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Neighbourhood Aunties-37: Kajal

In this part,I had another beautiful Aunty named Kajal Aunty.She was a village beauty and was around 28yrs old and newly married.She was married so some distance relative of ours and she with her husband came to our place to stay for some days.She was very fair and beautiful and had a short and slim figure and also had a nose ring.I personally believe that Woman wearing nose rings are normally very sexy in nature and I find them very very attractive for sex.They were married for a month and her husband was going to Dubai for carpenter work.He came to the city for his travel documents and my mother asked me to help him out in this matter.So,this is how I got acquainted to Kajal Aunty and her husband who will be leaving in a week and since Aunty will stay for a month or so,I thought why not make her my next woman?

Her husband went to Dubai and she stayed with us.After a week,one day she and me were alone in the house and we both were sitting on the roof talking.I asked her-Aunty,you miss Uncle?She looked at me and said-Arun,you cant understand this because first you are not a woman and second you are not married.A woman married for a month and her husband goes to some distance place and will come back after 6 months or a Year,only the woman herself can understand the pain.I said-Ok,Aunty,even if I cant understand the pain,the least I can do to make it lesser or even go away completely.She looked at me puzzled and said-How?I immediately took her into my arms and pressed my lips to hers.She resisted and tried to break free but as I had her in firm hold,she couldn’t get away and said-Please,Arun let me go.What are you doing?You should remember that I am married and also your Aunt.You shouldn’t be doing this.I said-Aunty all I can remember is that you are a woman whose husband left her for some work and you miss the good hard fucking he should have given you and I am just trying to do that and make you happy.She said-But his work is important.I said-and you?He should have thought of you and should have planned everything before marriage as you also have some wishes and demands,especially when you are young and newly married.She looked at me and said-What do you intend to do?I said-Tonight there will be no one in the house and I will explain or rather do everything and you will understand.

As promised,she came to my room at midnight and said-Well,as you said,I am here.What will you do now?I stood up and dropped my pants to show her my big cock.She gasped at the sight of that and said-My god,its so big even if its not hard.I said-Do you just want to see it or do something with it.She said-No no Arun,we shouldn’t do anything.Its not right.Even if she said all this,her eyes were glued onto my cock.I decided to give her a little teasing and started rubbing my cock and soon it was hard.She was just looking at my cock.I went near her and took her hand and placed it on my cock.Although she showed no interest but her hand began to grab my cock,pressed it,rubbed it and even started jacking it.I said-That’s very good Aunty.But its now time to see it from near.She understood and knelt down and began to jack my cock and also fondling my balls.I said-Put it in your mouth Aunty.She said-No,its dirty to do these kind of things.I said-Nothing is dirty in lovemaking.Just put it in Aunty.She hesitated for a moment but then slowly took the cockhead inside her mouth and began to suck it.Then she took some more and by this way,she took half of my cock in and began to suck hard.I knew she was licking this and I began to enjoy myself and after 5mins,I was about to cum and I said-Aunty,I am going to unload my cum in your mouth.Taste and drink my cum Aunty.She was busy in sucking my cock out when I came but I pressed her head onto my cock and came hard.She began to swallow my load and when finshed,she let my cock out.I said-Aunty,how was your first cum taste?She said-It really felt awkward but I still enjoyed it.I said-Aunty,tonight you will enjoy more if you just act as I tell you to do.She said-I sure will.

I asked her to undress and she became naked.She was such a beauty and I wasted no time in sucking and pressing her boobs.Then I gradually moved downwards and reached her bush that concealed her love tunnel and started licking it.She was moaning and pressing my head to her pussy.She came in my mouth quickly.I kept licking her until she came again in my mouth.Then I knew she was ready for my cock and I began to rub my cock on her pussy.She said-Arun,please be gentle.Your cock is so big and it’s the only cock besides your Uncle’s that’s going into my pussy.I said-Don’t worry Aunty.I will be careful.Slowly and slowly I began pushing my cock into her and she bit her lips as my big thing virtually split her beautiful pussy in half.When I was fully inside her,I stopped for sometime and then started fucking her slowly.She kept lying still for sometime and then joined me in the fucking process.We both enjoyed fucking each other and after fucking her for 20mins,I said-I am going to cum inside you Aunty.She said-Yes Aurn,cum inside me.I want to hold you baby.Make me your woman and mother of your child Aurn.I thrusted my cock deep into her and came hard.She had already came twice in between and came again with me.We both were lying in deep embrace and I said-Aunty,how was it?She said-It was just great.I enjoyed it so much and my honeymoon was nothing compared to it.Then she told me about her honeymoon which she couldn’t enjoy as her in-laws have big family and her husband was very tired when he came to bed.After that even,they didn’t get any chance to fuck for a month.I said-Don’t worry Aunty.Tonight I will fulfill your every wish tonight and will give you more than plenty.

I fucked her twice again that night but she said no to anal as she said my cock was too big for her.She and I fucked each other whenever we got chance and she even gave me some quick blowjobs.She went to the village after one month and I really missed her.After 6 months,my mother informed me that Aunty was pregnant and her in-laws are very happy.In due time,she gave birth to a healthy baby boy and we attended the function.When I met her in private,I asked her-Are you happy Aunty?She said-Yes Arun,I am so happy and so is my husband and in-laws,thanks to you.I will never forget that night Arun.I said-Me neither Aunty.