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Neighbourhood Aunties-40

In this part,I had another beautiful Aunty named Maya Aunty.She works in a Bank where I have my Account.She is 39yrs old and very fair.She has a very attractive and plump figure though she has a short height(around 5” or 5”1’).She had a very charming smile.I normally meet her in the bank and she used to ask me about my studies and my family.I was very much attracted towards her but couldn’t think of a way to make her mine.

One day when I went to the bank,she was at the counter and when she saw me she smiled and said-What do you want Arun?I said-Aunty,there seems to be some problem in my passbook and I need to correct it.She took the passbook and checked it and said-Yes,your balance according to the computer is more than whats there in the passbook.Dont worry,leave the passbook with me and I will correct it.I said-Thanks Aunty.I came back after 2 days and asked-Aunty,is it done?She said-Oh yes,but I had some trouble in doing it.Since its March and we are end of a financial year,we are going through a lot of work.I had to convince the Manager to get your work done.I said-Thanks a lot Aunty.She said-Well,don’t you think I deserve a special treat?I said-Sure Aunty,anything you like.Tell me.She said-Tomorrow is Sunday and its also happens to be my birthday.If you are free,you can come to my house and I will tell you then.I said-Ok Aunty.She gave me her address and said-Come around 10 or 11 in the morning.

As per the schedule,I reached her house at 10:30.She welcomed me in and said-What would you like to have?Do you want some tea?I said-Its ok.Here is a cake I brought for you.She said-Thanks and opened the packet and said-Ooh,it’s a chocolate cream cake.I love this type of cake since I was a kid.How did you know?I said-I just guessed.She said-But I love a lot of cream all over it.I said-Well,I didn’t know that and bought it as it is.If I would have known,then I would have had some extra cream on it.She said-Well no problem.If you want,you still can put a lot of cream on it.I said-How Aunty?She said-Well,you know since you are young,I presume you have lot of cream stored in your balls,unless you waste them in masturbating.I was shocked to hear it and looked at her and saw her smiling.She then dropped her dress and said-Hope you like my new dress.She was wearing a sexy lingerie and her beauty was just glowing.My cock got hard instantly.She looked at my cock and said-Its time for milking and to put some nice hot cream on this cake and in your Auntie’s warm mouth too.

I wasted no time in getting naked and she looked at my hard cock and said-Wow,Arun,you do have very big and thick cock.Just look at those big balls.I hope they have all the juice I need.I said-Check yourself Aunty.Its yours now.You can milk my balls to the last drop using your beautiful holes.She said-Lets get started then.She took my cock in her mouth and began to suck it hard.Her mouth sucked my cock while her hands were busy in pressing my balls.After 5 mins,I said-I am going to cum Aunty.She paid no heed to me and kept on sucking and I poured my juice into her mouth.She swallowed it and then went to the cake,cut a piece from it and then dropped some juice which she kept on her mouth on the cake and took a bite and said-Umm,so creamy and yummy.I said-Thanks Aunty.

She then took out her lingerie and we both went to bed.I started working on her big boobs and pressed and sucked them simultaneously.She said-Suck and press them hard baby,its been a long time since these boobs are getting this kind of treatment.After sometime,I moved lower to her beautiful hairy pussy.Her pussy looked so beautiful that I couldn’t control myself and began to lick and suck it instantly.She began to moan and press my head towards her pussy and said-Eat me well baby,eat me well.Make your Aunty cum in your mouth so that you can drink her cum the same way you made you Aunty drink you hot cum.I licked her clit hard and pushed two fingers into her wet pussy and finger fucked her.She came in no time filling my mouth with her sweet cum.Then she said-I am ready for your big cock baby.Push it inside me now.I rubbed my already hard cock on her pussy for sometime and then pushed it inside.Her pussy was wet and my cock went in inch by inch until I was all the way in.Then I started fucking her slowly and she also cooperated by locking her legs around my waist and dragging me towards her.I increased my speed and soon we both are moaning with pleasure.She said-Yes baby,yes,give that big cock to me.Push it all the way in.I never dreamt that a cock this big would be fucking me hard one day.Now this cock will satisfy all my desires.Fuck baby fuck your Aunty hard.You made your Aunty cum again baby.Here I go baby,here I am cumming on your big horse cock and Aunty came hard.I stopped my fucking so that Aunty could regain her composure and started again.Again we fucked for another 10mins,and I knew I was near and said-Aunty,I am on the verge of cumming.She said-Me too baby,lets cum together.Fuck me hard now.I gave some deep hard strokes and came hard inside her.She dragged me towards her and came hard at the same time.We remained in the same position for sometime and then went to the bathroom to clean ourselves.

We then had the lunch Aunty had prepared and rested for sometime.It was around 3pm in the afternoon and Aunty said-Arun,I think I am ready for some good hard fucking now.What about you?Another round before you go.I said-Sure Aunty,but this time,I need your beautiful untouched backdoor.She said-You mean my asshole?I said-Yes Aunty.She said-I would love to get my virgin asshole deflowered by you but I am afraid of your big cock.I said-Don’t worry Aunty.I will be gentle.She said-Ok,lets try then.I asked her some lubricant and she brought me some jelly.She went on her fours and pressed her head to the pillow and opened her asshole with her both hands for me.I applied some jelly to it and began inserting one finger into it.She moaned and said-It hurts baby.I said-First time will hurt but when it will be loose,then no problem.I inserted another finger into her asshole after sometime and lubricated it well.Then I poured some jelly on my cock and lubricated it well too.Then I began to insert my cock into her ass.Soon her asshole ring gave away and I was half way inside.I tried to go as deep as I can and then started fucking her.She was both moaning and groaning.I used one hand to press one boob and with another hand finger fucked her pussy.This eased her pain and she began to enjoy and began to thrust her ass towards me.I also increased my speed a little and after fucking her for 10 mins,I felt wetness on my hand that was playing with her pussy and knew she had came again.I also gave some more strokes and came hard inside her ass and we fell on the bed together and rested for sometime until I decided to leave.

During the resting time,Aunty informed me that her husband is in Defense line and doesn’t get time to come to her regularly.He comes around twice to thrice a year.They are married for 5 years and she is not getting enough satisfaction from her husband from the day of marriage and she thanked me for fulfilling her desires.From that day on,Aunty and me used to have sex regularly,twice or thrice a week and stopped n between when her husband came.One day she informed me that she is pregnant with my child and we decided to slow things for sometime and still she pleasured me with her mouth or ass.In due time,she gave birth to a baby boy and hosted a party for that.I was invited too and she introduced me to her husband and said-He is Arun.I know her mother who is a customer of our bank and he is a customer too.While you are absent on my birthday,he gave me a wonderful gift,the most tasty,creamy and yummy chocolate cake I ever tasted in my life.Uncle looked at me and said-Thanks Aurn,for making my wife happy.I said-It was all my pleasure Uncle.Anytime.