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Neighbourhood Aunties-45

The Aunty that comes in this part is Ruchi Aunty.She used to stay near our house and her husband was on a temporary basis in my father’s house.She was around 35 yrs old having only one kid aged 5.She was educated and was also very beautiful.I specially liked her in black dresses in which her beauty used to glow.I always thought of having her but as I didn’t have any connection with her nor she knows me well,I kept my desires to myself.

One day when I was walking on the road,Her husband called me and said-Arun,if you don’t mind,can I talk to you for sometime?I said-Sure Uncle.I went to his house and Ruchi Aunty welcomed me and said-Have a seat and Uncle said-I would like to talk to you about something.I said-Sure Uncle.He said-As you know Arun,my job here is temporary and my salary OK but as you know its consolidated.My job will be permanent but I am not sure when.Thats why me and your Aunty has decided that she is going to prepare for some banking clerical jobs.As you know,I don’t have much time to look after her preparation, can you help me by coming to my house in the evening or afternoon for one hour and look after her studies,if you can?I said-Sure thing Uncle.

So I started teaching Aunty and we got close.Sometimes I would see her in very erotic condition while she did her household work and my cock used to get hard but I controlled myself and decided to make my move only when I am pretty much sure.One day while studying,I saw that her blouse was loose and some part of her boob is visible.I just looked at it for a second then turned my eyes other side.She observed that I was not looking at her and also not concentrating,she said-Is there something wrong Arun?It seems that you feeling uncomfortable.I said-No no,its perfectly OK.I was just thinking about something else.Lets concentrate now.She still wasn’t convinced and said-Lets be frank Arun and tell me whats the matter?I said-Its you Aunty,your beauty that’s troubling me and I cant concentrate.She looked at me and said-Ok,then first lets take care of your problem.She stood up and began to undress herself.Soon she was completely naked showing me her boobs and hairy pussy.Then she turned around and showed me her smooth slim ass.She turned around and said-Happy now?I said-I only looked at it Aunty but didn’t do anything.I am half satisfied.She said-Lets do it then.

I undressed myself and Aunty came near me and took my hard cock into her hands and said-Its going to be so much fun.I pushed my tongue into her mouth and played with her tongue while her hand worked on my cock.Soon my cock was hard and Aunty kneeled down and took it in her mouth and began to suck it.I enjoyed her blowjob for some time and then asked her to lie down so that I could work on her body.After working on her boobs,my tongue finally reached her pussy and began to lick it.I also inserted two fingers into her pussy and began to fuck it.She was moaning with pleasure and was pressing my head on to her pussy.After sucking her for 5 mins,she came hard into my mouth and I drank her juice and then I placed my cock in front of her pussy and pushed it in.Her pussy was tight and I found it hard to push my cock inside.But after some push and pull,I was inside her and pushed my cock all the way in and then started fucking her slowly.Soon Aunty was in full mood and asked me to fuck her hard and fast.I obeyed her and we were moving together fast.She was encouraging me to fuck her hard and also for some long time as she need my cock to pleasure her for longer time.I kept her request and fucked her for 15 mins and I felt that I am going to cum.Aunty had already came in between and was also nearing another orgasm.I said-Aunty,lets cum together.She said-That would be great my love and we moved hard and fast until we both came at the same time.We then separated and went to the bathroom to clean ourselves.

When I was realaxing, Aunty made some tea for us.While we were drinking tea,her husband came and said-Hello Arun,how is the study going?I said-Well Uncle,the study is going on good and we just finished a hard lesson.I didn’t expect Aunty to be such hard working.Uncle smiled and said-I always knew she had a hidden talent.I said-That’s so right Uncle.From that day,Ruchi Aunty and I had regular sexual session and after six months,Aunty got selected for a Bank.Uncle thanked me and said-I can never repay you for what you have done for me.I said-Don’t worry Uncle.I got my payment.Uncle looked puzzled and said-How and when?I said-My payment was all the love and affection you and Aunty gave to me and also the sweet things Aunty made for me to eat.(and said to myself-Not to mention her beautiful sexy body).