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Neighbourhood Aunties-39

In this episode,I had another mature Aunty named Ritu.She was around 47yrs old and had a good plump figure.I accidentally met her in an ATM counter and I didn’t have a clue that she was going to be my next woman.It happened one night when I was at an ATM counter and it was raining heavily.Since I was on my bike,I decided to stay for sometime inside the ATM counter till the rain stops.I was all alone at the ATM counter and it was around 11PM.

At that time a car stopped at the counter and someone got out and came inside the counter.As the person entered inside the counter,I looked at the person and it was Ritu Aunty.She wore a green saree and looker marvelous in that.She looked at me,smiled and said-Its raining heavily.I said-Yes Aunty.She said-I was on my way home when I thought that tomorrow morning,I need some cash and decided to get it from this ATM.I didn’t expect to find someone here at this time and also in this rain.You are waiting for the rain to stop,right?I said-Yes Aunty.She said-Well,let me withdraw cash first and then we can chat for some time.

She went to the machine and began to withdraw cash.She then called me and said-Excuse me,can you help me here?I went near her and she said-Its not working properly.I said-Well,sometimes the touch screens doesn’t respond well.She said-It also says,the card was not properly inserted.I said-Let me see your card Aunty.She gave me her card and I saw that its slightly bent.I straightened it and then said-Aunty,try now and also touch the screen at some particular point.I took some cash that way..She said-Come and show me.I went behind her back and side and asked her to insert the card and she did accordingly.I was too close to her and my body was touching hers.That made my cock hard.I thought she didn’t notice my cock touching her ass as she was busy in the ATM matter.She took her cash out and said-Thanks.You solved my problem.I said-No problem.She looked at me said-But you seems to have a real big problem in your pants right now.I understood what she meant and said-Sorry Aunty.You are so beautiful and also have so sexy body,I couldn’t resist myself.She said-So,you do have a weakness for mature woman,right?I looked at her and said-Yes.She said-Come one then,let me handle that problem.She then asked me to come to that part of ATM which was near to the door from where we will be able to see if someone is coming inside as the door was around 5-10 meters away from the road and also that place is away from the camera inside the ATM.The lights were off also and it was a suitable place.

When we both stood there,she took me into her embrace and began mover her hand on my body.I also responded by taking her into my embrace and also locked my lips with hers.She opened her mouth to welcome my tongue inside and our tongues played with each other while our bodies rubbed with each other.She then said-Watch for the door and she got on her knees and opened my zipper to free my hard cock.My cock sprang out and she took in her hand and measured it by running her hand all over it and said-You are quite big.I have seen many but not this big.I am so lucky tonight.I said-Me too Aunty.Its all yours.She slowly took it in her mouth and began to suck it.I enjoyed the show as her expert mouth and tongue worked on my cock.She sucked me for sometime and I dint want to unload myself inside her mouth as we didn’t have much time and I wanted to fuck her,I said-Aunty,leave it now and let me return the favour to you.
She let go off my cock and stood up and lifted her saree to her waist.I also got on my knees and put my mouth to her pussy.I began licking her already wet pussy and also inserted my two fingers into it.She began to moan as my tongue and fingers worked on her pussy and after 5 mins,she came into my mouth.I drank her juice and she said-Come baby,its time to put your big cock in my pussy and fuck me real hard.She then turned around and lifted her saree and showed me her beautiful ass.She said-I like it this way.Doggy style.I inserted my cock into her wet pussy and began to fuck her.Soon I picked up speed and fucked her hard.I also pressed her boobs over her saree and blouse.She was moaning and thrusting her ass towards me to meet my strokes.After 5 mins,she came again and I slowed down to let her adjust to the orgasm.She said-Baby,it was so good.Now can you stick it in my ass for sometime?I couldn’t believe my ears when she said that and said-You want me to assfuck you?She said-Yes,I love anal too especially when you have such a big cock,it would be a total loss if I don’t take it up my sweet corn hole.Come baby,I am loose and your cock is well lubricated tooJust push it in but slowly as your cock is much bigger than the cocks I had in my ass.I said-OK Aunty.

She opened her ass for me using her hands and I slowly began to push my cock inside her ass.She twitched her lips and groaned as I pushed my cock into the depths of her ass and was fully inside after sometime.Then I began to move and fuck her slowly and she also joined by pushing her ass towards me.I also pushed two fingers into her pussy and finger fucked her.She was moaning and asking me to fuck her good and after 5 mins,I knew I was near and also felt her pussy is grabbing my fingers and I knew she is going to cum again and she did.I said-Aunty,I am near to cum now.She said-I want to taste your load baby.Put the load in my mouth.I took my cock out of her ass and began to jack.She was on her knees and opened her mouth wide and stretched her tongue out to taste my cum.I aimed my cock towards her mouth, and came hard.My load went inside her mouth and she waited till I finished cumming and when I did,took all the load inside and swallowed.Some cum fell on the cheek and on the lips which she lapped too.She then got off and said-Yummy,I never had such a tasty and big load in my mouth.Thanks baby.I smiled.She then cleaned her face with a tissue and adjusted her makeup and saree and said-We are so lucky baby,nobody came.I said-Yes.We chatted for sometime and when the rain stopped,she said-Goodbye baby,I will never forget this night and the wonderful moments I spent with you.I said-Me too Aunty.She said-Here is my mobile number and call me.May be we can fix a time and have all the fun which we had tonight but at some other comfortable place.I said-Sure Aunty.She said-Ok,lets go now.The rain has stopped too.She gave me a big hug and said-Don’t forget to call me.We came out of the ATM and departed.After that night,she and me had regular contact and fucking sessions too which we both enjoyed so much.