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Neighbourhood Aunties-36 : Mausumi

In this part,I had another beautiful Aunty named Mausumi Aunty.This encounter was sudden and was also memorable one.She was around 38yrs old,fair and had a nice body.It happened one night when I was out of the city for some work and was returning home.It was late in the night and the road was almost empty.So,I was driving fast so that I could reach home.I was around 1 hour drive from the city when I noticed that a car was parked on the side and someone was waving hand.So,I slowed down and stopped.I came out of the car and went to the parked car and in the headlight of my car,I first saw Mausumi Aunty.

She was wearing a beautiful red and yellow mixed shalwar and I was first struck by her beauty.So,I couldn’t speak for sometime but she said-Excuse me,actually my car broke down and I didn’t know how to fix it.I came here to my sister’s house and she lives in the city.I borrowed her car and came to the another town for some work and while returning back,my car broke down.Its so late in the night and my mobile phone’s network is not available.Can you help me out please and find some mechanic.I said-I would gladly help you but I think at this time,no mechanic will be available.So,if you want,I can give you a lift to your sister’s place and then you can come back in the daytime for your car.She said-Ok,thanks.I think it would be right.I said-Lock the car well and come to my car.She locked the car and came to my car and sat on the front seat and I drove on.

While driving,I asked her about her name and everything.She told me that her name is Mausumi and she lived with her husband in Mumbai.There was a function going on in her husband’s native place which is some distance from our city.As her sister lived in our city,she came here and took her car so that she can attend the function.While returning,she had the car trouble.I said-You are lucky that I met you otherwise who knows what would have happened to you at this hour of night?She said-Ooh yeah,what would have happened?I didn’t have much cash or jewellery with me.I said-Well,you are so beautiful and if someone has wrong intentions,he might have,you know?She said-I know and I hope you got your intentions right.I said-Sure thing and told myself-That would be to fuck you good and hard.

She then suddenly said-Can you please stop the car for sometime?I said-Why?She said-Because I need to relieve myself.I said-OK and I stopped the car near a corner.She got out of the car and went behind the bushes.I also got out of the car and went after her with a torch light and when I flashed light on her,she was peeing and I was able to see her beautiful fair big ass and my cock got hard.She kept on peeing as she thought that the light was from some passing vehicle and when she finished,she got up and turned towards me and I was able to see her beautiful hairy pussy.She looked at me and lifted her salwar and said-Is that you Arun?I said-Yes Aunty.She came to me and said-How dare to put light on me when I am peeing?You should be ashamed of yourself.I said-I sure am because I have got someone so beautiful like you standing near me and I couldn’t do a damn thing.She said-What do you suppose to do?I said-I want to take to the car and let you bend on the bonnet and drop you salwar and then push my hard cock into your beautiful pussy and fuck you really hard.She said-Ooh yeah,that what you want?I said-Yes Aunty,see my cock has gone hard seeing your beautiful pussy and ass.I unzopped my pants and took my cock out and threw the torch light on it.Aunty looked at it and said-Wow,you have really a big cock Aurn.I said-Its all for you Aunty.She said-Ok,then lets not waste time and get on with it.

We both went to the car and she was bent on the bonnet and dropped her salwar.I rubbed my cock on her hairy pussy for sometime and then began to push it in.Her pussy was tight and I found it hard to push my cock in but slowly and slowly I pushed myself all the way in.She also spread her legs wide so that I can easily go in.After I was in,I stopped for sometime and then began to fuck her slowly.She was moaning and began to push back.I knew she was eager and ready so I increased my speed.Now we both were moving hard and fast.I grabbed her boobs over her kameez and pressed them hard while kissed on her neck.After fucking her hard for 15mins,I said-Aunty,I think I am going to cum.She said-Yes Aurn,cum inside me baby,cum inside me.I am cumming too baby.Here I go again and she came hard.I gave some deep hard strokes and came inside her.We dressed ourselves and came into the car and rested for sometime.Then I drove on.When I dropped her off at her sister’s place,she asked me to come in and I said-I would love to Aunty but not now.By the way,I did came inside you a lot back there.She smiled and said-Yeah and I will never forget that exciting moment for rest of my life.I said good bye to her and drove to my home.