was humping on me.

She orgasmed again in sometime but still went on rididng.I had gained some strength and started humping from below.She was enjoying herself and I think it didn’t matter to him what I was doing.Then pressed her hanging boobs hard and she yelled and grunted.I didn’t know what took over her but she was non stop and soon orgasmed again.I was also began to pick up speed and rocking her from below.Then I knew I was about to cum and I tried to bend her towards me and she responded.She just hugged me hard and kept on pumping,yelling and goranning.I too was humping hard and she came for the third time and I came too.She calmed down slowly and got off me.I was just lying there and my eyes were closed.

I hardly slept for few minutes when she woke me up again and said-I want to fuck me again as I am not fully satisfied.Come on.I said-Sure.She then said-Champa wants her husbands good health.Since you did well,I want to grant a wish of yours too.What do you want?I said-I desire to fuck your ass.She was angry and said-What are you saying?I said-Yes,as you said its Champa’s body and you had possessed it and I always dreamt of fucking her big ass.She said-Ok,come on.After you fulfill your wish,I want your big cock again in my pussy.I said-Sure,On your fours.She did that and I picked up the bottle of coconut oil lying nearby and poured some on her asshole and lubricated it by using my fingers.She was grunting and then I tried to push my cockhead into her ass.

With difficulty,I was able to get few inches and then pushed it all the way in.She yelled and grunted but took the whole thick cock in her ass.Then I started pumping hard from the beginning and she was hissing and grunting.I was humping hard and was also pressing her hanging boobs.I wanted to prolong my fucking but after 10mins I came into her ass and got off her.She immediately turned and said-Time for my pussy now.I said-But let me rest for while.She was in no mood to listen and started jacking my cock and sat on the mouth with her pussy.I had no other way but to lick it and she was tugging my cock hard.Considering the amount of cock juice I gave to her,I think I hardly have anything left in my balls but she kept on working on my cock and pressed the balls too.

After sometime my cock was hard and she got onto it immediately.I had no strength left but to lie still and she enjoyed my cock in her pussy.I don’t know what happened and after sometime I dozed off.When I woke up in the morning,I saw Champa Aunty sitting there and watching me.I immediately covered my body with my hands and began to dress up.She was just sitting there and smiling and said-What happened last night?Were you able to fulfill what goddess wanted?I said-don’t you remember what happened last night?She said-No,not a single thing.Did anything happened?I said-Well,I think she was fully satisfied and your wish should be fulfilled and said to myself-I have already got mine fulfilled.She said-Thank you Arun.I said-No problem Aunty.Next time you do something like that,don’t forget to invite me.She smiled and said-Yes,I will Arun as I think the goddess is very pleased with you.