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Neighbourhood Aunties-3 – Subhra

In this series comes the 3rd and most beautiful and young of them all,Subhra Aunty.She can be described as a prefect MILF type.She was 35 and having 2 kids aged 5 and 2.I was known to her because she used to get books from the library and the clerk was a friend of mine.So,she got in touch with me so that she can get good books anytime she wants also was the member of the colony’s ladies club which my mother was the president.She also used to come to my house to talk with my mother.So,we got fairly acquainted with her.

One day she asked me to collect some books from her house which she couldn’t return because she was busy and bring some new ones from the library.I went to her house and she was alone.She said-The books are in that shelf and you can also look into the wardrobe and if you find any books there too,you can take them too.I said-Ok.I started looking in her wardrobe and while searching for books,I found a piece of paper in the corner of the wardrobe.I first thought it might not be that important,but then I thought that why don’t just take a look at it.Then I took that piece of paper and opened it.It was wriiten in urdu,so I couldn’t read it.I again thought that it might be useless but then I thought-Whats in the harm in trying to find it out?One of my friend in the college can read and understand urdu.I took the piece of paper with the books and said-I am going Aunty.She was in the kitchen and said-Did you take all the books?I said-Yes.Then I left her house.

In the college,I asked my friend to read the letter for me and he informed me that somebody named Asif has written this letter to someone named Subhra and he wrote that why she didn’t marry him and married someone else.The letter also suggests that they had a physical relationship between them and he would now expose all the things in front of her husband and blackmail her if she doesn’t pay certain ransom to him.I understood the whole thing and also understood that how to have lovely Subhr Aunty to my full satisfaction,not to mention her slim shaped ass.

Then one evening,I went to her house and She welcomed me into her house and I asked-Where is Uncle and children?She said-Uncle has gone to Bangalore for some official work and children has gone to their granny’s house.I said-You all alone?She said-Yes,but I have ladies club to take care of my boredom and also You are there na?I can call you and we can have long conversations.You must have got some interesting facts and experiences to share.I smiled and said-I sure do and I will share them with you and so will be the experience that,you will never forget.She said-I am looking forward to that.I said-Me too Aunty.Then I left her house.

That night,I lied to my mother that I am going to a friends house to study together and will return in the morning.Then I went to Subhra Aunty’s house and knocked at the door.She opened the door wearing a nighty and said-Arun,you?Its late in the night.What are you doing here?I said-Aunty,I have an important thing which I want to discuss with you.She said-Come tomorrow morning.We will talk.I said-No Aunty.Its important.We have to talk now.She said-Ok,come in.I was going to sleep.You please take minimum time.I said-Ok Aunty.By the way,do you know someone named Asif?She was first supprised by the mention of the name but recovered instantly and said-Asif?No,I don’t think so.I said-Come on.He was your lover in the college and you slept with him many times.She said-How dare you talk to me like that?You know who am I?I will complain this to your mother.I said-Ok,then I will show the letter to your husband and to everyone.She said-What letter?I said-This one and showed the photocopy of that letter.Then I said-If your husband takes it to someone who knows urdu,he will know the exact same thing which I do about you and Aif.So,you want me to do that honey?

She remained silent for sometime and said-Ok,I don’t want you to do that.It will ruin my family and my reputation too.So,what do you want from me in exchange for that?2000,5000 or ok make it 10,000.Take that money and hand me the original letter.I said-I have no interest in money.My only interest in you,Aunty.She said-What do you mean by that?You want me to do something for you.I said-I sure do honey.I want to have the exact same thing which first Asif had and then Uncle and who knows how many after that or in between.She snapped and said-Stop that talk you bastard.I never cheated on my husband.I said-Oh,that means you had only Asif and Uncle enjoying your great body.Now you have to be my bitch for tonight and since you behaved a little rough with me,I will see to that I have my revenge on you.She said-What do you mean by that?I said-You will see honey.Now get out of that nighty and show me your beautiful naked body.Or I am going out and tomorrow everyone will have this letter.

She looked at me hard and got up slowly removed her nighty.Inch by inch her body was revealed and my cock was growing hard inh by inch too.Soon she was almost naked with only the panties on.Her boobs are of medium size and hung a little bit.But they are quite beautiful and I wanted to suck and press them right now.But I controlled myself as I didn’t have the thing I was looking for.So,I told her-Come on Aunty,these things one can see easily on the net at various porn sites.Show me the real thing.She then opened her panties and I saw her beautiful bush.It had a thin patch of hair over it and I was not sure whether she trimmed it or not.But I didn’t care and told her-Just turn around Aunty and show me you prized possession.Just lean a little bit.She did exactly that and I knew its time she should get my big cock in her all holes.

I asked her to turn around and then I started to undo my clothes.I saw that she is watching my closely and knew that she is interested in this stuff.I only undid my shirt and showed her my big hairy chest and stopped.She looked at me and said-Why did you stop?As you told,I became completely naked and you are half naked.Show me your body too.I said-You are rather interested to know how big I am,right?She said-Whatever,just undo those pants and become full naked as I am.I said-Well,in case you are forgetting,I am in charge here and you have to obey my command not vice versa.You can only request.So,say-Arun,can I please see your cock?She said-Yes,I want to see your big cock.Show Aunty your big cock.Lets see if you have something different from what I had or having?I said-See for yourself and I dropped my pants.I wasn’t wearing anything under and my cock was rock hard.
She took a look at my thick 8 incher and gasped-Arun,its huge.I had never seen this big before.I said-What about Asif and Uncle?She said-Your Uncle was just average and Asif was bit bigger than him but you have a real monster.I said-I told you,you will be supprised.She said-Supprised?I am rather shocked.How I am going to deal with it.I said-You can handle it.Thats no problem.I will teach you step by step.So,lets begin our sex escapade right now.Get down on your knees and suck it.She said-Suck it?But I never did it to your Uncle and neither Asif.I said-yeah,but they didn’t have something like this either.Now suck.But first lets taste your toungue and then I instantly locked my lips with her and my tongue started to ecplore her mouth and toungue.Afte the French kiss,I told her-Your mouth’s service needed elsewhere.She then kneeled down infront of me took my cock in her hand and admired it for sometime.Then I asked her to kiss its forehead and lick it up slowly,She did exactly.The she liked the balls one by one by my command and then inch by inch took it in her mouth.She gradually started sucking it hard and fast and I was pressing her head towards me and mouthfucked her.After fucking for 5 mins,I told her-I am unloading myself into your mouth and I want to to taste it and swallow it completely.She tried to say something but my cock was in her mouth and I was pressing her head onto my cock,so nothing was heard except-Muh muh.I released my load in few seconds and held her head tightly until my cock was limp.Then I released her head and she was gasping for breath.I said-How did you like your first blowjob and how did my salty nutjuice taste?She smiled wickedly and said-It was great and tasty.I am looking forward for another load.I said-yeah,we have the whole night for that.

Then I asked to lie down and put myself on her body and started kneading the sucking her boobs.She was getting excited and was pressing my head onto her boobs.Slowly,I moved down to her beautiful navel and finally onto her pussy.I licked it full for quick 2-3 times then started sucking the clitoris. She was maonign loudly and saying-Ooh yeah baby,I didn’t know about this type.Its feels great to be licked like this.My lover and husband only rubbed it with their hands but never licked it.Go on my love,I am cumming.Yessssss.She then had her orgasm.I was lapping her juice hungrily.Then I knew she was wet and ready,I put my cock in the entrance of her love tunnel and pushed it inside.She felt tight and I forced myself in.She screamed and I said-You are so tight.She said-Your cock is big and huge.Is it going to fit?I said-Yeh,it will.Then inch by inch I inserted myself into her and she was bitting her lower lip.Soon I was fully inside her then I said-Its time to run the machine.She said-Do it my love.Then I moved to and fro and started fucking her hard. Then I turned her sideways and fucked her some time.Although she didn’t have big boobs,I still boobfucked her and finally I slamfucked her in missionary style. She was cumming all over my cock again and again.I knew its time to fill her again with myllove juice.I told her-I am going to fill you with my fuck juice honey.She said-Yeh yeh cum baby cum inside me.My pussy needs your hot juice now.Just fuck fuck fuck and she came hard.I also shot my load inside her pussy and fell on her chest panting and sucked her boob.She embraced me hard and said-That was just great.

We cleaned ourselves and got on to bed.She was hugging me and also creasing my limp cock.I was busy in pressing her boobs and also rubbing her pussy while locking my lips with her.Soon she said-You are making me hot again.Do you wanna have another round?I said-Sure thing.She started sucking my cock and it was hard again.I asked her to be on her fours and said-Do you have some lubricants like jelly or something?She said-Yeh,but its finished now.I said-How about some oil?She said-Its in the kitchen.I went to the kitchen and found some mustard oil and lubricated my hard cock with it.I also brought some in a cup back.She said-Why you need oil honey?I said-To fuck you.She said-But last time it went without any problem now its accustomed to your cock.I said-Your pussy was but not your ass.She jumped out of the bed and said-My what?You got to be kidding me.You certainly don’t mean it.I said-You bet honey.I do mean it.She said-But its insane.My fucked pussy couldn’t bear your cock and how my tiny asshole is going to bear it?I said-Remember,I told you I will have my revenge and its that’s what I am just having.She said-Please Arun,something else but not this.I said-Its you ass which I desire.Otherwise,I will tell everyone about the letter.She started sobbing-Please Arun,its going to hurt.I said-When Asif took your virginity,which I think he did,didn’t it hurt?But after that you enjoyed it.She said-Yes.I said-Similarly,its going to hurt a little first time but soon you will enjoy it.Trust me.She said-Ok,I am now your woman.Do whatever you want.I said-That’s my girl.Then she was all on her fours and I started to lick her asshole and also rubbing her pussy.Soon she was excited and I positioned myself for the invasion.I rubbed my cockhead at her brownhole for sometime and pushed myself ahead.My cock went some distance and she cried-You will tear it.I said-be patient honey.Then I slowly pushed myself forward even if she was crying and asking me to stop.I was fully inside her and stopped.She said-Why are you stopping now?Put all of it inside me now,you damn fucker.I said-You took all inside you bitch.The whole eight inches.She said-Oh my god,its in then.I said-Yes bitch,now I am ready for drilling your rabbithole.She said-Drill me now and drill me hard baby.I am all oiled up.I started pumping with speed and she soon responded my thrusting her ass backwards and saying-Yes yes,fuck my ass hard.You wanted it so badly.Now you have it.Fuck fuck fuck it hard you motherfucker.I said-Yeh bitch.I am fucking you ass.I drilled her hard holding her both shoulders and she was rubbing her pussy with one hand.After sometime she said- I am gonna cum baby,I am gonna cum.I was near too and said-Me too honey and after delivering some deep hard thrusts,I again emptied my nutsack inside her ass.She too came hard and we both fell one bed panting together.Soon we fell asleep in each others arms and when I woke in the morning to leave,She prepared tea for me and said-I want cream tea for me.freshly wpied cream.I understood what she meant by that I gave me cock to her to suck.Soon she was sucking me so hard that,I was about to cum,when she showed cup to me and I came hard in it.She then poured some tea in it and started drinking it smiling wickedly.I said-How does it taste?She said-Better than my regular one because she is enriched with lots of proteins.I think if I get enough protein like this everyday,I don’t need anything else.I said-Not even Asif or uncle.She said-NO.