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Neighbourhood Aunties-44

In this part,I met another beautiful Aunty named Shobha.She was 44 yrs old and worked as a teacher in a boarding school in Shimla.She came here to spend some time with her husband who worked in my father’s office.The adventure with her was an unexpected one but I really took the advantage of the situation and enjoyed her to my fullest.

This began on a morning while I was jogging.There is plenty of space in our colony and also a lot of grennry.If one goes to any end of the colony,trees and bushes are there and the road goes too.One can jog or exercise there without any problem.That small jungle and the road surrounds our colony in a square shape.That day I was jogging when I wanted to pee.So,I went near the bushes and started peeing.I was sure that no body was there on the road.When I was peeing,suddenly the near bush shook.I thought it might be some jackal or some rabbit as there are a lot of them in that small jungle but it was no other than Shobha Aunty as she came out suddenly.I hadn’t finished my pee and was in full flow and she came right in front.When she saw what I was doing,She looked at my cock and said-Ooh my god and turned her face away.I also felt embarrassed and quickly finished my peeing and put my cock inside and went to her.She still had her face turned other way and I went to her and said-Sorry Aunty,I didn’t knew you were there.She looked at me and I saw her smiling and she said-Ooh its perfectly ok Arun.I was also peeing in the bushes and I didn’t knew you were doing the same here.I did startled you and you did the same.I said-I don’t understand.She said-Its nothing.I was just joking.

The next day when I was jogging,I saw Aunty was also there and I said-Hello Aunty.She said-Hello Arun.I need to talk to you for sometime.There is no one here and I think it’s the perfect time to do so.I said-Sure Aunty.Go ahead.She said-I don’t know how to tell it but I think its better to be frank.I said-Yes Aunty.She said-Yesterday,I saw your cock.You have a really big thing Arun because its so big even if its flat.I was just imagining how it would look like if its hard and also how it would feel when it would enter my pussy.I couldn’t get these things out of my mind and I am feeling disturbed.Please help me Arun.I said-So,you are saying that you want to get fucked by my big cock.She looked at me and said-Yes.I would love to get fucked by your big cock and I am feeling wet just be imaging it.I said-Ok,I think I would also love to fuck someone so beautiful and mature like you.When do you plan to do it?She said-Right now baby.Right now and right here.I said-But if someone comes?She said-We will go behind the bushes and there are some rocks there.I saw that yesterday while peeing.We will be comfortable there as there are some grass there.Also nobody comes at this hour as normally people comes around some half an hour late.Lets go now.We shouldn’t waste anymore time.

We moved behind the rocks and Aunty said-Come on now Arun.Show your Aunty your big thing.I opened my zip and took my cock out.She immediately went on her knees and took it in her hand and said-Wow,just look at the size.Lets see how hard it gets and she then puts it in her mouth and began to suck it.Soon my cock was hard and she was enjoying it.I said-Stop Aunty,otherwise I will cum.She took my cock out and said-I would love to taste and drink you cum but I don’t want that now.I am already wet and I want it inside me now.She then went on her fours and lifted her saree.I asked her to open her blouse so that I could press her boobs and she did that too.I then went behind her and rubbed my cock on her wet pussy and began to push it in.Her pussy was tight but I was able to push my whole cock inside her and started fucking her slowly.She moaned and then began to move with me.We both tried to minimize our voices and began to fuck hard and fast.I cupped her both boobs and pressed them hard while fucking and kissed and licked her neck and ears.She came twice in the fucking session and I was also near to cum and I said-I need to cum now Aunty.She said-Pour it inside baby,just pour it in.My pussy needs your hot cum.Fill me baby,fill me well.I gave some strokes and began to fill her pussy with my hot juice and waited till my cock was limp and the pulled out.We both got ourselves dressed and came to the road.Luckily there was no one in the sight.I said-How was it Aunty?She said-It was good baby,but I couldn’t enjoy it fully due to the fear of someone coming.I said-Me too.She said-Don’t worry.Next time I will find a better and safe place so that we can enjoy without fear.I said-I am looking forward to that Aunty.

From that day on,I had many sexual encounters with her and everytime she came during the holidays,we had sex whenever we wanted.I also had my every desire filled with her and now I believe the saying-Morning shows the Day.