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Neighbourhood Aunties – 27 : Gujarati

In this part,I had a beautiful experience with two one mature and another young aunty.They were Gujarati aunties and this is the first time I had experience with some Gujju ladies.Both were sister-in-laws.Mature Aunty’s name was Krishna and young one’s name was Mayuri.Krishna was 42yrs old with plump body while Mayuri was 30yrs old with silm.Krishna was of joyful nature while Mayuri was a bit shy time.I decided to have one but luckily I nailed both of them.

This incident happened in a marriage ceremony while I was from the girl’s side.The bride was a daughter of my mother’s relation and I had to go to my mother’s native place and stayed there for sometime. Both the Aunties were in the barat and also stayed there.Although they both were dark in colour,I was attracted towards them.But I waited for the right opportunity.I first thought of having Krishna Aunty as she was very jovial and also interacted with me well but Mayuri Aunty was too shy and remained with the rest of the ladies of their family.As the ceremony was to last two days,I thought I should nail Krishna Aunty anyhow by tonight.Thinking of nailing her made my cock hard and I went to the bathroom and closed the door.I wanted to pee but because of my hard cock,I was not able to pee.I waited for my cock to loosen a bit and then there was a knock on the bathroom door.Since it was the only bathroom,I opened the door and saw Krishna Aunty standing there.She looked at me and said-Are you finished?I need to use the bathroom.I said-I was just about to go but you go first.She looked at my hard on and said-Well,I know why you havenot finished yet.Well,why don’t we go in together and finish our jobs because if anyone else comes here then you wont be able to go after me.I said-We,both together?She said-Why not?I think you needed some privacy with me by the looks you are giving me in the party?Come on,don’t be late.She simply dragged me inside and went to pee infront of me.I couldn’t simply imagine that but waited for my turn.She finshed and said-Go on.I took my cock out and tried to pee.She looked at my cock and said-You really have a big thing.Your Girlfriend or your future wife is so lucky.I said-Aunty,I don’t have a girlfriend and my future wife will have to wait for some time till she gets this.She said-Then,in the mean time,why don’t you give me a chance to enjoy this?I said-Its all yours Aunty and hugged her hard.She said-Ooh no,not now baby,someone might come.Which room are you staying?I said-The one in the back.I like privacy.So my Aunty,arranged that for me.She said-Ok,I will be there at mid night.Lets go now.

At the room,I waited anxiously for her.Since the room was in the backyard and surrounded by bushes and small trees,its not visible from the house and in the night a lamp was put there to burn whole night.But that night I put off the lamp and made darkness so that no one will notice anything.At mid night,I heard a small knock and I opened the door to welcome Aunty in.When inside,I hugged Aunty hard and began to press my lips to her.She also reciprocated to my moves and soon we were on the bed,kissing and hugging each other.She said-Lets get naked and start the real thing.We both got naked and she immediately got hold of my cock and began to jack it.I said-In your mouth Aunty.She laughed and said-You naughty boy and began to suck my cock.I was feeling great by her sucking and in quick time,I exploded in her mouth and she began to swallow my load.As I finished and was going to take my cock out of her mouth,suddenly,the somebody entered the room and switched on the lights.We both froze with fear and I thought this was my last time with any woman.

But to the supprise,it was Mayuri Aunty and she was shocked to see us like this too.She soon gathered herself and said-Didi,what are you doing?Aunty said-Enjoying myself Mayuri,why don’t you join too?You always said that your husband don’t give enough pleasure to you and see how big cock this boy has got?Saying this,Aunty showed my limp cock to her.Mayuri Aunty first stood there some seconds speechless and said-But didi,if anyone knew about this?Krishna Aunty said-Don’t worry,no one will know.Come,get naked and we can start.Mauryi Aunty was hesitant to be naked but Krishna Aunty helped her and she was soon naked.I said-Ok,I am to lick you first Mayuri Aunty.Then I asked her to lie down and went over her.I locked my lips to hers and began to embrace her hard.She soon began to enjoy and joined me.Then I began to suck her boobs and started to press them hard.She started moaning.At the mean time,Krishna Aunty had locked her lips with Mayuri and they both began to enjoy each other.Soon I was on Mayuri Aunty’s pussy and began to lick her.I also began pushing two fingers into the pussy of Krishna Aunty and started to finger fuck her too.They both soon began to buck their bodies and came at the same time wetting my fingers and my mouth.My cock was hard and I got up and began to rub my cock on Mayuri Aunty’s pussy and began to push it inside.Since she was newly married,her pussy was tight but I kept on pressing till I had my cock half-buried inside it.Then suddenly,Krishna Aunty got up and knelt infornt of me and over the body of Mayuri Aunty and said-Lets all go at a time.I will keep her mouth busy so that she doesn’t shout and you keep my pussy and her pussy busy with your mouth and cock.I understood the point and pushed my mouth to her pussy while started fucking Mayuri Aunty.We three moved in unison and suddenly I began to poke my nose inside Krishna Aunty’s ass.She understood the point and opened her asscheeks for me with her hands and I began to tongue her pussy and asshole simulataneously.Soon she and Mayuri Aunty came and remained still for sometime and then I kept on doing what I was doing.Soon they both came again and I also poured my love juice inside Mayuri Aunty’s pussy.

We three rested for sometime and then Krishna Aunty began to play with my cock and said-Its time to get it inside me.I said-Aunty,I want to fuck your beautiful ass.She smiled and said-Sure,but fuck my pussy for sometime and then you can fuck my ass.I lied her down and pushed my hard cock inside her pussy.Her pussy was loose and she took me fully inside her.Then I began to fuck her hard.Mayuri Aunty also joined the action as she began to suck the boobs of Krishna Aunty one by one.I also pushed two fingers into her pussy and began to fingerfuck her.We three were enjoying the action and both Aunties came again.I said-Aunty,now your ass.She said-Be gentle baby,its my first time and your cock is so big.I said-Don’t worry.She was on her fours and I licked her asshole few times and spitted on it.Then I asked her to lick Mayrui Aunty’s pussy so that her cries wont be heard.She began to lick Mayuri Aunty’s pussy while I slowly inserted my cock into her asshole.Mayuri Aunty was getting pleasure and was pushing Krishna Aunty’s head towards her pussy while I pushed my cock all into her and then began to fuck her hard.She was groaning and Mayuri Aunty was moaning.The fucking lasted for 10mins and Mayuri Aunty came twice in Krishna Aunty’s mouth.I also gave some deep hard strokes and poured myself into her ass.We all got up and went to the bathroom to get cleaned.

That night I fucked them both again as Mayrui Aunty didn’t wanted to get her ass fucked,I fucked her again in her pussy and also Krishna Aunty in her pussy too.They both went to their rooms around 5AM so that nobody misses them.The marriage went on well and both the Aunties remained by my side most of the time.I said to them-When we are going to have another session?Krishna Aunty said-I am dying to have another session but you see,we are too busy and if we are absent,then it might create some problem.Its risky.Mayuri Aunty said-Don’t worry,since we became relatives,you can come to our place or when we come here again,we will call you so that we can have all the fun we want.But you have to wait till then.I said-I will Aunty.I sure will.