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Neighbourhood Aunties-43

In this part,I came across another gorgeous Aunty named Mallika Aunty.Just like her name,She was just like a Mallika(Queen).She was 45yrs old and was Manager in a commercial bank.Her husband was a scientist and used to stay outside on tour for most of the time.Her two sons also were in the boarding school and used to come home in the holidays only.She used to stay in the quarter allotted to her husband all alone.Firs time when I saw her,I really was lost in her beauty and her smile.

She was dressed in a black top and blue jeans and above all her mature beauty attracted me to her and I decided that no matter what happens,I will make her my next woman.I saw her often inside the colony and my cock used to get hard but she had never seen me.I decided to get more friendly with her so that I could proceed further but I didn’t get any opportunity to do so.

One day,I went to the bank to have my debit card replaced.I was asked to see the Manager and when I entered the cabin of the Manager,I was stuck to the ground.It was my dream woman Mallicka Aunty.She welcomed me in and I told her about my debit card problem and she said that she will forward the application and I will receive a new card.When she was going through the application,she looked at my address and said-Ooh,you stay in the same colony where I stay.How come I had never seen you?I said-But I have seen you so many times Aunty but I didn’t know you worked here.She chatted with me about my family and informed me that she has developed friendship with my mother and had also joined the Ladies Club where my mother is the President.She ordered coffee and she asked me if I knew where she can purchase some good music CDs.I told her that one shopkeeper is well known to me and if she can give me the name of the Artist or songs,I can bring her those CDs.She wrote down the Artists and songs name and after having the coffee,I left her office and went straight to the shopkeeper to get those CDs.After I brought those CDs,I took them home and exchanged a CD with a porn CD which contains Film about Mature woman not getting enough sexual pleasure from their old husbands,cheating on them and enjoying with younger boys equal to their son’s age.I went in the evening to Aunty’s house and handed her the CDs.She was so happy because I gave her the CDs so fast and thanked me and asked me the price.I told her that she can pay me the price only after listening the CDs and if finds them satisfactory.

After two days,when I was leaving for the college,my mother said-Arun,did you give Mallika Aunty some CDs?When I listened this,my heart skipped a beat and I knew I will get caught.I said-Yes mom,is there some problem?She said-Ooh no,its not that serious.Mallika told me yesterday that one of the CDs is not working properly,so you should get it exchanged.I knew what CD Mallika Aunty was talking about.I said-I will go right away mother and take it from her and get it exchanged.I went to Mallika Aunty’s house and pressed her bell.She opened the door wearing a sexy nighty and said-Ooh Arun,you have come for the CD,right?Come in then.I went in and my eyes were fixed on her sexy ass which was moving with her walk and was almost visible from that thin material.She handed me the CD and said-Here it is.I said-Whats wrong with it?She said-It’s a porn film.I said-Ooh so sorry Aunty,I didn’t know that.I will get it exchanged.She said-Don’t bother.I didn’t call you for that.Remember you promise?I said-What promise Aunty?She said-You told me that you will take the payment only when I will be satisfied with the CDs.I am satisfied now and here take your payment.She opened the nighty and also took off her bra and panty and said-Here,you can take as much as you can.

I couldn’t believe my luck and went to her and took her in my arms and pressed my lips to hers and we began French kissing each other.When we separated,she said-You have watched that CD,right?I said-Yes Aunty and then gave it to you.She said-I also understood your signal.Come on now.Satisfy your Aunty just like the boys in the video did to those woman.I said-Sure Aunty.I got naked and she got on her knees and took my hard cock in her mouth.She began to suck me hard and also played with my balls.She also asked me to turn around then licked my asshole too as showed in that CD.She then resumed sucking my cock hard and I couldn’t control myself and busted my nuts in her mouth and she drank all the salty nut juice.She then let my limp cock go and said-Lets get started baby.I asked her to lie down and began to kiss and lick her body from head to toe and finally settled down at her pussy.Her beautiful pussy was red and was covered with both grey and black hair.I immediately pushed my tongue to it and began to lick it.She started moaning and said-Yes baby,yes lick my pussy the same way those boys did in that film.Ooh it feels so good to be eaten by some expert.My husband has never done this to me.Here I cum baby,here I cum,you made your Aunty cum baby and she came hard in my mouth.I tasted her sweet juice and said-Aunty,do you want my cock to fuck you now?She said-Yes baby,get that fucking big cock inside me right now and fill my pussy to the maximum.I placed my cock infront of her pussy and pushed in.With one push I went half the way in and she screamed and I said-Did it hurt Aunty?She said-Yeah,a little bit as your cock is so big.But don’t worry,push the rest in.Aunty is all ready for you.I pushed again and I was fully inside her warm pussy.I started fucking her and she pulled me towards her and locked her legs around me and said-Yes baby,yes fuck me fuck me hard with the big cock of yours.Your cock is so big baby,its reaching the depths of my pussy.My husband’s cock and also those boys cocks in the movie is nothing compared to your horse cock.I am going to cum on your cock baby,here I go again baby,here I go again,yesssssssssss…… and she came hard.I adjusted myself and started fucking her again.After fucking her for another 10 mins,I said-Aunty I am going cum.She said-Yes baby,cum inside me.I want to feel your hot juice filling my pussy,the pleasure which I never had for a long long time.Give me a load baby,give me a load.I gave some deep strokes and came inside her.She also came after me and I collapsed on her sucking one of her boobs.She ran her finger in my hair and said-Well done baby,you satisfied your Aunty very well.

We both separated and cleaned ourselves in the bathroom.When we came out,my cock was hard again.She said-Wow,baby,you are hard again.I said-Aunty,now my cock wants your another untouched hole.You must have seen in the video.She said-I know baby,you want to fuck my ass.I said-Yes Aunty.She said-OK,I will bring some cream so that it will be easier for me to accommodate that horse cock of yours in my ass.She came back with some cold cream and I asked her to be on her fours and licked her asshole for some time.Then I applied some cream to her ass crack and inserted my finger in it.She moved a little bit and I steadied her and then began to finger fuck her asshole and also moved my mouth to her pussy to lick it.Gradually another finger followed the first with some more cream and her asshole was fully lubricated.Then I applied some cream on my cock and began to push it inside.Her anal ring gave away and I entered her ass inch by inch and then filled her rectum to capacity.After pausing for sometime,I started fucking her slowly and Aunty also joined me by pushing her ass backwards.Soon I picked up speed and Aunty was moaning and groaning as I fucked her virgin ass rapidly.It didn’t take me long as I was over excited to get the chance to fuck the virgin ass of my dream lady and after 10mins,I came hard inside her ass.I waited till I poured the last drops of my juice inside her ass and took my cock out.She was unable to move and collapsed on the bed.When I was leaving,she was still lying on bed naked,exhausted from the fuck.I said-Aunty,I hope you are quite satisfied now.She smiled and said-I hope you also got your payment.I said-Aunty,when will you give me another chance to provide my service to you?She said-Soon baby,very soon but I think I wont be able to walk properly for some days because of your rough treatment but soon I will be used to it after some more sessions.

When I returned home,my mother said-You look exhausted.Was there more classes at the college?I said-Yes the lessons were very though but I think I got hold of them very well in the end and they will be no problem in the future.She said-What about the problem of Mallika Aunty?I said-I solved her problem and she is very satisfied now.