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Neighbourhood Aunties-46

In this part comes another gorgeous Aunty called Sunita Aunty.She was around 48 yrs old and was actually mother of my friend.She was plump and had a very big ass and when she used to walk,her ass bounced a lot and I always desired to fuck her ass one day.She was very strict and used to talk in a harsh tone and that’s why all the friends tried to avoid going to her house.


One day I went to her house and Sunita Aunty opened the door.She looked at me hard and said-What do you want Arun?I said-Hello Aunty.Is Rajesh at home?She said-Rajesh had gone to a study tour for a week.You didn’t know do you?I said-Yes Aunty.He told me about the tour but I didn’t know he will be going so soon.Is Uncle at home or he is on tour too?She said-Yes he is one tour too and will return in around 10 days.My heart filled with joy that Aunty is all alone.I said-OK Aunty,I will go now.She said-Will you do me a favour Arun?I said-Sure Aunty.She said-I am having some back problems.Will be a cream for me?I said-Sure Aunty.She gave me money and I bought the cream from the local market.She thanked me and was about to leave,when I said-If you don’t mind Aunty,can I rub it on your back?She again looked at me hard and said-Sure,thank you.Come in now.She took me to her bedroom and lied on the bed.I sat near her and began to rub the cream on her waist area.My hand was touching her back and my eyes were focused on her big ass.As I was rubbing my body was touching her ass and that made my cock hard.With one hand,I was rubbing her back and with the other I was rubbing my cock.She said-Its ok now Arun,you can leave.I didn’t want to leave but I had to.So,I got up and was about to leave when she saw my hard on and said-You dirty little boy?You are having a hard on by touching your Aunty’s body.Shame on you.I said-I am sorry Aunty,You are so beautiful and I couldn’t resist myself from getting a hard on.See how hard it is?I unzipped and showed her my big hard cock.She said-Why,you dirty boy,how can you think……..ooh my god,you have such a monster.I never thought somebody could have such a big cock.You are dreaming about me,right?I said-Yes Aunty,I always dreamed about fucking your beautiful big ass.She said-Ooh I see,but first you have to satisfy my front hole,then you can try my back.I said-I am all ready.Now please show me your beautiful body Aunty.

She smiled and came down from the bed and began to undress.First her big hanging boobs came into view,then her hairy pussy and then she turned around to show me her beautiful big ass.She said-Feast your eyes baby.Aunty is showing you her assets.I was just amazed to see her body.I moved closer to her and took her into my arms.She also hugged me hard and said-How does it feel to take your dream woman in your arms?I said-It feels great.She said-Wait till you go inside her.She then took my cock in her hands and said-I think it need some attention now.She got on her knees and took my cock in her mouth and began to suck it.She rolled her tongue on it and pressed my balls.I could wait no longer and within 2 mins,I came hard in her mouth which she gulped without any problem.She then let go of my cock and spread her legs wide and said-Now its your mouth’s turn to pleasure your Aunty.I placed my mouth on her pussy and began to lick it.She started moaning and pressing my head towards her pussy.I also licked asshole in between and she shivered when my tongue touched and flickered her asshole.She came in my mouth in no time and said-Its time to have your monster in my pussy baby.I placed my hard cock in front of her pussy and pushed it in.She took the half of my cock in one go and then another half in another go and I started fucking her hard.She was moving with me and said-Come on motherfucker,you want to fuck your friend’s mother,someone of your own mother’s age,then you should be damn good in doing it.Thats it baby,that’s it,Aunty is going to cum on your cock,here she goes baby,here she goes.She came hard on my cock and said-Now Aunty wants to ride you baby.I got off her and lied down and she placed her pussy on my cock and sat down and took my whole cock in and then began to ride me.I got hold of her big hanging boobs and started pressing them hard while I pushed upwards.We fucked in that position for 10 mins and she said-I am cumming baby,I am cumming and she came hard.I took her into my arms,locked my legs around her waist and gave some more strokes and I came too.We remained in that position for a minute or two and then separated and lied on the bed.

We rested for half an hour or so and I said-Aunty,its time to get your ass cherry popped.She said-Yes baby,but be gentle.Its the first time for me and your cock is so big.Uncle begged me so many times to give my virgin ass to him but I denied him flatly.But since you gave me very good pleasure and I am sure you will continue to give it to me,I will willing to give it to you.I asked her to bring to cream and she did that and went on her fours.I have already loosened her ass by inserting finger into it while licking her pussy.I spread her asshole and put some cream into it and then rubbed some cream onto my cock and began to push it in.Her anal ring gave away and I was all the way in after some pushes.I started fucking her slowly till she began to enjoy and bounce her ass.I pressed my body on to her back and pressed her boobs while fucking her ass.She moaning and groaning and said-That’s it you dirty pervert motherfucker,fuck your Aunty’s ass hard.You have been dreaming to fuck your Aunty’s ass.Now fuck it hard.The way you are fucking me,I wont be able to walk properly for few days and not to mention the pain but I don’t care.I want you to satisfy all your desires.Come on,do it baby.Make your Aunty happy and her first assfucking a memorable one.I fucked her ass hard and fast for 10 mins and then shot my load into her until I had nothing left in my balls.I got off her and lied on the bed.She slept near me and said-Well done baby,you did a fine job.

From that,I came to Aunty’s place and we both fucked everyday till Rajesh came back.When I went to meet him,Aunty welcomed me,served me tea and talked sweetly with me.Rajesh was surprised to see the change in her mommy-Wow,mom seems to have changed a lot towards you even if her beahviour remained same to my other friends.Did you do some magic?I said-Ooh no,I just helped her when her back troubled her a lot creamed and massaged it and her back problem is gone now.Rajesh said-Ooh really,thanks so much for taking care of her when no one is around.What cream did you use?I said-My special formulated cream and thought myself-Made from my balls.