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Neighbourhood Aunties-34

In this part,I had another mindblowing adventure with two beautiful Aunties who were sister-in-laws and were running a sweet shop.First Aunty who was elder was named Annu and the younger Aunty was Sonu Aunty.Annu Aunty was around 40yrs old and had a medium figure and so was Sonu Aunty but Annu Aunty was fairer than Sonu Aunty who was 38yrs old.Both were sexy and when I saw them first,I thought that these Aunties are soon going to be added to the list of my women.

One day I went to their sweet shop to buy some sweets.At that time Sonu Aunty was present there.I greeted her and said-Hello Aunty.She said-Hello Arun.What do you want?I said-I want some Laddus and Pedas.She said-OK and ordered the boy to pack them.Then she said-Do you want something else?I said-That will be all.She said-Why don’t you try the Kalla Jamun?I said-Is it good?She said-Just by looking at the colour,you shouldn’t judge anything.You have to try them first and then pass your judgement.I said-Does this rule applies for everything?She said-Yes.I said-Then from now on,I will try to follow this rule as much as possible.She said-Why don’t you leave your mobile number and I will let you know?I said-What Aunty?She said-When you will be able to practice that principle in real.I said-Sure thing Aunty.I gave her my mobile number and left her shop.

She took a week to call and when I received it,she said-Are you ready for the real thing Arun?I said-Yes Aunty.She said-Then it will be tomorrow night.Do you know what we have a house outside the city?I said-Yes Aunty.The farmhouse on the side of the Highway.She said-Yes,it remains empty and opens only for family functions or social gatherings.Tomorrow night,meet me there at 8.We will have dinner together and you can have the real experience.I said-Sure thing.So,at 8 next night,I reached the agreed spot.Aunty was already there waiting for me and welcomed me.Then we had dinner together and rested for sometime and watched TV.When it was around 11,she said-Are you ready for the real thing Arun?I said-Yes Aunty.She said-Then lets go upstairs to the bedroom.When we reached the bedroom,she closed the door and hugged me immediately.Then,she locked her lips with mine and began to push her tongue into my mouth and we began to French kiss each other.We separated and undressed ourselves.Her beauty was glowing in that light and I was surprised to find her so sexy when she was naked.I said-Aunty,you are so sexy.She said-Wait for the real thing baby.She swiched off the light and got on her knees and began to suck my cock.I was just standing there and letting her have all the command.After she sucked me for 5mins,I said-Aunty,its time to let me return the favour to you.She let go of my cock and lied on her back and I began to pleasure her body with my tongue and hands.Soon,I was sucking her honeypot and within no time she rewarded me with her sweet honey.Then I mounted her and pushed my cock deep into her pussy and began to fuck her slow and deep.She said-Don’t rush baby,I want it slow and deep and as long as you can hold.Lets do soft love rather than hard sex.I understood her meaning and soon we were enjoying ourselves by moving together slow and steady.She was urging me to give her the best pleasure of her life and make this night her memorable one.She came twice before I filled her with my juice.I got off her and she went to the bathroom to clean herself.

I was resting for sometime and my eyes were closed.Then I realized that someone is playing with my cock and then took it into her mouth.I was aroused and tried to get up but she pushed me down.My cock was hard in no time knowing that Aunty wants me again.She then moved and offered her pussy to my mouth.I began to lick it.We both were in 69 position, pleasuring ourselves.She came in my mouth after sometime and then got off me and positioned my cock on the entrance of her pussy and rubbed it hard and then began to sit on it and my cock disappeared inside her pussy.She then began to move up and down slowly and then picked up speed.I was surprised that how come she became violent all of sudden and then thought about the famous saying-Woman,you never know them and joined her by pushing from below.There was complete darkness in the room also so I cant see anything of Aunty but only felt her body..Soon,we both were moaning and grautning and she came hard in 5mins..She hugged me when she came,stopped for sometime and then began to rock her body hard again and I joined her too.After 10mins she came again and this time I took her in deep embrace and came inside her.She gave me a deep kiss and got off me.The excitement was too much for me and I dozed off.When I was awake in the morning,the sunlight was in the room and I was surprised to find both Annu Aunty and Sonu Aunty sleeping beside me.They were already awake and Sonu Aunty asked me-How was the night Arun?I understood the whole matter and said-Well Aunty,the experience was just great.I didn’t expect the white rassogolla will come as a surprise package with the Black jamun.Annu Aunty-But thet both tasted sweet and you had them as much as you wanted,right?I said-Yeah Aunty.Sonu Aunty said-If you wish to have them both together again,just give me a call and I will arrange plenty for you.I said-I will Aunty,I certainly will.

When I reached home,my mother asked me-Where are you last night?I tried to call you but your mobile was switch off.I was so worried.I said-I was at a friends party and had dinner there.Since it was late,my friend advised me to stay there for the night.Mom asked-How was the party?Was the food good?I said-The party was very good and the food was excellent,especially the sweets like white rassogolla and black jamun.