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Neighbourhood Aunties-31 : Soorma

This part describes my adventure with another mature Aunty named Soorma.She was around 40yrs old and had a nice figure.She was plump which is normal at her age but she had everything in perfect order.She was the headmistress of the school where my younger sister used to study.She was unmarried.

One day My sister informed me that since she had topped in her class,Her Headmistress wants to see her parents.Since both mom and dad were outside,I decided to pay her a visit.Also I was thinking about her beautiful body.So,the next day,I went to the school and I met her.She welcomed me to her room and congratulated on my sister’s success.I said-Thank you mam,but the credit goes to her.She said-But she said that without her elder brother’s efforts,it wouldn’t have been possible.I said-So kind of her.She said-You are really very good at studies.I said-Thank you mam and I am also good a lot of things.She looked at me said-Ok,I would like to know about them.I said-Sorry mam,There are somethings which I cant tell you.She looked at me for sometime and said-Well,then how about tonight?I am free and if you can make yourself free,then we might discuss about all those things.I said-Sure,since my parents are out of station,I think I will be able to make it tonight.She said-Ok,here is the address.She wrote the address on apiece of paper and handed it to me and said-I will be waiting.

That evening,I excused myself on the pretext of going to friend’s house for study and went to her house.She opened the door and welcomed me in and said-Well,lets first have dinner,then we can go to the game.I said-But I want to taste you first.Saying so I hugged her hard and pressed my lips on her lips.She opened her mouth and let my tongue explore her mouth and also hugged me.We both began to hug and kiss each other for sometime and then we separated.She said-Arun,you are such a good kisser.The way,you used your tongue was wonderful.I said-You will see other wonderful things I can do with my tongue tonight.She smiled and said-Come lets have dinner.We had dinner and chatted for sometime.I asked her-Can I call you Aunty?She said-Sure.I said-Aunty,you are such a sexy woman and are also not married.How do you fulfill your sexual desires?She said-Well,my mother and father died in my childhood and I was brought up by an Orphanage.The person in charge of that Orphanage was pervert and he fucked me for the first time when I was in college.His touch made me eager towards male and I had also a lot of boyfriends with whom I had sexual relationships.After I got job,I left that town and wandered many places until I came here.Whichever school,I was posted,I used to seduce young boys and satisfied my lust.I also had some girl students too.You must be surprised why I called you tonight for some good fuck in the first meeting of ours,because my intuitions told me that you are the man I was looking for all these times who will satisfy me fully.Thats why gave an open invitation to you which you readily accepted.I said-So,why wait?Lets get started.She got up and began to undress herself and I also did the same.She was fully naked in no time and her big boobs and belly came into my view in no time.She had fairly thick hairy patch between her thighs.When she looked at my cock,she said-Wow,you are so big Arun.I said-Its all yours Aunty.She knelt down infront of me and took my cock in her hand and began to measure it.She also cupped my balls and said-I want all the juice stored in these big balls for me tonight.I said-Well,you can have the last drop of it.She then took it in her mouth and began to suck it hard.Soon,her sucking and her fondling my balls became intense and I thought its time to fill her mouth with my warm load.After 5mins,.I busted my nuts inside her mouth and she gulped it all without wasting a single drop.She then released my cock and laid on her back and said-I want to see the magic of your tongue now.I moved to her thighs and began to lick her pussy.She started moaning and began to press my head on her pussy.I also licked her asshole few times and she shivered.Then I kept licking and pushed two fingers into her pussy and fingerfucked her and she soon rewarded me with her pussy juice which I gulped.My cock was hard and immediately took my position and began to rub my cock on her pussy.Then with one push,my cock went into her pussy and I began to fuck her hard.Her pussy was loose and it was no problem for me.Soon,we both moved at high speed and she came again.She told me to take my cock out and lie down so that she can ride me.I did so and she was soon riding me like a champion cowboy.She came again in few minutes and got of me.I got on to her and again entered her and started fucking her.It was around 15mins and I was near.I said-Aunty,I am cumming.She said-Me too baby,don’t worry,cum inside me.I am protected.I gave some few hard strokes and she wrapped her legs around my waist and we both came at the same time.As we were both exhausted, we rested on the bed for sometime.

After half an hour,my cock was hard and I said-Aunty,lets have another round but this time I want your beautiful ass.She said-Sure baby,I would love to have that big cock in my ass as I want to fee the pain when your big horse cock deflowers my virgin ass.I said-Your ass is still virgin?She said-Yes,few of my lovers want to take it but I didn’t want to have anal sex then.But you have a wonderful cock and I want it in my ass now.I asked her to be on her fours and applied some Vaseline from the tube lying on the nearby table and greased her asshole well with my finger.Then I put my cock head in the entrance of her asshole and pushed it in.Her anal ring gave away and I was half in with one push.She said-Anngh,yes baby,push push it full inside my ass.Ooh god,the pain and pleasure is so good.I pushed hard and soon I was fully inside her and began to fuck her.She was moaning and groaning and also using abusive language to excite me.I was fucking her hard and was also pressing her both boobs with my hands.She was rubbing her pussy with her hand and was encouraging me to fuck harder and faster.After 15mins,I felt my balls boiling and I emptied another load into her ass. My cock went limp and I got off her and lied on the bed..She also came two times during the fuck because of her fingering and too lied next to me.We rested for sometime and then went to the bathroom to clean ourselves.

That night,I again fucked her twice in various positions,until I was fully exhausted.When,I was about to leave in the morning,She thanked me a lot a very good night and said that she is looking forward eagerly to have this kind of night again soon.I said-Sure Aunty,me too.