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Neighbourhood Aunties-32 : Saroja

In this part,I had another gorgeous Aunty named Saroja Aunty.She was a stunning beauty,a perfect MILF type with very fair skin and plump body.She was 40yrs old and she had one daughter aged 18 and son aged 15.Her daughter was also very plump and not as beautiful as she.She had moved into our colony about one month back as her husband joined my father’s office.The moment I saw her in our colony park,I knew I was soon going to make her my woman.

As luck favoured me Aunty became very close to my family.She used to visit our home and chat with my mother.She was just like another member of my family.Her daughter and son also became close to me and used to call me Bhaiya.Her daughter was very good for hard fucking but all of my concentration was on her mom.One day,my mother’s sister’s daughter was getting married and we all were invited for the ceremony.Since Aunty was close,she was invited too.My family went to the marriage place few days earlier, which was a night’s drive from our home.I was alone at the home because of my exams.It was agreed that I will come in the night before so that I will reach in the morning of the marriage day and also Saroja Aunty will come with me,attend the wedding and that night we will return home so that I will reach our home the very next day.A car was arranged for that.So,that night me and Saroja Aunty were driving to that place.It was a lonely drive and Saroja Aunty was sitting next to me.I said-Aunty,Uncle is so lucky to have someone as beautiful as you.She said-Thanks and I am also lucky to have him.But I am so beautiful?I said-Sure Aunty,you are every man’s dream.She said-Oh yeah,your’s too?I said-Yeah.She said-Arun,you are so naughty.I am of your mother’s age.You shouldn’t talk like that to me.I said-Well,you are beautiful,sexy and something to be desired for.Thats the truth.But for me its only a fantasy.She said-You want to turn this fantasy into reality?I said-It would be my pleasure and honour.When she heard this,she immediately,put her hand on my thigh and slowly moved towards my cock.Her touch made me horny and I pulled the car to the side and stopped it.Then I turned towards her and saw her beautiful face in the roadside light.Her eyes convinced me that she needed to be pleasured right here and right now.I said-Lets go to the backset now.She and I moved to the backseat and when in I took her onto my arms and locked my lips with her’s.She too responded and soon we were exploring each others mouth and bodies.After we separted,she said-Arun,show me your big cock.When I grabbed it,it felt so big.I said-Its all yours.I opened the zipper and let her took my cock which was hard by now into her hands.She measure the length from top to bottom and said-Its so big Arun and so thick too.I think you will satisfy your Aunty very well tonight.I said-Yeah Aunty.She immediately took me in her mouth and began to suck me.I creased her head while she was busy in sucking.Soon,her began to suck me hard and I knew I cant control myself any longer and will cum in her mouth soon.My balls were aching and I asked Aunty to free them.She did that and began cup them and press them hard while sucking me.I knew its time and informed Aunty that I am cumming and she sucked me very hard and I came hard in her mouth which she began to swallow although she couldn’t swallow it all as I was in sitting position and some juice came out dribbling from her mouth on to her hand.She let go of my limp cock and began to lick my juice from her hand.

After she is done,she looked at me said-Its time to pleasure your Aunty,my boy.I said-Sure thing Aunty.She lied on the backseat and opened her blouse and tucked her bra up and her big boobs came out.I immediately began to work on them and sucked and pressed them hard.Soon I moved between her legs and she moved her saree to her waist to reveal her beautiful hairy pussy which I began to lick.She began to moan and press my head towards her pussy.I was sucking her clit and was pushing my two fingers into her.She screamed in a low tone and came in my mouth which I drank.Then I got on top of her and began to rub my hard cock on her pussy.She said-Just push it inside and fuck me hard baby.I pushed hard and her waiting pussy took my cock fully in.Her pussy was warm and I enjoyed the heat for sometime and then began to fuck her slowly.She also joined me and began to thrust forward.Soon,we were moving fast, moaning and groaning.She said-Fuck me fuck me hard baby…….oooh your big cock feels so great inside me,I think I am cumming again…… I go baby……here I go……yeeaahhh and she came hard.I slowed down a little so that she could relax and then resumed fucking her hard.She again came after sometime.After 15mins of hard fucking,I said-I am going to cum inside you Aunty.She said-Yes,baby,fill me,fill me with your warm hot juice same as you filled my mouth earlier.Cum baby,cum,make me your woman.I gave few hard strokes and thrusted my cock deep inside her pussy and came hard.We both were panting heavily and rested on the back seat for sometime.Then I began to drive and when were about to reach and morning was round the corner,Aunty requested me to fuck her hard again.I obliged her and this time she wanted me to cum in her mouth and I did so and she swallowed it all.Although it was not comfortable inside the car,but we both enjoyed it well.The whole car smelled sex.So,I bought a perfume and sprayed inside the whole car.

We reached the wedding and got fresh and attended the wedding.While returning,Aunty and Me and again fucked her like the other night.I also told her that how much I would love to fuck her ass but she said as she is a virgin and it is not comfortable in the car,I can only fuck her pussy and mouth but she promised that she would love to have her ass fucked by me and oneday she will keep her promise which she did after few days.There was no one in her house and she called me over and had her virgin ass fucked hard by me.Now she and me are having regular fucking sessions and she is now my favourite Aunty.