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Neighbourhood Aunties-30 : Soma

In this part comes Soma Aunty.She was a Bengali beauty around 38yrs with a plump body.She was tenant living in our house which we rented and was near to our colony.Her husband was a Medical Representative who normally goes out on tour frequently.So,I thought why not make Aunty my next catch.I was thinking of a way by which she can be seduced.

One day,my mother told me that Soma Aunty had called and she was having some sanitary problem in her house.So,I have to go there and check and if necessary call a plumber for repair.I readily agreed and went to her house.She opened the door and smiled at me and said-Come inside Arun.I said-Hello Aunty,is Uncle at home?She said-No,he is on tour and will come back after two days.I went inside and she asked me to sit on the sofa while she went to the kitchen to prepare some tea for me.She came back and smiled at me and said-drink it and then we can get back to work.I thought-Yeah,I want to work on your beautiful body alright.I said-Aunty,whats the problem?She said-Water is not coming properly in the bathroom.I said-I will check Aunty.She said-Ok,then,I go to the kitchen and look after the cooking.Call your mom and tell her that you will be having lunch here.I will have some special dish for you.I said-Sure Aunty.I called home and told my mom about the lunch and also told her that the problem may take a little bit of more time and I will be home around evening.I got the permission and went to the bathroom to check.As I was checking the connection,I noticed that the flush tank was not properly functioning.The water supply was good so I opened the flush tank to check whether the valve was defective or not and indeed it had developed a crack.So,I thought it was the problem and decided to get it replaced.When I was closing the tank,I noticed something at the bottom in the water.I thought it might be something unwanted which may be blocking the path of water and decided to take it out.So,I put my hand into water and brought that thing out.To my surprise that thing was made of plastic and was looking like a cock.Its something like a dildo.I thought what is this doing here and then I understood that Aunty might be using this to satisfy herself which means she is not getting enough from Uncle.I now have the opportunity to nail Aunty.

When I was inspecting that thing,Aunty’s voice was heard and I then put that thing back.Aunty came to the bathroom and said-Did you find out the problem Arun?Is something major?I said-No,Aunty its only a minor problem which can be taken care of with your permission.She said-Yes,go ahead.I said-Aunty,the valve is defective and have to be replaced and I have to call a plumber for this.But there is also another problem which I can take care of but you have to agree to it.She said-What is that?I again put my hand in the flush tank and took that thing out and said-If you want,I can replace this thing with the original one.When Aunty looked at that thing,her face turned red and she stood speechless.After sometime she said-Arun,please don’t tell anyone about this.I said-No,Aunty I wont but I can understand your problem.Uncle remains on tour for long time and you are not getting enough from him.If you want,I can give you what you want with this real thing.I unzipped my pant and took out my cock.My cock was flat but was still big enough to attract Aunty’s attention and she said-Its so big but we cant do this as I love my husband vey much.I said-You sure do Aunty and that’s why you have still controlled your desire with this thing.I just wanted to take care of your physical need.Come here and take a look at it.

Aunty hesitantly came forward and stood near me.I dragged Aunty to me and locked my lips with her.She first tried to break free but soon began to respond by hugging me hard.Soon,we both began to hug each other hard while locking our lips.After we separated,Aunty knelt down and took my cock in her hand and began examine it.She also creased my balls.I said-In your mouth now Aunty.She looked at me and smiled and slowly took my cock into her mouth.Soon,she was sucking hard and I started fucking her mouth too.She was cupping my balls too.After 5mins,I began to grunt and started filling her mouth with my juice which she began to swallow.Some juice came out of her mouth.When I finished,I withdrew my cock from her mouth and she used to finger and tongue to take the juice back into her mouth.I said-Wow Aunty,you are great.Now get naked and show me your beautiful body.She got up and began to undress and soon was in her full naked beauty.She was very hairy between her legs and her boobs were big too but slightly shagged.I asked Aunty to lie down and then I got on top of her.I began to kiss and press her boobs one by one and she started moaning loudly.Then I moved below and began to lick her deep navel.After that I moved to her hairy pussy and began to lick her.She must have used that thing and then taken the bath because her pussy smelled nice and also some traces of her juice was there.But I didn’t mind licking he pussy even though the hair was making problem.She started moaning hard and pressed my head on to her pussy and said-Yes yes Arun,lick your Aunty hard.Your Uncle never licks it.Be a good boy and lick it hard.Ooh baby,I think I am cumming already.Here I go baby,here I go and she released some juice into my mouth which I gluped.

My cock was hard and she was ready for it.I began to rub my hard cock on her pussy lips few times and then pushed it hard.She screamed as half of my cock went into her pussy in a single push.Then I gave another push and my cock went fully into her.I remained still for sometime so that her pussy get adjusted to my cock then I started to fuck her slowly.Then I gradually picked up speed and she was moaning and started to push forward to meet my strokes.The whole atmosphere was filled with sounds like-Umph,aangh yes yes aangh harder fuck fuck fuck etc.I was moving fast and she was cooperating too.She also locked her lips with mine and pushed her tongue inside my mouth and began to explore it.She came twice during the fuck and after 15mins of hard fucking,I was near and said-Aunty,I am cumming.She said-Yeah baby,fill me fill me well with you juice.Put all the juice left in your balls deep into your Aunty’s pussy.Cum baby,cum inside me.She locked her legs around my waist and began to drag me towards her.I also gave some deep hard strokes and unloaded my balls deep inside her.We lied on the bathroom floor for sometime and then got up and cleaned ourselves.I said-Aunty,how was my cock and its fucking?Isnt it better than your artificial thing?She smiled and said-Much better but you see you have to provide that thing to me regualarly.I said-Sure Aunty.

Then we both and lunch and I rested for sometime.When I was leaving,I asked Aunty whether she would like to have another round and also if she is interested in having her virgin ass fucked by me?She said-She would love to try anal and her husband also had asked her for this but she refused.Since I did fuck her well,she wanted me to be the first one to break the seal of her virgin asshole but today she is tired and wanted to do it another time when her husband will be on tour.I returned home and my mother asked me about the problem and I said-Well,there were two minor problems I detected and those were due to faulty equipment.I have replaced one of them and that problem is solved but second one needs a Plumber which I will take tomorrow.My mother said-Since when you became expert in these things?I said-Well,a long time ago Mom but never had the chance to utilize it as I did today and will also do in future whenever I will get a chance.