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Neighbourhood Aunties 15 : Bandana

The next Aunty in this series is Bandana Aunty.She was around 38yrs old and had only one daughter aged 8yrs. Her husband was a typist in my fathers office and Aunty was a housewife. She was also a active member of the ladies club and also very good at giving speeches and playing golf.There was a small golf club some 10km away from our campus and she used to go there every Friday to practice.

Although I am not so much interested in that game,I just used to go there because my mother went there and the club organized golf tournaments regularly for women players.Bandana Aunty was the winner for the last 2years in a row and now all set to make a hat trick.

When one day I met her at the club,she was practicing and I said-Hello Aunty.She looked at me and said-Ooh hello Arun,how are you?I said-I am fine Aunty.How is your practice going?She said-Its going well but I need someone to guide and help me out as my caddy is ill and he will remain absent.Arun,can you help me and be my caddy?I said-Of course Aunty,but I don’t know much about this game.She said-Don’t worry.I will get you acquainted with the all the things you need to know.I said-Ok Aunty.She said-Ok,when will we start?I said-As soon as possible.

She said-Ok,then there is a cabin over there near the bushes where I keep all my equipments.Why don’t you go there and have a look?I said-Sure Aunty.I went to the cabin and saw the equipments lying there and also a photo of Bandana Aunty smiling with the championship shield.There were also some clothes of Bandan Aunty lying there and when I searched through them,I found a panty in them and a naughty idea struck me. I forgot all about the equipment and thought when I will be able to fuck her and her beautiful ass.I then took out my cock and started jacking just looking at Aunty’s panty..Soon I was lost in the mood and also began to sniff it while wanking hard.I was so busy in wanking that I never heard the cabin door opening as Aunty came in and she shouted-What the hell are you doing?I was startled by her voice and dropped the panty and also stopped wanking.She said-My god Arun,you are wanking with my panty?Good lord,I never thought that you will be like this.I think your mother should know about this.I said-Sorry Aunty,the thing is that I find you so much attractive that I couldn’t resist you and I used to wank regularly just thinking about you.She said-Why?You are so young and handsome and you will find so many girls of your age.Why me?I said-Because they don’t have what you have.She said-Ooh yeah,and what the hell is that?I said-The experience to handle the stick and balls.

She looked at me and said-Is that so?I said-Yes Aunty and see I have got the best set of stick and balls you can ever get and then showed her my cock.She gave it ahrd look and said-Well,indeed Arun,you have got the biggest stick and balls I had ever handled but do you think I can handle this well?I said-Sure Aunty,you are a champ.She said-Ok then let me see.She cam forward and took my cock in her hand and began to feel the size of it.Then she knelt down and also cupped the balls.I said-Aunty,I think they need a special oiling I mean licking.She smiled at me and started licking the cock from top to bottom and also fondling the balls too.I was just feeling the pleasure and then she took me in her mouth and soon began the oiling,I mean sucking.The way she handled the cock and balls,I was sure that she was an expert in that.She was tonguing the cockhead and also licking the balls in between. I wanted to cum in her mouth but I restrained myself as I knew that we don’t have that much time for full adventure.

So after 5mins of sucking I said-Aunty,Let me return the favour to you.She similed and removed her pants and then her panty.She had beautiful bushy triangle and I asked her to ride my face with that pussy.She did that I was busy in demonstrating my tongue skills on her pussy.She was moaning and said-Arun,my god,you are a very good licker.I never thought that you will be doing this kind of thing,espeacailly to me.Ooh baby,lick your Aunty’s pussy hard.Your Uncle is not so good at it.Thats it baby,I think I am going to cum in your mouth.When she was on the verge of summing she pressed my head ahrd between her thighs and I also smacked her ass a few times and she released the stream of her juice in my mouth.Then she let go off me and said-What do you want now?I bet you need the real thing now.I said-Yes Aunty.Be on your fours.She smiled and did that while I spreaded her asscheeks with my hands and dug my face into it and started tonguing her asshole.She said-Arun,my love,what the hell are you doing?You are licking my asshole.Its dirty.Why are you licking it honey?I said-Aunty,Uncle has already taken you both holes,I mean your beautiful mouth and pussy but left this final hole untouched.So,I think its high time that I take it now.She said-Arun,I never knew you are such low down like that.You are such a pervert.You want to fuck my ass?Then fuck it you motherfucker.Fuck your Aunty’s ass.Fuck it now.

At that time my fingers were sliding inside her asshole and put some spit on my cock and lubricated it.Then I began to push my cock inside her ass.First it didn’t go in but when I kept on pushing,it went in and Aunty screamed and said-Are you going to tear my asshole motherfucker?Your cock is so big and it can hardly fit in.It pains a lot too.Why don’t you just fuck my pussy and pleasure yourself?I said-You are a champion Aunty and champions never give up.Would like to be a runner up?She said-No never.I said-So is my taste.The pleasure which I will get from your virgin ass,your pussy is nothing compared to it.She said-Then fuck it you motherfucker.Let me see how well can you fuck it.By that time she had taken me in her asshole like a champ and I began to romp her ass.She was moaning and screaming but since the cabin was far from the club,I didn’t care.I began to press her boobs over her t-shirt and also saw her rubbing her pussy with her hand.I was fucking hard and she was screaming-Yes ye…………sssssss,see how your Aunty’s ass feels around your cock.How it is gripping your cock you motherfucker,ooh………I am cumming,that’s it,Aunty is cumming now……..yeah………… and she came hard.I grabbed her trembling body and gave some long hard quick strokes and filled her ass with my jizz.We both collapsed on the bench there.

We cleaned up and then returned to the club.My mom was waiting there and she said-Where have you been Arun?Its almost one hour since you are gone.I said-Aunty had lost her ball in a shot and I was helping her find her ball.Infact I gave her two set of balls so that she don’t have to worry if she ever needs spare ballsBandana Aunty said-Yes that’s right madam,He also gave me the right stick which I think I should use regularly for my best shots.Infact he supprised me with her golfing skills when with one shot with the help of his long putter,he got the balls deep in the final hole.Mom said-Is that so Arun?I said-Yes mommy,HOLE in One.Mom said-Then you should also participate in the Men’s competition.If you need some advice and practice,Bandana will give you that.Aunty said-Yes sure madam,he is a born player and I will give him enough exercise he needs to improve his skills in that game.I said-Ooh Aunty,that’s so nice if you.I think I should start as soon as possible because I don’t want to miss out on the services of the experienced player like you.Aunty smiled and said-You are always welcome Arun.