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Neighbourhood Aunties-38

In this series comes two beautiful Aunties named Manju and Kamla Aunty.Manju Aunty was working in our farm house and she with her husband used to take care of the garden.She was around 38yrs old and had a plump body.She had two children who lived in the village with her in-laws.She was fair compared to Kamala Aunty.Kamala Aunty on the other hand also had a plump figure and had bigger boobs compared to Manju Aunty.She had only one son and she was introduced to me by Manju Aunty.How I came to know her goes in the story.

One day I told my mother that since my exams are over,I wanted to go to our farm house and have some rest in the clean and green atmosphere there.She agreed and said that I can go there for few days but have to come back since my father was out on tour.I promised her that I will be back in 3-4 days.She telephoned Manju Aunty and told her about my coming and I was on my way.When I reached there,Manju Aunty welcomed me and said-I have cleaned the room in which you will be staying.I said-Thanks Aunty.I will get my food from the nearby market.She said-Why?You have a problem in eating the food if I cook?I said-No no Aunty,its not that.Actually,I don’t want to trouble you.She said-Its no trouble.Earlier,I used to cook for both me and my husband and since he is not here,I will think that he is present here and will cook for both.I will also make something special for you.How many days are you staying here?I said-3 or 4 days.She said-You would love this place.I said-That’s why I came here.She said-I will make some ginger tea for you.She went outside the room and my eyes fell on her ass and I thought its been a long time since I had another virgin ass and may be Aunty will be the one who will end my waiting this time but I have to wait for sometime before I make my move.I was lying on the bed thinking about all this,when Aunty came with the tea and I asked her-Where is Uncle?She said-My father-in-law has fallen sick and he went to village to take care of him.I would have gone with him but since you were coming,I decided to stay.Your Uncle will come back after a week.I thought-Now I have enough time to seduce Aunty and have a very good time in fucking her for some days.

Manju Aunty made some good food for me that day and also showed me around the farm.I was tried and slept well and next day when I woke up and was having my tea,Manju Aunty came into my room with another woman.She said-This is Kamala.She is from my native place and is a childhood friend of mine.She came to visit me for few days.If you don’t mind chote babu,can she stay here for some days?I looked at Kamala Aunty and the first thing I noticed about her is her big standing boobs.She was dark compared to Manju Aunty and had almost the same figure but her boobs standing out of the saree was a awesome sight.I thought-Why not have two woman and have some extra pleasure?Earlier I had only Manju Aunty but now Kamala Aunty had joined in.Its better to have two than one.Manju said-Can she stay here some days chote babu?I said-Sure,why not?After all there is plenty of space here and your guest is my guest too.Manju said-Thanks chote babu.She is also expert is household jobs and also cooks excellent.Together we will take a good care for you.Kamala Aunty said-We sure will chote babu.I smiled at her and thought if she knew what I had in my mind.

Next day when I woke up,Iwent to the window to looked outside and something which caught my eye made my cock hard.From my window I can see a small pond inside the farm house.Although the pond is surrounded by bushes but since I was on the first floor,I was able to see the whole pond clearly.There I saw Kamala Aunty was taking bath and she was wearing a wet saree from which everything was visible.My cock got hard when I saw that.She was busy in bathing.Suddenly she removed the saree from her body and became completely naked.She began to rub her body with soap and when she reached her hairy pussy,she began to rub it and also inserted a finger into it.Her other hand was busy in pressing her big boobs which were indeed quite big and I couldn’t resist myself when looking at something like this.So,I took my cock out and began to jack.I was so busy in jacking that I didn’t notice Manju Aunty coming to my room with tea.She came inside and went to me and said-Chote babu,the tea is ready.I turned at her and she looked at my erect cock and said-What are you doing chote babu?I felt ashamed and said-Aunty,its nothing.I was just…..She looked at my cock and said-You do have a very big cock chote babu.If you have any problem in satisfying it,you should have told me.After all I am here to satisfy you by any means.I looked at her and saw her smiling.I also smiled and said-Come here Aunty and take care of my cock right now.She came close and took hold of my cock and began to jack it.She said-By the way,chote babu,what made your cock so hard in the morning?Are you thinking of fucking me?I said-Ooh Aunty,I would love to fuck and enjoy your beautiful body but its not that which made my cock hard.Just look outside.She peeked at the window and saw Kamala Aunty and said-Ooh,she is a slut.I knew her from childhood and she used to have affair with a lot of boys from our village and even after marriage,she didn’t mend her ways.Thats why she and her husband have quarrel frequently and this time also she came after a quarrel with her husband.I said-Aunty,I will stay for 2-3 days more but I want to fuck that woman.She said-Don’t you want to fuck you Aunty?I said-Sure.You will be the first.Now get on your knees and suck me because I think I am going to cum soon and I want you to be the first to taste my cum and drink it before she does.Aunty smiled and said-You are so naughty chote babu.She got on her knees and began to suck me.Since I was already hard and then the my own and Aunty’s jacking made my cock so eager that I didn’t last long and poured my juice into Aunty’s mouth which she swallowed.My cock was limp and she let it go and said-That was yummy.I said-Thanks Aunty.She said-You are welcome chote babu.I will arrange everything for tonight

That night,Manju Aunty came into my room and said-She will be coming soon.I told her that chote babu wants to speak with you and she said that she will be there in a minute.Lets get started.We both got naked and I said-Aunty,you have such a lovely body.She said-Thanks chote babu.I took her into my arms and pushed my tongue into her mouth and started Frenchkissing her.We were busy in kissing and rubbing our bodies when a voice was heard-Well,well,what do we have here?We both looked at the door and saw Kamala Aunty standing there and smiling.Manju Aunty said-Come in Kamala.You must have understood the reason for calling you here.Kamala Aunty said-I sure do and I am also agree to it.I said-Then get undressed and show me your naked body.She said-Ooh,didn’t you see it in the morning while I was taking bath?I made sure that you get a perfect view of everything and also understand the motive.Manju Aunty said-You slut,you did it on purpose then.Kamala Aunty said-Yes.I said-Come on now,get naked.

Kamala Aunty threw down the saree and she was naked in a moment.Manju Aunty held my cock and said-See Kamala,what chote babu have got?Kamla Aunty looked at my erect cock and said-Wow,I knew its going to be very much fun.Manju Aunty got on her knees and began to suck it and Kamala Aunty joined her.They both were busy in sucking my cock,kissing and licking my balls.After sometime I told both of them to lie down and began working on their bodies.I was sucking and pressing their boobs alternately.Gradually I moved down to their pussies and started licking and fingerfucking them alternately.Manju Aunty came in my mouth while Kamla Aunty came on my fingers.I kept on licking and fingerfukcing them until Kamala Aunt came in my mouth this time and Manju Aunty on my fingers.I said-Its time to fuck you Auntie.Lets start with Manju Aunty.Manju Aunty widened her legs and I rubbed my cock on her pussy and the pushed it in.Since she was wet,my half cock went in with one push.Then with another push I was fully inside.Then I started fucking her and she started moving with me.Kamala Aunty sat on the chest of Manju Aunty and placed her pussy in front of Manju Aunty’s mouth which she licked.I began to press her big boobs and also took her into my arms and also kept on fucking Manju Aunty .I fucked Manju Aunty for 15 mins and then said-I am going to cum inside you Aunty.Here I go and gave some deep strokes while holding and pressing Kamala Aunty’s body to mine and came hard inside Manju Aunty.Manju Aunty had came twice during the fucking.Me and Kamala Aunty got off Manju Aunty’s body and lied down next to her exhausted.

After sometime my cock got hard and again and this time Kamala Aunty took it into her pussy and I started fucking her.Manju Aunty also sat on her chest as she did but she faced me and took her into my arms and pushed my tongue into her mouth.I hugged her hard and also kept fucking Kamala Aunty.The felling of fucking both the Aunties at the same time was just great and I was enjoying every bit of it.Kamla Aunty encouraged me to fuck her hard and Manju Aunty also hugged me hard.After fucking for 15 mins,I said-I am going to cum Aunty.Kamala Aunty said-Me too baby.This is the third time.I never came so much in my life as I came tonight.Fill me chote babu,fill my pussy with your cum.I want to hold your baby inside me.Here I go chote babu,here I cum and she came hard.I gave some deep strokes and came hard inside her.We three lied down for sometime and then went to the bathroom to clean ourselves.We three were exhausted and slept together in the same bed that night.

I extended my stay for another 3 days and enjoyed the Aunties whenever I wanted.We three remained inside the house all the time and fucked whenever we wanted.I asked them to remain naked all the time and I also did that myself.I also requested them to try anal and Kamala Aunty was first to try it.Manju Aunty then followed.I asked them how was the first time Anal for them and they said that although it pained a lot because it was the first time and also my cock is very big but they also enjoyed the pleasure.I went to the market and bought two beautiful sarees for both of them.Uncle was due to arrive.So,I bid farewell to Aunties and was ready to leave.When leaving,I said-Manju Aunty and Kamala Aunty,I will never forget the wonderful days I spent with you and also your wonderful bodies which I enjoyed so much.Both the Aunties smiled and said-Thanks chote babu.We will also never forget these days and also your big cock which satisfied us very well.Thanks for the sarees too.We will be looking forward to have another experience with you.I said-Me too Aunties and when there is appropriate time,may be Manju Aunty can arrange that too.Manju Aunty said-Sure I will chote babu.

I returned home and faced my angry mother.She said-I told you to get back in 4 days Arun but you stayed for a week and also your mobile is not working.I said-It may be due to network problem.I stayed for some days more because of the wonderful experience I got there.Mother said-That’s true.If someone sees the beauty of that place,its hard for him to leave it.The same happened to you too.I said-Yes mother and in my mind thought-The beauties of Manju and Kamala Aunty and their wonderful bodies.