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Neighbourhood Aunties-29 : Kamala

This episode describes my encounter with a Bhabhi and her mother-in-law.Bhabhi was newly married into our neighbourhood and her mother-in-law who lived in the village also came to our colony for the function.Bhabhi’s name was Rani and her mother-in-laws name was Kamala.Bhabhi was around 30yrs old and had a proportionate figure,I mean everything was in order and so was the mother-in-law but a bit plumper than her.

I saw them both are the reception party and instantly got attracted to them especially to Kamala Aunty.She was so fair and white she looked like a ball of white icecream which I wanted to like from head to toe.Rani Aunty was also beautiful but since I was much interested in mature women,I didn’t pay more attention to her.Kamala Aunty’s husband introduced her to our family and I was thrilled to greet Kamala Aunty.

A month passed.Kamala Aunty grew very close to my mother and used to come home to chat with her.Being her all life in the village,she was a bit old fashioned and didn’t like her daughter-in-law Rani Aunty who was of modern thinking.Since her son i.e. Rani’s husband worked outside,she and Rani used to have difference in opinion and sometimes they quarrlled.She used to narrate the whole episode to my mother.One day she was chatting with my mother while I passed by that way and greeted her with a namaskar.She smiled and said-Arun,son,if you don’t mind,can you take Rani Bhabhi for some shopping?Since you know lots of shops here,she can do some good shopping.I said-Sure Aunty.She said-Go to our house and ask her if she wants to go now.I said-Sure Aunty.I went to her house and met Rani Aunty.She agreed immediately and soon we were at the shop.She purchased lipstick and other cosmetics and finally she took me to a lingerie shop and selected some nice bra and panties set and asked me-Will this look good on me Arun?I said-You bet Bhabhi.You would look just great in these.It was evening and we returned home.Since there was less traffic on the road,I was driving a bit fast.She said-Why so fast Arun?I said-I like being fast.She said-But sometimes slow and steady wins the race.I said-Do you like slow or fast?She said-What?I said-Do you like slow things or fast?She said-Depends on the situation.I said-Bhabhi,Bhaiya is not here and will come after around 5 months,do you remember bhaiya a lot na.She said-Yeah,when you will get married and your wife immediately goes to her native place and remains there,you will also exactly the same pain I am feeling now.Who will take care of me now and fulfill all my needs?I said-I am here Bhabhi.I will look into your need and will fulfill your every desire.She said-Every desire?I said-Yeah.She said-What about this?She immediately placed her hand on my cock from the backside and began to rub it.

I said-What are you doing Bhabhi?She said-You just said,everything.I want this thing to satisfy my physical needs.She was rubbing my cock hard and I was fully aroused.I said-Bhabhi,please stop or I will commit some accident.She said-First tell me ,are you ready to give this to me or not?I thought I should better stop and take care of this situation first.I parked the bike on the side and took Bhabhi to the nearby bush.When we reached there,Bhabhi immediately began to hug me and I also responeded.She began to rub her lips on mine and I pushed my tongue inside her mouth and began to French kiss her.She too responded and soon we are hugging each other hard and kissing too.I separated her said-On you keens Bhabhi.She smiled and did so and opened my xipper to get my cock out.My hard cock sprang out and she said-My my,you do have monster in your pant Arun.I think I will be very happy and satisfied by this thing.I said-First satisfy me Bhabhi.She immediately took my cock in her mouth and began to suck it hard.I was already very excited from her rubbing and it didn’t take long to pour my load into her mouth which she swallowed with ease.When finished,I asked her-How did it feel?She licked her lips and said-Yummy,very yummy.But its only the beginning.I need a lot more of this.I said-Sure Bhabhi but later.Now lets go.We came back to the bike and rode home.

After two days,Rani Aunty told me that Kamala Aunty was going to the village and there will be no one at the home.Its was a golden opportunity for me to fuck her so I agreed that in the pretext of study,I will be at her home at night and we will finish the unfinished business.When I reached her house,she welcomed me in and we went straight to the bedroom.Soon we got rid of our clothes and I was busy in sucking her boobs which were tight and also pushed a finger in her pink pussy.She was also stroking my cock which was hard.We were busy in pleasuring each other when suddenly the bedroom door opened and Kamala Aunty came in and stood frozen when she saw us like that and then shouted-Rani,what the hell is going on here and Arun,my god you are also into this.Shame on you both.For how long this thing is going on?Rani Aunty was speechless and couldn’t say something so I took the situation in my hand and said-We started this today and we are doing it because Bhabhi was missing the sexual pleasure which she should be getting from your son.Just put yourself in her position and think what you would have done if you are newly married and your husband would have left you immediately after marriage and gone abroad?Kamala Aunty said-I understand her problem but that’s no excuse for this thing.What if anybody else would come to know about it?I said-How will anybody know as we and neither you will tell anyone about this as it would ruin your family reputation.On the other hand,if it remains a secret,she will get satisfied and you will too if you want to join.

Kamala Aunty thought for while and then said-If Rani had no objection in this.I looked at Rani Bhabhi and she said-Sure thing mother-in-law.Welcome in.Kamala Aunty removed her dress and showed me her mature body.She was so milky white and her big hanging boobs with brown nipples and also black hairy patch between her thighs added to her beauty more.She came to me and took hold of my cock and said-Arun,you sure have big thing and she began to lick it.She then fondled the balls and said-Hope you have enough juice in these balls to fill us.I said-Sure Aunty.Kamala Aunty started sucking my cock and I began to lick Rani Bhabhi’s pussy.Soon the room was filled with moans and groans.Kamala Aunty sucked my cock hard and started to press my balls while I licked the clit of Bhabhi and finger fucked her pussy.After 5mins of sucking,I poured my load into Aunty’s mouth and Bhabhi also came in my mouth twice.Then I jumped to Aunty and began to lick her pussy.She was moaning and screaming in a minute or two.Bhabhi was kissing my back and hugging me.Soon Aunty came in my mouth anc my cock was hard too.I opened her legs and pushed my cock into her pussy.My cock went into her loose pussy without any problem.I started to fuck her hard.She was moaning and Bhabhi was encouraging me to fuck her harder.She also moved to the mouth of Aunty and fed her pussy to her which she licked.After fucking Aunty for 10mins,I asked Bhabhi to lie down as it was time to fuck her too.She widened her legs and I began to press my cock into her pussy.She was very tight and screamed hard as my big cock went inch by inch into her pussy.Soon,I was fully inside her and began to fuck her hard.Aunty lied next to Bhabhi and began to suck and press her boobs simultaneously.After fucking Bhabhi for 10mins also,I knew I was near and said-Bhabhi,I am going to cum.Bhabhi said-Cum inside me my love.I want to get pregnant by you.Aunty also said-Yes Arun,fill her with your baby making juice and make her your woman and mother of your child.This encouraged me and I began thrusting my cock harder into her and soon came hard and fell on her exhausted.

That night they both milked my cock and left nothing in my balls.Now,whenever,I got chance,I fucked Rani Bhabhi or Kamala Aunty or even both.I also assfucked Kamala Aunty and Rani Bhabhi.Soon,Rani Bhabhi was pregnant but still she joined me and Kamla Aunty whenever we had sex.Bhabhi gave birth to a baby boy and everyone was happy in her family.When they arranged a party and invited our family,we all went to her house.My mother said to Kamala Aunty-Congratulation,you now become a grandmother and also I heard that you and your daughter-in-law are going along nicely and no quarrelling.Kamala Aunty smiled and said-Thanks to Aurn who made this possible.My mother said-Arun,how is that?Aunty said-Well,he made us understand in a beautiful way and we made a deal to remain happy together.God bless you Arun.I looked at Aunty and smiled.