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Neighbourhood Aunties-42

In this part,I met another plump,beautiful and horny Aunty named Aruna.She was around 35 yrs old and was staying a quarter allotted to her within our colony.She was working on a project on a temporary basis and was staying all alone.Her husband and she was doing research together and she was here for some months and she is due to return in a month.I became familiar with her because she was working under my father.She was quite fair,tall and was a buxom beauty. That’s why I thought why not make her my next woman and was planning how to do that.Since she worked with my father and also was career oriented girl,I was afraid a bit but still didn’t let go of the desire to have her.

One day,I saw that she was buying vegetables and was choosing well sized cucumbers.I thought that she normally eats in the canteen,both lunch and dinner.So,why she is buying cucumbers?May be to eat them or for some facial treatment or may be to pleasure herself.I was curious and wanted to find out.The next day my father called me and said-Here take this key and go to Aruna Aunty’s house and give her this key.I said-Daddy,what is this key for?He said-Aruna had lost key of her house and has asked for duplicate key.You please give this to her now.I said-Sure Daddy.I went to Aruna Aunty’s house.I wanted to press the bell first but I decided to do some sneak peak first as I had the duplicate key.The key worked and I slowly opened the door and went inside.There was no one in the front room,so I went towards the bedroom.When I reached the bedroom,I heared the noise of someone moaning.My heart filled with joy as I knew those sounds are of sexual pleasure.So,Aunty must be pleasuring herself.I went to the door and when I looked inside as the door was not fully closed,my cock became hard.On the bed was lovely Aruna Aunty half naked was holding a magazine in one hand and with the other hand she held a medium sized fat cucumber and was inserting it in her pussy and moaning.I decided to watch her for sometime before I make my entry as I wanted to see her perform for myself and also didn’t want to disturb her pleasure.I took out my cock and began jacking it.Aunty then increased the speed with which she was inserting the cucumber into her pussy and the screamed and became still.I knew that Aunty had came and I thought I might cum too and that too in Aunty’s beautiful mouth.

As I was ready to enter,I saw something which made me stop.I saw Aunty rubbed some Vaseline on the cucumber.I thought why she is doing that because I didn’t see any problem when she inserted it in her pussy and it went in smoothly.My question was answered when I saw Aunty going on her fours and then rubbing the cucumber laced with Vaseline on her asshole.I thought-Ooh my god,Aunty is going to fuck her own ass with the cucumber.She loves anal then.That would make my job so easier and interesting.Aunty then pushed the cucumber into her ass and began to fuck it.I could no longer control myself and became naked and went in.Aunty was so busy in pleasuring herself that she didn’t notice me coming in.I said-Aunty,if you want you can pleasure yourself with my real thing rather than that cucumber.Aunty was startled to hear my voice and turned around and saw me.She took the cucumber out of her ass and tried to conceal her body with the bedsheet and said-Ooh Arun,what are you doing here and how did you come in?I had locked the front door.I said-Well,Dad sent me to give you the duplicate key and I decided to try the key and see if it works or not.Now I see that you need something more than just this key.Her face was pale and she said-Please Arun,don’t tell anyone about this.I said-I wont Aunty,if you let my cock take the place of that cucumber and pleasure you well.She looked at my cock and said-This is so big and fat.I said-And its real Aunty.Throw that cucumber and take this.She smiled and said-I would love to suck you first and taste its juie.I said-Sure thing and you can continue pleasuring your ass too.She went back to her position and began push and pull the cucumber in her ass while I filled her mouth.I was already very excited and seeing Aunty getting pleasuring herself in her both holes at a time made my loose my control and I filled her mouth with my juice in no time.She swallowed the whole load and then let go of my cock.

I then went between her legs and started licking her hairy pussy while she continued to fuck her ass with the cucumber.I was both licking and fingerfucking her pussy at the same time and she also came in my mouth after 5 minutes.My cock was getting hard and moved to her mouth so that she can suck me and make me hard.She sucked me well again and my cock was ready to go again.She said-Where do you want to fuck your Aunty now?I said-In your big,beautiful ass Aunty,in you ass.She smiled and said-Come in then.But first lubricate your cock with Vaseline first.I did that then moved to her back and then began inserting my cock into her ass.Inch by inch she took the whole cock in and then I began fucking her ass hard.She was moaning and was rubbing her pussy with one hand while I fucked her ass hard and also pressed her bib boobs.We both moved together pleasuring ourselves for 15 minutes and she came hard on her own hand.I also fucked hard for sometime and then began filling her brown pit with my hot white juice.My cock became limp and came out of her ass.We then rested on the bed for sometime before going to the bathroom and cleaned ourselves.As I was leaving,I said-Aunty,when we are going to have another session?She smiled and said-Soon baby,very soon as you have left one of my holes unsatisfied.

When I reached home,my father asked me about the key and I said-Yes Daddy,I gave her the key and it fitted perfectly and said to myself-So did my cock in her ass.From that day on till she left,Aruna Aunty and I had many sexual encounters but I could never forget that cucumber moment and her beautiful ass which I fucked to my full content.