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Nirmala enjoys getting fucked by three different guys while her husband watches

One day my wife Nirmala and me were returning from a party. It was being
the month of October,the climate outside was quite pleasant. It was
about 11 pm and the roads were almost deserted. Having taken couple of
drinks in the party both Nirmala and myself were enjoying our company in
the car while driving. Suddenly, I could feel that the front tyre of my
car having puncture. I therefore, stopped the car and checked the tyre.
It had indeed gone flat. So, I decided to replace the tyre and pulled
out the jack and started putting below the car.Nirmala in the meanwhile
stood next to me watching me replace the flat tyre. Though there was no
street light nearby but, being previous day of full moon day the light
outside was quite romantic.Nirmala was looking quite sexy as she was
wearing a sky blue chiffon saree and a matching sleeveless blouse with
matching make-up. She had tied her saree below the navel exposing her
flat belley. She was wearing a high heel sandal and was looking really
quite gorgeous in the moonlight. Within couple of minutes I could feel
one Ceilo car passing us in full speed. But, the car stopped with
screetching sould of tyres. The car came back in reverse and stopped
near us.

One gentleman dressed neatly stepped out and asked me, “Hello,
is your car developed some problem?” “Yeah, I had a flat tyre and I am
replacing it.” I said. “Do you need our help?” the man asked. In the
meantime, two more young gentlemen in their mid twenties stepped out of
car. They were all neatly dressed and looked quite gentlemen like. I
said, “No, thank you I can manage.” The second person however intervened
and insisted for assisting me in replacing the tyre. I also seeing their
gentleman behaviour agreed. One of the men helpled in replacing the
tyre. Infact, he only did the entire job. Meanwhile, his other friends
were busy in talking to me and Nirmala. They asked about us and from where
we were coming etc. I explained whole of the episode.

While talking to them I could feel that they were eying at Nirmala.
Infact, their gentleman behaviour did not help me stop their free
talking to Nirmala. Even Nirmala also after initial hesitation started
talking freely to them with laughter whenever they cut jokes.Once the
job of replacing the tyre was over, Nirmala took out the water bottle
inside the car and helped both of us to wash our hands. Nirmala and myself
thanked them for their timely help and told them to visit our house
sometimes and gave them my business card. One of them took my card and
said “Yeah, certainly we will do” and started to their car. Nirmala and
myself also got into the car and started the engine. Suddenly, I could
observe that two ot the men who had helped us rushed to our car and
stood next to the doors. One of them was having a revolver in his hand
and the other a knife whose the blade was shining in the moonlight. Both
Nirmala and myself were terrified. The man holding revolver put the pistol
to my head and asked me stop the engine. I obliged to his orders. “Why?
what is the matter ?” I asked him. “Madam, please come out of the car”
he told Nirmala in hard voice. “Why? what to you want? Nirmala asked. “Don’t
worry. We won’t harm you, if you follow our instructions” he said. Nirmala
came out of car. The person holding the knife told her to get into their
car. Meantime the man holding the pistol got inside my car and occupied
seat next to me. I could see Nirmala getting into the back seat of their
car and the man holding the knife sat in front seat. “Okay, now follow
our car” said man sitting next to me.

I followed his instruction. They started their car and I started
following their car. After travelling some distance their car was
stopped in an isolated place. The person driving their car came to me.
He ordered me to move to the back eat. I followed his instructions. He
tied my hands with a rope and also made me blindfolded. Soon I could
makeout my car moving. We kept on travelling for about 45 minutes. The
car stopped and the person driving my car got out and guided me into a
house. Once entering the house, he removed the blindfold. I could see
that I was in a palatial house, with marble floor and exquisite
furnishings. I could make out that there was no one except us. I could
also see Nirmala sitting on the sofa with a scarf tied on her eyes. They
had also tied her hands.Nirmala little terrified asked one of the men
standing nearby “What do you want? why you have brought us here. If you
want our ornaments or money please take them and leave us.” “Madam,
don’t worry. We don’t want your ornaments or money. We want you. If you
oblige us we’ll not harm you otherwise we don’t mind killing both of
you” “ can’t do that” Nirmala said in a trembling voice. “Then you
just watch how we will kill your husband” said the guy holding the gun
and came near me. “No…No…please don’t harm him..” said Nirmala. “Then
please co-operate with us, we’ll not harm your husband said one of the
guy. Nirmala kept silent.After couple of minutes the men asked us to move
upstairs. We entered one of rooms which had centre table and sofa set
with nice carpeting done. “Now relax. If you co-operate with us we will
not do anything , otherwise we don’t mind killing both of you after
fulfilling our desires” said one of the guys. I felt it is better not to
do anything nonsense, so I told Nirmala to follow their instructions.
Nirmala though was scared yet she agreed with my suggestion.

After few minutes they untied our hands. Meantime, one of the guys
brought scotch whiskey and glasses. They made drinks and gave one glass
each to all. When they offered glass to Nirmala, she refused. Then one of
the guy said, “Madam, we know that you have taken some drinks already,
then why do you refuse now.” “No, I don’t want to have it now” Nirmala
said. “Then, we will force you to have it.” said one of the guy in harsh
voice and moved and sat next to her and took the glass and holding her
with his left hand tried forcing her to drink. Nirmala initially resisted
but seeing the situation started having the drink. “That’s nice” said
one guy and others laughed. While we were having drinks the guy sitting
next to Nirmala put his hands across her shoulders and started caressing
her bare arms. Others including me were watching his acts. In the
meantime, one guy suggested the other to put on a blue film on the
video. Others agreed to his suggestion and soon one of the guy put a
casette in the video. They had a nice blue film. All of us including
Nirmala started watching it. While watching the film guy sitting next to
Nirmala started moving his hands on her boobs from outside the blouse. He
also started kissing her cheeks and neck.Nirmala though was showing some
signs of resistance but knowing fully well that she is helpless, she
started allowing the guy to fondle with her.The guy suddenly held her
saree and pulled it. The saree came out of the pin fixed to Nirmala’s
blouse. Nirmala tried covering her chest with her hands. Looking at her
big bust one guy said, “Wow, she has lovely bust yaar. Remove her blouse
also.” The guy put his hand on the front of her blouse and pulled it.
The blouse got torn and her boobs wearing red coloured bra were exposed.

The other guys enjoyed the sight and laughed. The guy pulled out Nirmala’s
bouse. Nirmala was sitting on the sofa with her bra and saree on her lower
portion of her body. Nirmala got up and wanted to move out of the hands of
the guy sitting next to her. The guy however held the saree. That made
Nirmala to lose her balance and fell to the floor on the carpet. The guy
pulled out her saree forcibly. I could make out that Nirmala was
intoxicated and was not able to stand properly. The other guy who was
watching the action so far moved to Nirmala and fell on her body and
started kissing her. Others started enjoying with laugh. The guy held
her tightly and started kissing her passionately and started caressing
her thighs. While doing so, Nirmala’s petticoat moved up exposing her
lovely and shapely legs. The other man watching the scene said, “What
lovely legs she has yaar. Ask her to show her body to us.” “Yeah, that’s
right.” said guy lying on Nirmala and got up and made Nirmala to get up from
the floor. Nirmala was not able to stand properly and came near my chair
and stood next to me taking the support of the chair. I touched her with
affection and pressed her hands. Since, Nirmala did not undress one of the
guy came and took out knife and said, “Whether you will undress yourself
or should I undress you?” “No, I won’t undress” Nirmala said with
resistance. The guy holding knife put the sharp edge of knife below her
red bra and snapped it between her two boobs. The bra got cut between
her both the boobs and the bra got slipped from her shoulders. Nirmala
held her both her voluptous boobs with her cupped hands. All the guys
liked it and laughed. “Wow, what fantastic tits she has yaar !” said one
of the guys. “Show me her pussy also yaar !” said another guy. The guy
holding knife put the blade below her petticoat thread and snapped it.
Nirmala’s petticoat slid to the ground exposing her lovely thighs and
legs. As she was wearing a fancy panty inside she looked quite sexy in
that posture. Her hairs which were let loose were flowing across her
shoulders. Nirmala still stood holding her boobs with the cupped hands.
One of the guy watching all this got up and grabbed Nirmala from the back
and started kissing her neck and cheeks.

Suddenly, the guy holding knife put his knife and snapped the both sides
of her panty. The panty fell to the ground. That exposed her pubic which
was clean without any hairs. It looked to me that she had shaved her
pubic same day and may be she wanted to give surprise of her clean pussy
to me that night. But, the guys had the pleasure of seeing her neat and
clean pussy. The guys loved to watch her clean pussy. Nirmala removed one
of her hands from the boob and tried covering her pussy. That exposed
her one of the tits. Nirmala was looking quite sexy in that posture.Her
exposed breast looked quite firm and lovely shape. The guys grabbing
Nirmala put his hand and squeezed her exposed breast. Nirmala made a
shrieking sound. “Don’t make sounds, otherwise we will have to close
your mouth and still enjoy you” said the guy holding knife.Nirmala became
quiet. She removed her other hand also and put it on her pussy. Now,
both of her boobs were fully exposed. The guy holding her put his hand
on her both the boobs and started kneading them. He also caressed her
waist and sides of her thigh. While doing so he was kissing her neck and
cheeks intermittantly. All of us were watching the scene while hot
scenes were going on the tv screen. “Now, come on suck my cock” said the
guy holding knife and unzipped his trousers. Within minutes he removed
his trouser and shirt and stood only on the brief. “Come on !!!” he said
in harsh voice and stood infront of her. Nirmala with a fear in her eyes
kneeled before him and with trembling hands pulled down his brief. The
guy had a strong and muscular body. His dick was quite long and had
become erect. He held Nirmala’s hairs and pulled her mouth to his cock.
Nirmala took the guys cock inside her mouth and started sucking it. Nirmala
was a very good sucker. She sucked his cock forgetting everybody around
us. All of us were watching her sucking scene with apt attention.

I could make out, soon Nirmala also forgot everything and continued
sucking his cock. Whenever we used to make love, Nirmala used to tell me
about my small sized dick. And I always secretly desired that Nirmala
should enjoy a long and stout dick sometimes. So, within myself I felt
happy for Nirmala getting such an opportunity that day. While sucking
Nirmala looked at me and smiled showing her liking for it. I also smiled
and gave her indication to continue without any resistance. Nirmala
continued her act. She started biting his cock. The guy was enjoying her
suck. He kept moaning “She is a fantastic sucker yaar!! She is too
good.” While she was sucking him the other guys also removed their
dresses and stood stark naked. I could see all of them had strong body
and had stout cocks. Nirmala looked at their cocks and smiled. One of the
guy standing next to her said, “What madam, do you like our dicks or not
?” Nirmala looked at the guy and smiled. The guy also smiled and said,
“Yaar let us not handle her roughly. She seems liking our company” “Is
it ?” said one who had shoved his cock inside Nirmala’s mouth. Nirmala
looked at him and smiled. “Then c’mon let’s enjoy” said the guy and made
Nirmala to lie on the carpet. Once Nirmala lay on the carpet he came in
between her thighs and guided the ‘head’ of his long penis inside her
pussy. Feeling her wet but tight pussy he yelled, “Wow, she has really
become hot yaar ! She has lovely cunt. I love fucking her” and continued
shoving his tool inside her box. While he was shoving his dick, the
other guy got near her head and pushed his cock inside her mouth. Nirmala
took his cock inside her mouth and started sucking it. This guy had a
thick and stout but small cock. I could see his cock hardly fit in her
wide mouth. Still, she took it in her mouth and started sucking it. She
moved her toungue on his balls and made him excited. The guy loved her
suck. “You are right yaar, she is fantastic” and smiled at his other
friend. Within minutes I could see the guy who was fucking Nirmala started
giving quick thrusts inside her box. Whenever, he thusted his dick Nirmala
made moaning sounds. The sight was quite exciting and erotic. I started
enjoying the sight.

Within few minutes the guys changed their position. The guy with thick
and stout cock laid back on the floor and asked Nirmala to come on him and
take his shaft. Since, Nirmala had become fully ‘hot’ without showing any
resistance climbed on him and held his cock in her hand and guided
inside her ‘honey pot’. She had to press hard to take his cock inside
her hot and wet pussy. From her facial expression I could make out that
she was deriving immense pleasure while taking his thick rod. Once she
could put his cock inside, she started moving her pelvis and enjoying
his fuck. She was really deriving full pleasure from the act. Nirmala
looked at me for a while. I was quite excited seeing the erotic scene
and I was busy in titillating my cock. Nirmala smiled at me. I asked her,
“Nirmala are you enjoying it?” “Yeah, darling I’m really enjoying” said
Nirmala. Hearing her words, the guys laughed and said, “Then come on all
us enjoy it fully.” They asked me also to join the orgy. I also removed
my dresses. My cock also had become erect. While one guy was busy
fucking Nirmala, I gave my cock in her mouth. I shoved my cock sitting at
her head and started caressing her tits. Nirmala took my cock and started
sucking it with great pleasure. I could see the three guys changing one
after the other and fucking Nirmala with immense pleasure. Fair and lovely
looking Nirmala made all the guys very excited and giving their best
performance in fucking her. Though it was a forceable sex, but still all
of us including Nirmala enjoyed it. All the guys including me fucked Nirmala
one after the other. Nirmala seemed having multiple orgasms which was
quite evident whenever she moaned with great pleasure. During the
process of ‘****’ we all tried allmost all the postures. Since, Nirmala
had secretly expressed her desire for ‘sandwich’ posture earlier, I
thought of trying the same. So, I asked the guy with long tool whether
he would like to fuck Nirmala’s arse. He said he would love to fuck her
arse. So, I asked him to apply some greasy thing to his cock and her
arse. He fetched a cold cream bottle and greased his tool with ‘cold
cream’. He also applied cream to her arse and made it greasy by shoving
his finger inside. Nirmala liked it and said to me “Darling I love you.” I
could make out from her words that she loved for my suggestion of
fucking her arse. Once, the guy finished greasing Nirmala’s arse, he made
Nirmala to kneel before him and holding the head of his cock pushed it
inside her arse. Nirmala felt his push inside her arse little painful.
But, soon she started enjoying it. The guy pushed his long cock inside
and started moving it back and forth. Whenever the guy pushed his hard
cock after retrieving outside, Nirmala moaned with great pleasure and
said, “Fuck me hard..I love it… fuck me” The sight of the guy fucking
her arse was terribly exciting.

After couple of minutes, I told the guy “C’mon let’s do the ‘sandwich.'”
He initially did not understand. I explained him the ‘sandwich’ posture.
He was quite surprised and said, “Does your wife like it” “Oh, I love to
do the ‘sandwich’, that has been my long outstanding fantasy” said
Nirmala. All the guys were amazed to hear her words. They said that they
would also love to watch the position. So, I asked the guy to slowly lie
down on the carpet keeping his cock inside Nirmala’s arse. Nirmala also
slowly laid down on her side retaining the guy’s cock inside her arse. I
asked Nirmala to fold her left leg across the legs of the guy. That
exposed her pussy which was very eager to receive my cock. I stimulated
her pussy particularly her clitoris with my fingers. Nirmala enjoyed the
stimuli. In a sexy voice she said, “Mahesh, put your dick inside my box.
I am dying to have it in my hole..” Lying next to Nirmala, I put my erect
cock inside her wet cunt and started stroking. The guy and me
alternatively shoved our dicks inside her both the holes. The
alternative rythm made Nirmala mad with excitement. She started yelling,
“Fuck me hard..both of you.. fuck me hard…” The other two guys were
watching the ‘sandwich’ with great fun. I could see, them masturbating
watching the position. After few minutes, I asked “Honey, are you
enjoying it” Nirmala said, “Mahesh, it is indeed very much enjoying.. I
love it.. continue till I come out” she said in sexy and passionate
voice. The guy and myself fucked her arse and cunt simultaneously for
about five minutes. Suddenly, the guy expressed that he is about to come
out. Nirmala also said, “Yeah, I am also about to come, both of you fuck
me hard and all of us will have simultaneous release…” I also made my
self ready for imultaneous release and started fucking her hard. When
the guy also pushed his tool hard inside, Nirmala screamed with pleasure
“Yeah…Yeah…I’m cumming.. I’m cumming.. fuck me hard.. harder…” and
soon all three of relaeased our cums simultaneously. Nirmala screamed in
sexy voice “Oh…God.. that was fantastic… I love it… that’s too
good..” The guy and my self also enjoyed the moment very much. The guy
said, “Really, you are a fantastic lay. I loved fucking you. My wife
also never gave such pleasure so far..” he said. “You are married ? I
thought you are unmarried. You have such a hard and long cock your wife
must be really enjoying it.” Nirmala said. “No, madam. She doesn’t give
such a pleasure. She is little old fashioned. She even doesn’t suck my
cock.” the guy said. “Okay, never mind. My cunt and arse really relished
your dick today.” Listening to her words one of the other guy said,”You
are really sexy and fantastic lay, Madam.” “Oh thank you very much. But,
you have torn my bra and blouse what should I wear now?” Nirmala asked.
“Sorry, Madam. We will give you a new dress.” said one guy and brought a
skirt and top from the cup-board. Nirmala had a nice wash and dressed up
in skirt and top. As it was 2 am in the morning, Nirmala and myself
decided to stay there only till morning and then leave. Nirmala agreed.
The guys made both of us to sleep seperately in one of the neatly done
bedrooms and they slept in other bedroom. When we retired to the bed, I
asked Nirmala, “Honey, did you really enjoy the ‘****’?” “Yeah, darling.
It was really a great experience.

All three of them had good cocks. I enjoyed very much their fuck” said
Nirmala. “And how was the ‘sandwich’?” I asked her. “Oh, that was too
good. That guy has really a cock meant for ‘sandwich'” said Nirmala.
“Should we call him to our house some other time?” I asked her. Nirmala
said, “I really love to have him. He is really fantastic.” In the
morning, we got up late due to tiring sexercise previous night. The same
guy whose dick Nirmala had liked came to our room with bed tea. Nirmala and
myself made him to sit. I expressed the desire of Nirmala and told him not
to inform his friends. He agreed and gave his contact numbers. He said
he is really happy to know this as he said, Nirmala was a good bed
partner. After that he left our room thanking us. Once we got ready all
the three guys came to us and thanked us and asked us to forgive them if
they were harsh. Nirmala said that she enjoyed their fuck and she did not
mind their behaviour at all, and infact it was really quite exciting.
Hearing to her words the guys became happy and everyone gave passionate
and lovely kisses to Nirmala and once again expressed apology for their
rough behaviour with her. Later, we bid good bye to them and left the