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Neighbourhood Aunties 25 : Kasturi

The beautiful Aunty that comes in this part is Kasturi Aunty.True to her name she was very fair and always smiling and also had a good figure at the age of 48.She was the classmate of my mother and stayed near to our house.Her husband was also a friend of my father as they both joined the office at the same time.Her son vivek was my classmate.So,I spent a fairly good amount of time at her house.

Even in her house I had seen her exposing her sexy body infront of me and my cock used to get hard but due to the strong relationship her family had with ours,I used to control myself.I was determined that the first chance I had,I will have her beautiful body servicing me,especially her beautiful fair firm ass.

Oneday my parents had gone out of town and my exams were approaching.Vivek called me in the evening and told me that he had purchased some new games and I should come to his house to try it.I said-Will you mother allow us to play that as exams are approaching?He said-No problem,my mother is very liberal and she knows that how much I am serious about my studies.So,come over and try these games.I reached Aunty’s house and Vivek welcomed me to his room.Soon Aunty served us tea with hot pokoras.After finishing them,I sat down on Vivek’s computer and began to play that game.After playing for sometime,Vivek said that he is going out and will come back in the night so that we can study together.I said-Ok go on.I was busy in playing the game and Aunty came and said-Aurn,its already 9.Vivek called me and said that he wont be able to come home tonight.I said-But Aunty,we planned to study together.She said-No problem,you come and have dinner with me.After that if you want,you can study alone for sometime in Vivek’s room and then also sleep there.I will call your mom and inform about you.I said-Ok Aunty.When I was having dinner with Aunty,the thought of spending the whole night alone in her house hardened my cock.I was lost in this thought when Aunty said-Arun,why are you not eating anything?Are you not feeling well or the food is not good?I said-No no Aunty,I am perfectly fine and so is the food but I was just thinking about something.She said-What are you thinking about?Are you thinking about me and my cheeks turned red on hearing this and she laughed.After dinner,I went to Vivek’s room and she went to the bedroom.

I was busy in playing game didn’t have a look at the time.Aunty came into the room and said-Arun,its already 11 now.You should be in bed by now.I said-Sorry Aunty,actually this game was so much interesting that I couldn’t control myself from playing it.She said- What is the name of this game?I said-Need For Speed.She said-If you want to play a game more interesting and enjoyable than this game,come to my bedroom after 5 mins.Boys of your age should be more interested in playing the real game I am talking about rather than this artificial because that game is more stimulating and action oriented.I said-Is that game single player or multiplayer?She said-It depends on your taste.I said-Ok Aunty,I will be there in five minutes.

After five minutes,I reached her bedroom and knocked at the door and said-May I come in Aunty?She said-Yes sure Arun,the door is open.I went inside and Aunty was there on the bed with a bedsheet on her body.She looked at me and said-Arun,are you ready to play that game?I said-Yes Aunty.She said-But you are not obeying the first rule.I said-What rule?She said-This and she threw the bedsheet away and stood up.My mouth was open when I saw her because she was completely naked under that bedsheet.I had never expected that and was totally shocked.She laughed and said-Are you afraid to play the game of love and lust with your Aunty Arun?I thought you and I would be a good pair in this game.I said-Are you sure Aunty?She said-Very much baby.Now get naked and show ne your handsome young body.I immediately obeyed her and become naked.She looked at my cock which was erect by now and said-My my,you have got a real monster Arun.I said-Thanks Aunty.She said-I hope you got all the juice in those big balls to satisfy my lust.I said-Just try it Aunty.

She went to the bed and said-Come over my love.Let me taste your body.I went near her and lied there and she began working on my body.Her tongue began to explore my mouth while her one hand was busy in measuring my cock from top to bottom and also squeezing my balls.Her other hand was roaming all over my body.I was also dragging her body towards me and was hugging her too.She then moved downwards while kissing my body all the way till she got to my monster.She then began to tickle the cockhead with her tongue for sometime and finally took it in her mouth.I was in xeventh heaven as she began to suck my cock and press my balls like an expert.I said-Aunty,lets do 69.She immediately turned around and brought her pussy to my mouth which I immediately began to lick and suck.Her pussy was full of black and white pubic hair but was smell was wonderful.We kept on sucking each other for around 10mins and I in between also licked her asshole for few times.Everytime I licked her asshole,she shivered a little and began to suck my cock hard.She spilled her juice into my mouth two times and finally I began to erupt myself into her mouth and we got off each other and went to the bathroom to clean.

We returned to the bed and began to cuddle with each other.I began to suck her boobs and press them while her began to play with my cock with her leg.Her sexy legs aroused my cock in a small matter of time and she was ready too.She asked me to lie down and she then began to ride me.I saw that her face twitched while she took my thick cock inch by inch into her mature pussy.Then she lied still for minute or two so that her pussy gets adjusted to my cock and then she began to move up and down and asked me to fuck from below too.We moved faster and faster for sometime when she trembled and soon orgasmed.She was bent towards me and was lying still while I moved from downwards and gave some powerful thrusts.I then flipped her over and entered sideways.I held her boobs and bean to ram her while kissing her neck from behind.She was moaning and groaning a lot and I was just moving faster and she reached another orgasm.Then finally I entered her in missionary position and began to fuck her hard.She locked her legs around my waist and began to drag me towards her so that she gets my cock to the deepest part of her pussy.After fucking her for nearly15-20mins,I said-I am cumming Aunty,I am cumming.She said-Yeah baby,cum inside me.Fill my pussy with you hot sticky white liquid as much as you want.I am cumming too.Here I go baby,here I go and she had another earth shattering orgasm.I also gave some final stroked and filled her pussy with my boiling cum.

We again rested for sometime and Aunty brought some hot milk for me and said-Drink it my love,you need a lot of strength for this game.I said-Ok Aunty,now my cock is again ready for action but this time I need another tunnel.She said-Oh yeah my love,which one you want now?My mouth or my pussy.I said-Your unexplored tunnerl Aunty,your beautiful asshole.She said-But your cock is so big my love,it wont fit in.It will hurt too.I said-Don’t worry Aunty,I will be gentle.Just bring me some lubricant.She brought the Vaseline jelly and I asked her to get on her fours.I applied some jelly to her asshole and pushed a finger in and began to fuck her asshole.Soon I had my three fingers in her asshole and now she was ready for some real fun.I positioned my cock in the entrance of her asshole and pushed in.It went halfway without any problem and she said-Ouch,it hurts.I said-It always hurt a little for the first time and then you get used to it.Then I began to push slowly and finally I had my cock buried fully inside her asshole.I waited for sometime to get her ass adjusted to my cock and then began to move slowly.Aunty also joined me and began to thrust her ass back towards me.Then I began to ram her ass hard and soon I was in full speed.She was also rubbing her pussy hard and was screaming and moaning at the same time-Ouch ouch aangh anngh,yes yes,harder Aurn,harder,fuck my ass ooh god,I didn’t know it feels so good to get assfucked.Fuck it hard Arun,fuck it hard.Tear my asshole with that big cock of yours.Her words encouraged me and I viciously rammed her ass for 15mins and then I began to spurt my juice inside her ass and she was also came at the same time.We both lied on the bed exhausted.That night I again fucked Aunty for two more times in various position until I had nothing left in my balls.I came back home in the morning.

When I met Vivek in the next day afternoon,he said-Sorry,I couldn’t be with you last night for studying.I said-Oh no problem.I enjoyed the game very much.He said-Which game you played the most and liked the most too?I said-Undoubtedly Need For Seed,I mean Speed.I think I might have to come to your house regularly to play that game.He said-You are always welcome.