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Neighbourhood Aunties-28 : Swapna

In this part,I got to nail an Aunty who was an professor at the university under whom I was doing my project.A small project on Accounting was to be done by the Honours student and as Aunty was the HOD of Commerce department of the University,I had to work under her.The assignment was for seven days.Now let me describe something about Aunty.Her name was Swapna and she was 45yrs old though she looked as if she was 35.She had a slim figure and short hair.Her husband had died and she had no children.So,I thought how it would feel to have my cock in her tight pussy and also in her tight virgin ass.

So,I started working with her but most of the time my mind was occupied with her beautiful body.She also saw me a few times looking at her body.She once asked me-Is there everything alright with you Arun?I think you are not concentrating on your project and if this happens,then you wont be able to finish your project in the given time..I said-No mam,I am concentrating on my project and I will be able to complete is successfully in the given time(I murmured-which is you of course).

One day I went to the university and found that she is on a sick leave.So,I went to her house and knocked on the door.As she was living alone,she opened the door and welcomed me in.She was wearing a nighty out of which her curvy body was mostly visible which made my cock hard.I followed her into the drawing room and she asked me-How is your report going?I will be on leave today and might go tomorrow.Tomorrow is your deadline to submit the project.I hope you have finished it already.I said-I am working on it and by tonight it will be finshed.She said-Good.I said-By the way,how are you feeling madam?She said-I am Ok now but I think I will go tomorrow.I said-Madam,if you don’t mind,can I say something?She said-Sure Arun,go ahead.I said-I think you need a special massage so that your aching body will feel good.She said-Ooh yeah,and where will I can get it?I said-If you don’t mind,I can give you one.She looked into my eyes and said-Ok,then,if you want to do so for your madam,then I go first into the bedroom and you come in when I call you.By the way,lock the front door well.I said-Ok madam.

She went in and after 5mins,she called for me.When I went into the bedroom,I was barely able to keep myself together.There on the bed was laying my beautiful madam with her naked back to me,with only a towel covering her beautiful ass.I was also able to see her big boobs pressing into the bed.My cock was hard instantly.Madam said-Come one Aurn,lets start now.I some how controlled myself and went on the bed and beagan to massage her bare back.After sometime,I went to her bare legs and was tempting to kiss and lick her smooth legs but controlled myself.She said-Kneel over my body and massage my back again now.I knelled over her body and began to massage her back but since I was moving back and forth,my hard cock was rubbing against her towel covered ass.I knew,she certainly felt that too.She then said-Aurn,whats that was rubbing on my back side?I stammered-Nothing madam.She said-Well get off me now.I did that and she turned throwing the towel away and said-You wanted to see and have this for a long time,don’t you?My mouth was wide open as she was wearing nothing in between her legs and her beautiful hairy pussy was in its naked glory.Her big boobs were hanging a bit too.She said-Well,what do you think Arun?Am I so sexy that your cock got hard while feeling my body?I said-Madam,you are so sexy.She said-Thankx Arun,you know,its after my late husband,you are the only person who is viewing me naked.I said-Ooh madam,I am so lucky.She said-Now show me your big cock,which you were rubbing in my ass.I could guess that it must be very big.I said-As you wish madam.

I got naked immediately and showed her my naked hard cock.She whistled when she looked at it and said-Yes,its definitely bigger than my husband’s.Please bring it to me.I want to feel it in my hands.I took my cock to her and she immediately took it in her hands and began to measure its size and thickness by running her hand over it.She also cupped the balls and pressed them too.Then slowly,she began to kiss and lick the forehead and soon it went into her mouth.She began to suck it slowly and soon increased speed.I was just standing there and admiring my beautiful guide sucking my hard cock.I was fully enjoying the show until I thought that its time to reward her with the juicy drink and I began to shoot my load in her mouth which she gluped.Then I withdrew my cock from her mouth and she said-Well Arun,you really gave me a load.I missed it so much.I said-The play has only began madam and we have a whole lot of things to do.

Then I made her lie on he back and separated her both legs and went to lick her pussy.She began to moan the moment I touched her pussy and pressed my head to it.I also licked her asshole few times and she shivered .Then I kept on licking her pussy and also pushed two fingers into it.My sucking and fucking became intense and she came in my mouth twice in between and I knew she was ready for me.I kneeled between her legs and began to rub my hard cock on her pussy.Then with a push,I pushed my hard cock into her pussy.She cried slowly and I said-Did it hurt?She said-Yeah a little bit because you are the only man I am having after my husband’s death and its almost five years and secondly,you are huge too.I said-Ok madam,I wil go slowly.I kept pushing my cock and also sucking her boobs one by one until I was fully inside her.She was creasing my naked back and kissing my head,shoulders etc.I pushed my tongue into her mouth and began to fuck her slowly.She soon joined me by moving her body and we both began to enjoy the fucking.Her tight pussy made me fuck her harder and faster and she was moaning and groaning loudly.We both fucked like rabbits for almost 15mins and she came multiple times until I said-I am going to cum inside you madam.She said-Its ok baby,you can cum inside me.I wont get pregnant as I have complication.Thats why me and my husband didn’t have any children.Cum inside me baby,fill my pussy with you young hot cum.I am going to cum too.Cum baby cum,here I go baby,here I go and she came hard while hugging me and I also gave some hard deep strokes and came into her.We both laid on the bed exhausted.I said-How did it feel madam?Did I complete my project well?She said-Yes,you should get 100 out of 100.

That day,I fucked her again twice before cumming in her pussy one time and another time in her mouth as she requested to taste my yummy cum again.I asked her if she wanted her virgin ass to be fucked which she said that she would love to but another time.That day,she wanted me to satisfy her pussy fully which has not been fucked properly since her husband’s death.I fulfilled her desire by fucking her in various styles that day.We began to have sexual encounters whenever we got a chance and she also had her virgin ass cheery taken by me.I think she was the most complete woman I had ever.