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Neighbourhood Aunties 23 : Sonam

The beautiful Aunty featured in this series is Sonam Aunty.She was the English teacher of our college.Since We met often in the college,I used to fantasies her and how I wanted her to be my woman.There were rumors that she had affairs and her husband didn’t like it.Thats why she was having a rough time with him but since her husband had owned his father-in-laws property,he couldn’t afford to leave her.She was also very strict in the college and often used to scold student who used to be absent in her class or used to neglect their studies.I was used to admire her secretly which I think she noticed too.

One day in the college,she confronted me and said-Arun,there is something which I need to discuss with you.I said-Regarding what madam?She said-Your studies.I think you are neglecting your studies and not paying proper attention in the class.I said-But madam,I think I am average in my studies and not so bad.She said-Are you the teacher or me?I said-You mam.She said-Also my another quality is that I transform some ordinary student into excellent performers with the help of my expert and unique teaching programme which I think you boys need at this age but its not readily available.I said-Ok,whatever you say madam.She said-Ok,meet me after the college.After the college,she was waiting for me and we both went towards her home.She asked me to call my home and tell that I might be late because of some extra class.When we were on the way to her home,she said-Its better to discuss something like this in a quieter place.Lets go to our farmhouse.We went there and she took me into a small house.She said-It was meant for our relaxation because of the river flowing by,we get cool breezes all the time.We should be comfortable here.

I said-Madam,whats the thing you were talking about in the college?She said-Yes,just sit down and relax while I bring coffee for both of us.I sat on the sofa and she went inside.When she came back,my mouth fell open when I saw her.She has changed her clothes for a sexy nighty from which everything of her beautiful sexy body was visible.Let me describe her.Although she was around 42yrs old,her body was still like some 25yr old woman.She was slim and had a good busty chest and a round good ass.She sat down and handed me the coffee and said-You can relax here.Its 5 in the afternoon now and we can stay upto 9 here.We have 4 good hours which we can enjoy,I mean study and discuss.We sipped down the coffee and nothing was discussed between us.After the coffee she said-Well tell me Arun,you are not kind of boy which I thought you are.I said-Pardon me mam.She said-Yes,I thought you have nothing special when I first saw you but I think now you have something special and if you fall in good hands,you will be a very good student which will bring glory and pleasure for your teacher.I said-Why don’t you be my teacher then?She said-I would love to be.But you have to follow my methods of teaching then.I said-I am all yours madam.

She said-I can understand that you already got my point.I want you to become naked and show me your cock.I said-What are you saying mam?How is this possible.She said-I told you,if you want to be my student ,you have to follow my orders.Now drop your pants and show me you young manhood.I slowly unzipped my pants and then the underwear and my cock was out.It wasn’t hard but Sonam Aunty looked at it and said-Wow Arun,you have grown up into a complete man now.Just look at that thing.Its almost the size of my husbands cock even if its not fully hard.Infact,its bigger of all the cocks I had tasted till now.What a fine piece of equipment for sexual pleasure.I think you and I are going to have a good tuning.I said-I certainly hope so.Now its time you should also show me your sexy body which this cock is going to serve now mam.She smiled and began to remove her nighty slowly and exposing her beautiful sexy body.When she was fully naked,I was just shocked because she had a body just like a porn star in those porn movies especially those who act as mature actress.She also moved around to show her beautiful firm ass and my cock became hard.

She looked at it and said-So,you are aroused,that’s good.Now let me take care of that big things of yours.She was on her knees and began to lick my cock from top to bottom and also my balls.Then she said-You know honey,it’s a long time since I had a good cumload in my mouth.My husband never game me one and neither any of my previous lovers because once they cum in my mouth,they have hardly anything left in their nutsack for rest of my holes.But looking at these big balls of yours,I think you wont disappoint me.I said-I wont mam,but tell me you had also your assfucked?She said-Yeah,my husband loves to do it but I never liked him doing it.But tonight you will staify me in all my holes starting from mouth.She took me in her mouth and began sucking me like a professional whore.She was expert in this job and made everything possible in the book to make me cum soon and after 5mins of hard sucking,I began to cum in her mouth.She cupped my balls and pressed them hard,so that I cum hard too and so did I.She let my cock go after she swallowed all my cum and let go the cock which was limp now.

She then lied on her back and said-Its time for you to return the favour Arun.I immediately went for her boobs and started to suck and press them.She started moaning and began to press my head onto them.Then I moved downwards and began licking her deep navel and finally to her shaven pussy.I said-Autny did you shave regaularly?She said-Yes,my husband don’t like hairy pussy even if he didn’t want to lick it.Thats why I shave.I began licking her bald pussy and then also slipped two fingers into them.Soon I began sucking her clit while one finger went into her asshole and other remained in the pussy.She said-Ooh baby,you are licking me so good and also fingerfucking my asshole.Thats so great.I never had this kind of pleasure of getting clit sucked,pussy and asshole fucked simultaneously.Here I cum baby,here I go.Drink my pussy nectar baby,swallow it all.She released a stream of pussy juice which I swallowed hungrily.She said-Now its time for the real thing.But I want you in my ass first.

She was on her fours and I mounted her from the behind.I first licked her asshole few times and spitted on it.She put her head on the pillow and with her two hands spreaded her asscheeks for me and I began to thrust my cock into her asshole.Since she was loose,my cock with a few pushes went in and soon I filled her rectum to capacity.Then I fell on her chest and began to press her boobs,kissed her neck and ear and began fucking.She rubbed her pussy with one hand and began to thrust her ass towards me.Soon the whole atmosphere was filled with the sounds of-Oooh aaanh,yes,yes harder harder,deep yes deep full fuck fuck just baby fuck my ass,cum in my ass,it feels so good,my god yeah yeah aangh aangh etc.We both are moving together and was enjoying the fucking to the fullest.She came twice while rubbing her pussy and told me now its time to get the monster in her pussy.

I got off her and she then lied on her back and opened her legs wide and I knelt down and rubbed my cock on her pussy and then entered her in one push.She welcomed me in and asked me to hug her hard while fucking her.I did that and she wrapped her legs around my waist and I started slamfucking her.I began to thrust hard and she was moving with the hard push.She began to moan and I increased my speed.She came again and I thought its time for me to cum.I said-Mam,I think I am going to cum.She said-Ooh bay,just hold for a while and we can both cum together.I slowed myself a little bit and fucked her for some more time and she said-I am going to cum my love.So,join me and we can both cum together.I again increased my speed and soon she screamed hard while hugging me and became stiff and I knew she was cumming and its time for me too.I gave some long hard strokes and came again.

We lied in the same position for sometime and then went to the bathroom to clean.She said-So,Arun did you like my special tuition ?I said-Yes mam.She said-Now,if you ever want to have it again,just let me know.I would love to teach someone who is so willing and dedicated like you.I hope that I devote all my time for you and you also wont leave a single minute of for someone else,I mean you wont leave me capable of teahing someone after I had taught you.I said-That thing is surely going to happen mam.Trust me.