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Neighbourhood Aunties – 20 : Prava

The Aunty featured in this part is Prava Aunty.She was 44yrs old and her husband worked in the stores department of my father’s office.She had a son who was in the boarding school.She was very lively and joyful and had an attractive figure too.Its her nature which attracted me towards her.She also gave tuitions to some small children of the colony.I decided that she was soon going to be my next woman.

One day I went to her house to talk with her about one of my aunt’s son who will be here for the summer and aunty needs him to study rather then waste his time in other things.Thats why mother sent me to talk with Prava Aunty about him.I reached her house and wanted to ring the bell but I just placed my hand on the door and it opened halfly.I got that Aunty hadn’t locked her door well so I decided to do some sneak peak and entered.There was no one in the front room.So,I went to the room where she usually teaches the small children.I heard some sounds coming from that room.When I peeked inside,I was just dumb struck.In the room Aunty was with a 14yr old boy of our colony and he was completely naked.Aunty was sucking his cock and he was standing there like a obedient student.My cock was hard instantly and I began to rub it.After some sucking,Aunty let go of his cock which was just around 3 inches and then climbed on the bed.The boys head is now at her pussy height.She then raised her saree to her waist to expose her hairy cunt to the boy and asked her to rub it with his hand.The boy did that and she was enjoying it well.She was moaning and then began to press the boys head to her pussy and asked her to lick it.The boy did that too.It seemed like Aunty has taken full control over that boy.I was just enjoying the show and was rubbing my cock hard.After sometime Aunty let the boy go and said-Ok baby,its time for you to go home.Come back tomorrow and we can continue it.

I sneaked out of the house and waited for the boy to get out.Then I went to Aunty’s house and one thing was going in my mind that if Aunty is such a pervert who satisfies her lust using a 14yrold boy,then what would she do,when she gets the real man and my man meat.This time Aunty welcomed me and said-Arun,how come you are here?I said-Well,I came here to talk about my aunty’s son who will be here for this summer and Aunty wants him to learn something during this holiday rather than playing the whole time.Can you help him?Aunty said-Sure Arun,I will.I said-May be you can help me too.She said-I don’t understand.I said-Aunty,if you wanted to be fucked so badly,then you should have told me.I am all ready to satisfy your physical needs.She said-What the hell are you talking about?I said-When I came here a little while earlier,I had the joy of enjoying the show you were having with that boy.I can give you more pleasure than him.She said-I don’t know what are you talking about.Her face was turning pale but she still tried to maintain her posture.I said-Ok then,the boys parents might be interested to know more from the boy.I am going there right now.Aunty said-Please stop Arun.Dont do that.I will tell you everything.My husband now a days are not that much interested in sex and I couldn’t control my urge.I thought the boy wouldn’t tell anyone about it and I just showed him my body and when he was watching me secretly while I was changing my dress which I did knowingly,I caught him and blackmailed him.I said-Now it’s the hunter who gets hunted.

Come her Aunty.Show me your beautiful body.She said-Not now Arun,your Uncle will be here for lunch.I said-Then how about a nice blowjob?She smiled and I unzipped my pants and my cock was out.Her eyes widened and she said-My god Arun,you are so huge.How I am going to handle this thing?I said-Come on Aunty.You are a champion.Just do it.She was on her knees and began to feel my cock and balls.Soon she was licking and pressing them and had it in her mouth.She was giving her best efforts and I was just enjoying the show.After 10mins of sucking,I pressed her head towards my cock and grunted while filling her mouth with my seed.I kept her head pressed on my cock for sometime and then let her go.She gasped for breath and said-Wow,Arun,you really filled my mouth with you juice.I said-I will also fill your other holes with it too Aunty.She said-Sure you will my love but not now.Come back at 3 and we will have the show going again.I said-I surely will Aunty.

I went there exactly at 3 and Aunty was all ready for me.Once she closed the doors,we both hugged each other and was busy in a deep passionate French kiss.We are also creasing each others body too.When we separated,we both became naked and Aunty said-Now honey,give your Aunty a good licking.She lied down on the floor and opened her legs.Her pussy was looking red and swollen and I immediately got to work.She was moaning hard while I sucked her clit and licked it.She said-That’s it baby.Give your Aunty a good licking.Your Aunty wants you to taste her pussy juice.Lick me baby,lick me hard.After 10mins of licking,she poured her pussy juice into my mouth which I swallowed.My cock was hard and she asked me to lie down and rode me.Inch by inch she took the monster inside and soon she was bouncing off me.I also pressed her hanging boobs and also smacked her ass too.Soon she orgasmed and got off me.I lied her sideways and entered her.I was pumping my cock and also kissing her ears,neck and bareback to arouse her.It didn’t take long for her to have another earth shattering orgasm.Finally,I began to do it in missionary style and she wrapped her legs around my waist to get me closer so that we could move in unision.After 15 mins of intense fucking in that position,she came again and me too began pouring my hot juice into her pussy.We both separated and went to the bathroom to clean up.

When we came out,Aunty said-That was the first hard intense fuck I ever had in my life.Thank you so much Arun.I said-No problem Aunty.If you ever need my cock again,just give me a call and I will be here to service you.She said-Surely I will Arun.I came back home and mother said-Why did it take so long?I said-Aunty was busy in giving tuition to other children and I waited to get my turn and we discussed whole things openely.She is ready and happy to give time for Aunty’s son.Mother said-I knew she wont refuse.I said-Me too.From that day on,Me and Aunty played the game of lust whenever we got time.I also did manage to pop her beautiful virgin ass cherry which she had preserved for a long time.She felt the pain and pleasure of her first assfuck and in the end ended quite satisfied.I was also happy that I scored another mature ass.