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Neighbourhood Aunties 22 – Nita and Madhavi

In this part,I was lucky to have another threesome with two beautiful Aunties.They are of 48 and 46 yrs old and they were Nita Aunty and Madhavi Aunty respectively.They were close friends and their husbands used to work in my father’s office.They used to chat,go shopping and also attended every function together.If someone is not present in her house,she could be found at another one’s house definitely.People and especially all the ladies of the neighbourhood used to both admire and envy their friendship.

One day my mother handed me some magazines and asked me to give them to Madhavi Aunty.I went to her house and her son informed me she is as usual at Nita Aunty’s house.So I went to Nita Aunty’s house which was just one block away from that place.When I reached there,an idea struck me.Why Aunty is always present at Nita Aunty’s house and may be there is something they are upto.But I decided to ring the bell.After few minutes when no body came,I thought I should try the balcony because may be they are in the bedroom and listening to music as Nita Aunty was an avid fan of music and always borrowed CDs from my mother.I went to the balcony and jumped inside and wanted to knock the door and if that didn’t work out,then I should have left.To my surprise,the door was open when I gave it a push.I went inside and didn’t find anyone.So I went towards the bedroom as sounds of music were coming from that room.The music was slow but I can hear it well.When I reached inside,I wanted to knock but some familiar sound stopped me.My god,its like someone moaning.As I was so much familiar with that sound,I know someone is masturbating there.I just peeked inside and what I saw,made my cock hard.Both Aunties were naked and they were kissing and licking each other.They were also rubbing each other’s pussy.I was shocked to see that because I had only seen this kind of things in porn movies but to see two mature Aunties with their hanging boobs and grey haired pussies doing this.I took out my cock and started jacking it.Then I though why the hell I am jacking when I can have two mature pussies infront of me wanting to get satisfied.

At that time both the Aunties were moaning hard and I knew they might be on the verge of cumming and I decided to wait for sometime.Aunties after some hard pitched shriek both fell on the bed drawing heavy breaths and started creasing each other.I knew,its time for me to make an entry.So,I pushed the door and went inside and said-Well well,what is going on here?Thats a very good show you both did and I didn’t know that you both are so die hard lesbians.Nita Aunty said-Arun,what the hell are you doing here and how the hell did you get in?I said-That doesn’t matter.The thing that matters now is that I have come to know about your little secret and what I am going to do with it?I bet the whole colony will be interested to know this especially your husbands.Madhavi Aunty said-Ooh no no Arun,please don’t do that.This will ruin our lives and we cant show our faces to anyone.Please don’t do this.I said-Aunty,I know you both were just pleasuring each other and satisfying your sexual needs.Do you think I am going to blackmail you both?No no,I will never do that unless you take care of my problem.Nita Aunty said-Yes,yes we will both take care of your problem.If you want some money,we will arrange something for you,wont we Mafhavi?Madhavi Aunty said-Sure we will.
I said-I have a very hard cock which need some warm mouth and it needs to cum right now as your little show has excited me so much that I think I am due for some good sucking and fucking.Saying this,I dropped my pants and exposed my huge hard cock.Both Aunties gasped at the sight of it and said-Wow,its so big.I said-Nita Aunty,its you first.Aunty smiled and came to me and moved her hand over my body before grabbing my cock and jacking it.I pushed my tongue into her mouth and gave her a rough French kiss.Madhavi Aunty too moved close and began to crease my body.I released Nita Aunty and she moved to my cock while Madhavi Aunty started French kissing me.Nita Aunty at that time was licking my cock and balls and I was pressing her head to my cock.My other hand was busy pressing Madhavi Aunty’s boobs.She was flat chested and didn’t have big boobs but Nita Aunty had good boobs.Nita Aunty had taken my cock in her warm mouth and began sucking me hard while I was busy in sucking the nipples of Madhavi Aunty one by one.Since I was very hard from the beginning,it didn’t take long to poir my love juice into Nita Aunty’s warm mouth which she swallowed hungrily.I let her go and she stood up and said-You do shoot quite a load.I said-Thankx Aunty.

Now its time for some good licking.Both Aunties lied on the bed and opened their mature pussies for me which I began to lick and fingerfuck simultaneously.Since Nita Aunty had the pleasure of having my load in her mouth,it was Madhavi Aunty’s turn to get my cock into her pussy.I was busy in licking her pussy while fingerfucking Nita Aunty and both the Aunties too were French kissing and pressing each other’s boobs.Soon Madhavi Aunty came in my mouth and Nita Aunty on my finger and now it was time for me to get into their mature pussies.My cock was hard again and I began o rub it on Madhavi Aunty’s pussy.She was moaning and with one big push,half of my cock went in.She screamed and said-Its so big Arun,its tearing my pussy into half.I said-Just enjoy a real cock Aunty and I pushed again to enter fully.Then I started slowly and then gathered speed.Nita Aunty had mounted her face and she was licking her pussy.I looked at Nita Aunty and she smiled at me.After sometime Madhavi Aunty rode me and Nita Aunty began feeding her pussy to my mouth.After Madhavi Aunty had came several times,I flipped her sideways and entered her.She held her one leg high to give easy access to me.While I was pumping her,Nita Aunty started licking and pinching my balls.I couldn’t take it anymore and began spurting my load into Madhavi Aunty’s pussy and she also came with me.

I thought it was enough but Nita Aunty was eager to have my cock in her pussy.So she started licking and sucking my cock and Madhavi Aunty began working on her pussy.Soon my cock was hard and Nita Aunty opened her legs and invited me to her waiting wet pussy.I thrusted my cock into it and soon was fucking her wildly.We also switched positions while Madhavi Aunty sometimes fed her pussy to my or Nita Aunty’s mouth.When after long hard fucking,I was pumping Nita Aunty’s pussy and was about to cum,Madhavi Aunty opened my asscheeks and began licking my asshole.It was too much for me and I filled Nita Aunty’s pussy with my babymaking juice.We three fell on the bed exhausted.

It was 4 in the afternoon and I said-I will be leaving now Aunties but I think you need some more satisfaction from me.Nita Aunty said-We sure are looking forward to it.We normally do it during daytime.Whenever you like you can join us or we will give you a call when we need your horsecock to satisfy our holes.I said-I will be waiting.But tell me something Aunty,how do you get into these things?Nita Aunty said-Me and Madhavi were college friends and were very close.After marriage,we separated but by luck we got together again.We had heard of this lesbian thing and thought why not try it for first time but we didn’t know we will love this so much.Its not that our husbands don’t satisfy us,but we love it more this way.I said-Ok Aunty,but next time when I will be here,I might want to try your mature asses and give you your first assfucking.Madhavi Aunty said-We would love that my love and will be looking forward to it.