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Neighbourhood Aunties 17 : Sujata

The Aunty in this part is Sujata Aunty.She was 42yrs old and had one son and daughter who were studying in 10th and 7th class respectively.Her husband was a engineer in our office and was dealing with the various machinery in the plant section.She too was a teacher in the same college where I was studying and was teaching history.She was familiar to me because she stays in our colony and also in the same college.

Sometimes I also give her lift on my bike when going to college.When she sat on the backseat with her beautiful body pressed against me,my cock used to get hard and I was thinking of the plan how to fuck her to my satisfaction and also her beautiful ass.

One day there was a function going on in our college auditorium and everybody was enjoying it.At that time,my teacher informed me that he had forgotten the merit certificates that has to be distributed among the students and I was one of them.He gave me the key of our department and asked me to get those certificates lying on his table in a packet.He told me to get that packet as the awad ceremony would begin the around 30mins.I went to the college building and then collected the certificates and when I was crossing the principals office I heard some faint noise coming out of it.I thought the principal is at the function,then who is in his room?It might be some thief.I went to the door slowly and also saw a dim light.It might be the torch of the thief.I the pushed the door open went in and stuck to the side wall and then slowly moved my head to the corner to see what is happening?To my surprise I saw that it was the chairman of our college management committee who was also a local politician and with him was the beautiful Sujata Aunty.Aunty was laying on the principals table with her blouse open and her big boobs hanging and the politician was fucking her in doggie style with her saree upto her waist.

The politician was thrusting hard and was saying-My love Sujata,the moment I saw you I knew that you are going to be mine one day.I always wanted to fuck you so badly but you never gave me that chance.Thats why I stopped you promotion and increment and see now you are lying here fucked by me and becoming my bitch.Every beautiful teacher and most girls in this college had been to my bed,and they got what they wanted.You should also get everything.Just satisfy me well.Aunty was saying-Yes sir,I am your bitch now.Fuck me,fuck your bitch hard.Please do it as soon as possible before someone else comes.Politician said-Don’t worry,I will finish soon.Here I cum Sujata,here I go aaah aaaah and he began to pour his seed into Aunty’s pussy and I think Aunty also came at the same time as she let a low growl.My cock was hard and I was jacking it hard.As they finished and was dressing up,I quickly got out,went to the bathroom and shot my juices in the toilet.I was relieved and came back to the function.I saw that Aunty and the politician were present there and I handed the packet to my teacher and he said-Arun,you took a long time and I was about to go myself.What happened?I said-Sir,the lock was stuck and wasn’t opening.He said-Ok.I went to Sujata Aunty and said-Hello madam.She smiled at me and said-Hello Arun,so you are to be awarded tonight.I said-Yes Aunty and I heard that you are also to be felicitied too for the best teacher from your department for this year.I knew you will give a great performance.She said-Ooh thank you.I just did my best.I said to my self-You sure did Aunty.The performance you did a little while ago was definitely good but you still have to do more than just good for your upcoming test.The Anal test to be taken by me.

After some days when she was coming home with me on my bike,I stopped my bike at one place and said-Aunty,I want to talk to you.She said-Sure,why don’t we go to my house and talk?I said-No,Aunty,I want to talk here.She said-Whats the urgency?I said-I want private tution from you.She said-Tution?But I don’t teach your subject.I know but I want tution in that subject which you are teaching the politician in the principals room on the night of the college function.She looked shocked and said-What are you talking about?I don’t know anything of this sort.I said-Ok may be when I tell your husband and show him the video recording,he might believe me.She said-Arun,please don’t do this.My married life will be ruined.I said-Didn’t you think about that before?She said-You know Arun,I don’t do this job because I want money.My husband earns more than enough but I used to be a broad minded girl when was in college and wanted to work after marriage.My husband didn’t want that and asked me to be housewife.After some heated discussions,he finally agreed.Now if that job would have gone,I would be back to home which I didn’t want.Thats why I did that with him.

I said-I know Aunty but you know the old proverb-To keep a lie concealed, you have to lie hundred times.Now you give me what I want and this will be over.She said-What do you want?You want to fuck me?I said-Yes but in a different way.She said-I didn’t understand.I said-Like most Indian married women,your ass must be virgin and nobody had fucked it.I want to fuck your ass.She said-What?Are you crazy?I said-Yes,I am crazy about your virgin ass.I want to fuck it so badly.She said-But I have never done that.I said-Well,there is first time for everything.Do we have a deal.She said-Let me think over it.I said-Think hard but not long.That deal with politician saved your professional career and this will save your family.Think about your children.She said-Ok Arun,I will think about it.Can we go now?If someone sees us here,it wont be good for either of us.I said-Sure Aunty.Lets move.

I waited for few days and Aunty didn’t answer.She used to meet me in the college but didn’t talk to me.One day I was returning home,she asked me for the lift and I obliged.While returning on the way,She said-Arun,I had thought about your proposal and I think I should do what you want.So,tonight come to my house at 7 and we will do it.I said-Are you sure?She said-Yes.My husband will be away for a meeting and children will be off for the coaching classes.They will return around 9.I think two hours is enough for your apetite.I said-Sure.I reached her house exactly at 7 and she opened the door after I rang the bell.She said-You are very punctual. I said-When you are going to get something special,its better to be on time.She said-Ok,come in.Lets go to the bedroom.I said-No,I want to do it openly.Lets go to the roof.She said-In the open?If someone sees us?I said-No one will.We will do it behind the water tank.There is enough space there.She said-Ok.If you wish that.I said-Bring a bedsheet and some lubricant.its your first time,you see.She came back with a bedsheet and a bottle of coconut oil and we went to the roof.I spread the bedsheet and asked her to be naked.There was a bulb on the roof but it was dim and was perfect from that area as more light would be dangerous.I asked Aunty to get naked fully and she did that in a minute.She was neither wearing blouse or petticoat.
She had a nice body a bit plump but was so fair.Her boobs were hanging a bit with big nipples and her hairy pussy looked so good between those creamy thighs.I asked her to lie there and I also got naked.I first smooched her hard and pressed her boobs for few minutes and she started moaning.I asked her to be on her fours so that her pussy and asshole will be on my mouth for licking and my cock was for her.She first took my cock in her hand and started creasing it.I said-Aunty,I think it’s the biggest you ever had.She said-Yes Arun,my boy.Its a monster.I am wondering if I could be able to take the whole thing in.I said-You will Aunty.Start sucking it now.She took her in her mouth and began to suck it hard.I was licking her pussy and she got wet soon.I dipped my fingers in her pussy and lubricated her asshole with it.Then I started working on the sphincter muscle and one by one my two fingers went in.She was grunting as she had her mouth on my cock and I also licked her pussy hard and began jamming my fingers up her asshole.She was bucking to my licking and began to tremble and filled my mouth with her pussy juice.Since I was below her I took the whole thing in.Then she stopped and I knew she was ripe for plucking….I mean fucking.

I got up and straddled her from behind and my cock just went for its favourite hole.When I started pressing my cock into her asshole,She scaremed-My god Arun,you will rip my asshole.Please stop.I said-Aunt,calm down.Its no point in going back.We have around 90mins left and I think we should better finish this thing may be you could have me again in your pussy.I lowred her head to the ground and asked her to stuff a part of bedsheet in her mouth and she did.Then I started pushing hard and after few times I had my cock buried deep in her ass.Then I started pumping hard and also began pressing her boobs from below just as the politician did that day.Soon I was in full swing and fucked around 15 mins before I came hard in her ass.Then unmounted her and slept beside her.She also collapsed beside me and was panting.

After sometime I looked at the clock and its already 8.15 and I think this time poor Aunty should have something she didn’t have,my big cock for her cock was hard again and I asked-Aunty,how about another round?We still have 45mins left.She said-Not my ass again.Please Arun,its still hurting.I said-No Aunty,in your pussy.She smiled and spread her legs wide and I positioned my cock infornt of her pussy and then pushed in.She took the half part without any problem and gradually I was whole inside.She hugged me hard and said-Now fuck your Aunty hard.Aunty gave you her virgin asshole and now its time to pleasure your Aunty well.Fuck me hard now you mother fucker,just fuck fuck fuck.I began slamming my cock into her she crossed her two legs on my waist.My pushed my tongue into her mouth and began fucking.She soon joined me and stated moving to meet my thrusts.We both picked up speed and whole atmosphere was filled with the sounds of-aanh umph aanh ooh yeah yesss and she came hard two times.After sometime I said-Aunty,I wanna cum aunty I am cumming.She said-Ok baby,me too.I said-You want me to cum inside you or want to fill your mouth so that you could have a nutricious drink.After all this fucking,you must be tired.She said-As you wish my love.

I fucked for sometime and she hugged me hard and came.I waited for her to get loose and then I took my cock out and asked her to hold her two breasts together.She did that I began boob fucking her.She let her tongue out and began to lick my cock head.Soon,I was near and asked her to open her mouth and began shooting my load into her mouth which she gulped.When I finished,I said-Aunty how was the fucking and especially the cream treat in your mouth?She said-Mindblowing and yummy.Then she said-Oh my god Aurn,please see whats the time and I saw my watch and its 8.50.I said-Aunty don’t worry,there is still 10mins left.She said-Ok,thank god.Now lets go downstairs and clean ourselves.I don’t think I will be able to walk properly for few days.I said-Don’t worry,You can say that you had a sprained ankle.She said-Yeah.When she was dressing up,I said-Aunty,thankx for the wonderful session.She smiled and said-Thankx to you Arun,I learned a beautiful lesson today.I said-Whats that Aunty?She said-History always repeats itself.