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Neighbourhood Aunties-48

In this part,I nailed another beautiful homely Aunty named Chitra Aunty.She was around 42 yrs old and lived with her husband who was a clerk in my father’s office.She used to come to my house to chat with my mother and also used to talk with me sometimes.She was a very religious woman.I liked her behaviour very much and thought why not make her my next woman.

One day,while I was going through the pictures taken in a function organized at our house,I found a picture in which some Aunties from our colony were present in a group.Chitra Aunty was also there.An idea stuck my mind.I got the picture scanned and using adobe photoshop,copy pasted the face of Aunty on the woman was getting fucked by a man in doggy style.The picture was from the internet and the woman’s body matched Chitra Aunty.The man’s face was not visible.I was delighted when the work was done,got a print and waited for the right time.The next day,Chitra Aunty came to our house and informed my mother that since her mother-in-law is not feeling well,her husband will go to his native place for a week.I heard this and became sad because I thought she will go too but she said that since her son’s exam were going,she will stay back and go after 5 days.I heart pumped with joy and I thought tomorrow morning would be a perfect time to taste the body of Chitra Aunty and I will have the whole day till 4pm when her son comes back from school.

Next day,I took the pictures and informed my mother that I am going to my friends house for study and went straight to Chitra Aunty’s house and pressed the door bell.Aunty opened the door and was happy to see me and said-Hello Arun,how come you are here?Did Madam(my mother) send you here?I said-No Aunty,I had something I wanted to share with you,so I thought its best time as you will be free.So,I came here.She said-Come in,I am very much free.I went inside and we both sat at the drawing room and she said-Tell me Arun,what you wanted to share.I gave her packet containing the picture and said-See for yourself.She opened the packet and when she saw the picture,her face turned pale.She looked at it for sometime and when she looked at me,she said-Arun,what is the this?Ooh my god,this cant be true.How did this happen?I said-Isnt that you and Uncle?She said-Yes,I mean No,I mean how this is possible?Where did you get this?I said-From the internet.She said-Who posted this picture?I said-I don’t know.As far as I remember,you and Uncle went on for holidays,some 3 months back and must have stayed in the hotel there.You must have seen these kind of stories on T.V,where they take the picture and videos of Honeymoon couple and post them on the internet or blackmail them.They must have taken this when you are Uncle were enjoying honeymoon.She said-No Arun,I mean we were just having pleasure and I don’t think there is wrong in this.I am so afraid,if someone known to us finds out about this and leaks this in public,what will happen to our family reputation.Your Uncle doesn’t know about this.I said-Don’t worry Aunty.I moved near to her and sat very near to her and my body was touching her’s.She was trembling and her voice was shaking.I said-I will take care of this Aunty.I will delete this picture from the internet and no one will know or if knows, wont have any evidence what so ever.She looked happy and said-Will you do it Arun?Thanks so much.You also please promise that you wont tell anyone about it.I said-I wont.But I need something in return.She looked at me and said-Anything you want Arun.Just name it.If I have that thing,I will give it to you right now.I said-You promise in god’s and your husband’s name.She said-I promise.I said-I want your beautiful body to pleasure me in every possible way.She looked at me and said-What?Are you Insane?You know what you are talking about?How dare you to speak to me like this?I will complain about this to your mother.Get out right now.I said-Ok fine,then see this picture all over the colony tomorrow.She understood and said-Please wait Arun.I am so sorry,I talked so rude to you.I said-See Aunty,I am trying to help you out and also trying to save your family’s reputation.Just think what situation Uncle and your son will face?What I am asking is a very small price.She said-But I love your Uncle and has never cheated on him.I said-Well,I am not asking you to leave Uncle and you are making a sacrifice to save your family’s honour and not doing this for any pleasure.She remained silent for a while and said-OK then,lets do it.But reemebr that it will be once and also please keep this a secret as the first one.I said-I will Aunty.Now get naked.

Aunty slowly removed her dress and I saw her boobs,navel,beautiful thighs and finally her hairy pussy.I went near her and took her in my arms and locked my lips with hers.She was tembling and was standing still.I let go her and said-Aunty,if you are not going to co operate and become an active partner in sex,I am not going to do anything and I will leave and your secret will be out.She said-Sorry Arun,I will co operate now.I became naked and showed her my big erect cock.She said-You are so big Arun.I said-Just take it in you hands and feel it.She kneeled down and took my cock in her hand and began to inspect it.I saw that she rubbed it,pressed it and jacked it and also fondled my balls.I knew she is interested now and I said-In your mouth now Aunty.She said-You naughty boy.She then took it in her mouth and began to suck it.From her sucking,I realized that she was an expert in this matter.After enjoying the expert sucking for 5 mins,I informed her that I am going to cum in her mouth but she didn’t care and kept on sucking and I came in her mouth.She swallowed the whole lot and let go off my limp cock.I said-Aunty,did you get enough?She smiled with cum dribbling from her mouth and said-Very yummy and licked the cum that was dribbling from her mouth.

I asked her to lie down and worked on her body.She shivered with my tongue touched pussy and her asshole.I kept on licking and pushing two fingers into her pussy until she came hard in my mouth.Then I asked her to be on her fours and said-Now I am going to enjoy fucking you just like Uncle was doing in the picture.She was on her fours imnmediately and I began to push my cock into her pussy.After sometime,I had my whole cock buried into her pussy and I began to fuck her.She was also pushing her body back towards me to meet my strokes and with one hand was also rubbing her pussy.Watching her doing this,I was very much sure that Aunty was a expert fucker and knows how to give and take pleasure completely.I also bent forward and took hold of her hanging boobs and pressed them as I rammed my cock into her pussy.She came twice during the fucking session and in the end,I informed her that I am going to cum.She said-Do it baby,I need you to fill your Aunty’s pussy just like you filled her mouth.Fill your Aunty’s pussy that you desired to fuck with you hot sticky liquid and make me your woman.Her words encouraged me and I grunted as I filled her pussy with my hot white juice and we both lied on the floor for sometime and then went to the bathroom to clean ourselves.Aunty then cooked lunch for both of us and it was wonderful.After that we both went to the bedroom and lied on the bed and rested for sometime.When the clock struck 3,I said-Aunty,its almost a hour left before you son comes back.Lets have another round.This time I need a more tighter and warmer hole.She said-You want to fuck my ass,right?I said-Yes Aunty.She said-But Arun,I am virgin there and your cock is so big that I don’t think I can take it.If you want,you can fuck me again right now in my pussy or mouth but not in the ass,please.I said-Ok,I don’t want to force you as you did everything I asked you to do.Now choose the hole Aunty where you want my cock again.She said-Put it in my mouth as I want you taste and swallow your load again.I obliged her and soon she was busy in sucking my cock and after sucking my cock wonderfully for sometime,I rewarded her with my hot juice again,which she swallowed again.When I was about to leave,she reminded that I should take care of the picture and also not disclose what happened between us today.I promised her that and left the house.

The next day,when I was sitting in my room and reading newspaper,my mother came and said-Chitra Aunty has called and she said that she needed the recipe book.When you are going out,please give it to her.I immediately went to her house and she welcomed me in and said-Did you take care of the problem as you promised Arun?I said-Yes Aunty,no one will know about the picture now.Here is the book you requested for.She said-The book was just an excuse to meet you and know about the current situation.I said-As I said Aunty,the problem has been taken care of.She said-Now you have to take care of another problem.I said-What is that Aunty?She said-Yesterday,what you did,I was impressed at your skills and especially,I am addicted to your big cock now as it has risen my sexual desires which I used to have a lot when I was young and newly married.Today I was so horny that I was fingering my pussy and came hard just by thinking how your big cock invaded my pussy yesterday.Today I want you to give me the same pleasure again.My heart filled with joy but I maintained a serious face and said-But you promised that it will be once.She said-Promises are made to be broken.Dont you want to enjoy your beautiful Aunty again,especially in her virgin ass?She smiled naughtily when she was saying this and my cock became hard when I heard this.What followed was history and as you all know-History repeats itself and in my case,it has repeated numerous times from that day on.