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Neighbourhood Aunties 5 – Mina

After having made 4 Aunties as my women, I was in search for another mature beautiful Aunty and her virgin ass.But I never thought that my search will end somewhere in my own house.The beautiful Aunty I am talking
about is Mina Aunty. Her husband was a clerk and was working under my father.

She used to come to our house to chit chat with my mother and also help her in household as well as the ladies club works.She was P.A of my mother in the ladies club.She was fair colored with beautiful shaped body and she walks slowly swaying from side to side.She was 50yrs old and I now looked at her in a different manner,when the thought came to me that its her ass that I will soon have.But I was fearing because she was too close to my mother and if anything happens,she might complain to my mother and my sexual journey may come to a end.So,with both catious and fear,I tried to approach her but still waiting for a right opportunity.

As the luck had favored me in earlier sexual encounters,in this too,it did.One day,my mother handed me a file and said that this the accounts file of their ladies club with all the donations and expenditures.Of lately,the club is going through a very good phase but is having some financial crisis too and is going to get help from the competent authorities in the form of a financial grant every year.They want to see the records first and know how we used our money.Then see told me that Mina was looking after this file but she wanted me to make sure that the authorities wont find any fault in it.Since I was a Bcom. Student,I had a good knowledge of audit and accounts(Thankx to Sheila Aunty,mentioned in the first part of the series,the first woman to take my virginity and also giving me her virgin ass and She taught me well accounts and sex too).

As I had holidays, I started checking those accounts as I checked them carefully, I found that there are small but quite a bit of money missing from the club account.If someone doesn’t look carefully,I might not notice what was the problem.I tired my best and rectified those problems and I kept the file.Then I began to think that where that money could have gone?Its amount which is taken every month from the account and mother would never do such a thing as she is no short of money.Then it has to be Mina Aunty.Her husband’s income is not sufficient and her son is also studying engineering and she could hardly afford any extra expenditure.Sometimes,she borrows money from my mother for her son’s fees.It got to be her.But who kept the records clean?Must her husband who is a clerk and has somewhat knowledge about accounts.Now I know exactly how to make Mina Aunty my woman and fuck her beautiful ass.

One day,Mina Aunty was at my house and she was helping mom with her packing as She and my father will be visiting my elder brother in USA.They will be there for a month and they asked Mina Aunty to look after me.Mina Aunty told my mother-Don’t worry madam.I will see to it that he faces no problem.I will fulfill his all requirements.I was there and I thought-Sure you will Aunty.I will see to it too that you do as you promised.Then while leaving,mother told Mina Aunty-By the way Mina,I had given Arun to take look at the Accounts file of our club as you know he is good at Accountancy.If he needs any information,please help him.When Aunty heard this,her face looked dark but she somehow managed her expression and said-I sure will madam.

That night,I was having my dinner when Aunty said-Arun,did you go through the file properly,I mean is everything OK?I said-Yeh pretty much OK,but I think some money is missing regularly every month and I think it’s a mistake.I will check them after dinner and will tell you tomorrow morning.She was somewhat shocked to hear this and said-Missing?May be.Please take a good look at it and ask me if you face any problem.I am going home now because your uncle will go for his night duty and it will be for one month.So,I have to prepare dinner for him and I will return as your mother asked me to sleep here if you need anything.I said-OK Aunty,you can go.

She came at 11 and I was in my room.She knocked at the door and said-May I come in Arun?I said-Sure Aunty.There is no need to ask for permission.She came in and said-Thankx.I was going to sleep but I thought you might need my help in that Account matter.I said-Sure Aunty,please sit down.Then I looked at her face and said-To be very frank and honest Aunty,I know who is the culprit as I did find out that the money missing matter is true.She looked at me with a hung face and said-Really?Who?I said-Don’t you know Aunty who is that person?Do you want me to really tell you that or may be I will also inform my mother over the phone about this matter.She suddenly said-Please don’t do that Arun.I will tell you.I am the one who is taking money and its because my son sometimes needs money for his education and we couldn’t afford that.But I stopped that from last month as this Audit matter came up.I said-Is uncle helping you in that?She said-Yes,but please don’t tell your mother.It will creat problem for me and my family.My family will be ruined.She started crying.

I went to her and tried to comfort her and said-Come on Aunty,I know that you did it out of desperation.Dont worry,I wont tell mother or anyone about this.I promise.Please stop crying and calm down.While saying this,I was holding her in my arms and was pressing her body to mine.She stopped crying and looked at my face and said-You promise that?Thankx Arun,I will never forget your help.I said-Its just OK Aunty.But you will have to help me too.She immediately said-Yes yes,tell me how can I help you?Shall I cook something of your favourite dish or something else.Just tell me.I said-I want you to do what you promised my mother-To fulfill my every wish.She said-What do you want?I said-You see,I have a weakness for beautiful mature woman like you and I fantasize about having them in my bed,making love to them in every way possible and make them my woman.I want you to fulfill my that wish.

She was angry and got up from the bed and said-How dare you talk to me like that?I am your mothers age,married and also have a son of your age.How can you even think of something like this and also have the guts to express it to me.I said-You haven’t seen my daring yet honey.You are now stuck between the devil and the sea and you have to choose one.Either you sleep with me tonight and fuck with me or I am going to make a call to my mother.You have the choice.She was frowning and said-So,you are being so nice to me for this only?I thought you wanted to help me out but I was wrong and you want to blackmail me.You have such a dirty mind.I said-You haven’t seen anything yet.I don’t want to waste anymore time debating on this topic.Are you going to be my woman tonight,yes or no?She said-Please Arun,think of something else.Not this please.

This is the only way Aunty.I want you so badly.She said-But I love my husband so much.I said-Did I tell you to leave him?I want you fuck you tonight.Thats it.You have to decide right now and because I want you tonight.She kept silent for while and said-Ok,just for tonight.I said-Yes but you have to play by my rule.She said-Whatever you say.I told her to go over there and undress slowly.She tood up and one by one she let go her clothes.First her saree,then blouse,bra and finally she unkonted her petticoat and showing me her feminine treasure.She boobs are medium and slightly hung and her pussy,I just cant tell how beautiful that hairy bush looked between those creamy thighs.I said-Aunty,now turn over and show me your beautiful ass.She turned and showed me my trophy which I was going to get tonight.I told her to lean a little bit and shake her beautiful ass.She leaned but didn’t shake it.I said-Aunty,you broke the rule by not obeying me.Come here.She said-What?I said-Yes come here and I want you to spank you.She said-You don’t mean it.I said-I really do.

She came to me and I laid her across my legs and slapped her ass.She cried-Ouch,that hurts.I said-If you don’t obey me again,I will do it.She said-I will.I said-Good.Now let me show you something which you would like.I undid my pants and my rock hard cock came out.She was shocked and said-What the hell is this?Its so huge.My husband is not even half of it.I never thought there will be something like this.I said-Its all yours and now you have to suck it.She didn’t say anything and took my cock in my hand and massaged it.She was admiring it and also cupped my big balls.I said-Lick it my love.She immediately took me in her mouth and started to suck me hard.I said-You certainly have a liking for my big cock.Dont you?She was busy in sucking and was saying-Umph umph.After sucking me for 5 mins,I thought its time to give Aunty a healthy load of my creamy nut juice.I said-Ok my love,I am cumming in your mouth.Just taste and swallow my love.I don’t think she heard anything and kept on sucking.I held her head and gave some forward storkes and released myself into her mouth.She kept on swallowing until I am finished and then let go of me.I saw that she was smiling at me and some cum is dropping from the corner of her mouth.She knowing swirled her tongue and lapped it up.I said-Well done Aunty.

She said-Is that much you had?I thought you would give me something which I will remember for rest of my life.Your juice was good but I think I am not satisfied with that much.I need more.I said-You sure will Aunty.Just lay down and let me serve you.She laid on her back and I was immediately on top of her and started sucking and playing with her boobs.I also creased her pussy in between and inserted a finger into her.She started moaning and was hugging me hard.I knew she was ready for good licking and moved to her bush.Her pussy looked good and I was immediately sucking and licking it.I chewed her clitoris and she pressed me head to her pussy and came into my mouth.I lapped her sweet juice and said-Did you love it Aunty?She said-Yeh baby,I sure did.Its first time for me.

I said-I know Aunty and now my hard cock need some warmth.She said-Oh yes baby,Just slide it into my pussy baby.It so warm there.I positioned my cock infront of her pussy and started to silde it in.Soon it was inside her and I was pumping myself while pressing and sucking her boobs.She also hugged me hard and was soon moving with me.After sometime,I knew she was oozing her pussy juice as she hugged me hard and let a scream out.Then I flipped her and entered her from sidewise and fucking her hard.She was screaming-Take me baby,take me.You wanted me badly,right?Now I am all yours.Fuck me fuck me hard.I am going to cum again.Ooh,I am going to cum.I said-Yes Aunty,loose you pussy juice on my cock.Soon she cum and then I took my cock out and laid nearby.She said-Aurn,don’t you like me pussy baby?I said-Yes Aunty,I love it so much.She said-Then why did you take your cock out?Its still hard and my pussy needs it too.I said-you have to ride me Aunty.She said-What?Ooh baby,I just love you.I never thought I can do it.She soon rode me with my cock in her pussy and came up and down on my cock.I was pumping from below and squeezing her both boobs.After riding me for 10mins,she said-Ooh I am cumming baby.I am cumming now.I asked her to bend a little and hugged her while pushing my tongue into her and started slamming from below.She was moving in unison and I felt something warm on my cock.I knew she has again leaked her pussy juice and was becoming weak.I held her and slammed few times before releasing my juice into her burning pussy.Then she slid of me and slept nearby.I also rested for sometime.

After 15 mins,I said-Aunty are you asleep?She said-No honey.I was just thinking of what we did tonight.First when you told me of being your woman,I even if said yes because I had no other way,I really hated you in my heart.But after that,I was fucking like a whore with you.I said-Its ok Aunty.Sometimes we really have to experience something to know how good it feels even if we think its bad.She said-Yes.Do you care for another round because you had suddenly rised my sexual apetite which I had lost some years ago.I said-I sure do.I immediately got up and took some Vaseline into my hand form the bottle near by.She said-Why do you need it?I said-You will see.I told her to lie and opened her legs and started licking her pussy again.She started moaning.Then I beagan tonguing her asshole and she said-What are you doing honey?You don’t want to fuck my ass,do you?I said nothing was tonguing hard.She said-You sure wanna fuck my ass,don’t you?Oh god Arun.I never thought you will be lowdown like that.Fuck it then.Fuck your Aunty’s ass you motherfucker.I want your big cock in it now.

I applied some vaselin to her asshole and started fingering it.She was moaning hard and was saying-Yes,just like that.Lubricate my ass for your cock.I don’t want your fingers in it.You heard me?I want your damn cock.Your cock,you bastrad.I asked her to be on her fours and positioned my cock infront of her asshole and slowly pushed it in.Unlike rest of woman ,I had fucked,Aunty was more willing and helpful in this matter.She was screaming-That’s it bay.Push it all in.Dont leave something outside.Aunty wants you big cock to fill her rectum to capacity.Do it.Slowly I pushed myself in and started to fuck her.She was growling-Harder,harder,fuck Auntys ass harder.Ooh I am so lucky that I am being fucked my a man who is just like my son and by his big cock.He is fucking my ass now which I never dreamt of .Fuck me baby.

I was pumping a hard as I can and was saying-Yes Aunty,yes I am so lucky too to fuck your beautiful ass which Uncle never had.She said-I am your woman now.Your bitch.I want you to fuck me when you want.I want your big cock from now on.I said-And Uncle?She said-Fuck him.I don’t want this tiny thing anymore since I have your horse cock for me.Will you fuck your Aunty if she wants you to fuck her?I said- I am at your service Aunty.24-7.She said-Ooh,I think I am cumming.Rub my pussy hard,squeeze my boobs hard,ooh here I go,here I go baby.Soon she was flooding and I also emptied my balls in her ass.We both got cleaned and went to bed.That night I also tried some other positions on her which she liked very much.In the morning when she was preparing breakfast for me she said-Your breakfast is ready.I said-You also have it.She said-Ok.She sat down with me and said-The butter is finished.I said-Don’t worry.I will manage.Do like to have a freshe whipped cream toast?She smiled and said- I sure love to have it and started to suck my cock.In no time I was cumming with her beautiful mouth servicing me and she held two toasts to each other and I cummed on them.She joined them and took a bite.I said-Aunty,how it feels?She said-Delicious.I never had this kind of toast before.

At that time,my mobile rang and I picked it up.It was my mother calling and she wanted to know about my wellbeing.I said- I am fine and having breakfast with Mina Aunty.She asked me to give her the phone and Mina Aunty said-Yes madam,everything is OK and Aurn has taught me to make a new kind of toast and I really loved it.I think from now on,I will have this kind of toast only.Then she handed me the phone and my mother asked me about the Accounts matter and I told her-Well mom, I did find some problems in it but with Aunty’s sincere and dedicated co-operation I did manage to find and take care of the RABBIT HOLES ,I mean loopholes completely.