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Neighbourhood Aunties 19 : Nilu

In this part,comes another beautiful Aunty named Nilu Aunty.She was 48yrs old and her husband worked as an security officer in my fathers office.He was from the army and had taken VRS.After that he had joined our office and with him came beautiful Nilu Aunty. Both of them are from Punjab and one can imagine what would be the shape of normal Punjabi Aunties at that age. Well,contartary to that Aunty was not so fat but had a big ass.Her only son stayed out with his wife and came to visit them sometimes.Aunty was teaching Yoga to the women of the colony in the ladies club premise.

My mother was also going there and asked me to do Yoga.One day she said-As you can’t come to the class as it was only for the ladies,She has asked Nilu Aunty to guide me after the class.The class was from 6-8 in the morning and after that She can teach me 1 hour.As she and Nilu Aunty had become friends,she had agreed to do that. I agreed to go there because I wanted to fuck Aunty badly especially in her big ass.As the club normally remains empty in the daytime,I thought that time would be enough to have my cock drilling her big fat ass.

So,my class began and I began to learn a few things.My cock used to get hard when she was doing the postures and I always imagined that how it would be to fuck her in doggy,sidewise,69 positions etc.That used to make my cock hard and I tried to conceal that because I didn’t want her to see this now as I wanted some more time to make an advance towards her.But one day as the luck would be,my huge bulge got noticed.She at that time was doing a posture and was shaking her ass well.I was standing and watching it and my cock was hard.I also began to rum it a little and when she was getting up,I tried to tuck it away so that she wouldn’t notice it but she got her eyes fixed right on that.She screamed-What the hell is that?I said-I am so sorry Aunty.I just…..She said-What do you think I am?Some private whore or some Mujarawali that you are getting a hard on by looking at my actions.I said-No Aunty,its not that.Actually,you have got some damn beautiful body even at this age and I just couldn’t help admiring it.She said-Ooh yeah?Thankx for the compliment but you should keep in mind that I am of your mother’s age and you shouldn’t look at me in that fashion?I said-What fashion Aunty?She said-Don’t play dumb now.You action suggests like you want to make love to me like a man does to a woman.I said-You mean to say that I am lusted after you and wants to fuck you.She said-Well,there you go.Thats what I was talking about you having on your dirty mind.I said-Aunty,if you don’t mind.can you ask you something?

She said-What?I said-I understand that you and Uncle love each other very much and is Uncle still give you the sexual satisfaction you need?I mean to say,may be you didn’t desire it anymore now but if you do,is he able to give you that.She said-Yes,he will.I said-That means you are still sexually active and is it wrong from my part to be attracted towards you which means that you still have a sexually killer figure behind which even a boy of my age is also lusted.I admit that morally,its wrong but just think for a second,what pleasure a boy of my age can give you if you want it discretly.I just want to fuck you as you have that mature and experienced body which may teach me few tricks.She smiled and said-By the way,you talk.i have a feeling that you are not a virgin anymore and had fucked women of my age.I said- I sure did Aunty.She said-How many?i said-Some15.She said-What,15?How the hell you did that?I said-Because I have long thick 9incher which can just pump pump and pump every hole they had and filled them with loads of my love juice.She was surprised and said-Thick 9incher?Wow.Then let also Aunty see the thing.I said-I will Aunty but first I want to see you naked.She smiled and began removing her clothes and soon her hanging boobs,grayish hairy pussy was infront of my eyes.She said-Satisfied?I said-Just turn around and let me see you shaped ass.She did that and shaked it few times.I said-Wow, Aunty,you are such a teaser.She then said-Time to show me yours.I removed my pants and proudly showed my prized asset.She whistled and said-It sure is big.I said-Feel it Aunty.

She came to me and kneeled down and began to examine my cock and balls and soon was jacking and fondling them.I said-They would feel better in your mouth Aunty.She smiled and took my cock inside her mouth and began to suck them hard.I was already hard and within 5mins,I began to pour my load into her mouth which she gulped down fully.I said-Wow Aunty,you drank that all.She said-Yeah baby,who would like to miss such a creamy thick Lassi got by churning the pot well.Also,it is needed after a though workout as it gives of lots of energy.I said-Sure Aunty.She said-Now,Its your turn to pleasure your Aunty.I said-Just lay down and see what I do.I straight went for her pussy and began to lick it.She was moaning soon and said-That’s it baby,Lick your Aunty well.Its been a long time,your Aunty has been eaten well.Do it baby.Soon Aunty will reward you with her juice too.I licked her asshole in between and tried to push my finger into it.She sensed it and said-You naughty boy,why are you licking my asshole?You want to fuck it,ooh baby I never had a cock in my ass.It would feel so great to have your randy cock savaging my asshole.The very thought of it is making me cum baby,here is I go…yeah……… and she trembled and came hard into my mouth and I jammed my finger up her asshole.She then relaxed and said-Aurn,my boy,you did a great job.Now get that massage oil from my bag.I did that and she was on the fours.

I slowly applied some oil to her asshole and began pushing my fingers into it.She was moaning hard and soon I had my 3 fingers inside it.Then I poured some oil over my cock and massaged it well and positioned my cockhead up her asshole and rubbed it few times.She helped me my spreading her asscheeks with her both hands and I began pushing my cock into her.She was screaming with a muffed voice as I kept on pushing in and soon had half length buried inside.Then I said-Shall I go further?She said-Full baby,I want it full inside me.If I am having my assfucked by someone who is not my husband,then I want the experience to be a memorable one.Just push the whole thing in baby and I began to do as she said.After sometime I was fully inside her and then started the fucking.She was helping me by thrusting her ass backwards and soon we both we crying and screaming with pleasure.When I thought I was about to cum,I bent myself and started fingerfucking her pussy hard.She said-Ooh baby,you are pleasuring my pussy and ass at the same time.Ooh god,fuck those two holes hard and fast baby.I am going to cum now.Make you Aunty cum hard.I was also fucking hard and soon began spurting loads of juice into her asshole.She also came at the same time and we both fell on the floor panting.

We then got up and went to the bathroom to clean up and there I asked Aunty-Care for another round in your beautiful pussy this time?She said-I would just love to honey but your mother must be worried and suspect something.We can have this exercise tomorrow and also many days to come.I have also a book of illustrated Kamasutra which I will bring so that we cam practice all the positions given in them as I want your big cock to fit and pleasure my holes in every position.I said-Sure Aunty.When I retuned home,my mother asked me-Why are you so late today?Its almost an hour.I said-Aunty and I will be trying some exercise in some very special positions and today was the first day of it.So,I was late and may be late until all I am perfect in all those positions.She said-I knew she was a special teacher.I said-She is mommy,surely she is.