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Nikita Mami Aur Meri Shaadi

Hi…..My name is Abhi 27 years old. My mami 40 years.

It all started when i went i saw my mami sleeping one day.

I was at my mamis for vacation in 2012. My mami is so fair and soft that there is no need for tube light in the room, she can illuminate the room alone. She is so soft that if butter kept on her cheeks can roll down to her chin and fall off.

I saw her sleeping in a white pyjama and a green kurta. I passed by the room and saw her boobs coming out of the top of her kurta. The most spherical boobs i have ever seen. I kept watching dem and started to play with my dick which was already erected. She den suddenly opened her eyes and noticed my hand on my dick and my eyes on her boobs. She immediately turned the other way and i ran away from der.

Next morning she came to me while i was having tea. I was expecting bombardment, but to my surprise she said.

N: movie chalega ?

A: konsi ?

N: dirty

I almost spat my coffee. I said what?

N: yes….Dirty

A: mami woh toh adult movie hai !

N: toh……..Yaha pe kon bachaa hai?

A: chaliye…….Let me get ready

I went to the bathroom and rinsed my mouth with a lot of toothpaste still not believing that my mami has asked me out for a movie and that too dirty.

We went to the cinema hall. There was a lot of rush. I somehow managed to get last row tickets and we started to get to the hall. There was so much rush that i held her hand (fingers crossed with each other) and we both went towards the entrance. After reaching my mami was not in a mood to leave my hand. I stared at my mami and she realized that we are inside the hall. She left my hand immediately and i realized that scene kuch aur hai.

The movie started and on big screen were Vidya Balan’s huge gigantic boobs. I muttered slowly” mere mami ke boobs bade hai isse “. My mami heard and said “maine suna!!! “…. I said “wowww…….Apne suna”……

N: suna aur dekha bhi!!!!

A: kya dekha ?

N: ki tu kal mere boobs dekh raha tha.

A: toh ab kya?

N: kuch nahi……….Movie dekh

I slowly took my hand and kept on her hand on the armrest. We then slowly curled our fingers in each other’s. We both saw each other simultaneously. Her lipstick shining in the dark.

A: mami…… Kya aap……Kya aap…Kya aap

N: haan……Haan

A: i put my hand around her neck and understood she liked me.

In the interval we both came to normal positions as lights came up. I said straight away.

A: mami…..I think i love you.

N: finally. Even I am attracted to you.

We both started watching the movie. I slowly turned and in the darkness i smooched her. What a situation. She was supporting me. The person besides me saw us and was in a shock that such a young guy and an old woman are making up and started to watch me in disguise. We both were so excited and our hearts beating so fast. We were feeling like college kids.

The movie was over and we were on our way back home, this time with hands curled with each other’s as boyfriend and girlfriend. We even smooched in the auto. We reached home and made out a little in the lift till the 11th floor. We could not wait to open the door and get into the house. The agenda was clear passionate sex!!!!!

She opened the door and i removed my shoes while kissing her and she removed her sandals while holding my head and keeping me glued to her lips. I took her in my arms (she was heavy) but i picked her up in the excitement and threw her on the bed.

A: what about mama?

N: let us think about him afterwards. He will be home tomorrow as he is on office tour. The kids will come from school at 3 pm. I shall send them to their friends place for night out as they keep on asking for night outs at their friends place every day. Let them also be happy!!!

A; waah mami………..Kya plan banaya hai (and we both started smooching each other with heavy breaths)

I removed my top and she sucked my nipples while i was removing my shirt. I whole surge of electricity went down my body as this was happening for real. I then separated her and completed my fantasy. What was it?!!!…..I tore her top in two pieces and there were the boobs i saw last night partially and now completely naked.

A: where is your bra?

N: i knew this was gonna happen, so i didn’t wear any!!!!

I then sucked her boobs so hard that they turned red. She enjoyed the wildness within me. Maybe this is not what is was getting from mama.

She then asked me

N: mujhse shaadi karoge!!!!

A: haan ….Haan….Haan…………Lekin idhar kidhar? (i was completely going with the flow as i dint know what was goin around. All i knew was the most beautiful lady is with me and having sexxxxxxxxxxxx!!!).

N: lighter hai?

A: haan hai. Zippo hai

N: jala fir usse.

I lit it and kept on the floor.

N: chal haath pakad mera

A: Abhi?

I could not believe. We took pheras around the lighter that too naked!!!! The best day of my life!!! We all expect such naughtiness and passion in women and i was getting it from my 40 year old mami. At the end of last phera my mami said.

N: ab mai tumhari biwi hu aur tum mere pati.

A: wowwwww mami.

N: uh huh……..Mami nahi, ab mai tumhari Nikita!!!

A: wowww Nikita mere liye doodh nahi laogi!!!!

N: laati hu…….Sab pata hai suhaag raat mai kya kya hota hai!!!

A: firr!!!!

She went and brought a glass of milk and in the tray was a Kohinoor extra Ribs condom. I drank the milk and wore the condom immediately and we jumped into the bed like a newly married couple. She sat on top of me and rode me like a cowboy. She was so experienced. I let her do everything she wanted. I then took her and made her be in a doggy position. I put my dick in her cunt and pulled her hair and fucked her like a dog and in style. I gave her some heavy blows. She loved every bit!!! I then carried her like a baby and pressed her against the wall and fucked her in standing position. She could closed her eyes and enjoyed the pain she was getting and myself also. After some time she said laughingly

N: i like your til (mole) on your butt. (She saw it as there was a mirror behind me). She then pressed me against the wall and held both my hands. I could now see her ass and back as i was facing the mirror now.

She sucked my nipples. She also tongue them round and round. Slowly went down and kissed my belly button. It was pure electricity. She then took my dick and started sucking it and played with my balls.. I held her long hair and pressed her mouth against my dick. We had sex till 2 pm as the kids were about to come. We took a bath and sat together on the couch waiting for them and taking no risk.

N: agle hafte bacche school trip pe jaa rahe aur tumhare mama on office trip for a week.

A: fir kaha manaye honeymoon?!!!!

N: lonavala?!!!!!!

A: naaaaah

N: lavasa ?!!!!

A: haaaaaaaaaaaaan

She booked a room at Lavasa for 3 days and 2 nights on her credit card and we both went in mamas car to Lavasa next week. What a looser he was. He was so engrossed in work that he ignored such a beautiful wife. We went in his own car .She even gave me a blowjob on her way back. On the way i applied sindoor on her forehead and made her wear some bangles i bought for her (aakhir naya pati jo tha mai). We reached the Lavasa hotel and checked in with style like husband and wife. We had so much sex for two nights and three days that we dint get out of the hotel. The only time we got out was for lunch and dinner. We took showers together, i fucked her in hotel lift also, i fucked her against the glass window of our hotel room enjoying the scenery and rain outside.

We are passionate about each other and i go and visit her when mama is not in town!! We are still husband and wife.

I will always have two wifes and she will always have two husbands in life!!!