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Neighbourhood Aunties-33 : Bimala

In this part comes another gorgeous Aunty named Bimala Aunty.I met her in a saree shop.She was the owner of the shop.Her husband was also a businessman.My mother was a regular buyer of her shop and so she knows me and my mother very well.Sometimes she used to chat with me also and I noticed that she was taking some extra interest in me.So,I thought why not make Aunty my next woman?

One day my mother had sent me to bring a saree from Aunty’s shop and I said that I have also some work and when I will return,I will visit Aunty’s shop and will bring the saree.But on the way,I changed my decision and went to Aunty’ shop.She was alone in the shop and when she saw me,she smiled and said-Hello Arun,you came for the saree right?I said-Yes Aunty.She said-Well,I am sorry that the delivery van hasn’t reached yet and it will come around 4 in the afternoon.Its 2 right now.If you have some work elsewhere then go and come back around 4 or you can wait here too.I am closing the shop for lunch and will open at 4.You can rest here in the AC.Thought I had some work,I said-OK,Aunty,I will rest here.By the way,where are your two workers?She said-They are on leave and I am all alone.She closed the shop and took me to a back room where AC,TV,Refrigerator and a bed was there with a attach toilet also.I said-Wow,Aunty,this room had everything.She said-Yes,I rest here in the noon.I said-By the way Aunty,you look very beautiful in that green colour saree.She said-Thanks.I said-You would look more beautiful without it.She looked into my eyes and said-Ooh yeah,would you like to see me in that condition?I said-I would love to.She said-But first,I want you to show me everything you have got.I said-Sure Aunty and I undressed myself quickly.She looked at my flattened cock and said-Wow Arun,its so big.I said-If you love it and put it in your mouth and suck it hard,it will became more bigger.She immediately got on her knees and took my cock in her hand.Then she kissed the forehead and licked it few times.She also flickered her tongue on my undethread too.Soon my cock was hard and she took it in her mouth and began to suck it hard.I was just standing there and let Aunty take full control.She was busy in sucking my cock hard and also pressing my balls.After 5 mins,I felt something boiling in my balls and I unloaded myself in her mouth which she obliged by swallowing all of it.She then let go of my cock and licked her lips and said-Ummm,so yummy.I said-Aunty,you should take lunch now.She said-Who cares about lunch when one can get some yummy treat like this.I think you still have left more of this yummy treat for me in those big balls of yours.I said-Sure Aunty.

She then began to undress and showed me her naked body.Her boobs were medium sized and her pussy was covered with dense hair.She then lied down and said-Come my love,pleasure your Aunty now.I began to press and suck her boobs simultenously.She began to press my head to her boobs and began to hug me hard.Soon,I moved downwards until I reached her hairy santch.I licked it few times and then began to suck her clit and finger fucked her.She started moaning and pressed my hard on her pussy and said-Yeah baby,suck me suck me hard.My husband think its dirty and doesn’t do this.Ooh it feels so good.I think I am loosing my juice into your mouth.Here I go baby,here I go and she came hard.I drank her juice and was ready to fuck her.I went on top of her and pushed my hard cock into her already wet and warm pussy.She dragged me towards her and hugged me hard and also locked her both legs around my waist and said-Now start fucking your Aunty hard baby.I began to fuck her slowly and then picked up speed.I said-How do you feel Aunty?She said-Ooh baby,I think I am in seventh heaven.You cock is so big and its going into the unreached depths of my pussy.Its so deep.I am cumming right now baby,here I go and she came.I slowed down a little so that she can adjust and then started to pump hard.She also moved with me and soon we were moving together at top speed.She was wailing and moaning and was asking me to fuck her hard with my big cock which I obliged.After 20mins of hard fucking,I was about to cum and she said-Yeah baby,I am cumming too.Lets cum together.I began to give hard deep strokes and grunted as I filled her pussy with my hot cum.She also screamed and came hard.We both rested on the bed for sometime and then cleaned ourselves and had lunch together.

Aunty opened the shop in the afternoon and the delivery van came around 4:30 and she received all the sarees and gave me one.I looked at my saree and said-But Aunty,the saree is Rs 100 more than the price my mother had said and also given me the same amount.She said-This saree is the same which your mother mentioned but of better quality.As per money,you don’t have to worry.I have given you a special discount for the COCK CARD you are having and which you swiped today.I said-Shall I will be able to get discounts as long as you come and swipe the card.I said-Sure thing Aunty.I am looking forward to use my card more often.I reached home and gave my mother the saree and told her about how the saree and the special discount Bimala Aunty gave me as we are her regular customers.She smiled and said-In that case,we have to go to her shop often to get the special discount and whenever I am busy,you can do the shopping as the saree which you brought today as per your choice.I said-Sure mom.From that day on,Aunty became my regular lover and whenever She got time,she used to call me to have good hard fucking.