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Neighbourhood Aunties 24 : Jamuna

In this part I had another sexual encounter which I think is another one of my memorable one.In this part I got the opportunity to fuck a beautiful Aunty in a threesome with no one else but her husband.It was both a supprise and joy for me fucking beautiful Aunty while her husband was watching.

The Aunty mentioned in this part is Jamuna Aunty.Her husband was a peon who was given the task to look after our house i.e.he and her wife jamuna lived in a quarter that was behind our house but in our premise and they helped my mother in cooking ,cleaning and other stuffs.Thats how I came across Jamuna Aunty.She was 40yrs old but had a little bulky figure while on the other hand,her husband was very thin.It was just like a goat was married to a buffalo.I even wondered how Jamuna Aunty was having sexual pleasure from that guy.Uncle had the habit of drinking and Jamuna didn’t like that because she thought the drinking habit was making him weak.Their only son lived with his grandparents in the village and studied there.Jamuna had asked my mother to help her bring her son here to the city for better education and my mother promised her to get her son admitted in a good college here.

One day me with my parents went to a party outside of town and was scheduled to return next morning.But I was not felling well,so my mother asked me to return home and take rest.When I reached home,I was felling well due to the cool breeze I had during my bike ride.It was almost midnight and when I went to the kitchen to take glass of water,I saw that the light was still on in the servants quarter.I thought why Jamuna and her husband were still awake?My mind was becoming naughty and I slowly went towards the house.When I reached the door,I heard Aunty saying-Due to the drinking habit,you are not able to satisfy me well now.What should I do?Todya nobody is at home and we had a golden opportunity to have some good sex but you are not able to do anything.See,after so many foreplays,you have now become hard and please keep it for sometime otherwise I wont get any pleasure.Her husband said-I will try my love.I was overjoyed to hear this and thought they were fucking thinking that no body is at home but little they had idea that I was standing just near their door.

I pushed the door a little and peeked inside.They were right there and Jamuna Aunty was lying naked on her back and Uncle was rubbing his cock on her hariry pussy.She had big boobs but those were hanging due to her age and she had rather good shape from women of her age.Uncle’s cock was around 6 inches and was normal thickness and slowly he entered Aunty.He was knelling and pushing forward while Aunty was trying to bring him more into her by locking her legs around his waist and dragging him forward.Soon they picked up speed and was enjoying themselves and I thought its time for me to make an entrance.I pushed the door in and went inside and said-Aunty,I am not feeling….oh my god.I pretended that I didn’t know about them.Uncle moved away and Aunty said-Ooh Aurn,and she tried to cover herself but her saree was lying far away and nothing was there.So she covered her pussy with one hand and the other hand covered her both boobs.I said-Ooh I am so sorry Aunty,I didn’t know about this.Actually I wasn’t felling well so mother told me to go home and ask Jamuna to take care of you.So I came here and when I saw your light was on,I thought you might be awake and came here.But I should have knocked the door but since it was open,I came in.I am so sorry.

Aunty said-Its ok but you please shouldn’t tell anyone about this.I said-I wont Aunty.I am going now.Aunty said-You see me and your Uncle don’t get much time for this and today was a golden opportunity.So,we thought we might do this.I said-I am so sorry for interrupting you and I should go now.Aunty said-Aurn,if you don’t mind,you can join us.I said-What,are you sure Aunty?She said-Yes,very much.I said-What about Uncle.She said-I don’t think he will have any problem with that.I looked at Uncle and he nodded his head.I said-Ok Uncle,you go back to your position while I go to Aunty’s mouth.Uncle again started rubbing his limp cock on Aunty’s pussy and I got naked and took my huge cock to Aunty’s mouth.Her eyes lit up when she saw the size of my monster and immediately took it in her mouth and began to suck it.Uncle was hard again and he pushed his cock inside Aunty and started to fuck her.Soon me and Uncle was busy in filling Aunty’s both holes and after 5mins of fucking,Uncle screamed and began to tremble.I knew he was leaking his juice into Aunty’s pussy and I thought its time for me to fill her up and soon I began flooding her mouth with my sweet cum which she swallowed without any problem.Uncle said-You pleasure Jamuna for sometime now Arun and I will come back after sometime.I need some rest.

Autny also went to the bathroom and came back and said-Its time to pleasure your Aunty now.I immediately went to her pussy and began to lick it.She said-Ooh my god Arun,it feels so good.I never thought of this kind of thing too.Ooh bay lick me lick my pussy.I also licked her asshole and she shivered.I began to lick her pussy and finger fucked her for sometime and she cummed soon.I kept on licking and then inserted my wet fingers into her asshole.She began to buck as her both holes are being pleasured now.I kept on doing this for sometime and she said-Arun,my love now its time to et your big cock into me now baby.I want to feel it inside me.She opened her legs and I placed my hard cock on the pussy and pushed it inside.It went halfway in one push and Aunty said-Annh.Then I pushed again and it went full into her.She tried to hug me and I also embraced her and started fucking.I didn’t wanted to try any more position and wanted to fuck her like this.I took her one nipple into my mouth and sucked it while I kept on ramming her.She was also moving with me and was saying-OOnh Anngh,yes yes,just like that,fuck me hard Arun,fuck me hard.Your Aunty needs some hard fucking which she never got for a long time.Here I cum baby,here I cum on your cock and she came.I kept on fucking her,sucking her nipple one after another and also French kissed her and she came hard for two times before my cock erupted inside her and we both became still.

We rested for sometime and then Aunty started playing with my cock and it began to get hard.At that time Uncle came and said-I am ready for another round.Aunty said-Arun is ready too.I said-Lets DP you Aunty.She said-Whats that?I said-Let Uncle lie down and you ride him and take his cock in your pussy while I will get behind you and fuck your ass.She said-In my ass?Arun,I never had this kind of experience and your cock is so huge.Its going to hurt.I said-There is always a first time for everything Aunty and don’t worry,I will be gentle.Just bring me some lubricant.Aunty brought s bottle of coconut oil and I said-Aunty now ride Uncle.Soon Uncle was down and Aunty was riding him with his cock in her pussy.I asked Aunty to stay still and applied some oil to her asshole and my cock.Then slowly I began to enter her asshole and after a little bit of pressure,her anal ring gave away and I pushed some distance further.She said-Ooh mmm,ouch and I pushed further till I got myself fully into her.Then I began to move slowly so that her asshole gets adjusted to my cock and when I she was free,I asked Aunty and Uncle to move and soon we three were moving in unison.I cant describe the pleasure I was getting at that time and the atmosphere was filled with moans,screams and grunts.After 10mins of hard fucking,Uncle came and he became still.I kept on fucking for a minute or two and began spurting my load into her asshole.Aunty had multiple times in between and we all there lied there exhausted.I remained there whole night and fucked Aunty as many times as I could until my balls and cock was sore.

When I was leaving in the morning,Aunty reminded me the promise not to tell anyone about this secret and promised me that I could have her beautiful body and holes whenever I want.I came home and slept.When I wake up,my mother was there and she asked me how I was feeling?I said-Last night the bath in Jamuna was refreshing.She said-Bath in Jamuna?Did you go to Jamuna river for a bath?I said-No mommy,I mean Jamuna Aunty prepared hot water for me and I took the bath in it.She said-You should have thanked her for serving you with at that time of night.I said-I thanked her last night mommy and she said-You are always welcome.