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Neighbourhood Aunties-35

In this part,I had a short but funfilled adventure with a beautiful Aunty named Barkha Aunty.I met her in a marriage reception.She was among the guests just like me and when I saw her for the first time,my cock became hard and I thought she is the one who will be added to my list of women next.She was around 35yrs old and was so fair and beautiful and looked like of Actress I have seen in the regional films.

When she was in the party,she was talking to one of my mother’s friend and I seized the opportunity and made the entry and said to my mother’s friend-Hello Aunty.She looked at me and said-Ooh hello, Arun,I am fine,thank you..How is everything going ?I said-Fine Aunty.How is Uncle?She said-He is fine too.By the way,She is Barkha,my nephew’s wife and he is Arun,my friend’s son.We both greeted each other.Aunty said-Where is your mother Arun?I said-She must be over there with her Ladies Club friends.Why don’t you go there and meet her?She will be very pleased.Aunty said-OK,Arun,can you stay with Barkha and give her company so that she don’t get bored.I said-Sure thing Aunty.I would just love to give her my company.Barkha looked at me when she heard this and smiled.After Aunty left,I said-Why don’t we go out side and talk?Its so hot in here.She said-I don’t feel the heat so much.I said-Its so because you are the cause of this heat as you are so hot and I cant bear standing near it.She smiled and said-You think I am hot?I said-Yes,damn hot.She said-What will happen then if you will touch me?I said-I think I would just melt.She said-Are you made of butter or what?I said-Why don’t you touch and taste for yourself.She again laughed and said-You are so interesting.Lets go outside and talk.I said-Sure Aunty.Come.

We went outside and I asked-Aunty,what did you like the most in the food?She said-I always love meat.I said-How do you like it,hard or soft?She looked at me and said-Sometimes hard,very hard and sometimes soft.I said-Would you like to have some hard meat now?She said-Why not?I said-Lets go to my car.I took her to my car which was parked in a rather dark corner and opened the door and we both went in.After I closed the door,I took her into my embrace and pressed my lips on to hers.She also responded by hugging me hard and also welcoming my tongue into her mouth.After kissing and hugging each other for sometime,we separated and she said-Where is the hard meat?I opened my zipper and my hard cock sprang out and she immediately got hold it.When examining it in her hand,she said-Wow,its so big and hard.I said-Its for you Aunty.Suck it now.She immediately put her mouth on to it and began to suck it.She was sucking it hard and also pressing the balls too.After sucking it for 5mins,I asked her to let it go and asked her to stop and turn around.She did that and I lifted her saree and aksed her to open her blouse.She did that too and mover her bra up so that her boobs came out.I inserted a finger in her pussy and found that she is wet.I gave her pussy few licks with my tongue and she shivered and said-Ooh it feels so good.I said-Aunty,are you ready for me?She said-Yeah baby,but be gentle.I don’t want anyone,especially my husband to notice any change in my dress or behaviour.I said-Don’t worry.I rubbed my cock on her pussy for few times and then began to insert it.She was very tight and moaned when my cock went deeper and deeper into her pussy.After putting my cock fully inside her,I began to move slowly as I don’t want anyone to notice the car was rocking.She moved backwards too and we tried to make as less noise as possible.I cupped her boobs and pressed them hard as I gave slow deep strokes.She came twice during the fuck and encouraged to fuck her deeper and longer.After 15mins,I said-Aunty,I am going to cum.She said-Me too baby.Fill me baby,fill me with your baby making juice.Here I go baby,here I go and she came and I couldn’t control any longer and came after her.We remained in the car for few minutes and then came out.Luckily,there was no one and we adjusted our clothes and she gave me her mobile number and said-I hope you wont disappoint me when I am in the mood for some good hard meat.I ssaid-Sure I wont.Then we came inside the reception hall.We were happy to see that nobody noticed our absence.She said-We are lucky.We were out for almost 30mins but no one has noticed.I said-Yeah.Then I saw my mother’s friend coming and said-Arun,Barkha,where were you both?I was searching for you.Barkha said-We were here only but went outside for 5mins because Arun felt hot inside.She said-OK,yeah its hot inside but now they have switched on the AC.It will be fine now.Arun,you better have some food as its getting late and your mother was also asking for you.Barkha,did you eat well?She said-Yeah but the meat was a bit hard than I thought.Aunty said-Ooh its OK,sometime it happens.Come,we should move now.I said-Goodbye Aunty.She said goodbye to me and when they were moving,I winked at Barkha and she smiled.

After that Barkha and I had many sexual encounters and I also fucked her tight virgin ass too which she enjoyed very much but I could never forget the moment when I first mate,I mean met her.