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Neighbourhood Aunties 9 – Nirmala

The next Aunty in this series is Nirmala Aunty.She was 45yrs old and was single.She worked in my father’s office and also stayed in the colony.Although she carried a typical Aunty figure,but she was different from the traditional Aunties.She was modern dressing and that’s what made me attracted towards her specially her big ass which used to bulge out when she was wearing tight fitting jeans.I had heard that some of her colleagues lusted after her but never did anything because of the fear of their wives.But I was not afraid and decided to make a advance.

My chance came soon.I was then learning to drive our car and I needed a tutor.Since Nirmala Aunty was a good friend of my mother,my mother asked her to train me and she obelieged.So,my tarning started and I used to drive one hour under her guidance and soon I was able to drive well.But I was having problems with the reverse gear.She first said nothing but soon she became a little strict and once said-Come Arun,its very easy and you still couldn’t do it.How are you going to get your license if you don’t do it.If you don’t do it properly,then I wont be teaching you anymore.I said ot myself-Aunty,you don’t know how good I am at back driving and I will certainly let you know that.

One day me and Aunty went on a long drive and while returning back,we had some engine trouble.Aunty was expert in that.So she started repairing the engine and I began chatting with her.I said-Aunty,do you mind if I ask you something?She said-No.I said-Why didn’t you get married?She looked at me and said-Well,I was the eldest daughter of the family and my father expired when I was 23.I had completed my studies and to take care of my mother and 3 brothers,I had to get a job.Soon I got one and I educated my brothers,got them married but in that process,I never had the chance to think about myself.I asked-That means,you are still a virgin.She looked at me and said-Well,you shouldn’t be asking such a question.But the answer is-No.I had a lover then and we had physical relationship.I know why you asked that question.You have a crush on me.I said-I sure do.You are so beautiful and attractive.She said-Forget it Arun.I am not giving you what you are desiring for.Its not right.Lets be mature and forget this.

I said-If you would be my age,I would have married you.She said-Ooh yeah?You like me so much then.But as I said,its not right and we should forget about this matter.I said-I cant.I just cant.I want you so badly Aunty.She said-Get in the car and drive.I am going to talk to you mother about this.We both got in the car and began to drive.We both remained silent for the whole journey and knew that Aunty is in no mood talk but was happy also that I really made my stand clear on her.When we reached home,I told her-You said we both should be mature and forget this matter.If you are a woman of your words,which I think you are Aunty,then I think there is absolutely nothing you have to tell my mother.She gave me a hard look and left.

One day,she called my mother and said that she is having a small party at her house and she wants us to join it.Me and my mother went there and the party was over around 12 in the night.Since all of the guest excluding me and my mother are outsiders,they left.While we are about to leave too,my mother asked Nirmala Aunty-Nirmala,who is going to clean up the mess?She said-I will.Mother said-I know you will but you need help.I will be glad to help you out but tomorrow in the morning,I have to go out of town for some cultural function and I have to leave early.So,Arun will stay and help you.Aunty said-No,its ok but my mother insisted.So I was left with beautiful Nirmala Aunty and we both cleaned up the house and it was 1 in the night when we finished.

I was about to leave when Aunty said-Arun,why don’t you sleep here tonight?You might be tired.Besides,I have something to tell you.I said-OK Aunty.We sat down and we both began to talk.She asked me about my college,my study and my number of girlfriends.I answered them positively as I thought Aunty is showing some interest in me.She went inside and came back wearing a nighty with a bowl of kheer and asked me to eat it.I said-I am full now Aunty.I will eat it in the morning.She said-Ok,may be then you want to eat me.I was shocked to hear this and looked at her.She said-That’s right Aurn.After that day,I thought that you are the only person who didn’t say that you want to fuck me for some pleasure but said that you could marry me if you could.I met so many men in my life but none of them said that thing.All they wanted is my body.So,I decided that I will give you what a wife gives to her husband.

I said-I am so lucky that I have someone like you with me tonight.I want you to see you completely naked.She stood up and removed her nighty.She was wearing nothing inside and was completely naked in a minute.To my supprise,even though age had taken its toll on her body but still her body was firm and tight.Her boobs were tight and standing and when she turned,I was just overjoyed to see her shaped ass.She said-Its time to show Aunty your body Arun.I was naked immediately and her gaze was fixed on my rock hard cock.She whistled and said-Wow,its very large,just like in the porn films.I got hold of it and began to jack it.I locked my lips with her and pushed my tongue into her.We both began French kissing hard and her hand moved on my cock hard too.I released her and said-I want your beautiful mouth to service me.She smiled and took me in her mouth.Her tounge circled the head and she lapped it up few times.She then licked the cock whole way up and down and also licked the balls too.

Then she took my cock full in her mouth and sucked it like a sugar candy.She was sucking hard and fondling my balls too.I began to feel the joy and pressed her head against my cock.It was 5 mins and I was about to unlad as my cock throbbed inside her mouth.She felt the sensation and cupped my balls hard and I busted my nuts inside her mouth which she swallowed comfortably.She let go of my cock and I sat weakened on the sofa.She said-Arun,you made me remember my good old days when I liked to give blowjob to my lover and drink his juice.But you really gave me a mouthful.My lover never gave me this kind of load.I said-Thankx Aunty.Now let me return the favour.

She took me to her bedroom and lied flat on her back and opened her legs.Her pubic bush looked beautiful.I first started with her boobs.I slowly cupped them and then started pressing them.She moaned and her moaning became louder when my mouth began to suck and nibble them alternatively.Then I slowly moved to her pussy and started licking it.She pressed my head to it and I pushed my tongue into it.I continued my assault on it and soon her body buckled and her pussy erupted and filled my mouth with her sweet juice.She let go of my head and we both rested near each other.

My cock was hard after sometime and I rubbed it on her body.She felt it and told me-Arun,I know what you want now but I am so sorry that I am going to disappoint you on that.You know I loved my lover very much and I cant let anyone have which belong to him-My pussy.If you want I can give you another blowjob or you tell me what to do.But no fucking in the pussy. You know-Sometimes you don’t get what you desire but sometimes you get what you never desired for.I certainly having one of those times.I acted a little sad and said-OK Aunty,if that’s what you want.I respect you feeling.So,I am not going to force you but you can satisfy me by giving a chance to fuck your ass.She looked at me and said-You naughty boy,so that’s what was going on your mind.Ok then,since you behaved well,I am going to let you have my ass.But please be gentle with that big cock invading my ass.I said-I sure will Aunty,now bring me some lubricant.

She came back with a cream tube and I asked her to be on her fours.She did exactly as I told her and I began licking her asshole for sometime.Then I applied some cream to her asshole and pushed a finger inside.She controlled her body which became stiff and soon I had my three fingers inside her.I was ready to fuck her ass now.I mounted her from behind and positioned my cock head in the asshole’s entrance.I pushed the cockhead slowly and she yellowed first and as I advanced she began sobbing and screaming as well.I was full inside her and I asked-Is it hurting Aunty?She said-Yes it does but you know honey-There is no gain without pain.I remained still for sometime and then started to hump.I got hold her shoulder in one hand and breast in another and began the assault.She screams became a little louder and she co-operated by pushing her ass towards me.Soon we moved in unison and after 15mins of hard fucking I exploded inside her ass.We both fell on the bad for sometime and then went to the bathroom for cleaning.

I fucked her ass again twice,once sideways and second time she riding me that night.When I retuned home and my mother had left.That evening,my mother invited Nirmala Aunty for tea and she asked her-Did Arun behaved like a good boy and helped you last night?Aunty said-Ooh yes,he was a great help.I was just amazed by his skills at somethings.Then mother asked-How is his driving lessons going?He told me you are angry with him because he cant do the reverse driving.Aunt said-Ohh no no,I did though he was a amature but infact he really supprised me with his ability of driving.Now he is an expert in back,I mean reverse driving.Mother said-I knew Nirmala,Arun will be able to perform any task you give him and he will certainly satisfy any need whatsoever. Aunty looked at me and winked and I responded by a smile.