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Hello friends,

I am a big fan of Indian married women or as we call them aunties.I especially like those who have a healthy figure with big boobs, hairy bushes and not to mention big, round and firm ass.Yeh.thats right.i am a big ass fan.After watching some videos of aged beautiful ladies getting their beautiful ass fucked by young guys,I also wanted to have the same experience.As I was living in a colony, I had some aunties with the same age and figure I would have liked.The age group I liked is between 35-50.I expected only one experience but I got a whole lot both from the aged and young group as a bonus.But this series is only for mature women.The young experience will be another series.

The first aunty of this series is shila.She is 39 yrs old having only one son and her husband was working in the same office as my dad.As the office and the quarters are in the same compound,a lot of staff remained inside the campus with their families.My mother and shila aunty were friends and used go for morning and evening walk.Shila aunty is a teacher and she taught accountancy in a local college.As I am studying Bcomm at that time,accountancy was one of my subjects.But like the aunty,I had a weakness for accountancy also.So,when I didn’t improve,my mother asked shila aunty to look after my studies and asked me to go to her home in the morning from 10-12 for tution.As my and her college was closed for exam,I didn’t have ny problem with the timing.

So,my tution started.As expected,shila aunty was very strong in the subject and often scolded me for making silly mistakes.I didn’t want to be taught by her anything except sex.My luck smiled on for me one day.Her husband went to his village for one week and she asked me to do all the shopping .One day she sent me to buy some local grocer for some rice.But the shop was closed and I returned to her house.As I had key of her house which she gave me once in case I needed books or materials of study,I opened the door and went to the kitchen.But she was not there.Then I went to the bedroom and she was not there too.Then I heard some faint noise coming from somewhere and I found out it’s the bathroom.Knowing someone moaning ,I thought aunty may have slipped and fell in the bathroom,.I immediately went to the bathroom and want to go inside.But I stopped suddenly as the bathroom door was not locked and was slightly open.The moans are louder now and I knew now that aunty was doing something else and she is fine.I just opend the bathroom door a little and just peaked inside and was frozen for a minute.Inside was my beautiful aunty,in her full naked glory and pushing a cucumber in to her hairy pussy and fucking her self slowly with one hand.With the other hand ,she was pressing one of her boobs.I couldn’t belive my eyes as my dream woman was all there lying and doing something which I fantasized of doing for a long time.In between she was taking the cucumber out and sucking it for sometime and then putting it in her pussy.I didn’t want to let go of this chance but I wanted to make sure that she doesn’t deny me the chance to have her to my full satisfaction.I took out my mobile and recorded her for sometime.She was reaching her climax and pumping the cucumber very fast.I immediately became naked and went into the bathroom slowly.She was moaning and busy so much that she didn’t notice the sound of the door opening.I was standing infront of her having my thick 8 incher in my hand and rubbing it slowly.Suddenly she contracted and gave out a shrill and stopped.I understood she had climaxed.She then opned her eyes and she shocked to see me standing infront of her naked with my monster.She said- arun,what are you doing?I said- aunty if you wanted this thing very much then you could have asked me rather than using this cucumber.You should have the real thing rather than this artificial.She said –how dare you?I will complain to your mother.I said OK, just look at my big thing and decide whether you want this or not?She gave my big cock a look and her expression changed a bit for while and again she became angry and said-I don’t want anything.just get out of here and don’t come back.I will tell your mother what you have just said to me.I said- ok,then I will tell everyone what I have seen today.She said- who is going to believe you?I said-they will when I will show them the recording.Hearing this,she said- what recording?I said- I recorded your sweet solo play in my mobile.Her face became darkned as she knows that my mobile has the recording facility and I might not be bluffing.She still gathered some courage and said-don’t try to pull that one on have nothing.I said-ok,when everyone sees it and I will also put it on the internet so that your students will see too.She said- you cant do that.I said-For that,you have to do something for me.

She took a deep breath and said-what you want me to do?I said- I will have your body to my full satisfaction right now.She said- are you crazy?I am of your mothers age and also can you say that?I said-I don’t have the time to argue.Is it a deal or no?She remained silent for while and said-ok,but only once and you will tell no one.I said- yeh,but you will have to do what I tell you.She said-ok.I said-lets clean our bodies and then start.I opned the shower and applied soap to her body.i massaged her boobs and squeezed them.She moaned a little and then I also played with her pussy and also pressed her ass.Then she took the soap and then applied it to me and jacked my big cock for some time.Then we took the shower and then I told her-Aunty.get on your knees and cuck my cock.She looked at my face and sat down and took my cock in her hand.After playing it for sometime she took me in her mouth.I gave out a moan as I was having my first blowjob and her mouth felt good around my cock.She also then licked my big balls in between sucking.I just closed my eyes and moaning.She increased the speed and at the same time cupped my balls.I couldn’t hold more and said-Aunty,I am cumming in your beautiful mouth.drink my sweet cum my love.And I cummed like I have never done with masturbation.She was sollowing well.After emptying myself,my cock become limp and she let it go.I said- Aunty,you are great.She gave me a smile.

Now its time to please her.I let the lie and sucked her one boob while pressing another and alternated.She was moaning slowly.Then I gradually moved to her honeypot.I first put my tongue in the beautiful pussy and sucking her.She was moaning loudly amd pressing my head between her thighs.After sometime she released her pussy juice in my mouth which I greedily drank and kept on going until she released another stream of her love juice in my mouth.Then I lied on my back and asked her to ride and teach me.She just smile and positioned her pussy above my cock and sat down.My cock went into her pussy slowly and she felt tight.She was bitting her lower lip and the expression on her face was changing as she took my inch by inch.After waiting for sometime,she started riding me and moaning.I joined her by pumping from below.She was saying-yeh baby you are doing it right.dont be fast.Like the good chewing digest the food,a good fucking satisfies a woman.dont be impatient otherwise you will cum and I will remain unsatisfied.Give your Aunty a fucking to remember.She released her juice after sometime and fell on my chest .I hugged her and turned her sideways and entered her.After that I put her in doggy style and entered her from behing and fucked her hard.She was flowing like a river.I knew I am near so I asked her to lie on her back flat and I told her to hold her boobs together and I inserted my cock between her and fucked her for sometime.She took her tounge out and liked my cock few times and sometime sucked the purple head.the I knew that I cant hold any longer with her beautiful body,I thought its time to unload myself inside her.So entered her in missionary style and inserted myself into her.I was pumping her hard and she hugged me and crossed her legs aroud my waist.She was also moving and in no time we both came hard.I screamed- I am filling you with my juice my love.She said- Yeh baby,fill your Aunty with your baby making juice.Make her pregnant with your baby.Make her your woman,your whore,slut,mistress.After filling her,I fell on her chest and sucked her one boob.She caressed my head and said- well done baby.

We rested for few minutes in each others arm.After sometime I again played with her body and asked her to suck me.She took me lovingly in her mouth again and my cock was rock hard in no time.I said-Aunty ,what about another round?She said-whatever you say my love.Now I am your cockwhore.My hauband never gave me this kind of fucking.I asked-Aunty,thw way you sucked me,it appears that you did gave uncle a blowjob before.Is her bigger than me?She said-no honey.He is half you size and thickness.You are right,I did gave blowjob to your uncle manytimes as I love to drink the cum but he never licked my pussy as you did.These days he is having heart problems and avoids sex..I am deprived of sweet cum and that’s why I was satisfying myself with a cucumber. But now I think I wont have to do that. I said- You bet. You are making me horny again Aunty and see my dick is up again.She took it in her hand and said-Yeah.So want another round? I said- Yes Aunty, but this time I want something else.She looked at my face,supprised and asked- What now?I said-You see Aunty, A woman has 3 beautiful holes to be fucked and it one remains unfucked,Her fucking is not complete.She said- Oh yeah,which 3 holes?I said-Yes,Mouth,Pussy and Ass.So,now I want your beautiful sweet corn hole.She-No,No,you can do that.Its not good.I said-Yes,it is and I want it now.She said- But my Husband never fucked me in their and its so small.How your horse cock is going to fit in there?You will tear it with your monster and it will hurt a lot.If something goes wrong,I have to go to the Doctor and what will tell if she asks me?I said-Don’t worry Aunty.After all,you are my first love.I cant even think about hurting you in any way.I will do it slowly.She said-But I am still afraid.I said-Trust me my love.She said-Ok.I asked her to bring some vasekline which she did.Then I asked her to lie on her fours,then took a good look at her nice brown hole and started to lick it slowly.The first touch sent a shiver down her spine and she said-OOH,it feels so nice,I am getting we again.Lick it my love.My Husband would have never did this if he wanted to fuck me in there.Lick your Aunty’s Asshole well.I stopped licking and put some Vaseline on to it and tried my first finger into her.She howled-Its hurting.I asked her to keep calm.Then after pushing in and out my finger for sometime,I again put another finger with it.Then eventually three fingers went in and I know she was ripe for plucking,I mean fucking.Then I applied some vaseling to my cock and then entered her slowly.She cried- No no,you are so big.You will tear my asshole.I said- have patience my love.Then gradually inch by inch she took me in and finally she took me whole in.I waited for sometime to get her ass adjusted to my cock and started to move to and fro.Slowly I started to pick up speed and her cries began to rise and it was mix of pain and pleasure.I said- How does it feel my love?She said- Good,I never thought Assfucking is so wonderful.I wonder why my husband never did this to me.Fuck baby fuck,don’t stop,tear your Aunt’s ass with your big fucking cock.After fucking for 15mins in her beautiful ass,I knew I am going to unload myself again inside her.I held her shoulders from behind and started fucking hard and said-I am cumming my love,I am cumming.She said-Me too baby.And finally with a grunt,I shot my warm juice inside her ass and she too came on my hand wetting it.We collapsed on the bed.Then we kept hugging and kissing for sometime and then I asked her-How was the experience Aunty?She said-Just great my love.I never had this kind of experience before.You sure are a good student.I smiled and said- You are a great performer,I mean teacher too.She said-Lets clean up.We went to the bathroom to clean up and I said-Promise me Aunty,when you are in need just call me and never use the cucumber again.She said-I promise.She now is my teacher and whore.